Allie Grows Up Ch. 01

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My daughter Alexandra had never been the most confident or outgoing girl and when her mother died two years ago, instead of growing from the experience, she seemed to regress even further. She didn’t really have any friends and never had a boyfriend and I was always concerned for her because she was just about all I had left.

Now 18, she seemed less like a young woman and more like a child, speaking in a squeaky little voice, decorating her room with stuffed animals, wearing bows in her hair and pink clothes and not wearing makeup. Of course she didn’t need it, she had her mother’s jet black hair and light spattering of freckles. She was small and thin with big beaming eyes that were such a beautiful dark green.

For my own selfish reasons, I didn’t mind her regression, she had decided to stay home instead of going to college, had begun calling me daddy again and let me tuck her in and kiss her goodnight. I enjoyed being able to take care of her like this again, so I didn’t pressure her to grow up right away if she didn’t want to.

Through all this, I only had the very occasional perverted thought that I swore I would never act on, until one night…

We were sitting on the couch watching tv, her laying down with her head in my lap when she asked

“Daddy, should I have a boyfriend?”

I was a little surprised, we never really talked about this kind of thing. “Well sweetie, you don’t have to, why?”

“I mean, all the girls at school always talk about boys and…” she blushes and trails off.

“And what?”

“And their… things… and… you know, sex” she says in a hushed voice, clearly embarrassed.

I was red listening to my daughter broach this topic in such an innocent, childish way “Uh, well sweetheart, you don’t have to do that kind of thing just because other girls are doing it.”

She closes her eyes and whines “But daddy, it sounds like so much fun, and I want to know about sex but I don’t know any boys”

Extremely uncomfortable, I really didn’t know what to say “Well Allie, I really don’t know what help I can be”

She opens her eyes and looks right up at me “you’re a boy daddy, we could do…stuff…”

I was shocked, she was still the shy innocent little girl I had come to know, but her newfound boldness and curiosity was forcing me to see her in a sexual light. I knew I shouldn’t even be considering it, but it was her idea and I hadn’t been in a sexual situation in over two years and on top of everything I was being forced to see just how damn cute she really was in her tall socks and little shorts, and the adorable little pink bow in her hair, like a little present for me to unwrap. But I couldn’t “No sweetie, I’m your father, we can’t do that kind of thing”

She started to well up and her lip quivered “Why not daddy? I’m not sexy like other girls am I?”

“Of course you’re sexy babygirl, it’s just wrong for me to see you that way” despite my words, my cock hardening Escort under her head was on the verge of giving me away.

“But why is it wrong daddy?”

I sighed “Because daddys aren’t supposed to do that kind of thing with their daughters”

She started to whine again “But daddyyyy! you’re the only boy I know, and I want to be like all the other girls at school.”

I was fully hard now and she either didn’t notice or was just as naive as she seemed and didn’t know what the lump under her head was. I looked down at her, tears still drying on her face and decided we both needed this, it was time for her to grow up, and I would help her. “Alright baby, I’ll help you, but you need to tell me what you want.”

She jumped up and kneeled next to me giving me a hug and kissing my cheek, but when she calmed down, she seemed unsure of what to do “daddy, I’m scared I don’t know how to do this”

“well babygirl, why don’t you tell me exactly what you want to do”

She looked down and flushed with a little smile “um, you know, have sex…”

I laughed a little at the admittedly adorable naivety in her voice and leaned in to kiss her, she mostly just let it happen and seemed apprehensive. I pulled back “tell me what you want sweetheart”

“Can I see your, uh, your thing?”

I smiled and started rubbing myself through my sweatpants while she looked down and licked her lips. “It’s called a cock baby, rub daddy’s cock just like this”

The more vulgar work was clearly making her uncomfortable, but this was part of growing up. She reached out and started rubbing me, I let out a moan at the touch of a woman for the first time in quite a while, and she smirked, clearly proud of herself.

“Alright” I said “Are you ready to see daddy’s cock?”

“mmhmm” she said, biting her lip a little, and visibly nervous.

“Alright honey, pull down daddy’s pants”

She did so, shaking a bit, and as she did she reached out and stroked her hair giving her a reassuring “good girl” as she saw my cock for the first time. She let out a little squeal, partly because of what she had just uncovered and partly because of my possessiveness of her.

As I continued to pet her, I moved her hand to my cock and started to move it up and down, I let go and let her continue on her own. Her small pale hand barely fit around my thick member and I could see how happy this made her. I started to think a lot of evil thoughts as she sat there stroking my cock like there was nothing in the world she’d rather be doing, I thought about the influence I had over her and all the fun I’d be having with her, she’d be a perfect, eager little girl by the time I was done with her. I’ve always had some twisted fantasies, and as hard as I tried to keep my daughter out of them, I was salivating at the thought of molding her and training her to be my perfect fantasy. As evil as it is, she had no preconceived notions about sex, she could be everything I wanted Escort Bayan her to be, my perfect little plaything.

