All Her Daddies Ch. 08


(I apologize for how long this story took. Honestly, real life has a way of getting you away from the things you enjoy doing. I dedicate this to TongueLust aka Princess to me only on the boards. She’s nowhere like the main female character in this story because she’s more of a sweetheart. No, she didn’t force me to say that.)


Bruce Parker asked to meet me at his hotel and unlike the last time we agreed to anything, I chose to be on time. When I reached his office, he was sitting there visibly shaken. “Please sit,” he said to me.

As I sat, I noticed the older gentleman was visibly shaken. I was unsure why although I had my ideas. It was a little while ago that Amber aka “Princess” embarrassed him during our photo shoot in the room she had at the motel. It was supposed to be a professional photo shoot with no nudity or any sexual overtones. Amber, according to plan, quickly turned it otherwise as she started flashing her pussy to my camera as well as being naked after Mr. Parker and my conversation outside. I was ushered out quickly and called on the way home to be told to forget what happened. Due to the hilarity of it, I didn’t seek payment or anything although I could have. So when he called back, I was unsure what he wanted.

“Mr. Washington…”

Uh-oh….no one ever calls me Mr. anything.

“Mr. Washington, I am formally apologizing for Ms Simmons’s actions. I apologize that she took it as far as she did.”

“No worries, Mr. Parker. I apologize that it happened. She is a beautiful woman and taking pictures of her in a more generic setting would make for a wonderful portfolio for her.”

Wonderful portfolio, my ass. She is gorgeous enough to be any kind of model she wanted to be. It doesn’t even matter that she can suck cock better than any hooker or take it in the ass better than any porn star. The fact is Amber is hot enough to do anything she wants to and the fact that she has nine guys willing to pay for three hours of her time a week while she goes to college means that she’s got the mind to go with it. I know I couldn’t tell Bruce Parker this because he doesn’t know that I have a hack into his surveillance system and can watch every time she services one of her “daddies” while it happens or the fact that I know he watches also.

“So, I was also told you deleted the pictures almanbahis adresi from the meeting at Mr. Webster’s get-together as well. Is that right?”

“Yes sir. Actually, Ms Simmons deleted them herself because she took the memory card that night and it was returned with nothing on it. So sadly, she did it herself. She’s very persuasive.”

“I know,” Bruce Parker said almost wistfully.

He then turned serious again. “Mr. Washington, I am prepared to offer a stipend for you to keep confidential about what you have seen with Ms Simmons. This is not from me or Mr. Webster, but from a few others who were at the get-together. It would require that you keep quiet about who was there to avoid any embarrassments. Can we agree on that?”

“Sir, there were only three people I recognized that night. I know you because of this motel. I know Mr. Webster because of our friendship for a long time. I also recognized Jack Parker because he owns the apartments near where I live. The other men were all strangers. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble and I can simply forget. I’m not the blackmailing kind or anything.”

Honestly, as much as I saw Dan was scared, I was scared for my life in a way.

“Well, Mr. Washington, can we step outside for a moment? I need to smoke.”

I followed him as we walked in the parking lot away from the office. It was then he breathed easier.

“I apologize, Charles. I can’t even trust what happens in my own office anymore. Can I level with you more honestly now?”

“Sure, please go on.”

“A few of the guys that were in that room are more powerful than Dan, Jack or I. They got scared when the incident happened with Amber. They’re afraid you’ll come out in case they want to run for office or something and they don’t want this shit coming up. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah, hell I don’t need any more trouble either. Dan is shitting bricks over this stuff.”

“He’s got a reason to. He’s married to that Ice Queen of his. Jack’s got a Frigid Misses of his own. They initially didn’t want this shit, but were coerced because of the first party they threw with Amber. So they are being blackmailed into helping. Because I am single, I have less to worry about. You are lucky you are keeping your thing with Amber a secret.”


“I know you snuck almanbahis adres in while Amber and I were talking and saw the video feed. It’s not mine. It belongs to the same guy that wired the office and the room and probably Dan’s place. Luckily, I covered saying you were confused. Just be more careful, okay?”

