Alex to the Rescue


“Alex, I need you to go home now. Mom is in a pickle and needs help in the garage.”

“Sure but why can’t you?”

“I had an accident in the car on my way home to help your mom. They think I have a broken arm, so I am going by ambulance to the hospital.”

“Jeez, Dad. Okay, I will be there in 5 minutes. I hope you’re okay.”

“I am Son. I am. Please just go help Mom. I’m fine and everything is okay with me. Just help your mother, she needs you.”

“Sure Dad. Bye.”

I was closer than he knew. I was leaving 7-11 after fetching snacks. Then I was headed to college dorm for board game night. So I diverted home. As I pulled up in front of the house, I could see all the lights were off but Mom’s truck was in the drive. She rarely leaves that out of the garage so I knew something was up.

After parking, I walked over to the side door to the garage, I could see some light spilling out around it. Sure enough, it was unlocked. The door opened easy for me.

I was not ready for what I saw.

“Holy shit mom!”

I stepped in quickly, closing the door behind me. I had to pause to take in what was in front of me. It was the most erotic sight I have ever seen.

Mom was naked, very naked, Naked and on display with just a single lamp glowing above her.

She was facing the garage door. I was at her back right. Her curvy soft butt was large and sweaty. My eyes flowed down her thighs to her calves and on to her feet. At each ankle, there was a black leather strap with a buckle tied to a rope, spreading her legs widely. The ropes went off into the sides, lost into the darkness.


“Alex? Is that you? You cannot be here, get out.”


Above her curvy butt, was her exposed back and side. I could make out part of her large full breasts, sagging to the top of her slight belly while her long luscious brown hair flowed curling down her back. Her hair draping down her spine equalling the same distance down her as the lowest part of her breast, beautiful symmetry.

“Alex? Why are you here?”

“Oh wow.”

Her arms, both of them were pulled straight up, straps at each wrist with ropes buckled to them, disappearing into the darkness above her. Her strong arms pulled tautly. Mom’s head moving around between them as she was speaking to me, trying to see who was there.

“Alex? Alex, where is your father?”


I started walking behind her, my mind focused on the incredible sight before me. There was a cord running to a post held up with a tripod between Mom’s legs with a slight buzzing noise.coming from down there, her voluptuous sweaty booty which gave a slight jiggle anytime she shuttered, shifted, or jerked her head.

I stepped over the cord but hit me head on the low ropes coming down from the darkness above, tied to some of the weight training gear.

“Ahh, ahh, careful Alex. Mommy needs those to hold her up.”

“Oh wow.” I continued to say in my daze as I walked continued to her other side. It was just as amazing as the first side. There was a drop of sweat at the bottom of her breast. It was magnificent and better than I ever expected.

She was looking at me around her arm as I was continuing around to the front of her and stepped into the light.

“Oh Alex, thank Gawd it is you. I was beginning to worry about who it was. Alex?”

Her sexy lips were moving, her deep brown eyes were looking at me. Her nipples were quite hard and perky, just divine, the perfect size for her large breasts.


“Alex! ALEX!!”

“Wow, um, yes mom.” but still in a daze. Her feet were spread wide but flat on the ground. There was a vibrating attachment on the end of the rod disappearing into Mom’s neatly trimmed pussy. Her breasts shuttered and jiggle just like her booty had been doing with every movement.

Mom was no hard body. She had curves, curves in all the right places. She had an old-fashioned hourglass shape, just that she had a few more minutes here and there. I knew she had a size 16 booty and a 44E bra on her five foot eight frame.


“Yes, mom?”

“Answer my questions.”

“What questions?” I just kept looking her over. She was a sight to behold. Curvy while maintaining all of her sexiness and sex appeal. Her large eyes and glistening red lips moving provocatively.

Lots of my gaming buddies say how much they like my mom and call her a MILF. Seeing her naked did not disappoint me, I wanted her so badly. I could not stop looking her over and enjoying it all.


“Yes, Mom?”

Alex! Look at me in the eye NOW!”

“Yes Mom.” as I tried to focus on her eyes.

“Why are you here?” she said with a pant and a moan. She shuttered. Breasts jiggled.

“Dad sent me, said you were in a pickle.”

“Why … did he … send you?” she was moaning louder between her words and then “Ahhh, ahhh, no, not now, aaaahhhhh.” She climaxed, spasming as each wave passed through her. Her boobs swayed and danced about drawing my attention.

“What?” I said as I watched her boobs Gaziantep Escort from the climax. “Devine.”

“Look me in the eyes Alex! Look now!”

