Alice: From Innocence to Incitement


Alice Trellen hadn’t had any attention from boys. She and her best friend Lucy would loiter around the local town center, buy useless tat and gossip about who they thought was snogging who, but they both felt outside of the action. To compound matters, she’d discovered that she had a high libido so despite her lack of sexual contact, Alice would make herself come two or three times a day wherever and whenever the mood took her. Supply closets, sparsely attended classrooms, the back of an uber. Alice could come anywhere, but lacked anyone to join her.

But by the time she returned to school that year, aged 19, she had a new set of problems: every boy in school staring at the E-cup breasts which had appeared on her barely-five-foot frame.

She shaved the back and sides of her head partly in an attempt to give people something else to be distracted by, but it suited her so much that it simply made her even more attractive. People were treating her differently, too. By the end of the first term she’d been asked out by ten different boys, and eventually said ‘yes’ when Steven Connor – in the year above! – invited her to his 20th birthday party.

Steve’s parties were legendary/notorious – there was always drugs, the police always got called, and at least one couple always got caught hooking up. Alice’s life contained none of these things, and she was giddy at the thought of experiencing any of it – and sharing a bed with someone other than her vibrator.

When the day came, Alice made sure she looked as hot as she was ever going to look. Showing off her newly-filled out body in a red halterneck, she matched it with bright red lipstick – emphasizing her already full lips – and spent an hour on the sexist smokey-eyes she could muster. She looked GREAT.

“Alice! Thanks for coming. You look…” Steven was trying to be polite but abandoned the mission “Well fit. I’ve got to check on something upstairs.” He flashed Alice a flirtatious smile, “But I will definitely come and find you later.”

She nervously fixed a vodka and tonic that was really just a lightly flavored vodka and wandered outside, where she saw another girl sitting on her own, smoking. She borrowed a cigarette and they got talking. Her name was Joanna and she’d also been invited by Steve despite not being friends with him, to a previous party and had had a good enough time to come back.

Joanna was mixed-race, possibly Japanese Alice thought, with razor sharp cheekbones and big, beautiful eyes. Alice was sensing a pattern here.

The girls got talking about their love lives, and boys generally, and Alice confessed that she was totally new to it. Joanna frowned, and said – very matter of factly – “Well that won’t last long.. In fact.” a devlilsh grin spread across her face, “Why don’t we go and see who’s in the master bedroom?”

They made their way indoors and up the stairs, and down the long carpeted hallway. As they approached the door, Alice could hear voices – not shouting exactly, but making loud noises. Joanna pushed the door open, watching Alice’s face freeze with a combination of surprise, horror, and envy.

Immediately behind the door stood Steven, sideways on, with one of the girls from his college class – Wendy maybe? – enthusiastically sucking his cock. The bed was taken by Steven’s best friend Lev, who was receiving the same treatment from under the bedsheets. Alice recognised two of the cool girls from school; usually sat at the back of the class looking bored, tonight they were sat on the floor against the bed, touching themselves as they watched the antics unfolding around them.

Steven looked up and waved her in.

“Alice! Why don’t you join us? I’m sure Wendy doesn’t mind sharing.”

Panicked, she knelt down next to Wendy, as Steven stroked Wendy’s hair then pulled his dick away from her mouth and pointed it at Alice. She tried to play it cool, taking him in her hand – he’s so hard, she thought – and tentatively licking the tip. She looked desperately at Wendy, who immediately understood.

“I don’t think she’s ever given a blowjob before.”

Alice’s heart sank and she felt the blood rush to her cheeks as she began blushing. Wendy touched her arm.

“But I can show you! Here…”

It turned out that Alice was a natural, and within minutes she had Steven shaking as she took his cock all the way into her throat, feeling herself getting wet as he cried out with pleasure Suadiye Escort and a little embarrassment – despite her inexperience, she finished him what felt like seconds. Alice wasn’t prepared for the way Steven’s cock twitched and throbbed in her mouth and pulled her head back in surprise. By the time he’d finished, she had cum on her lips and chin, on her top, and splattered between her cleavage.

Steven apologized and went to get Alice a towel and a t-shirt. Feeling the brazen nature of the room, she undid the cum-covered halterneck and let it fall off, revealing her large, perky breasts. Wendy couldn’t take her eyes off them. Alice was disappointed. She wanted to know what all the fuss was about when it came to men finishing in mouths, and somehow she felt she’d been short-changed.

She was about to say something when the couple in the bed started to argue. Loudly.

“I won’t, I promise!” He was saying, with the desperation of a man who really wants to get laid.

The girl appeared from under the sheets, her lipstick smudged and her face ashen. “I don’t trust you. Last time you promised you’d warn me. You held my head down!”

She turned to Alice and Wendy as she adjusted her clothes.

“He’s going to cum in my mouth, he always does. I wouldn’t mind but he’s not even my boyfriend anymore. She rolled out of the bed, gawping at Alice’s breasts. “Finish yourself off!” she shouted as she stormed out. “Great tits by the way!”

