All In The Family


I was out playing golf one Saturday morning about 3 months ago, when it starting raining pretty hard with some serious thunder and lightning, so I packed it in and went home. My wife and two smaller children were gone to the mall shopping and my oldest son, who is now 19, thinks he is independent enough, so he stayed home to play with his toy. That toy, of course, is his car. It is a ’69 Mustang and he lives to wash and wax it, I think.

Anyway, when I turned the corner near my home, I noticed a strange car parked in front on the street, and my son’s in the driveway, in the rain! Why did he not put it in the garage as usual, so it wouldn’t get wet? I pulled in, put my clubs away in the garage and went into the house. I heard the TV coming from the back of the house so I went to see who was there with my son. I went down the hall and stopped at the corner of his door, not knowing who was there. If there was a problem, I wanted to be able to surprise them.

Well, I was the one to get surprised. There was Bobby on the floor on his back, naked, with a girl riding his cock like a race horse! And a XXX porn movie on TV! And the girl was making more noise now than the TV was. Obviously, she was about to cum! Being the good father that I am, I decided very quickly to let them finish before I let them know that I was there. She was pounding on Bobby so hard now that I wondered if she wasn’t hurting him, since he was on the floor! And then Bobby started groaning and moaning and bucking under her and I knew both were cumming now. When they finally started slowing down, I started to say something, and then I realized that I had a hard on that was probably the hardest I had been in years! When the girl finished cumming, she just kind of rolled off to the side of Bobby there on the floor. When she rolled to the side, Bobby could (and did) see me standing at the door. But I was in such a state of shock, I couldn’t say anything. The girl is the daughter of my wife’s sister!!

Bobby yelled out “DAD!! What…Dad…I’m sorry Dad!! Where did you come from??”

Cindy (my niece’s name) was up like a flash and trying to get her clothes and cover herself up. I said, “Son, don’t try to explain, it’ll just make you look stupid. Cindy, how long have you two been doing this? Bobby, your Mom is going to just die! And Cindy, you’ll be grounded till after college! If your Mom even let’s you go!!! And why did you pick ‘home’ to do this, why not out somewhere?” Bobby tried to say something, but Cindy beat him to it. She said “Uncle Joe, you just can’t tell on us. You can’t, please! It’ll ruin us both! We just couldn’t help it, we like each other so much it just seemed natural. Please Uncle Joe, I’ll do anything you say if you just won’t tell anyone about this. Please Uncle Joe!!”

And all the time she is talking, she is trying to find something, maybe her panties or something. And I realized while I was watching and listening, that this is one damned beautiful, sexy girl! I had never noticed that she was that sexy before! She even shaved her pussy!!! I said, “Cindy, how old are you now, 18…19? Let me think a minute, but get dressed girl! Bobby, you too!”

Cindy answered “I just turned 19, Uncle Joe.” I stood in the doorway, so neither of them could leave, even if they wanted to. Then I said, “Cindy, I had not realized how beautiful you had Gaziantep Escort grown up to be, and how sexy! And Bobby, I had no idea that you had grown such a good-sized cock on you. Cindy, before you put that shirt on, come over here a minute and let me see those gorgeous tits up close.”

She hesitated a minute, just looking at me and then slowly walked over to me and arched her back to show how her tits would stand up.

I looked them over and said, “You know, you both should get a good whipping for this. But I guess you are too old for that. So what am I supposed to do with you two?”

Before Bobby could say anything again, Cindy chimed in and said “Anything Uncle Joe, anything you want to, but just please don’t tell anyone else what we’ve done, Please. You can even whip us if you want to, but don’t tell on us.” I was beginning to think that Bobby was going to have a nervous breakdown, the way he was trembling. I had to do something quick. “OK, This is what it’s going to be…(and I paused for a minute, letting that sink in) about we three have some fun together?” Bobby finally got to talk, “What do you mean Dad? We all three have some fun?”

“Well”, I continued, “I think I would like to have a taste of this young pussy here!”

