Ajax And The Pit Of Doom Ch. 01


Ajax and the pit of doom

Ajax stood over a mountain of dead bodies, victorious. The seer had been true to his word. He had seen the visions and he had spurred Ajax onwards to attack the little village of Tartarus on the shores of the Blue Sea of Panthea.

The seer had also told him very specifically to spare the fairest maiden in the village for she was to be his queen. Ajax had specifically ordered his troops to spare all the young maidens of the village so that Ajax could select the fairest one.

Thus his army had rode through the village, pillaging and burning it to the ground; And all those unfortunate souls that did not meet Ajax’s criteria for mercy were slaughtered without remorse for such were the times that the great king Ajax lived in.

As Ajax stood victorious over a mountain of dead bodies, his armour glistening in the sun for it was made of Gold and Mithrael, a mysterious metal to be found only in the realm of Javas over which Ajax ruled; ajax the great King of Javas stepped down to inspect the gaggle of fair maidens his troops had assembled.

Ajax was a tall man, strong and handsome with jet black shoulder length hair and a beard. Under different circumstances he would have had the women swooning over him. But this was not one of those situations. As he neared the brood, the women cowered under his glare as he examined each one of them closely as a farmer does his goods before he goes to the market to sell them.

As he scrutinised each maiden, he reached a particularly defiant looking girl, so beautiful that even Ajax had to look twice. Ajax knew he didn’t have to look further. This was the one.

As he came close, she spat in his face with petulant anger. Ajax wiped away the spit and laughed for he liked the fact that she was feisty.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her close to him. He looked deep in her eyes with a fiery passion that would’ve made any woman limp.

But Merah, the woman he had grabbed was not just any woman. She was a hunter and she had a very strong will. She was still a virgin for no man was deemed worthy to so much as walk in her shadow let alone mate with her. She was tall and very beautiful but her beauty was often hidden by her viciousness, an animalistic instinct that made full grown men cower in their boots.

To Merah men were boys, lost in the world, begging to be guided by the wise words of a woman.

Thus Ajax had found for himself the one woman who would be a pillar at his side. Neither did Merah know it yet nor Ajax.

He tied her hands and feet and then with a grunt, he slung her over his shoulders; Merah, resigned to her fate, lay limp allowing him to carry her away.

He lay her belly down on his horse in front of himself; Then turning around to face his troops, he signalled for them to take a bride each for themselves from the remaining lot.

There was a lot of pushing and shoving as the warriors jostled amongst themselves to get fair maidens for themselves as well.

As Ajax and his army rode out, they left in their wake a burning village, burnt to the ground on the whims of the seer.

As Ajax reached the gates of Javas, beggars and lepers that lined the streets outside the walled city beckoned to him for help. Ajax being a just ruler, hurled gold coins at those faceless urchins as they scrambled for the pieces that fell on the ground.

Merah just lay there quietly waiting for a moment when she could lay her hands on a sharp item that she would use to cut his heart out. Unknown to her though, Ajax was well aware of her intentions which is why he had left her hands and feet bound.

As Ajax rode in through the gates with his warriors in tow and made his way to the entrance to his castle, a blind woman broke away from the crowd of bystanders that had thronged the streets to cheer their victorious king.

She prostrated herself in front of Ajax’s horse and begged him to hear her pleas.

Ajax signalled to one of his posse to raise her up from the ground where she lay pleading.

“What do you want woman?”

“Oh great King, ruler of Javas, merciful and kind, I beg you have mercy on me and send some troops to help find my husband.”

“Where is your husband?”

“He is a fisherman and two days ago he went fishing but never came back. I waited and I waited but he never came back. I beg you please help me my Lord.”

Ajax grunted and beckoned to one of his lieutenants, Count Gallardus.

“See what you can do for this woman. And arrange a townhall meeting for tomorrow morning. I would like to know what else ails my countrymen.”

Without further incident, Ajax rode onwards and finally reached the door to his castle.

The Kingdom of Javas was located on top of a mountain and it was almost impossible to mount a successful attack as there was just the one road that led up to the main entrance. The other three sides were sheer cliff sides and would be impossible to scale without being spotted.

It was a self contained sanctuary, where noblemen stayed in minarets and towers, whilst commoners lived in houses crudely scattered across the hill on which the Konya Escort Kingdom was built. There was a clear social distinction as far as the social classes were concerned. The taller the building of the home you live in, the higher your nobility. Therefore, the castle in which Ajax and his mother stayed was the tallest building in the Kingdom. It also served as a lighthouse for the fishermen and his navy.

The castle itself was built at the center of the walled city, with four thick, round towers at each corner and high walls to keep out unwanted guests. The stones were brought in specially from a quarry that had been discovered by Ajax’s ancestors on an island close by.

Here and there were scattered small windows to allow the noblemen a view of the Kingdom. Lookouts were posted on top of the walls surrounding the castle as well as the towers.

