Amy Bares All


Minutes had turned into hours since Mr. Hendricks asked Amy to wait outside his office. By now, Amy was sure that she was going to lose her job. The events of the week buzzed through her head in a loop. On Monday, Mr. Hendricks’ morning black coffee was late, on Wednesday, she had mis-filed the contracts in another client’s file and she had double-booked him on Thursday.

‘Don’t be so hard on yourself’, she thought to herself. After all, Mr. Hendricks could be very intimidating. With his tight-fitting suits, expensive shoes and watches, the rich musky scent of his cologne, and his neatly groomed hair. ‘You’re drifting, Amy, that man is about to fire you’, she caught her train of thoughts. Beneath the charming exterior of Drew and Murphy’s next name partner, he was also a very hard-to-please boss. There were days when Amy would not hear more than ten words from him. She was surprised he was even taking the time out to fire her himself.

Resigning to her fate, Amy unclasped her hair. Her long tresses fell down her shoulders and ran along her chest all the way to her waist. As she sat with her supple toned legs crossed, tiny beads of sweat ran between her thighs, her body on fire from all the anxiety. She opened the top few buttons of her white linen shirt that was finding it hard to conceal her ample bosom. ‘Who cares if it’s inappropriate, I’m getting fired anyway, could at least be comfortable’. She adjusted her belt making her tight skirt ride up a few inches, to give her thighs some more room. ‘I can finally breathe’, she thought, as she waited for the executioner to deliver the final blow.

It was forty minutes past midnight and the entire office floor had cleared out. Mr. Hendricks walked out and ankara yabancı escort noticed Amy. “Come in”, he said. ‘Not so much as an apology for making me wait six hours’, she thought, ‘but it’s Mr. Hendricks, he does what he fucking pleases’.

“Amy, your probation period has ended. We do not find you the right fit for this job and will be terminating your employment effective immediately. Please carry your things out.”

‘Wow, that was brutal’, she thought, ‘without so much as looking up from his desk’. This was her chance to say her piece, convince him that she should keep her job. “Mr. Hendricks, please reconsider. I have given everything to this job for the past six months. I know that this week I was not at my best, but it’s only because you are so….”

He looked up from his files. “I am so… what, Amy?” She could feel his eyes wandering over her, taking in her long blonde hair, noticing every point at which they touched her tiny waist, lingering over her butt and slowly moving down her thighs, coming back and resting at her cleavage popping through her unbuttoned shirt. “Don’t make me wait, Amy, I’m a busy man”.

Amy felt almost naked in the moment, unable to get a single word out, frozen to her spot. She saw Mr. Hendricks get up and walk toward her. She was positively petrified of what he would say or do.

He stood behind her, gently moved her hair to a side and whispered in her ear, “Don’t think I haven’t noticed you steal glances at me. I have more class than to hit on my secretary.” His fingers began making circles on her neck and moving down to her chest as his hot breath tickled her ears. “But, if you’re going bahçelievler escort to walk in to my office looking like a treat, your breasts spilling out of your shirt, I’m not going to say no”.

His hands were unbuttoning her shirt now, and she felt a hot pang shoot up between her legs. “I usually only sleep with supermodels, but these breasts….” He caressed her cleavage and the outline of her bra as he gentle unhooked and removed it. He turned her around to face him, while she stared at the floor in disbelief, still frozen. “Are you going to be a better fuck than you were a secretary?” he asked as he grabbed her breasts hard enough to elicit a scream.

She was breathing rapidly, with her tits erect to his touch, her legs shaking with a hot flash between them. “Look at me, bitch”, he said as her twisted her tits between his fingers, making her scream harder. She looked up at him, shyly matching his gaze, jolting back to reality and getting aware of the situation. She was standing naked in her boss’s office after having been fired and he was touching her, maybe she could salvage the situation and save her job. “I will do whatever you need me to do, Mr. Hendricks, please don’t fire me”, she whispered into his ear.

He turned her around, pushed her to his table, grabbed her hair and shoved her face down, while rubbing his crotch on her ass. “The only reason you have the privilege to be under me right now, is because you are not my secretary anymore”. She felt the blood draining from her face. “Now, stop with these childish whims and fancies, and do what I tell you. Take your skirt off Amy.”

How could she say no to Mr. Hendricks, she slowly balgat escort proceeded to unzip her skirt and let it drop to the floor. “I like all that lace on you”, he fiddled and played with her panties and gently slid them to the side to let two fingers in. “You’re ready for me Amy, but we should play first.”

He spun her around on the table and started sucking on her breasts, one at a time, while pinching on the other with his fingers. She screamed and moaned loudly, crossing her legs tightly so the hot flash would go away, He slid his tongue along her waist and kissed her on top of her panties. He grasped her panties and tore them up, “Sluts like you don’t need underwear”. She could feel his hot tongue going around her clit in circles. She shut her eyes and moaned in pleasure. She was on the verge of an orgasm when she felt a stinging slap across her face. She opened her eyes and saw him standing in front of her, “Who gave you the permission to cum, you incompetent whore.”

He unzipped his pants and she saw his hard, erect dick looking up at her. He grabbed her hair and coerced her to the floor on her knees. He then shoved his dick in her mouth. “Show me what you got, slut”. Amy started hungrily devouring his penis, overcome with more passion than she could contain. She was quick but gentle as her tongue slid all over his penis. He watched his dick go in an out of her face, her perky breasts heaving and jiggling, her hair getting stuck with her saliva to his crotch.

“Good job, Amy, now get up so I can fuck you hard”, he pulled her up from her hair, turned her around and spread her legs across his table, as he entered her. “You’re a loud bitch”, he covered her mouth with his hand to stop her from moaning and continued to effortlessly slide in an out of her. “You’re ready now, whore!” he said as he increased his pace. Amy felt a pulsating orgasm and collapsed under him. He released himself inside her, filling her with his cum, cum dripping down her thighs.

He cleaned up and zipped his pants. “Now please, carry your things out, don’t make me call security”.

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