Alice was a Seaside Favourite Pt. 04


My next instalment follows up on my exploits in the small Suffolk seaside village. I’d retired there, and had met Alice who had been the first of three women to have sex with me. After Alice had come Rachel, the niece of Jim, the village pub landlord, and then Fiona, or Lady Carstairs, a friend of Alice. I was very quickly becoming part of the community!


Jim’s pub on the village green became the centre of activity come the village Summer Fair in July. Hence he roped me onto the committee to help organise the events.

Having only moved in a few weeks before, I came late to the whole thing.

When Jim dragged me along to my first committee meeting in the village hall, there were about fifteen people there.

One of the parish councillors, Frederick Blackstock, a retired civil servant, was chairing the meeting, and before opening the meeting welcomed me publicly. There was polite applause, and I nodded my appreciation.

The awkwardness of the meeting was the presence of both Alice, and Fiona. They were seated next to each other, and both gave a little wave, and I waved back. Also there was Lora, Jim’s sister, and a few other faces I knew by sight.

I was seated next to Jim, but on my other side was a stern looking woman, who turned out to be the local vicar’s wife, Mrs Vanessa Cradock. I soon worked out that Mrs Cradock was always in charge of the tombola, a key stall at the fair.

Throughout the meeting I kept stealing glances at Fiona, who occasionally caught my eye, but immediately looked away. Alice saw me look their way, and smiled, and I’m sure she knew by now that I’d slept with Fiona.

Somehow I ended up being partnered with Mrs Cradock, and she quickly arranged for me to come to the vicarage the following day to discuss my responsibilities.

After the meeting I briefly said hello to both Fiona and Alice, but Fiona had to leave to attend another function. Not before though, she had whispered “I want you again,” under her breath to me.

Jim, Alice, and I left together, and walked to the pub for a drink. Jim went straight behind the bar, and pulled me a pint, and got a glass of Sauvignon for Alice.

“So I warned you, you devil, she got you into bed?”

“Shhhhhsh,” I warned, “No one must know, if it gets back to Rupert he’ll have my knackers on a pike staff up at Millport Hall.”

Alice burst out laughing, “Ooooooh I’ve got leverage now.”

“What are you two conspiring about?” asked Jim. “Sounds like you’re planning something.”

“Not at all,” said Alice, “Just a little gossip.”

“Hmmmmmm, bet you’re warning him about Vanessa.”

This time it was Jim’s turn to laugh.

“Ooooooooh I’d forgotten that. You mean that rumour about the vicar catching her and Bill Perkins in the vestry.”

Alice lowered her voice.

“There was a story about her being caught in flagrante with the butcher in the church vestry after choir practise.”

I found it difficult to imagine the stern faced Mrs Cradock, getting sexual with anyone.

“Well keep your wits about you tomorrow,” giggled Alice. She could hardly contain herself.

I decided that I needed an early night, so after a second pint, I bid Alice and Jim goodbye, and made my way back home.

It was a lovely evening so I went via the beach path, which led to a cut through, Escort back to my cottage. As I picked my way through the sand dunes, the sun was beginning to go down.

I stopped to watch a barn owl swooping low over the bracken along the top of the dunes. It was quiet, save for the soft whoosh of a turning tide on the shingle.

But then I heard a human voice. Well not a voice, but a human sound, the sound of someone having sex, and indeed, being very close to orgasm.

Quietly, in the sand, I crept behind a tussock, and in the evening light I could see a mans’ buttocks pumping up and down between a female’s thighs.

I ducked back down not wishing to be seen, and just sat silently in a dip in the sand.

With a stifled cry the woman started to cum. I could hear her gasping, but what took me aback was that I recognised the voice, it was Rachel’s.

Within seconds I heard the climactic grunt from the guy as he came, and quickly I decided to retrace my steps until I was perhaps fifty or so yards back along the path.

I stood still, as though I was still looking for the barn owl, and then a minute later two figures appeared from behind the dune.