Cindy said “Anything Uncle Joe, You tell me what you want.”

Bobby said “Dad, we’re not!! Beat my ass but, me and you ain’t playing!!”

I laughed and said “Not me and you son, shit! The three of us, and Cindy is probably going to have more fun than we do! Does that sound ok to you two? Oh yea, and one more thing, no one can ever hear about this – no one! Understand? If you don’t think you can keep it secret, then we quit right now, right here! Agreed?”

Cindy chimed in first with “Whatever you want Uncle Joe. Anything, just ask, just don’t tell on us! If you want me to have sex with you too, I will. I could give you a good fucking like Bobby just got. Just tell me what I have to do, OK?”

Then Bobby spoke up, “Like she said Dad, anything, just don’t tell on us, and we’ll keep it secret, too.”

I said, “OK, this is our little secret till we die, understood?” They both agreed. Then I went on, “OK, let’s all get undressed again, I think I want a taste of you Cindy! I mean a real taste!!” She nodded her head and ran off to the bathroom.

Bobby was undressed and just sitting there on the bed and looking depressed.

I said “Bobby, don’t be so down son, we can keep this secret!”

He answered, “Yea I know Dad, but you just scared me so bad…I almost died!! And then you said ‘we’ were going to have some fun…what exactly do you mean? I am not going to do anything with another man-you or anybody!”

I laughed, “Son, We are both going to enjoy little Cindy here. Nothing wrong with that.”

“OK” he said.

Then Cindy walked back in and she was naked and looking so damned good! She said, “OK guys, what are we doing? Uncle Joe, I do love sex, and I love to do it with Bobby, he’s the nicest guy I know!”

“Bobby, lie down there on the floor again, Cindy, I think he needs some help getting that thing back up again, don’t he?” Bobby laid down on the floor and Cindy just nodded and got on her knees between his legs and immediately started sucking on his cock. She evidently wasn’t concerned with what I Gaziantep Escort Bayan was going to do now that I was naked too!

I never thought about it before, but just watching my niece sucking my son’s cock was super erotic to me! And my cock was as hard or harder than I’ve ever seen it! I got down on my knees behind her and …Damn she has a beautiful ass, shaved clean as a baby’s ass…and I’m going to get some of it!! I eased up behind her and opened my mouth and just got all of her pussy that I could in my mouth and then stuck my tongue in as far as I could. She let out a yelp and went right back to sucking on Bobby and grinding her ass back against my face. I started licking and sucking and tongue fucking that pretty pussy just as hard as I could. And she sure did taste good too! I couldn’t see, but from the sounds Bobby was making, she had him up and running again! Cindy started making a lot of noise on Bobby’s dick, and I knew she was close to cumming, so I turned over on my back and got my head under her pussy and sucked her clit into my mouth and lightly bit down on it and she absolutely came unglued!

She jerked her head up and let out a scream of pleasure that could have been heard all over the house and then yelled back at me “Oh fuck Joe, do that some more, god that felt good, and tongue fuck me to death, I love it!!!” Then she was back down on Bobby.

Bobby yelled out that he was going to cum and that just made Cindy go harder and faster, especially against my face. Then it was both of them cumming together!! And she was telling the truth, she loved sex!! As soon as they quit cumming, she pulled up off Bobby’s cock and he slid out and got up and went to the bathroom.

Cindy got up and turned around, saw my rock hard cock standing up and said “Oh that needs to be taken care of Joe, quickly!” She just came around and kneeled down over my waist and then positioned herself and just slammed herself down on my cock. She was good and wet from my saliva and her juices that I just slid right in with no trouble at all.

