Albert Meet’s His New Mistress

Albert Meet’s His New Mistress
Naked, hands tied firmly behind the back, feet pulled apart and tied to the legs of the chair he was sitting in, mouth gagged, Albert wondered what he had done to get into such a position. He remembered the seductive woman in the black dress, cut low in the back and revealing a hint of breast in the front. He remembered the clink of glasses, toasting the night and the quiet of a near empty bar filled only with smoke and hints of jazz riffs as the band struck down and packed away. And he remembered the vague sound of her voice, the throaty sound of lust brushing hot against his ear and the feel of a soft hand against his thigh. Fingers tapping, massaging upwards. Words that didn’t matter except for their sensation of their sounds getting lost in the pulse of his ears.

That’s when things got a little fuzzy. He remembered getting in her car, he remembered her lips on his, her hand clasping the back of his head. He remembered the car roof spinning, and he remembered falling against her soft breasts where he lay for a moment before passing out. And then he woke up here. Naked. Tied to a chair. Alone in a dark room, completely bare.

Time passed without time. A single long moment. Then, the click of a door opening, then clicking shut. The soft friction of feet shuffling slowly across the carpeted floor. He tried to turn his head, but was stopped short by a feminine hand in a velvet glove. The same clasp as the hand of the woman in black, soft but firm. He felt her body behind him, leaning in towards his. Her breasts brushed against his shoulder, and her black hair fell past his cheek as her tongue licked the side of his neck, cat-like, followed by the sharp prick of playful teeth.

His cock suddenly shot to attention, his blood racing as he realized what was happening. The velvet gloves played across his chest as she nibbled at his neck, biting upwards, then grabbing the lobe of his ear, tightening just past the point of pain. Albert grimaced, and he heard a giggle. The dark form of the woman he met at the bar sashayed in front of him, still in full dress, the voluptuous curves of her body disappearing into the shadows around her. She turned to face him, standing above and looking down, her clear blue eyes glinting in the dark.

She slowly knelt between his legs, and he felt the desire of his hips to thrust forward thwarted by his restraints. The velvet gloves played electric inside his thighs, touching everywhere but his quivering cock, caressing, pinching, sometimes slapping. At the sound of a moan, she would stop, wait, then start again. Three times, this happened. The third time, she stopped, reached under the chair, and brought up a cock ring and ball cuffs, which she fixed around him.

“Can’t having you coming early, now,” she purred. No discomfort, but the tightness around his genitals was unusual to him, and Albert whimpered in complaint.

“Now, now… They’re not that tight. You’re just going to have to get used to them,” she replied, then playfully slapped the side of his cock, laughing as he jumped.

She stood up again, and without a word, left the room. Albert’s cock was full to bursting, and his balls desperately wanted to rise towards him, having felt the warm touch of her hand, now knowing that ejaculation was eminent. Minutes passed, and no sound. Time dragged on as he felt the desperate need to touch himself, to feel something, even the shock of the palm of her hand slapping against the side of his thigh. Finally, the door clicked open again, this time followed by the slosh of water.

“I’m afraid we’re going to have to do something about this hair. It’s just not fitting for a girl to have this much hair on her body.”

Albert’s head jerked to attention at this. He felt the woman’s presence behind him again, pressing tight against his back, one gloved arm wrapping around his body, the other pulling the edge of a barber’s blade to the bottom of his chin. He shivered at the cold metal touching his neck, even as the woman’s body warmed him from behind.

“Alright, I want you to listen closely. I don’t want any trouble from you. If you resist, know that I can hurt you in ways you can’t comprehend. You do exactly as I say, and do nothing else. Do you understand?” Her voice was breathy in his ear, but the threat was clear. Albert nodded.

“Good. Now, I’m going to untie your feet, and I want you to stand up with your legs spread. I’m going to shave you so that you’re as smooth as my daughter’s ass, and if you don’t want to get cut in the process, I recommend you don’t move. Understood?” Albert nodded.

“Excellent.” She leaned down, untied his feet, but kept his arms bound. Albert stood up, shaking, the spread his legs as far as he could without falling over. The woman then set to work, lathering his legs and buttocks, softly scr****g the metallic blade down the inside of his thigh, then his calf. The sharp edge brought intense excitement, from the fear of getting cut and from the thrill of such a foreign feeling tenderly exciting the nerves of his skin. Because of the cock ring, he was as much aroused as when she first came in the room.

In a matter of minutes, she had finished shaving one leg, and she methodically went over the other. Albert closed his eyes, trying not to shake as she pulled the blade down, over and over again, clearing the hair of his adulthood off his body one strip at a time. Again and again, the alternation of the warm lather slathered onto his skin followed by the cold of the blade. She used the same gentleness on his arms and his chest, and he could not help but jump as the blade touched the top of his pubic area. He felt the knick of the blade cutting him, stinging, and then she started again, clearing his pubic hair and then the hairs between his buttocks.

