Amilo and Milo: The Beginning


Amill and Milo were the best of friends. They always hung out together, went to school together, and well only had one class together. Amill was a very sexy young man who looked smart but really wasn’t. Amill had brown creamy skin, with hazel eyes, orange and black glasses, and a muscle tone body that every girl wanted and even dudes.

Milo was way different from Amill. Milo had brown creamy skin, with more of dark chocolate eyes, blue glasses (they both have on some sexy glasses), and a more feminine body that makes him so adorable.

It was Friday after school and Amill and Milo were talking.

“Hey Milo we still on for tonight?” said Amill

“Yeah were still on for tonight I already told my mom I’ll be spending the night over your house.” said Milo

“Cool my parents won’t be home until tomorrow night so we have the house to ourselves!”

“Awesome so are we going to walk over to your house or what?”

“Yeah, but you don’t have any clothes do you?”

“Yup I brought my clothes to school with me so I wouldn’t have to walk all the way home to go get them!” said Milo

“Alright then let’s go party!”

So Amill and Milo walked to Amill’s house which wasn’t that far. They talked about school and how life was going at school. They finally arrived at Amill’s house. Amill opened the door and let Milo go in first. Milo looked at Amill’s house in amazement and said…

“Oh, my goodness Amill you house is so beautiful!”

“Psh, really it’s not much to me.”

“How can you say that it’s stunning!”

“Well Escort if that’s the case let me show you my room then.”

Amill took Milo upstairs to his room. When they got there Milo was even more surprised of how big Amill’s room was to his room.

“Wow it’s huge!”

“Kind of small to me don’t you think?”

“No, I mean look at that bed what is it king size?”

“Fit for a king I say so myself!”

“Very funny Amill so where do I put my bags?”

“Just them by the bed and put out some extra clothes you’re going to need them.”

“Um, ok I guess.”

Milo laid out some pajama’s on one of Amill’s chairs he had. As soon as Milo was done he caught something amazing. Amill was taking off his shirt and Milo’s face was turning deep red.

“Amill what are you doing?!”

“What it was hot and I’m sweating you don’t mind do you Milo?” said Amill with lust in his eyes

“Well um no were both guys so why does it matter.”

“Yeah we both have the same things.”

Amill started walking over to Milo slowly. Milo was backing up until he tripped and fell on the bed. Amill smiled and licked his lips. Milo was getting nervous and wanted to run but his body wouldn’t let him. Amill took his chances and got on top of Milo and held his wrist tightly so he wouldn’t get up and run.

“Amill let me go were both guys don’t you think that’s weird!”

“No, sex isn’t about being a man or woman as long as you’re satisfied and happy then it’s just natural sex am I right or wrong?”

“I Escort Bayan guess your right but aren’t we friends?”

Amill bent down then whispered

“Yeah were friends but friends with benefits.”

Milo blushed then Amill smirked. Amill opened his drawer then pulled out some hand cuffs. He took Milo and hand cuffed him to the bed post. Then Amill pushed his lips against Milo and started making out with him. Amill bit Milo’s lower lip begging for entrance. Milo granted him entrance and they started battling for dominance with their tongues. Soon after Amill won he lifted up Milo shirt and start playing with his nipples. Milo was trying to hold back his moans but couldn’t.

“AH AMILL NO MORE!” screamed Milo

“Why your nipples are so hard and pink” said Amill with an evil smirk

Milo was blushing even more. Then Amill bit Milo nipple then licked it. Milo was screaming so loud that Amill felt he was going to cum off his screaming. So Amill took the next step and undid Milo’s pants. A 7 inch hard cock flew out. Amill grabbed it and started to tease Milo.

“Don’t be mean Amill!”

“What you don’t like being teased?”


“But down here it’s saying yes.”

Amill then sucked on his middle finger and index finger. He then stuck both his fingers in Milo.


“Shhh calm down take a deep breath and relax.”

Milo did what Amill said and shook his head saying he could move on. Amill got the message and shoved his fingers Bayan Escort in and out slowly then faster and faster. Milo was moaning and screaming so much that Amill couldn’t take it anymore he had to enter him. Amill took out his fingers and Milo whimpered. Amill chuckled then undid his pants and a 9 inch hard cock flew out.

“Amill your huge it’s not going to fit in me!”

“I already got you warmed up so I think it’s time for the main course now.”

“But it won’t f-

Amill shoved his cock in Milo. Milo screamed in pain.

“God, Amill always trying to get to the point why don’t you slow down for once!”

“Why should I you know like it rough so why argue about it?”

Amill started thrusting in and out faster and harder each time hitting Milo’s sweet spot every time. Milo couldn’t take it anymore he was going to explode and Amill’s throbbing cock wasn’t helping at all.


“Me too I can’t hold back!”


Amill just chuckled.


Before Milo could finish Amill had cum inside him and then Milo had cum soon after. Amill pulled his cock out and then unhand cuffed Milo from the bed post. Amill grabbed Milo into a tight embrace and laid down to kiss him.

“I’m going to kill you Amill as soon as my ass stops hurting.”

“Ok then I can accept that but you know I’m a rough person.”

“Yeah I know so I guess were together now?”

“Yup were together and I promise to never let go.”

“Good I promise to never let go either and I love you Amill.”

“I love you to Milo.”

And with that they fell asleep with another new beginning!

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