Even though my initial reluctance had turned to perverted excitedness, I decided I still had to take it slow and make it as enjoyable for her as possible. My mind started to drift thinking about what her tight little pussy would feel like and imagining the first time I would make her scream in ecstasy.

But my daydream was interrupted “Daddy, your, um, thingy is so big and hot, is it always like this?”

I chuckled, she really was as clueless as she seemed “No princess, it only gets like this when Daddy sees a girl like you who he thinks is very sexy”

She giggled at this, I could tell she liked that I was still playing into her little girl persona, and even though she was far from actually being a child, I was on the verge of cumming all over her cute little hand just thinking about corrupting the naive little girl inside her and turning her into my own cute little slut girl.

“Allie honey, slow down, you don’t want daddy to pop too soon do we?” as though she was a child eating too much candy before dinner.

She slowed down, but cocked her head to the side, not sure what I meant. God, she was more adorable and irresistible every time she gave me that look that said she needed me to explain something. It made me aware of how innocent she was and how much fun I’d have turning her into an eager and corrupted little whore.

“If you rub a man’s cock too much, eventually he’ll come, the same thing happens when you rub your pussy” I said as I reached down and cupped her crotch and moved my thumb over her clit. Her hand froze on my cock and she immediately turned beet red.

“Have you ever touched your pussy sweetie pie?” I asked continuing to rub her.

Still frozen in place, she mumbled something, clearly not prepared to be touched down there, but enjoying it nonetheless.

“You mean… that uh… that girls can feel good having sex too? Cause I thought sex was just about making boys happy…”

“Absolutely not Allie, of course I want to teach you to be a good girl and make men feel good, but it should feel good for you too. So you’ve never touched yourself?”

Now clearly embarrassed again she let out a little “…no” so I took my pants completely off then kneeled down in front of her, kissing along her creamy and pale exposed thighs which she held tightly together as soon as I removed my hand from her pussy. When I started to pull at the waistband of her shorts, she groaned out “Daddy, no…”.

I didn’t want to force her, but I wasn’t about to let her change her mind about this either, I was so close, so I chose to stop and reassure her “Honey, this is what you wanted, you need to let daddy do this if you want to be a big girl, it felt good when I was rubbing you down there right? So I’m just gonna take your shorts off so I can make you feel even better, ok sweetie? Do you Bayan Escort trust daddy?”

Nervously and meekly she squeaked out “ok daddy, I trust you”.

“That’s a good girl” I said stroking her knee reassuringly “Now let me take off those shorts and panties so daddy can get a better look at you”. I grabbed her waistband again and pulled off her shorts, revealing virginal plain white cotton panties, not fancy, but fittingly youthful and adorable. Upon pulling those down I was surprised to find trimmed pubic hair, not shaved, but definitely maintained.

Before I could ask her about it, she immediately apologized “I’m sorry daddy, I know I’m supposed to be shaved” and began tearing up thinking she had disappointed me.

“No princess, no, you’re perfect, why do you think you need to be shaved?”

“through drying tears she choked “I heard some boys talking one day about how they think girls with hair are gross, so I started shaving myself”

She may have been unimaginably naive, but if nothing else, the girl was a people pleaser, which would surely bode well for me, in fact I was beginning to think she was naturally sexually submissive. “Allie sweetie, no, you’re gorgeous”. And she was, she had such a perfect pink pussy that was already visibly wet, I knew that sinking my cock into her for the first time would be amazing.

“Daddy’s gonna play with your pussy now ok? I just want you to relax ok honey?”

She started to respond but got lost in her moans as soon as I touched her bare pussy. I stroked her perfect teenage cunt a few times then began to lick at her. Fucking her was going to be a dream, she was so wet, after just a few licks my face was soaked in her juices.

“Daddy, I, I feel uh, a little funny”. I hadn’t been eating her out for more than 3 or 4 minutes, and she was already on the verge of cumming! I continued with my tongue without responding to her and not a minute later she started to tense up, her breathing quickened and she gushed all over my face, trying not to make noise, probably confused about what was happening, but letting out little squeaks and squeals despite her best efforts.

When I looked up, her expression was somewhere between shock and bliss and her face was wet with tears. When she composed herself she cried out “Daddy, what was that!?”

“That was an orgasm sweetheart, you just came for daddy for the first time, I’m very proud of you!”

That same smirk came across her face, she craved my approval in a way she never did before, and I knew I had her hooked, she was turning into a slut already. And although I was happy with the way things were going, I needed release myself.

“Princess, you need to help daddy come now, good girls always make sure their man finishes, so I need you to stroke me like you were before”

Eagerly and without question she started attending to my throbbing dick and before her cum had even dried on my face, I was spewing cum all over her hand. I held her hand as she stroked me through my orgasm to make sure she didn’t stop, but I had a feeling she wouldn’t need as much help after today, she was a natural.

Even still, I could tell we were going to have a lot of fun together.

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