Amy G


You all know by now I am pansexual. I love sex with anyone regardless of who they are and that includes myself. I love masturbating, and fucking my own ass with a dildo, and I don’t care if anyone watches. I will put on one hell of a show for you if you want one. When I was younger and more flexible I was even able to suck my own cock. Unfortunately age catches up with you and as I sit here naked with a hard on from hell ready to type out my latest adventure, my mouth waters wanting desperately to suck my own cock. Strain as I might I am about an inch away from sucking the head.Hopefully someone will pop over later and I can feel a cock in my mouth, but this time of day most people are at work. That is definitely one disadvantage of working third shift.

For the last few weeks at work I have been getting random texts from someone whose number was not saved in my phone. Usually I just delete messages and definitely don’t answer calls from unknown numbers, but this was an exception. The number was local and it looked vaguely familiar, so I took a chance and opened the text. The first week the texts had photos of someones boobs,and yeah they looked nice. Obviously I replied back, encouraging the person for more. Kathy was getting a kick out of them when I showed her, and I could see a bit of drool from the corner of her mouth too. From the time of day I was getting them we were guessing it was someone I worked with and we fucked while looking at the photos, trying to guess who it might be.

The second week I started getting dick pics from the same number. The cock was a little smaller in size but had a nice shape to it, and I when I looked at them at my workbench I would purposefully make an exhibit of licking my lips in case whoever sent them worked with me and could see I liked them. When I showed them to Kathy, she thought maybe a husband wife combo worked with me due to the times they were sent, and although there are a few couples I worked with, none of them ever gave me the impression they were either bi or swingers. Even still, each morning we would fuck while talking about a different couple, fantasizing about them Bahçelievler Escort being in our bed with us.

The next Monday rolled around, and I wondered what this weeks texts would bring. Finally around 3am my phone went off, and when I opened up the photos, my cock instantly was hard. I saw a female body, but one that had a dick where the pussy normally is! I have long thought maybe a tranny was my perfect woman, but had never had the opportunity to meet one. It appeared though that maybe, if I was lucky, that was about to change. I slipped into the bathroom, took a quick photo of my hard cock and sent it back to them. Then I jerked off and when I came, I took a photo of my jizz and sent that to them as well.

That morning I showed Kathy the latest photos and she was as excited as I was. She knew how much I had always wanted to sleep with a tranny, and if she was being honest, it was on her bucket list as well-just maybe not quite as high as mine. She got out the strap on and fucked me good while we looked at the photo.After about 20 minutes she pulled out and bent over and I fucked her hard in the ass. 10 minutes later I pushed in deep and spewed cum deep inside her. We collapsed on the bed and I drifted off to sleep.

Later that day I woke up and when I went out into the living room I saw Kathy giving someone a blowjob from around the corner. I couldn’t see who it was yet, just the hard cock sliding in and out of Kathy’s mouth.I stood there and watched for a few minutes, just playing with my cock. Kathy saw me and moved around, hiking her ass into the air. I walked over to stick my cock into her pussy and fuck her in front of whoever she was with. When I walked around the corner I stopped in my tracks, completely in shock when I saw Amy G from work sitting there naked with both nice hard nipples and nice hard cock. Kathy and Amy paused and looked up at me smiling. The last time my cock was this hard was the first time I got to fuck Tina.

Kathy moved out of the way and I got down and started sucking on Amy’s cock. I didn’t care that it was only about 5 Bala Escort inches long, it still felt awesome inside my mouth. I let my tongue slide up and down the shaft and rolled the head from cheek to cheek.I was easily able to take the entire cock into my mouth and hungrily sucked. I felt Kathy squirt lube on my asshole and starting fucking me with a strap on. I looked up into Amy’s eyes and I saw the lust as she watched Kathy fuck me. She rubbed my head and was moaning softly, her body quivering.

I felt Kathy slide out of me and slap my ass. I didn’t want to take the cock out of my mouth but knew Kathy wanted to watch me get fucked. She had already opened my ass so it was easy to slide down when I turned around and sat down on Amy’s cock. Kathy moved in front of me and started sucking my cock as I rode Amy. Amy started pulling on Kathy’s legs and soon had Kathy’s pussy where she could eat it. My ass was pulsing with excitement as I watched Amy’s tongue work Kathy’s pussy.

My cock was in agony, wanting to be in a hole. I slid off Amy’s cock and moved back, grabbing her legs and hiking them into the air. I grabbed the lube Kathy had left on the floor and quickly squirted Amy’s ass with it. I knew I should go slow but I couldn’t help it, I quickly shoved in the head of my cock and her ass puckered shut around it. I rocked back and forth, with every push forward I slid in a little deeper. I could see Amy pull Kathy’s pussy tight to her face and heard her moaning. It just made me want to fuck her hard and deep. It took a couple minutes of rocking, but soon I had buried my whole cock deep inside Amy’s ass. Kathy moved into a more natural 69 position and was sucking on Amy’s cock, watching my cock slide in and out of Amy’s ass. I saw Kathy’s body quiver as she reached orgasm. I smiled at her and her voice was a bit shaky as she orgasmed again while telling me Amy is the best she has ever had eat her pussy.

Kathy saw my eyes start to glaze over and knew I was about to cum. She told me to cum deep, and I wasn’t about to argue, that had been my plan all along anyhow. I picked up Balgat Escort the pace and felt Amy’s ass tighten, the feeling just making me even closer to cumming. I cold feel the cm slowly working its way up my cock, and with one final deep push I exploded. My whole body jerked as I spewed, and I saw Amy cum in Kathy’s mouth.

Amy told me she wasn’t done yet, and asked me to suck her hard again. I licked the cum residue off and soon had her cock hard again. She told me I was the first guy she had ever been with, it was hard enough finding a woman who would accept her. She had heard stories about how I was bisexual and decided to take the chance. She told me to get on my hands and knees and she was soon fucking my ass doggy style. Kathy climbed under me and took my cock in her mouth. I knew I wasn’t going to last very long, that I would soon cum again, but I didn’t care. I was close when suddenly I felt Amy cumming in my ass, her hot cum spitting inside me. It was enough to make my own cock swell and the cum rise one more time. Kathy knew it and was ready, sucking down every drop of sperm as my cock jerked inside her mouth. Her tongue licked around the base of the head of my cock, teasing my already sensitive cock to release every single drop.

Amy told me she wasn’t sure she was going to be able to go to work tonight, and I told her I knew the feeling. If she wanted to skip it, I would be happy to stay home as well, we could fuck a few more times. She laughed and said she really needed the money so she would have to go. I reluctantly let her leave, and told Kathy that must be my queue to go too. She said yes, but not before she fucked me one more time. She quickly sucked me hard and climbed on top, riding my cock while telling me how hot that was for her too. She told me how good Amy was at eating pussy, and she couldn’t get enough of it. She told me it was going to be a race between us to see who would fuck Amy more, me or her. I laughed and told her it was fun to fuck Amy, and I was glad to finally have a tranny, but Tina is still my favorite fuck.

I drifted off to sleep for a quick nap before work, exhausted from the sex. I look forward to fucking Amy again, and am very glad she took the chance. It didn’t answer the question if a tranny is the perfect woman, but I know that she is close. I know I will never know for sure but I am okay with that. I will just keep experimenting and having fun, knowing the truth will eventually reveal itself.

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