Amy’s Persistent Father


It had been a week since I turned 19, but tonight was the night Mom, Dad and I were all free to go out for my birthday dinner. As I showered I thought again about how odd Dad had been over the past few days. The long lingering stares, the pats on my butt that turned into squeezes and the way his hands grazed across my breasts as he went to hug me. I looked down at my breasts which fill out a B cup nicely. I guess I’d like them to be bigger, but I’m slender with long legs so they suit me. Besides, as Dad has been telling me over the last few months, small breasts are more sensitive so more fun to play with, plus it doesn’t matter if they are perky and firm like mine. Why would my own father say such things to me?

I realized my hands had slipped down between my legs and I quickly pulled them back up and over my flat tummy. What was wrong with me? Did I start touching myself while thinking of Dad? I remembered how Dad just happened to tell me that he preferred a bit of neatly trimmed hair on a woman’s pussy. It was another very strange thing to say, but I noticed that I had my little bush waxed so that all that was left was a neatly trimmed patch just the way Dad described. Did I do that unconsciously?

Toweling myself off and brushing out my long brown hair, I looked into the mirror and wondered what was going on with Dad. He’s always complimented me on my dark brown eyes, my cute little ski-jump nose, my high cheek bones and big bright smile. But now he also talks about my figure and compares me to his favorite porn stars. This excites me more than I want to admit. He’s a good looking man and in great shape for somebody in their 40s, in fact, he told me yesterday that ever since I turned 18 he’s been inspired to get into shape for me. What did that mean?

I went into my bedroom and there laid out on the bed was the present Dad promised to buy me – a little black dress that he had selected himself. It was simple, but elegant and sexy. Maybe a little too sexy for something a father gives to his daughter as it was pretty short, strapless and cut so low I couldn’t wear a bra with it. But I loved it. Dad had also bought lacy black panties and a pair of sheer black stockings to match. As I pulled the panties up over my legs and felt them rest smugly against my pussy, I thought of Dad handling them and a shiver went through me. The stockings stayed up on their own and the hem of the dress only just covered the tops of them. Once dressed I admired myself in the mirror and approved of Dad’s taste. It’s not that I’ve ever had trouble attracting boys, but tonight I felt sexy and desirable like never before, and it was thanks to my father.

As I left my bedroom and started walking down the stairs, I locked eyes with Dad who was waiting for me downstairs. He flashed a wicked grin, crouched down and tilted his head up to look straight up at my dress.

“Lovely,” he said.

“Dad!” I tried to pull the bottom of my dress down in embarrassment.

“Oh Amy, I just wanted to see how the whole ensemble looked from all angles. You look beautiful sweetie.”

“Thanks Dad,” I said blushing as I reached the bottom of the steps. Dad reached over to me and pulled me in for a tight hug, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“I mean it Amy, you are a beautiful young woman.” He then lowered his face to mine and kissed me on the lips. I gasped in shock and he used the moment to slide his tongue into my mouth to intensify the kiss. I moaned and kissed him back, loving the sensation even though my brain was screaming at me to stop making out with my father. I felt something push into my tummy as I realized Dad was getting hard. Not only that, but his hands slid down my back, up under my new dress and onto my butt. My own father was feeling me up.

And then he casually pulled away. Just as I finished adjusting my dress, Mom comes in from my parent’s bedroom and asks if everything it okay.

“Sure is,” Dad tells her, winking at me, “Don’t you think Amy looks lovely tonight?”

“Yes, of course,” Mum said, “You look gorgeous sweetheart. Come on, let’s get going otherwise we’ll be late and loose our reservation.”

As Mom and Dad walk out of the house to the car, I follow, wishing I had a spare pair of panties to change into as my current ones were drenched.