“Sure, but how…”

“You forget, Dan and I have been buddies for a while too before this shit came up. Just make sure you are careful with her. As much as I love banging that pussy of hers, she needs someone younger to keep her happy and in my mind, you do. Just be more careful, okay? She almost got in trouble when you fucked her between guys yesterday. I want to keep her safe too because a girl like her doesn’t need to get hurt. Okay?”

I blushed and bowed my head. ‘Yes, sir.”

“Good, now let’s go sign that bullshit contract. They’re gonna pay you $10,000 a month to keep quiet. I suggest you use the first payment to get a nicer place to live away from Jack’s place. More distance will mean easier to stay out of it. There may be an open apartment near her campus that would make more sense. Okay?”

“Yes sir.”

As I drove back to my apartment, I felt like a total idiot. As much as I tried to cover my tracks, I didn’t realize I was so careless. It looked like Amber and I would need to talk. It was later that night when Amber came by my place. She had that smoldering look in her eyes again and before I said a word, she opened her coat.

“Look where that asshole shot his load, Daddy,” she said as she showed me her cum covered tits.

I didn’t look on the spreadsheet to see who the asshole was, but knowing it was a Monday, I was sure she wasn’t going to fuck any of the other ones that night. As I pulled my cock out of my jeans, I asked, “Do you have any other appointments tonight, slut?”

She knelt to the ground and started to stroke my cock slowly. “Daddy, I have a test in Computer Science to study for. But I need some cock, so could you please fuck me, Daddy?” she asked in her little girl voice.

I responded by pushing my cock between her lips and pressing her head against me. As I face fucked her, I thought about what had happened earlier and the fact of how much trouble Amber was truly in and what it caused to Dan. My thoughts quickly turned towards the cum slut before me almanbahis adresi as I pulled out and stroked my cock.

“Take of your clothes, slut. I need you so much right now.”

In an instant, she was naked except for the pigtails she had in her hair with pink ribbons. I made a mental note to record that next chance I got. She climbed onto my bed on all fours. I slid into her pussy and felt how tight she was.

‘Fuck me, Daddeeeeeee,” she moaned.

I started slamming into her as hard as I could and it didn’t take long before I filled her pussy with spunk. She collapsed on the bed before I slid off the bed to her side and pointed my cock at her lips. Lazily, she started cleaning off my cock. Normally, I would have chastised her for it, but we had more urgent matters to discuss.


Her name perked her up immediately. Normally, I never call her by her real name because she is slut. It was then she looked at me more serious.

“Daddy Bruce talked to you, didn’t he?”

“Yeah, and we have to be more careful.”

Before I could say another word, she slid off my bed and to my computer where the spreadsheet was. She opened the spreadsheet and showed me the entry for Monday. The name read Steve. I tried to think of who Steve could be, but Amber stopped me.

“Daddy Steve…or Stephen is the guy who owns the movie theater downtown. He owns a few of them actually including the Adult Movie Theater off Colchester. That’s why the pigtails.”

I was stunned for a moment before she continued. “As he was stroking his little cock before my tits tonight, he talked about how he wants me to go to his movie theater to fuck him, but he couldn’t because of the arrangement. It put a red flag in my head. Apparently, one of the others put Daddy Bruce…I mean Bruce up to making you sign that contract today. Did Bruce mention the apartment near campus?”

I was still stunned. “That would be the apartments owned by one of the other Daddies. I am unsure who, but they’re trying to get you there to keep you quiet. I guess one of the remaining ones is the one who’s thinking politically.”

Before I could speak, Amber turned towards me with her smoldering glare again. “Sorry I went all Velma on you, Daddy. Let’s just say Steve is a chatterbox when he cums.”

She then went on her knees and started stroking my cock again. “Daddy, I really need to study. I would do a better job though if I had your cum in my ass. Think you can do that for me, Daddy?”

I smiled as I started to get hard. This girl had me all wrapped up.

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