An Accidental Affair


She pushed her way through the busy crowd, taking a big step off the curb to avoid the puddle on the street. Saturdays were typically packed in downtown Seattle, with the entire hub of the nightlife radiating outwards from Peter and Richmond. She was all set for a girl’s night with one of her best friends and was looking forward to dancing and fun. Reaching the other side of the busy street, she paused by the bar’s entrance, searching for her cell phone in her purse.

She was just about to flip her phone open when a broad hand touched her arm. Thinking it was a mistake, she turned to politely tell the guy to fuck off when she looked up, only to see herself looking into a pair of blue eyes.

It took her a few seconds to get it together. It was a face she hadn’t seen so long, but knew so well.

“Hey… hi…what are you doing here?” Sarah stuttered as she tried to gather herself.

“Hey” Mike smiled. His friends filtered out from the bar and around them, each eyeing her long denim-clad legs and flat stomach as they passed. “I thought I recognized you.”

“Yeah, hey…I was just meeting a friend here for drinks. What are you doing in Seattle?” she replied, heart still pounding.

“I’m here for school, just spending a night out with some of the guys from my course” he answered. In her eyes, he looked the exact same as school; tall, fit and his smile was bright as ever.

“Well, it was great seeing you; I have to meet up with my friend inside…” Sarah smiled too brightly, aware of how close together they were standing. She took a step back to emphasize her sentence when she realized he was still holding her arm.

“Wait, hold on. Do you have time Escort Eryaman for a drink?” he asked.

“No, I really can’t, but it was nice to see you” she spoke quickly.

Just then, there was a loud commotion behind her and before she knew what was happening, Mike put his arms around her and pulled her aside. Seconds later, three men followed by a bouncer came bursting out of the doors, yelling and cursing. The sights and sounds around them dimmed, and all Sarah could feel was his strong arms holding her body to him, the smell of his aftershave. Belatedly, she realized her arms had found their way around his neck, and her cheek to his. Her breathing was deep and her head was swimming.

“Okay. One drink” she whispered.

She reluctantly let go.

They made their way uptown in a cab, settling on a small, quiet bar near his hotel. It had large, sofa-like booths, each swathed in sheer curtains. The room was dim, but tastefully lit. They each ordered a drink, sitting next to each other.

For a time, there was small talk, some laughs and reminiscing. Mike didn’t say much about his current relationships, and nor did he ask about hers. Slowly the chatter died down; as they sipped their drinks Sarah realized their thighs has been touching for some time.

She caught him looking at her, seemingly evaluating the person she had become. Sarah felt shy and nervous suddenly, as if he would discover all of her life’s mistakes and bad decisions in one glance. Yet another side of her acknowledged it was “him”… if there is someone who was worthy of assessing her life, it would be Mike. It seemed like lifetimes ago, when they shared their lives and Eryaman Escort dreams.

“What are you thinking about?” he suddenly asked.

“Us… the past…” she admitted.

“Like what?” he asked, although they both knew the answer.

She paused, realizing how awkward it would be to articulate an answer. Sarah had a million flashbacks, of their relationship and its end.

“Everything” she finally settled on. “And about us sitting here, right now.”

They sat there silently, looking at each other. She reached down for his hand, and began to trace lines around the fingers and across the palms. It had been years, but he still felt the same, the Mike from years ago. Her Mike.

He put his beer down and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her closer. It took him all but a few seconds to pull her right against him, and without hesitation he leaned forward and kissed her. It was soft but deep, their lips fitting perfectly together like pieces of a puzzle. Her body was flooded with desire as her heart pounded and pulse raced. She put her arms around him, wanting to pull him closer. The passion flowed between them, and she thought how despite all this time, nothing had changed.

Her whole body was starting to ache, in the way that it did for Mike to be inside of her. She could feel her panties starting to get moist as her body prepared itself to be dominated by his cock.

“Let’s go” he whispered into her ear. She could tell by his tone that he wanted her as urgently as she wanted him.

They threw some money down on the table and minutes later arrived at his hotel. As the elevator doors shut behind them, they wrapped themselves Eryaman Escort Bayan around each other. There were hundreds of reflections around them of themselves in the mirrored walls, kissing and touching and grinding their bodies together.

They fumbled their way into his room, not bothering to turn on the lights. They tore at each other’s clothes, pulling and yanking their way to nudity. Finally they were naked, rolling around on the bed, grabbing and touching each other all over.

“Mike, I want you in me, right now, please…” She begged, not interested in anything but his cock being in her. Her juice was sliding down her inner thigh, making both of them slippery as they kissed with wild abandon.

He rolled her onto her back, and wasted no time in spreading her legs wider and with one strong thrust, impaling her on his cock.

She felt like she was delirious, throwing her hips at his hard cock, grabbing his head so their tongues could slide along each other, hands on his ass, desperately trying to pull his cock harder into her.

He bit and licked her neck and collarbone, hands behind her head as he wildly humped her. She was so slippery and wet; he was in heaven. His balls were heavy with cum as they smacked rhythmically against her wet ass, wanting to spurt it deep into her pussy.

Mike quickly withdrew, urged her onto her hands and knees, and was back inside her seconds later as they screwed doggy style. Sarah was thrilled to find he fit in her perfectly. He grabbed her waist and pummeled himself into her, while she moaned and thrust back against him. They were each coated with a sweaty sheen, the smell of sex filling the room.

An eternity later, he couldn’t help himself and came deep inside her, as they moaned and slid up against each other in ecstasy.

A girl could get used to this, Sarah thought drowsily to herself. He covered them with blankets and they quickly fell asleep; resting for the next time.

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