As we drove to the restaurant Mom and Dad asked me about college and if I still wanted to have a birthday party with friends that weekend, and I tried to answer without betraying the fact that my mind was spinning. My dad was coming onto me so strong and it was turning me on. What Escort was happening? Why is he so good at acting all innocent while Mom was around? Obviously she has no clue. At the restaurant I sat between my parents and Dad immediately put his hand on my thigh under the table. Acting like nothing was going on he kept chatting to Mom about the menu while gently stroking the exposed flesh above my stocking tops while I did my best to keep it together. His touch was like an electric shock and while I was terrified of somebody noticing what he was doing, I also yearned for him to slide his hand further up my leg and into my panties.

It was too much so I stood up and said I was going to the bar to order a drink. I could barely walk my legs were shaking so much and almost tripped down the stairs that lead to the secluded back part of the restaurant where there was bar service. I leaned up against the bar and waited for somebody to show up and ask me what I wanted to drink. It was a slow night and I wondered if this bar was closed since there were no customers and nobody currently serving.

“You didn’t ask your Mom and me what we wanted to drink,” said my father who had appeared behind me. He placed his hands on my exposed shoulders and started gently massaging them, “I think something strong for your mother and something non-alcoholic for us as we’ve got a long night ahead of us.”

Before I could question what he meant by that he slid both hands down over my shoulders and straight under the top of my dress onto my breasts.

“Amy, your tits feel so good,” he said as he gently squeezed them while my nipples grew hard into his palms.

“Oh God Dad,” I sighed as fondled me and kissed my neck.

“Ahem, excuse me, what can I get for you?” said the awkward looking barman who had finally come to serve us.

Dad calmly removed his hands from my breasts, smiled at the middle-aged barman and ordered two sparkling waters for us and a double vodka with orange for Mom. I stood there red-faced until Dad handed me my water and I started walking back to the table.

As I left I heard the barman say, “Excuse me… um… sorry sir, I know it’s none of my business, but is that charming young lady your daughter?”

“Yes, yes she is.”

“Goodness me. Very nice sir. Very nice indeed.”

“Thank you. How much do I owe you?”

“No need sir,” said the barman, “Those drinks are on me. I’m sorry I interpreted such an intimate moment.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m planning on getting a lot more intimate with her tonight.”

“Good for you sir.”

Back at the table I sat down as Dad returned with his water and the double vodka and orange for Mom. She made some lame joke about him trying to get her drunk to take advantage of her, and he just laughed. He continued to order strong drinks for her and over the next couple of hours we ate our meals as Mom got drunker and Dad’s fingers got more forceful, finding their way into my panties and sliding up and down my pussy, getting covered in all the juices flowing out of my body as my desire for him built and built.

When it was time to go Mom stumbled into the car completely drunk and we all drove home in silence. I helped Dad get Mom inside the house and went up to my room while he put her to bed. I sat on my bed wondering if I should lock my door or strip off and go back downstairs to Dad. But before I knew it I could hear his footsteps on the stairs. I stood up ready to confront him as he entered the door. He had removed his shoes, shirt tie and jacket, and I found any resistance I may have had melt away as I admired how my father looked so handsome and masculine in nothing but his suit pants. He smiled, walked over to me and this time our kiss was mutual. Our mouths tasted each other, while my hands ran through the hair on his chest, and he wrapped his arm around my body, one hand pulling down the zip at the back of my dress.

Holy shit. This is my father. This is incest. We can’t do this. “Dad, no…” I whispered as he pulled my dress down and exposed my breasts.

“Amy, these are so nice,” he said, cupping my breasts and gently rubbing my diamond hard nipples with his thumbs.

“Dad, stop…” I tried to say, but couldn’t get the words out when Dad lowered his face to my breasts and began kissing, sucking and nibbling on them. He’s not the first man to gain access to my breasts, but he’s the first who has known what to do with them. But this has to stop, “Dad, for god’s sake, no.”

He pulled my panties down and bunched up my dress. “Dad, no!”

One Escort Bayan of his hands was sliding up between my legs, his two middle fingers forcing their way in between my thighs.

“Dad, no… no… oh! Oh! Oh Daddy, daddy, daddy! Yes!”

His two fingers slid effortlessly into my soaking wet pussy. It felt incredible. He kissed me on the lips again while his spare hand resumed caressing one of my breasts.