I glanced back up. “Yeah?”

“Why did Dad send you?”

“He is going to the hospital, broke his arm.”

“Did he say how he broke his arm?”

“Yeah, car crash coming home for you. He said he was okay but I needed to help you.”

“Alex, I need you to get me out of this. There is a specific order to get me out.”

“Sure, I can do that.”

“See the switch on the cord going to the vibrator? I need that off, I need to stop climaxing. It is the waterproof switch by the base of the stand.”

Bending down, I found it quickly. It had an I/O switch set to I. “I see it.” I pressed the side to O and the humming stopped. Mom relaxed a bit around me.

“Oh yes, thank you. That had been going way too long. I was getting numb.” she said with a moan.

“Geez, how long?”

“Over an hour. Oh wait, don’t get up. See that handle on the stand? Turn it counter-clockwise to loosen the adjuster. Careful you do not rock the stand.”

“I see it, here we go.” I was right below my mom’s pussy. I could smell her sex. Her juices were all over the device. Well, everywhere from her fur down. It turned easy and was loose with just a small turn.

“Okay, SLOWLY pull the upper bar pull down into the base.”

I looked up at her pussy again as I pulled down the vibrator. “Ahhh, aahhhh, ahhhhhhhhh.” It slid out and was free from her, the bulbous blue vibrator swayed around. She climaxed even harder this time and she squirted in my face. My mouth must have been agape like a slack-jawed yokel because I could taste her nectar. The sweet nectar of Mom sprayed into my hair, my eyes, and into my mouth. She sagged back down and was panting, out of breath again.

“Okay, you can get up now.” a short time later.

As I got up, she giggled “Sorry, I guess I got you with that one.” I just licked my lips and smiled at first, “The first three rows are a splash zone.”

We both giggled.

“There is a towel on the table behind you.”

I had no idea there was a table behind me. Turning, there sure was. It had several things on it. Towels, rubber gloves, lube, and some leather items with wooden handles. Oh and a flogger, I knew what those were.

“Wow, floggers Mom?” I said I toweled off my face.

“Yes, floggers Alex,” she replied sheepishly. “Mom loves floggers. Now I want you to free my arms. I can get the rest. This will be over for you. Thank you, Alex.”

“When you say want, that means “want”, not “need”, right?”

“Alex, what are you saying?” she went dead serious and we locked eyes.

“I am saying Mom, are you redding out?”

“You know what that means Alex?”

“Yes, Mom. Redding out. Safewording. Are you redding out of this scene?”

She looked at me intently for what seemed like way too long but could have been just a second. Then she looked me over. This made me very uncomfortably aware of the raging hardon tenting my shorts and knowing my mother just noticed it. This caused me to shift around some and try to hide it.

“I can still tell Alex,” she said with a smile. “Now I am in no position to negotiate with you.”

“Um, I was thinking you are all set up for something fun and it would be a shame to red out.”

“I DO NOT RED OUT!” she barked back on impulse. Catching herself “I mean I should find out how your father is. So let my arms down.”

“One sec.” I grabbed my phone and called Dad. It rang twice.

“Alex, how is your mother?”

“Mom is fine Dad. She needs to know how you are doing? Let me put you on speaker.”

“Hello, dear, Thanks for sending Alex. Accident and a broken arm?”

“Yup, it looks like it is broken, my left forearm. The airbag going off seemed to do it. I am waiting for a cast. Other than than, nothing other than a few bruises but the car is totaled. Someone pulled out of a drive-thru in front of me. The cops sited them. Good news, they have insurance. So that is as good as we can hope. How are you dear? Did Alex have to rescue you?”

“Ha, well, we have things to discuss when we are all back together. How about we leave that as it is, for now until we are home?”

“I understand you. I am going to be here for a few more hours. The hospital is busy. Do not come down until I call you back. There is no place to hang out. Alex, do not go too hard on your mother, it was all my idea.”

“It is okay Stan, we can all talk about it as a family when you get home. Goodbye hon and thank you for sending Alex, I could not hold out much longer. Love you.”

“Love you too dear.”

Alex hung up the phone.

“Well mom, Dad says he wants me to not be too hard on you.”

She laughed “He sure did. Well, I am still not in any position to negotiate.”

“You have been tied up Mom. You are primed. Tell me what you want. It is not a negotiation, I can do requests or are you going to red out.”

“Alex, I am your mother.”

“And a damn Gaziantep Escort Bayan sexy mother, Mom.” I slipped out of my shorts and boxers. “Does this help?”