Alice climbed up onto the bed as a boy appeared from beneath the sheets, looking sheepish, then immediately excited by the incredible body seemingly leaning over him. “Right place, right time,” she said, disappearing beneath the sheets.

“Dave, this is Alice!” Steven laughed as he walked back in. Even through the sheets, he could see her head bobbing up and down in Dave’s lap. “Alice, this is Dave. Attached to the penis in your mouth.”

“Nice to eat you” she mumbled.

She was enjoying this, the sense of having a man by the most sensitive part of his anatomy. The noises he was making. The sheer outrageous sluttiness of it all. She felt Dave’s cock begin to twitch, a lesson she’d learned just minutes earlier.

Barely able to speak, Dave stuttered “Y-y-yknow, you don’t have to le me c-” but he was too late, cut off by his own deep moan.

Alice appeared from under the covers, smiling at Dave’s breathless, speechless reaction. Kneeling, she took his hand and put it between her legs, pushing it under her skirt as she leaned towards him. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and Dave could feel she was already soaking wet.

Dave was surprisingly skilled with his fingers, and shortly Alice was arching her back and squealing loudly. She thanked him, straightened her skirt, and went back to rejoin the party.


That night had changed Alice’s life. Finally possessed of the confidence and ability to act on her urges, she was unstoppable. And yes, it had started in part because of the rumors that followed the party – she blew three guys, four guys, she was taking them two at a time, every imaginable iteration. And she there was an upside to attractive boys assuming she was an easy lay, regardless of whether it was true.

She thought about that party a lot in the weeks following the first night at Dan’s house, having watched Lucy discover her own sexuality in such an extreme way. Alice was particularly proud of how much Lucy enjoyed having men cum inside her. But as Alice knew all too well, it’s blowjobs that make you popular.

Alice did like giving head, though. Just not permanently and to random people who ask. Friends who ask, and ask nicely though? That was a different matter. The reason she was so good at it, the reason she could make Lucy’s landlord/friend/fuckbuddy/faux-uncle Dan come in seconds at a traffic light? Practice makes perfect.

She lived with uni students, two slightly older guys – Dean and Craig – and one girl, Darla. Darla was barely around, so the three of them often had the house to themselves. One evening, Alice and Dean were drinking their way through a terrible action movie that Dean had chosen, knocking back shots every time someone said “We’ve got company” or shot a random Eastern European. They were hammered.

Halfway through the film, Craig – also completely drunk – staggered in from the pub. He had a look on his face like he’d Suadiye Escort Bayan just learned Santa was real. Alice already knew what he was going to ask her.

“Alice! Were you really giving out random blowjobs from someone’s parents’ room?” He’d obviously just heard the now two-year-old myths about her party trick.

Alice rolled her eyes and sighed. “No. I fooled around with two guys and obviously one of them told every horny teenager in a ten-mile radius. You must think I’m a total slut.”

“Did you have fun?”

She smiled a broad smile, and giggled.

“Well then, no harm done. Although,” Craig had a cheeky grin on his face. “If you ever are giving out random blowjobs, don’t forget that charity starts at home.”

He walked through to the kitchen. Alice looked at the generic soldiers shooting the generic vaguely-arab bad guys in Dean’s movie, and followed Craig into the kitchen.


After ten minutes, Dean paused the movie and went to see what the hold up was.

He walked into the narrow kitchen to see Craig stood in the center, holding himself up between the worktops with a look on his face that would have been worrying if not for the fact Alice was kneeling in front of him, her head moving back and forth – slowly. Dean could see that Craig had a preposterously thick cock and Alice was having to take it really slowly.

“Uh…” Dean was at a loss for words. He was pretty sure this was generally deemed rude but it wasn’t something he’d ever had to think about

“Won’t… be…long…” Craig stammered, then grabbed Alice’s head with both hands and let out a guttural sigh. Alice turned around, not getting off the floor, and looked up at Dean.

Dean had known Alice since they were kids, and he’d had the ubiquitous crush on her during the early years of school. He could see she’d blossomed into a ridiculously hot young woman and he was happy for her, but something about this new Alice didn’t sit right with him. Maybe he was just concerned she wouldn’t have time for her loser friends now she was –

His thoughts were interrupted by Alice unbuttoning his trousers.

“Alice, no. It’s not a good id-“

She had his cock in her hand now, and her lethally convincing eyes were locked on his. She opened her mouth and licked her lips.

“This isn’t going to make things weird, is it?” He asked.

“I don’t know – does this feel weird?” she put Dean’s whole, soft cock into her mouth, and he instantly felt it hardening, Alice’s mouth moving up the shaft as it filled out. Her mouth felt incredible.

“N… no, it doesn’t.”

“Well then.”

Dean and Craig became so used to seeing each other’s dicks over the next year that they’d sometimes walk around the house naked, on the off-chance that Alice would come home horny as she so often did. But one day, she came home in a very strange mood. Not angry as such, but agitated. She kept starting sentences and then abandoning them.

The boys were ready for bed, in comfy and loose-fitting joggers and tees, and had been planning on a gaming session. They weren’t in the mood for drama. But, Alice had been keeping them both pretty happy this year.