“Mmmm Amy, see how turned on you are. My fingers went straight in without any resistance.”

“Oh God Daddy I can’t help it.”

“Why don’t you undo my pants and take my cock out sweetie.”

I did what I was told. My shaking hands unbuckled Dad’s belt, unbuttoned his fly and then pushed his pants down. All the time he kept finger fucking me and fondling my breast. It’s a miracle I was still able to stand. I pulled Dad’s boxers out over his bulge and pushed them down his legs. The most magnificent erection was pointing straight at me, coming out of my father’s body. As he stepped out of his underwear and pants, I wrapped my hand around his cock, my little hand barely grasping all the way around. I’d encounter a few cocks before and Dad was only slightly above average in terms of length, but oh my God he was thick.

“Oh that feels nice Amy. Stroke it up and down. Yes. Good girl. Seen many of these before? How do I compare?”

“Dad!” I went bright red.

“Sorry sweetie, I know it’s not my business.” He said as he curled his fingers inside me so they started pressing up against that sweet spot deep within. “You’re a gorgeous 19-year-old young woman, so there’s no way you could still be a virgin. In fact, there were some nights when I heard you after you thought you sneaked in whatshisname – that guy you were seeing for a few months.”

In between my whimpers of pleasure I managed to say, “You heard that? Oh God, I thought I was so careful not to make any noise.”

“You were sweetie, but I listened through your door so I could hear the sound of you being fucked. I used to jerk off to it.” I have no idea why, but I found that incredibly hot and started stroking Dad harder and faster. “But Amy, don’t worry about making noise tonight. Your mother is completely passed out and won’t hear a thing.”

Dad removed his hand from my pussy, removed his hand from my breast, and then took my hand away from his cock. He cupped my face with the hand that was fingering my pussy and slipped the fingers into my mouth. I eagerly sucked on them, tasting my own juices. He held me tight, his cock pushed into my tummy with pre-cum spilling out all over my skin. He lowered his head to my ear and whispered, “I’m going to fuck you now Amy. I’m going to push my cock all the way up into your cunt.” I thought I hated that word, but hearing Dad say it like that was profoundly sexy.

He gently bit my neck, picked me up by the waist and lay me down on my bed. I was still wearing my stockings, and my dress was still bunched up around my waist. Dad climbed on top of me and between my legs, his angry cock twitching against my pussy. My cunt.

“I’ve wanted this for so Amy. Another time we can make it romantic and gentle. Another time I’ll taste you and show you how to take my cock in your mouth, but tonight I just want to fuck your cunt.”

“Yes, Daddy. Fuck my cunt.”

“Good girl. You know this is incest don’t you sweetie.”

“I know Daddy. Your a fucking perv and an asshole for doing this. But I want it. Fuck your daughter Daddy. Fuck your babygirl.”

Daddy kissed me hard, lowered his weight onto me and pushed his cock into my cunt. Fireworks exploded all through my body and I screamed in shock and pleasure. It felt so big inside me. So hard. So intrusive. I opened my thighs wide and wrapped my stockinged legs around his back to push him all the way in. He kissed me hard and bit by bit my tiny little pussy opened up for the one cock it should never open for, but yearned for.

After what felt like an eternity Dad stopped pushing in, raised himself up on his elbows and looked me in the eye. “I’m all the way in sweetie. Not even your mother could fit all of me inside her. You were clearly made for me.” He grinned. “Makes sense as you were made by me.”

Nervously I looked down my body, over my breasts and over my tummy, and what Dad said was true – he was all the way inside me. There was no going back now. My father had his cock deep within me. And I loved feeling it there.

Daddy slid his cock all the way out and them slammed it back in. I cried out in pleasure and arched my back. Bayan Escort He slid out and slammed in again. And again. And again. He was fucking me and it was amazing. I raised my hips to meet his thrusts and tiled my bottom back so his cock would start to hit the sweet spot that his fingers had found before. It worked. I was feeling the most intense pleasure of my life and it was thanks to my father and his incestuous desires.