I think Rachel was as shocked as I had been moments before, but the guy she was with was an even bigger surprise. It was Frederick Blackstock, the parish councillor who’d chaired the Summer Fair meeting earlier.

“Oh hello Mike, er…me and Mr Blackstock were trying to see some owls when they were out hunting.”

Frederick looked very embarrassed, but trying to make light of it he joked about being caught in the sand dunes with a young girl.

“Don’t worry,” I said equally jokingly, “Your secret is safe with me.”

Both of them hurried past, but not before I’d winked at Rachel as she passed me. It seemed that she liked the older man.

I wandered back home as the sun dipped below the horizon. I poured myself a single malt, and sat on the bench outside the back door.

I’d only taken a couple of sips when I noticed a movement towards one side of me. There creeping into view was Rachel, looking very unsure of herself.

“Oh god Mike, I’m so sorry, you must think I’m a total slut.”

Interrupting, I said firmly, “Before you utter another word Rachel, you’re not a slut. I don’t think you are in the least. You’re exploring who you are, finding out about sex. Just relax, I’m cool about it.”

Rachel swept over to me, and sat beside me, and hugged me.

“You’re such a sweetie, I think you’re such a lovely man.”

“I’d prefer a different epithet than ‘lovely,’ but it’ll do.”

“I just didn’t want you thinking I was the village bike, and I didn’t want Frederick’s wife to find out with all the village gossip that goes on.”

“It’s all cool,” I said again.

Rachel hugged me, and I couldn’t help putting my arm around her, feeling her soft body, and her firm breasts pressed against my rib cage.

Fortunately, or unforunately, my cock reacted. Rachel could see my chinos filling out, and without speaking, laid her hand softly on my crotch.

She felt me harden, and slowly she sat up, and began to unzip me.

“Do not speak,” she commanded.

Delicately, she pulled my cock through the opening in my boxers, and out through my trousers. Ducking her head down I felt her take it into her mouth. All I could see was the back of her head bobbing up and down.

There was a low Escort Bayan moan from me as my cock grew to it’s full size.

“Oh Rachel, oh my god.”

Rachel lifted her head, and breathlessly said, “I told you to be quiet. Shut up!”

Renewing her efforts, I could only marvel at the expertise of someone so young.

“Rachel, RACHEL! I’m going to cum!”

And with a loud groan, my cock let go, and shot jet after jet of spunk into her mouth.

Rachel swallowed every drop, keeping my cock in her mouth until it had become soft. Lifting her head, she kissed me, allowing me to taste the saltiness of my own ejaculate.

“Now I must go, it’s dark, and I walked out on my mum after a row. She’d seen me walking back to the village with Frederick, and didn’t approve.”

“Yes you must. Do you want me to walk you back…even halfway?…I think I’d better.”

I did just that, being careful not to be seen. Just as I left her, Rachel asked me if she could visit again soon.

Who was I to say ‘no.’

The next day brought my meeting with Mrs Cradock. What could go wrong? I would be on my best behaviour, and agree with everything she said.

I arrived at the vicarage at 10am, just as the Reverend Cradock was leaving to go and meet with the Bishop.

Vanessa, as I was now allowed to call her, made me tea, and we discussed the tombola. We both had to get donations of prizes from the village, and further afield, if we could.

As it turned out Mrs Cradock, Vanessa, was not such a misery guts as I’d first thought. We got along fine, and once we had got our strategy worked out we chatted, until she told me that she had to go next door to the church to prepare a couple of things for the service on Sunday.

I asked her if I could help out, and she gratefully accepted.

It was a long time since I’d been to church, but I’d been confirmed, so I knew how not to put my foot in it.

After doing one or two chores in the vestry, Vanessa said that she had to put the hymn, and psalm numbers, up on the boards in church.

Now these boards were half way up columns both sides of the nave, at the front, and halfway back. She needed step ladders, which I carried from the back of the church, and placed ready for her.

“Would you steady them for me Mike,” she asked.

“Yes, just tell what you want.”