“No Alex, it does not.” and after a pause to look me up and down, my large eight-inch cock fully on display after slapping my abs as I freed it from my clothing

“Take off the rest of your clothing. Then we can negotiate. I never red out.” she said with a loving smile. My heart just melted.

I stripped completely and gave my mom a huge long hug. Damn, she smelled good.

Chapter 2

“I love you, Alex.”

“I love you too, Mom.”

“Let go of me and back up.” I did so, “If I say ‘safeword’, you must stop whatever you are doing and cut the ropes on the weigh rack holding up my arms and uncuff my ankles.”

“Yes, Mom.”

“I mean it, stop everything and free me as quickly as you can. There is a knife on the weight rack just for emergencies.”

“Got it, safety first.”

“Now I said mommy likes floggers. That behind you, grab it.” I picked up the flogger, “That is not a flogger.”

I was holding a leather-wrapped stick with a leather flapper on the end.

“That is a riding crop, not a flogger. Mommy loves those too. Mommie likes those on her boobs, really likes that. You will want to start slow, not too hard with the swings. Then build up to more. Do not just keep hitting the same spot. I expect equal treatment per breast. Let’s see what you can do.”

“Okay” I held it and swung it around a bit. Then I slapped the end into my palm. Oh, there’s the burn. Starting lighter than that, I thought.

At first, I swung the crop back and forth slapping the end just across her nipples. Five on one, five on the other.

“Ah, nice.”

I thought her nipples were perked up before, they seem more so now. Even the areolas were reacting to the tease.

“mMmmm, yes.”

I changed speed per each set of five but keeping to Mom’s words, I kept it the same per nipple. Just snapping the flapper on her nipples. Soon I learned that I had to anticipate her movements. The nipples moved every time her breasts jiggled, she was squirming during each set. Moaning, breathing, and bouncing on her toes.

“Ah god, yes. Keep it going just a bit longer.” Mom moaned and had sweat pouring from her brow. “Ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhhhh. Yes!” Her boobs were hard to hit. Bouncing around as she came hard.

“Stop, stop, stop.” I stopped at the first stop. “Chuuu, chuuu, chuuu. Water. Water.”

I quickly set the crop on the table and found some bottled water. The top came right off, she drank it hungrily. She was done after half the bottle was gone.

“Well, how did I do so far.” I looked on with some concern.

“Great, you need to learn better technique. That will come with practice. You’re starting great.

I need some more and quickly. Behind me is another table. Look for a pink leather flogger. That is a real flogger. It is mid-ranged and very thuddy.”

The weight and feel were much heavier than the flogger. A footlong handle with two feet of 3/4 inch wide bundle of thick leather strips. All in a very femme pink. Not my favorite color.

“Okay, got it. What do I do?”

“Swing it in a figure-eight pattern in front of you. Ever seen nunchucks?”

“Oh yeah.” I stepped in front of her and swung it for her. “Like this?”

“Perfect. On the downstroke, hit me on my lower shoulders and back. Again, slowly and pick up speed. Control is important but so is accuracy.”

“Got it.” I got behind Mom and did a swing, a simple test swing. Mom jumped.


“No, no, your good. Just get started. I cannot go much longer but I NEED A WHIPPING.”

“You are a very bad mommy.” and just started swinging. Each one hitting her lower shoulders, one to each side per rotation. Starting just hitting with the tips, the flogger just moved in my hands. Then I used more and more of the meat of the flogger, per hit. Each hit causing a thud.

Harder and harder. Faster and faster.

“That’s it, keep it up. Beat me Alex. Ahh, yes, beat me.”

Inspired, keeping the pace up but my arm was not ready. I needed to switch off. My left was not as good and broke pace for a bit. Recovering as quick as I could, I endeavored to keep it going.

“Ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, ah gahhh, ahhhh.” I began to hit her even harder feeling my left arm begin to burn but I had to keep going. “Ohhhh, aahhhhhh, Yes, yes, aahhhhhhhhhh.”

Mom came hard, dancing on her toes. Pulling herself up by her arms. Shuttering with each blow. Bright red marks lining her back. Whack, whack, whack.

“Ahhh, yes, Mommy is … aahhhhhh.” she shuddered and sagged. Moaning and gasping, her head hanging low.

“Quick, quick, untie me. Pull the ropes on the weight equipment.”

I dropped the pink flogger and turned to the knot holding the ropes. Finding the ends was easy. Pulling them, the knot came undone and suddenly the weight of Mom was pulling at me from the ropes. I helped ease her arms down, freeing her to move. Escort Gaziantep She was still out of breath.