They knew she’d been seeing an older guy, some friend of Lucy’s, or at least spending a lot of time with him. It was Craig who asked.

“Is everything OK? Do you need to talk? Is it about this Dan guy?”

Alice laughed. “I mean, kinda. Oh, you’re going to think I’m so stupid.”

“Try me.”

“Well, Lucy has been – how can I put this – discovering herself as a sexual being.” Craig raised an eyebrow.

“And the other day, she… I shouldn’t really say but she did something that I’ve always wanted to try and it’s just got me kind of…”

“Jealous? Alice, jealous. I don’t believe it.” Craig shook his head. “The girl who leaves broken hearts in her wake has been upstaged by her frigid friend!” he joked.

“I mean, I could do it right now if I wanted. I just don’t want to make it weird for you two. It’s one thing us hooking up separately. But…”

Craig couldn’t believe it. “Lucy got spit roasted?” he shouted, attracting Dean’s attention.

“Shh! But…yeah. Before me!”

Dean sat up. “I didn’t know that was something you wanted to do.”

“Well, it wasn’t specifically. But now Lucy’s been there,” she trailed off. Winking, she finished “I have a reputation to maintain”.

“It’s like… we have Escort Suadiye fun, and that’s fine. But I wouldn’t ask you to be, like, crossing swords and seeing each other’s jizz.”

Alice sulked off upstairs and the boys heard the sound of the shower coming on, giving them a good half an hour to play Call of Duty.

The boys played until they found the TV screen obscured by the sight of Alice’s completely naked butt, as she blocked their view with her pinched waist and curvy hips. The had seen it all before, but it never got any less enjoyable and as she slowly turned to reveal her perfect breasts, they put down their controllers.

She kneeled down on the floor and beckoned with both hands, a sign that had come to mean “cock out, now”. Craig and Dean exchanged a glance, shrugged, and complied. Alice took one of them in each hand, looking at their bemused faces.

“I promise it doesn’t have to be weird. Well,” she added, “No weirder than anything else we do.”

She felt Dean getting hard first, growing in her right hand.

“I’m sure there’s a way that doesn’t involve me getting an eyeful from Craig,” Dean said, Alice’s fingers now resting on his growing erection.

Alice’s left hand was focusing on Craig’s perineum, a short-cut to an instant hard-on which he was now trying to suppress.

All three of them jumped at the sound of the key in the door, and darted upstairs before Dorla could see what was going on. Dan had the largest bedroom so the three of them — Alice completely naked, the boys with their cocks jutting out – rushed in. Craig slammed the door shut behind them and turned to find Alice, backing up to rub herself against him, putting his cock between her legs and bending over so the tip touched her pussy. She was already wet, just at the thought of what might happen.

Once Craig was hard again, Alice wrapped her hand around his shaft – too thick for her to reach all the way round- and gently moved towards Dan, who was sat on the bed, hypnotized once again by Alice’s pendulous breasts. She sat on his lap, wrapping her legs around him and pushing his face into her cleavage as she kissed his neck and slowly rubbed her clit against him. His dick sprang up to meet her, gliding along her wet lips until he was only-just inside her.

She teased him, not letting a single inch further in, but squeezing around his head until he started to push. Then, in one movement, she brought her legs down, slid to the floor, and put him deeply in her mouth until her lips were touching his balls.

Craig was on his knees now, positioning himself behind Alice as her body rocked with the movement of her head going up and down in Dean’s lap. Craig pushed one of his legs between hers, making her open them enough for him to get close. He reached down with his fingers first, and gently stroked her clit, sliding his fingers up and inside her.

She was so wet that his index and middle fingers glided in with no resistance. He sucked Alice’s juices from his fingers and leaned down to lick her but she reached behind her, pulled his head up, and reached for his cock. “Not wet enough for you?” she asked, each worth punctuated by Dean’s dick entering her mouth again.

Craig held the base of his cock and pushed it down, trying to tease Alice’s clit. She moved sharply, thrusting her hips down and causing him to let go. His cock sprang up, smacking against Alice’s wetness and sliding inside her.

Craig knew his cock was larger than average. It was often a problem, and he was used to having to hold it and gradually work it in, if at all. But Alice was so wet that she’d backed up right into him immediately. She’d never felt so full, but that was the whole point right? As she tried to ride Craig, rolling her hips over him, she felt almost pinned in place.

There was a “thwop” as Craig popped out of Alice, she turned on her knees to face Craig and went back to servicing him with her mouth and hands. As she put both hands around the shaft, she felt it throbbing. Craig put his hands down flat on the floor, ready to burst. Alice looked behind her and saw Dean, on the floor now too. A light spank on her ass and he was inside her, also trembling and throbbing.

Alice gently brought her hips forward and her head up and then, in one movement, pushed back into Dean as hard as she could and put Craig’s cock as far as it would go into her mouth.

She’d never felt anything like it – one cock twitching, pulsing, emptying itself into her from behind while another shook in her mouth. She felt utterly fucking filthy, and utterly fucking amazing.

Once the boys were finished – three, four waves of climax later – they collapsed to the floor, exhausted.

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