She was pounding on my cock the way she was doing Bobby when I walked in on them. It didn’t take long and I felt that feeling building up in my balls. I grabbed her by the hips and said “Come on Cindy, pound that pussy down on my cock, I want to flood your pussy with my cum. Come on baby! Ride it!!” I was humping up against her as fast and hard and I could. She had one hot, tight little pussy and she loved to use it!! Then I was there, I started to cum. “Do it Cindy, fuck it hard, I’m cumming …Oh shit…fuck me Cindy…don’t stop.. cum with me Cindy and let’s see how much cum you can take! And I blasted the inside of her cunt with all I had in me! I don’t know when I have cum so much! My blasting the insides of her pussy drove her over the edge too, and she was bouncing up and down and moaning and groaning and making faces. She had my shoulders in her hands and I thought she was going to pull me apart she was gripping so hard and pulling so hard on them trying to get me further into her!

When she finished cumming, she again rolled over on her side and just about then Bobby walked back in. He had put on a pair of shorts. He stood there looking down at us with this big shit-eating grin on his face and said “Dad, ain’t she the best in the world?”

I Escort Gaziantep answered, “Well, Cindy, you are so very good. And such a hot tight pussy!! I loved every second of it.”

“She gives one helluva good blowjob too, Dad, and she even deepthroats too!” Bobby said.

Cindy was still just lying there on the floor, trying to come down off that high that three good orgasms will give you.

I got up and helped her up and then I sat down on the edge of the bed, very tired indeed!

Cindy was standing in front of us with her hand on her pussy with cumm dripping off her fingers. Then she brought her hand up and started licking my cumm off her fingers! “UUUUmmmmm, you taste really good Uncle Joe”, she said between licks.

My cock was still hard (It had been a long time since I could do that), And Cindy was looking at it. “Want me to take care of that for you Uncle Joe?” she asked.

“Go ahead Dad, let her have it, she’s really good at it.” Bobby said. She didn’t wait for me to answer, she just got down on her knees and started sucking and licking it all over. He’s right, she is really good. It had been too long since I had had a good blowjob. As she sucked, she looked up at me and I finally noticed that she had the prettiest eyes I had seen in a long time. And she could smile around that big dick in her mouth. This girl was amazing! Yes, amazing also in that it didn’t take her long to make me cum again. And when I told her I was going to cum, she took a fresh breath, and slid my whole cock into her throat. Damn what a feeling!! And that made my orgasm 10 times better, with that tight hot throat wrapped around my hard cock.

When she came up, she had swallowed every drop of my cum! And she was smiling a big smile. “How’s that feel, Uncle Joe?” She asked.

“Absolutely fantastic honey. Absolutely fantastic!” I answered.

“Are we going to do anymore today?” She asked.

“Not me,” I said.

“Not me either” Bobby said.

“Well, I am going to clean up then and get dressed before anyone comes home and catches us.

I got up and went to my bathroom and cleaned up and got dressed. Then it hit me, “What the hell have I done? I have just fucked my niece in front of my son! Where the hell is my head? What was I thinking?” I was seriously concerned about what this might do to each of them, and it scared the hell out of me.

Then Bobby and Cindy walked in and Cindy said “Uncle Joe, I’ve had the best time today! I am really glad you caught us. And I love your cock. It feels so good inside me.

But Bobby is still going to be my favorite. However, we have a deal, whenever you want me, you call me. OK?”

I said, “Kids, I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking straight when we made this deal. I will never ever say a word about this to anyone, but I am too old to be playing with you Cindy.”

“Bullshit Uncle Joe, I like fucking and sucking you and I want to do it some more, so you forget all that stuff about not being with us anymore. We will do it more, Please? I really like the way you make me cum!!” she said.

Bobby said, “Dad, we are going out and pick up some friends and go to a movie, so I will see you later. And don’t worry about us. We are adults now too. So we are good to go, ok?”

“Yeah kids” I said standing up and walking over to Cindy, “Can I kiss the lips of such a hot little lady before she leaves?”

She just smiled up at me and reached up, got me around the neck and kissed me, drilled my mouth with her tongue and pulled back and said, “See you later Uncle Joe, for sure! I love you too!!” And they were off to wherever kids go nowadays!

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