“Pass the numbers to me once I’m up there. It’s a bit precarious, but it works with two people.”

The step ladders were about six or seven feet tall, and in order to reach the boards Vanessa had to get up to the second step from the top. I was standing one foot on the ground and one foot on the second rung.

Straightaway I saw how shaky the whole thing was, but I was quite happy to be where I was, especially as Vanessa was wearing a rather full cotton skirt, just below the knee. It gave me a close up of her shapely calves, inches from my face.

The first board completed, we moved the step ladder to the next one. Vanessa climbed up, I stood supporting.

When she had set up the numbers, she stepped down, but somehow as she did so her skirt snagged on the side of the metal steps. Unaware, she continued stepping down, which had the effect of her leaving her skirt behind, hitched up on the ladder.

I quickly said, “Hang on Vanessa, you’ve got your skirt caught up,”

Realising what had happened she grabbed the bit of the skirt that was caught, Bayan Escort and pulled it free. Blushing, she stepped down, mumbling, “These ladders are death traps, but only two to go.”

What she hadn’t realised was that I had the perfect view of her thighs, and even higher. I had to swallow hard, because I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Board three proved just as shaky.

Vanessa climbed, and this time as she descended I had to support her, which entailed placing my hands either side of her waist, as she stepped off the ladder. There was a smile, and a ‘thank you.’

Board four, and this time I knew Vanessa was playing games. As she stood at the top of the ladder, she looked down and said, “Can you swap this three for a four,” but as she leaned down to pass me the number three, she seemed to hitch up her skirt, giving me a clear, unmistakeable view of her naked, shaved pussy.

I passed her the number, wondering, “What is it with the women in this village?”

As she stepped down, I supported her waist, and back on the floor she stood inches from me. I could feel her breath.

“Thank you Michael, I think I need to thank you properly.”

We left the step ladders where they were. Vanessa took my hand, and led me through the vestry to the room where the choir practised.

Turning towards me, and looking me straight in the eye, she pulled me close and kissed me.

I was struggling to grasp the situation, but my body was reacting in its usual manner. Vanessa knew it, and started to run her fingers over my crotch. My cock stiffened and she sighed in satisfaction.

This was the vicar’s wife who was hitching up her skirt, bending over the choir stall, spreading her legs, and telling me to fuck her.

I grabbed Vanessa’s hips, and buried my cock inside her pussy.

“God that feels good,” she moaned. I could see the irony in her words.

The choir room, vestry, and church, were completely silent save for Vanessa’s panting, and my thighs slapping against her ass. I guess we were both trying to fuck as quietly as we could, but the moment was overtaking us.

I reached round, and found her clit, and that soon produced the beginning of the end.

Her reference to the almighty signalled her divine orgasm, and when I started to jerk inside her, she couldn’t hold back.

“Oh fuck, oh god, oh wow, yesssssss.”

I pushed deep, and finished pumping my spunk deep into her cunt.

“Oh god that was so good Mike, just hold it there for a minute.”

But we were startled by a shout from out in the church.

“Mrs Cradock, Mrs Cradock, are you there?” It was the voice of Miriam Green, one of the church wardens.

Vanessa hurriedly stood up, smoothing down her skirt, while I was pulling up my trousers.

“We’re in here Miriam,” shouted Vanessa, and as she entered, she added, “We were having a chat about the fair.”

Miriam Green looked at me dubiously.

“Ah yes, I’d heard that you’d got a helper.”

“And a very able one, I must say, Miriam, he’s showing a lot of promise.”

I thought I’d better say something before the conversation became too pointed.

“How do you do Mrs Green,” I said, offering my hand, “Very nice to meet you.”

I thought I’d better escape.

“I think I’d better be off, if you don’t mind Vanessa, we’ll have to have another meeting soon, I’ll get in touch.”

“Yes indeed Mike, soon please, oh and thank you for helping with the ladders.”

And with that I left.

I went straight back home, I needed space, I needed to think. I was becoming entangled with too many women.

Some would think, ‘lucky man.’

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