When it was all done, he felt her body swivel in front of him, the felt her tongue lick the blood off the knick just inches above the base of his cock. Then she kissed the cut, cupping his ball in her gloved hand and squeezing almost too tight before standing up in front of him.

“There. All clean shaven like a girl is supposed to be. Now you’re going to need a girl’s name. We can’t have a girl running around calling herself ‘Albert,’ now can we? Hmm… How about… Alice. Alice is a perfectly good name for a girl.” She brought the blade up behind Albert’s ear, and smiled in the dark.

“Don’t you like your name, Alice? Tell me you do.” Albert’s eyes widened with fear before he nodded slowly, and again the woman in black smiled.

The woman in black smiled softly as she kissed behind Alice’s ear where the blade had been. Alice groaned as his cock had been at attention the whole time, and there was still no release in sight.

“Ah, of course. I had nearly forgotten. You want to come, now, don’t you? Well, I suppose you deserve it, but you still haven’t quite earned it yet. If Alice wants to come, she’ll have to earn it like every little girl should.” The woman in black pulled a pillow out of a compartment in the wall and placed it on the floor in front of the chair. “Now, Alice, I want you to kneel on that pillow, and I don’t want you to move from it until I say so.”

With the memory of her threat still fresh in his mind, Alice knelt on the pillow in front of the chair. The woman left the room. This time, she was gone hardly any time at all, and when she returned, she was accompanied by another woman, wearing a similar black dress, but with less curves to show off than the first. The younger woman sat in the chair before Alice, and did not move. The older woman stood behind her, a hand firmly on her shoulder.

“Let me introduce you to each other. Alice, this is my daughter Amber. Amber, this is Alice, the girl I was so excited for you to meet. Now, Alice, if you want to come, you’re going to have to earn it. My daughter here has been wanting a play date for some time, now, and she hasn’t had very many guests. If you can get my little Amber, here, to come, then we’ll see what we can do about you. I do hope you get along…”

Amber got up, knelt down to Alice’s level, and slowly kissed his lips. Amber’s tongue flicked into Alice’s mouth, and her hands grasped his head with none of the gentleness that her mother’s had. Amber moved with a roughness that spoke of desperation, as if she had been waiting for this moment a long time.

“Kiss me,” Amber whispered, her voice hoarse as she pulled the gag out of Alice’s mouth. “Kiss my body, kiss all of me.” Alice responded as best he could, kissing Amber’s throat, sucking the perfume off of her, kissing her collar bone. Amber began tearing the dress off of her body, her fingers clutching Alice’s head as he kissed her small breasts and her smooth belly. But then when he got to the sensitive spot of her thighs, he stopped shot. A hard lump stood where a smooth plain should be. Amber, in the throes of passion, failed to notice the hesitation. She pulled the rest of her dress off to reveal ‘her’ erect penis and perfectly smooth testicles.

“No biting, now…” Alice heard from Amber’s mother, and as he gaped in astonishment, Amber rose and thrust her penis into Alice’s mouth. Alice choked as his throat filled with the fleshy hardness of his first penis, but the onslaught continued, a furious thrusting into his mouth. Amber’s hands clutched the back of Alice’s head frantically tightening and un-tightening, fighting towards climax. But no climax came. Whole minutes passed, and Amber continued thrusting into Alice long past when a normal man would have come. In frustration, Amber pulled her cock out and it slapped violently against Alice’s face.

“Oh, I’m so sorry dear. I forgot to let you out of the lock.” Amber’s mother walked forward, and there was a click of a cock ring opening. “Now, now… Let your mother help, hm? I don’t think Alice is quite used to such rough treatment.”

Then she began to stroke Amber’s penis, slowly at first, then more and more quickly. Amber’s whole body began to tighten, and Alice tried to move out of the way but for a stern smile from Amber’s mother reminding him of pain to come if he moved. Finally, Amber gave a feral cry, thrusting forward into his mother’s hand, and semen gushed out of him, splattering on Alice’s surprised face. At that, Amber collapsed onto his knees, and his mother told him to go and clean up.

After Amber had left, his mother ran a finger along Alice’s face, collecting a gob of semen with it. “Now, I think you should know. All good girls will swallow.” And she smiled as Alice reluctantly opened his mouth and gently sucked the fingers offered to him.

“Well, well… I think Alice has been a good girl, today. But I don’t think she has quite earned the right to come, quite yet. No, I think Alice still somehow thinks she isn’t really a girl. Well, I suppose that is a situation easily fixed. Come with me, Alice.”

