Always a Lady


Cassie laughed as Tommy finished the punch line of the joke. Most of the people at the party were half drunk, or totally smashed, already, but there were a few who knew how to hold there liquor. Tommy wasn’t one of them and he couldn’t tell a joke very well to begin with, but Cassie was always the lady and laughed for his sake. She looked around and saw Buck over talking to Linda, the woman who was currently trying to get Buck in bed to make her husband jealous.

But Buck wasn’t stupid, far from it. He was the CEO of his own advertising company and was very good at what he did. Cassie saw Buck look up and glance her way at the same moment she decided her strapless dress was slipping too low for a lady to show and pulled it up discreetly. But he noticed. And the look in his eyes as he continued to stare was hot. His eyes had erotic flames leaping in their depths as he looked from he generous breasts to her knowing eyes. Then there eyes connected and he winked. Not a smile, not a nod of the head in acknowledgment, just a wink. And she knew.

“Excuse me, Tommy, I’ll be right back.”

“Where you going baby? We just having a real good time, in fact, I was bout to ask ya to come keep me company in the car for a bit, if you catch me..*snort*”

“I have to go…powder my nose, and then I’ll come find you.”

But Tommy had already lost interest, going back to his drink.

Cassie headed to the back room. She knew the way, this was, after all, her best friend’s house. She passed the bathroom and headed into the Etimesgut Escort spare bedroom to wait. She sat on the bed, smoothing her dress of baby blue silk and black lace. Her head bent down, she smiled and then gathered up the material of the skirt of her dress. Why wait doing nothing? Why not have a little fun?

She spread her thighs wider and ran her hands up the inside of her soft thighs, barley skimming along the surface of her skin. The feeling was too erotic and her shoulders shuddered at the sensation. She continued to stroke her thighs, getting closer and closer to her moistening pussy. She smiled in pleasure as her fingers finally touched her bare flesh. Then she teased apart her pussy lips and stroked her clitoris gently. She moaned, open her eyes, and nearly screamed.

“God, Buck! You scared the crap out of me!”

Buck sat on the bed next to her, kissing her bare shoulder, his hand on her upper thigh. He took his other hand and brought her hand to her his lips, sucking on her fingers. “Mmmmmmm, delicious.” Cassie’s breathing quickened then she turned to Buck, smiling. “Took you long enough.”

“oh baby, I was here from the beginning.”

Why did you make me wait?”

“I wanted to see what you would do by your self, and I’m very pleased, my little farfalla.”

“your little butterfly?”


Cassie turned more towards him and kissed him on the neck, kissing her way up to his ear to nibble on it. “baby I need you now!” Buck moaned. He slid his hand Escort Etimesgut up her thigh, skimming her pussy lips. With his other hand, he pushed her to lie down on the bed, then knelt down on the floor between her thighs, rubbing her pussy. His finger slipped between her lips and stoked her clitoris, slowly, gently, then started to pick up speed as she moved her hips with his strokes. Cassie moaned louder as he moved his other hand to her pussy, but lower than the other hand, stoking her hole, then slowly sliding one finger into her soaking wet pussy. Cassie gasped and bucked her hips. “Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

Buck grinned and flicked her clitoris. He was enjoying this immensely. Then Cassie moaned “more!”, so he lowered his mouth to her wet pussy and licked long and slow, from her hole to her clitoris and back again., then he plunged his tongue into her sopping wet cunt. She gasp end tried to ride off the bed, but he pushed her back down, stabbing his tongue into her again and again. Cassie thrashed her head on the bed, moaning softly as he stopped and jammed two fingers into her pussy, then slowly added another, then her began to fuck her with his fingers, nice deep even thrusts of his hand. “Buck!” Cassie moaned as he continued, but faster and harder, always speeding up, until he couldn’t go and faster, then he leaned down and started to suck her clitoris, moving his other hand under her legs to bring them over his shoulders. Then he cupped her ass and pulled her closer.

Cassie chanted his name over Etimesgut Escort Bayan and over again as he continued to finger fuck her pussy and suck her clitoris, then her hips began to tremble as her climax hit her hard.

When she finished coming, Buck licked I his fingers clean, then licked all the cum off her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm.” Cassie moaned softly as she opened her eyes and tried to sit up, but Buck pushed her down once again and kissed her deeply. She could taste herself on her tongue. She smile and rolled on top of Buck. She kissed him back and then worked her way down his body to his cock straining against his pants. She released his large throbbing cock and took him in her hands. Buck lie, his head back against the pillows and gasped. She smiled and then licked the head of his cock with the flat of her tongue. His hips rose off the bed and she placed her hands on either side of his huge cock and pushed down. She licked his cock up and down the sides , and then licked the tender underside. She smiled again, and then sucked his whole cock in her mouth, deep throating him. Buck moaned and then grabbed her head, threading his fingers in her hair.

Cassie started to bob her head up and down faster and faster, sucking harder and running her tongue around and around the head of her cock. He shoved her head down as far as she could take him, she came back up and then he trust his hips upwards again, over and over.

He muttered a deep moan as she reached up with her hands and started to massage his balls, scoring his thigh with the nails of her other hand.

She moved her head faster as he stiffened as he began to cum harder than ever before.

10 minutes later…

Cassie returned to the party the only sign of anything that had happened was the smile on her face, always the lady.

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