Among Friends Ch. 02


If you did not read the 1st chapter, it’s not such a big deal, because there is only a small connection between the two stories. But it would help you better understand the characters.


When Esther arrived home from her shopping trip in the city with her best friend Susan, she noticed that her son’s car was parked in front of their house. He had spent the last three weeks with Rebecca, Susan’s daughter, in a road trip across America. The car, a brand new Audi A3 Quattro, was a graduation gift from his parents, but the trip was paid from his and Rebecca’s savings.

Esther and her husband, Tom, who was also the small town’s mayor, suspected from some time now that their son, Rudy, 18 years old, was romantically involved with Rebecca, 19 years old, the only child of their best friends, Mark and Susan. In fact, the four adults had more than a suspicion, since they saw them sneaking several times in the shadows from around the house and coming back after a long time, both flushed and tired, as if they just ran around the neighborhood.

And, for Esther and Tom, this relationship was also a relief regarding their son’s sexual preferences. Rudy was always a very slender and delicate boy and his interests were more towards girls stuff, then hanging out with boys and playing football. And lately his attitude was even more alarming: he let his hair grow long onto his shoulders and he even pierced his nipples! His parents talked about it often, but were reluctant to ask him something, because they had always teached him to be independent and follow his own choices in life.

She ran into the house, wanting to hug and kiss her only child, but he was nowhere to be seen.

“Probably he was tired from the long way home and went asleep upstairs, in his room,” she thought and started towards the first floor.

She took off her shoes and approached his son’s bedroom. As she got close, Esther began hearing murmurs and soft noises from Rudy’s room, where the door was ajar. It was obvious he was not Giresun Escort alone, or maybe he was watching a movie on his laptop? But what kind of movie? The noises were more like moans and slurps, like somebody was kissing hard! A smile appeared on her face as she imagined his boy masturbating.

Without really thinking that she was about to spy on her son, she approached the door silently and peaked inside. And the view was a thousand times more stunning than what Esther had in mind!

Her eyes, widened with shock, remained focused on the scene that was taking place on Rudy’s bed. His son was lying on his back, with his legs opened and Rebecca between them. She was sucking his cock vigorously, making those slurping noises Esther heard from the stairs. But that was not all! While sucking his dick, with her left hand she was pinching his pierced nipple and her right hand…

“Oh my God!” was all that Esther was able to think.

Rebecca’s right hand was maneuvering a glass dildo in her son’s ass. And he was moaning with delight! But this, even if too much for the boy’s mother, was not all: Rudy had his legs dressed in black stockings and his long dark hair was spread across the mattress. He looked just like a slim girl involved in a hot lesbian act with her girlfriend, but with a 7 or 8 inch dick between her legs!

“Fuck me, bitch! Fuck my hungry ass! Eat my cock!” were the words Rudy were moaning due to his girlfriends attentions.

Esther almost fainted as she saw this image that seemed from another world. She felt her legs getting softer, but also a warm feeling started to appear in her belly. The stunned mother had to grab a hold on the door and the wall not to fall. She was almost too weak to stand or even retreat.

But this caused a small noise which didn’t remain unheard by Rebecca. The young girl looked towards the door and her eyes smiled while her mouth was full of Rudy’s cock. Her hand didn’t miss a beat at playing with that tight ass. As soon as their eyes Giresun Escort Bayan became locked in each other, Esther wanted to flee, but her legs wouldn’t listen to her. It was like Rebecca’s eyes were magnets keeping the mature woman glued to the scene.

Without slowing down the long and determined movements of the dildo, Rebecca spoke to her boy-girlfriend:

“You like having your ass fucked? You like feeling my cock deep in your ass?”

“Yes! Please, don’t stop!” almost yelled Rudy.

“And do you like it when your mother admires you taking this cock up your ass?” asked Rebecca smiling.

“What?” this time there was no more girly tone in his voice, only fear. It was then that he saw his mother standing in the door, leaning on the doorframe, flushed and breathing heavily.

Rudy wanted to get up, but couldn’t. His body was under the total control of his girlfriend, who was almost ripping his nipples and had buried that huge dildo in his anus while deepthroating his dick. His climax was approaching and there was nothing he could do. Not even his mother watching him could stop him from this game of lust!

Rebecca pulled out the long, throbbing shaft from her mouth and spoke lovingly towards her lover’s mother:

“Come here Esther, you don’t want to miss this. He is about to shoot his load!”

Stupor became visible on Esther’s face.

“I… I can’t! He’s my son!”

“Even better! You never thought about it?”

“But this… this is not possible… and he is dressed in stockings…”

“Isn’t he adorable?” replied Rebecca proudly. “It was my gift for his graduation. He loves them!”

Some strange feeling was taking control over the mature woman’s body. Her trembling legs started to move like on their own, coming closer to the bed. After a few steps she was standing right above the young couple. From this close, that glass dildo seemed even bigger. And his cock, that beautiful shaft, was glistening with saliva and precum.

“Your… Escort Giresun slurp… son… slurp… is… so… slurp… tasty… slurp,” moaned Rebecca while sucking Rudy’s dick. Esther hand rested for a moment on the young girl’s head and after that she kneeled close by.

“I’m cumming!” started Rudy to yell. And true to his word, his dick started to erupt long strips of jizz right on his lover’s face and mouth. But Rebecca redirected the eruption quickly towards his own mother. It seemed like an endless fountain of cum!

“No…” protested Esther with a hushed voice, but she didn’t avoid the drops of cum that drooled on her face and stained her clothes. It felt that hot lava on her cheeks and lips. She couldn’t help herself from tasting it… her son’s sperm. It felt so forbidden and so sweet in the same time.

Rudy’s body was still trembling from the huge orgasm and he left escape a huge moan as Rebecca pulled out the dildo. His anus was gaping, feeling empty. It was the same moment he felt a pair of velvet lips on his shaft. His mother was going down on him, while keeping her eyes closed, gently licking and cleaning that beautiful dick.

“Oh my God… keep going you too… I’m gonna cum soon…” moaned Rebecca while stroking her clitoris. “Oh… yes… yes!” It seemed that she just reached her own climax, as she lay softly next to Rudy.

“Go on mom, suck my dick” said Rudy, who’s dick didn’t had a chance to go limp, due to his mother’s attention. But hearing his son speaking was like a wake up call for Esther. She opened her eyes and looked at the dick she was sucking like at an object from another world. She broke all contact with his son’s body and almost run out of the room. The young couple heard almost immediately the door at Rudy’s parents’ bedroom closing.

“Should I go after her? What should I say to her?” asked Rudy feeling guilty.

“Nothing. Let her be for now. Don’t mention anything about this until you are certain she is ready for this conversation.”

The girl pulled a blanket over their naked bodies and the two of them fell asleep spooning. Something extraordinary had happened, but there was no rush in finding out the consequences.


This is my second story, so please send me your comments, in order to improve my style.

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