Alice followed the woman in black towards the door. Before she opened it, though, the woman pulled a long slender chain off the handle. It was a leash. She fixed on end to the cock ring, and held the other as if she were walking a docile dog down the street. “Just a little reminder that this,” she grabbed Alice’s balls and twisted slightly, “is mine. Understand? Ah, nice to have such a good girl in the house today! Now, no talking when we leave the room.”

She opened the door to a golden hall with red carpeting, and led Alice along, gently tugging the leash whenever Alice fell behind. They passed door after golden door, until finally they reached the end of the hall. She opened it, and inside was a grand bedroom, wide and bright, with a red four-post bed in the middle of it.

“Now, I think such a good girl will do well to service me. You’re quite lucky, really. Even Amber doesn’t get the pleasure of knowing all of me. Please, if you could just go to the bed and lie down, I’ll be there in a second.”

Alice did as he was told, his cock stiff and wanting, still uncertain about what was to come. The woman in black swayed to one corner of the room and began undressing. Beneath her dress were black garters connected to black hose. She wore no bra. Then she turned and smiled softly at Alice. He gasped at what he saw: A beautifully formed female body, with a penis and testicles framed by the black garter belt she wore. She stood stark, white skin in black lace, against the gold and red walls behind her, and she strode towards the bed.

“Alright, Alice. You know what I want. If you give it to me, I will unlock you and let you come for me. If you don’t, you shall die. It is simple enough. Now, kiss me.” She pulled Alice’s head towards her breast and smothered him against her body. He sucked at her tit, surrounded by the comfort of womanly flesh and feminine gasping. He tried to stay high, to stay where his lips wanted to stay, but commanding hands in black velvet pushed him down, and so he kissed down her belly, licked the sides of her chest and hips before finally pausing in front of the large cut cock between her legs.

“Suck, gently. Don’t worry, I won’t push.” The hypnotic sound of her voice and the insistent push of her hand threw him over the edge. Alice took the cock head into his mouth, licking it, kissing it, sucking it. Gasps and moans poured out of the mouth above him, and finally the thrust of desire pushed up into Alice’s mouth. He took the whole cock inside his mouth, sucking it into him, his hand still bound behind his back wanting to grasp the hips, to clutch tight into the ass of the thing thrusting into his mouth. He felt the cock bulging, beginning to fill with the seminal fluids, and he tasted the pre-cum dripping sweet onto his tongue. Suddenly, she pulled out.

Alice gasped for breath while the woman began to unbind his hands. He heard the command he was certain to come, and he was already positioning himself even as she said it. “Get on your hands and knees. Now.”

Quivering with desire, his cock still unfulfilled, Alice waited in his kneeling position, his ass in the air, his legs spread like a bitch in heat. “I want to hear it. I want you to say it. Tell me you want me like a little girl. Tell me you are my bitch.” came the next order.

Alice didn’t hesitate. “Please… I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me like a little whore. Please, mistress… I need to feel you inside me. I’m your little bitch.”

At this, Alice’s mistress pulled her ass cheeks wide. She felt her mistress spit on her anus, felt a gloved finger spin on her asshole, pushing in and swirling, slowly probing the hole open, loosening it for her entrance. The finger removed, Alice felt her mistress’ cock-head press against her ass, and then in one smooth motion, pushed in, inch by painful inch. She began to thrust, slow and long thrusts. Hot thrusts pushing deep into her core. Thrust by thrust, Alice felt her ass loosen, taking all of her mistress into her.

“Yes, Alice… Such a good little girl, with such a tight little pussy. Does Alice like having her tight pussy filled by her mistress’ cock?”

“Yes, mistress… I love your cock inside of me.”

Alice’s mistress began to thrust faster. With each thrust, she spanked Alice’s ass, faster and harder, faster and harder. Alice began to cry out with desire, her cock full to bursting but prevented release by the ball cuffs and cock ring around her. Suddenly, her mistress stopped. The click of her cocking ring being removed reverberated in her ears.

“You’re not allowed to touch it. You are to come like all good girls come, only with the pleasure of the cock inside them. Now. Come for your mistress.”

Then the thrusting began again with new intensity, a white heat and a white force. The golden room began to blur and spin into the red. Alice’s arms caved, and she found herself biting the sheets, her come building inside her even as her mistress’s gasping and grunting signaled the orgasm to come. Alice finally couldn’t take it anymore. Her back arched, Her muscles spasmed. Her ass clung tight around her mistress, and Alice’s fluids came gushing out of her, splattering the sheets right as her mistress cried out and came inside of her ass. The hot fluids filled her, and, slow shivers winding down with the breath of two, they collapsed onto the bed.

“Now…” came a gasping voice, “Be a good girl and clean my cock.” At this, Alice rolled over, and opened her mouth. She was her mistress’s to command.

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