“Fuck you feel good Amy. Don’t you hold back will you sweetie.”

“Oh God no Daddy, how can I?”

“That’s my girl. Fuck you look even hotter right now than I imagined you would. My little girl, filled with her Dad’s cock.”

“Oh God Daddy, I think you’re spitting me in two!”

Dad laughed, “I’m probably ruining you for other men right now.” Dad’s fucking intensified and he pushed extra hard with each thrust to get further up inside me.

“Jesus Daddy, I think I can feel you in my womb…”

Oh fuck. My womb…

Daddy looked me in the eye and must have read my mind, “I know sweetie, but there’s no way I’m wearing a condom with you.”

“Daddy, I’m not taking anything for birth control.”

For some reason Dad started slamming into me even harder. “When was your last period Amy?”

“About two weeks ago…”

I swear Dad’s cock somehow got even harder and thicker inside me. “Oh babygirl, you’re going to be so fertile right now…”

“Dad! What?”

“Oh fuck yes baby. I can’t believe this might happen.”

“Daddy? What are you talking about?'”

Dad caressed one of my breast, “You know I think these are perfect, but you’ve always wanted them larger, right? Well they will get larger naturally if I… you know… Plus your belly will grow all large and sexy, you’ll want to fuck more, you’ll be able to fuck all month long… Not to mention starting a family of our own.” Dad’s thrusting has slowed down to something more leisurely and tender, and he lowered his head to gently kiss me on the lips.

“Oh Daddy, it could be really beautiful,” I said almost in tears.

“It will be beautiful sweetie. Let’s do this. Let me cum inside your fertile, young womb.” Dad started picking up the pace again and his cock started connecting with my special spot again. An intense glow began spreading out from somewhere deep inside my belly and I knew I was about to have the biggest orgasm of my life. All doubts, all fears, all nervousness had evaporated and the idea that my own father was about to impregnate me – the way he did to my mother all those years ago – caused a heightened desire that I never imagined was possible.

“Daddy, I love you.”

He was close I could tell, “Oh fuck Amy, I love you too.”

“Cum inside me Daddy.”

“I’m going to fucking fill you all the way up.”

“Daddy… Daddy…” I couldn’t speak as a tidal wave of pleasure erupted from deep inside me. I cried out, wrapped my arms and legs hard around Dad and kissed him as the orgasm rocketed through my body.

Dad broke free from my kiss, “Oh fuck baby, I’m going to cum too.”

I finally managed to tell him what I wanted to say, “Put a baby in me Daddy. I want you to get me pregnant.”

That sent Dad over the edge. He planted his hands either side of me as he bucked his hips violently into my body so that I was pushed all the way up the bed. Thrust after thrust like a jackhammer, as his cock shot thick loads of his cum deep inside my womb. I clung onto his strong forearms, gasping for air and trembling at the thought that deep inside me the spark of new life may be moments away from occurring.

Dad finally collapsed on me and lay there for a few minutes while I ran my fingers through his hair and we breathed in time with each other. His cock, still in my body, had soften, but it still felt so amazing to have it there and my pussy tingled at the slightest movement.

Dad eventually raised his head and looked down at me, “You look damn sexy with you hair all messy and all over your face.”

I giggled and brushed some of my hair aside, “You don’t look so bad yourself Daddy.”

“Are you okay about me being so persistent with you darling?”

“That’s one way to put it,” I laughed.

“Oh come on Amy, if I felt for a second you really wanted me not to then I would have stopped.”

“I know Daddy.” God I love this man. “Daddy, what if you have just gotten me…”

“Shhhh, it’s okay sweetie. We can think about that and sort it out tomorrow morning if we need to.”

“And what if I’m not pregnant but want to be?’ I smile and bite my lip.

Dad grinned, “Well, if that’s the case, we’d better keep trying.”

Dad started to kiss me and I moaned softly as I caressed his legs with my feet through the sheer black stockings and felt his cock starting to harden inside me.

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