“Help undo the ropes on my feet. I cannot do it on my own anymore.”

I grabbed the knife and cut the rope over a foot from her leg. It cut with ease and she just crumpled to the ground.

“Are you okay Mom?” I took her into my arms. “Mom?”

She turned her head in my lap with a smile and put her arms around me. Her breasts laying on my crossed legs.

“Wow, that was great Alex. I was stretching it with my arms for so long. You were great. You did it just the way I needed it. I love you, son.”

“I love you too, Mom.” Relief flooding through me. Hugging mom and holding her through each of her spasms. My sweat mixing with mom. I was able to grab the half water bottle. Mom made short work of it.

“Ah, better. This was nice. Now, help me to my feet.”

She struggled to move and neither of us was easy to hold on to. It was comical but we both managed to get upright. Mom was the most unsteady.

“More water, please, master?” she asked sheepishly but with a large grin. While the concern for her was real, it did cause little Alex to go down, I have no idea of when but that look on her face turned the tide.

We moved over the table, she grabbed and finished off a second bottle in short order.

“We need to lock the door and can you get me to my bed. I need to lay down. I am so sore in my arms, joints, and back.”

With an affirmative grunt, we began moving around. I kept one arm around her back around to her chest to get her support, making sure to boob was on my hand, for support, yeah, just support. She had her arm behind me going to the other shoulder.

After getting the door, we managed our way passed the kitchen, stopping for a quick banana. Getting her into the master bedroom was easy enough and even getting her to the bed went well.

With a squeeze of her breast, this got me a quick cheek kiss. She was able to brace herself on the nightstand while I moved the cover to the side. Then holding her as she eased herself onto the bed, finishing my work by pulling the covers back on.

“Was there anything more, Mom?” I asked as I began to turn to leave.

“Where are you going?”

“I thought you were going to bed.”

“A good master stays with their slave for the recovery.”

“Um, okay.” while walking over to her reading chair.

“Where are you going now, silly.”

“Um, I am not sure, Mom.”

“Get in bed beside me, let’s cuddle.”

I was quickly over to Dad’s side of the bed, pulling the covers off and jumping in. As I did so, Mom rolled onto her side to face me. I got the covers back and slid over to the middle of the bed, facing Mom.

We embraced under the sheets and began to kiss. Long passionate kisses. Our tongues battle each other. From that day forward, I had to be careful to not get an erection each time I ate a banana.

I would brush her back, I could feel the heat and welts from the beating I gave her. She would purr a little while I traced them as we kissed. The other hand found and explored her breast. It was not welted or seemingly having had any effect from the cropping. Pinching her nipples did seem to make her kisses more graceful and playful. We embraced and kissed for a long time.


“Yeah, Mom.”

“We need to keep what we did a secret.”

“Yeah, Mom but Dad might have his suspicions.”

“No Alex, no secrets from Dad. Secrets from everyone outside our family. Got it?”

“Yeah, Mom. Um, but about Dad…” at that point her phone rang.

It took a bit of shuffling to get it off the nightstand but she got it and laid back down beside me. I even played with her nipple some more bring her smile back as she grunted and cursed moving.

“Hello dear. How is the hospital going?”

“I got a shiny new brace. Only one bone has a crack in it. Likely no need for surgery. Just painful the more the adrenaline wears off.” I could hear dad very clearly. Everything was so quiet in the house.

“I know what that is like, right now.”

“You can come to get me or send Alex over.”

“Is it possible to take a cab? I know it is inconvenient. I can barely move and Alex in busy.”

“What is he busy doing?”

“We are bonding.”

“Um, what? Oh. Oh okay. Sure, I will get a cab and be home soon.”

“Thanks, love you, dear. I am so glad you are okay.”

“Love you too baby. Do not do anything I would not do.” she hung up the phone.

“Now, about your Dad, Alex.”

“Won’t he be mad, or beat me, or divorce you?”

She chuckled and pulled me in for a kiss again. This time she grabbed my cock and ran her fingers up and down it. This caused me to jump.

Breaking from the kissing, she whispered, “We have a bit of an open marriage and we allow each other a little latitude with who we can play with. He might not be happy but he should not be angry about it. We normally talk about prospective partners beforehand but he was the one who invited you into our scene, so he should get over anything quickly.

As for beating you, only if you ask very nicely as you did for me. Naked and submissive would be a great start. Groveling on your knees might work as well. I have yet to see that done, so try that.”

“Um, that is not what I meant,” I said nervously.

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