Ajax rode in to the courtyard through the heavy wooden door that served as the entrance to the castle. As he dismounted from his horse, he was greeted by the Seer and his young cousin Ian Hart. Ian Hart was a warrior in training and though he hadn’t come of age, he was very skilled with a sword and a bow and arrow. He always wanted to accompany Ajax on his adventures but a stern reprimand from Ajax’s mother (Queen Amelia) would put him in his place. Ajax’s father King Aunrey had died a few years ago battling the Mormonds of Maret’s creek. Though they had won the battle, Aunrey had suffered a wound from an arrow that went clean through his shoulder. The wound got infected and eventually claimed Aunrey’s life. Luckily Ajax who was next in line to be king was up to the task and he immediately took over as King.

Ian’s parents had also been killed in a mutiny on a ship they were travelling on. Ian had been visiting Javas at the time so he had been spared. His parents were in fact coming to fetch him.

His Father, King Logie was a foul tempered ruler who wasn’t very popular among his subjects. His wife, Queen Lonnet was a mild mannered woman who acquiesced to every whim and fancy of the cantankerous king. Ian was their first and only child for all the rest of their efforts had resulted in still born children.

Ajax handed over Merah to the hand maidens to get cleaned up and be made to look presentable. He gave them express instructions to be careful around her as she was dangerous. He sent a couple of his warriors to ensure that Merah behaved herself.

Then he turned and embraced Ian ruffling his hair as he drew away. He was very fond of Ian; To Ajax Ian wasn’t just his cousin, he was his confidant and pupil. He liked Ian’s never say die attitude and eagerness to contribute in Ajax’s efforts to rule justly over his Kingdom.

Ajax then turned to the seer and acknowledged his guidance with a nod of his head, indicating that he had been successful in his endeavor. The seer gestured obeisance to the deities and raised his hands as a gesture to Ajax signalling that he was happy with the outcome.

They moved inside the castle to the throne room, a large hall with beautiful architecture, cut glasses in various colors in the windows that cast a faint yellow glow on the hall in the daytime. On either side of the throne were two more chairs, one reserved for his Queen and the second one interchangeably used for Ajax’s mother Queen Amelia or for his counsel when the court was in session. In these times, Count Gallardus served as his counsel but Ian was in training to assume that position once he came of age.

In the middle of the hall was arranged a large table with a large spread of food, specially prepared that day in honor of Ajax and his troops. Queen Amelia was sitting on her chair when Ajax walked in and she immediately got up to embrace Ajax.

Taking his face in her hands, she said

“Yet again you make us proud. I wish your father would have been here to see the fierce warrior that you have become.”

“Come now mother, you say the same thing every time I return from the battlefield.”

“It is because I always feel the same way Ajax. Proud of how you have turned out. A mother is blessed to have a son like you. Protector of his lands and a just ruler over his subjects. I might go so far as to say, you may just be a better ruler than your father.”

They sat down at the head of the table to continue the conversation, Ajax at the head and his mother to his right side.

“You flatter me mother for I am your son. I have some good news for you.”

“What is it?”

“I have brought back a bride mother. She is very beautiful and possesses strong spirit. You would like her.”

“Yes, the seer spoke of this. I didn’t think you would really find somebody worthy of you in that village.”

“You do not put great faith in what the seer has to say mother?”

“I want to believe him but I just cannot bring myself to. You should be careful what adventures you undertake on his behest.”

“He hasn’t been wrong about a lot of things yet mother. For the moment I do trust him.”

As they spoke, the lieutenants gathered at the table for the feast. Ian sat at Ajax’s left as always and thus began the festivities. Konya Escort Bayan Queen Amelia excused herself as the company tended to get very boisterous after a few drinks.

They drank well into the night, sharing tales of valor and pulling each other’s leg. Ajax had a large appetite and was for the most part fine at the end of the feast. He did speak with a bit of a slur though. Ian passed out on the table, half full mug in hand and the rest of the company lay helter-skelter, some singing songs, some staggering out to get back to their abodes, yet others passed out on the floor.

Ajax decided to call it a night and check up on Merah as well.

He went straight to the room that was set aside for her. It was a bedroom that had been converted into a holding room, completely devoid of furniture except for a bed, a table and the toilet hidden behind a makeshift barrier.

As Ajax approached the room, he beckoned to the guard standing outside the door to open it. The guard obeyed immediately and unlocked the door. Ajax signaled for him to enter first to which he complied. As expected, Merah had broken free of her restraints and had been hiding behind the door. As the guard walked in, she efficiently speared a wooden stake through his neck; Ajax entered at that moment to witness this spectacle. He stood there looking amused as the guard fell lifeless to the floor. He noticed that one of the legs on the bed had been broken to fashion the stake in Merah’s hand.

Merah crouched low before launching herself at Ajax, the stake pointed at his heart. Ajax easily sidestepped the assault and chuckled.

“You bastard. I will have your head for what you did to my village.” growled Merah

Once again Merah launched herself at Ajax but he casually deflected her blow and circled around nonchalantly to face her again.

“How much longer do you think luck will favor you?” asked Merah as she changed tact and started to take swipes interspersed with jabs. Ajax seemed to be anticipating her every move and every single time she tried something new he was ahead of her and ready to take evasive action. He was clearly toying with her.

“You are skilled. I’ll give you that. But your eyes betray your intentions.” Said Ajax as Merah started to pant a little with the effort.

Soon, he grew tired of her attacks and on the next attack he held her forearm tightly, turning her around to lock her body in his grasp, his crotch pressed up against her ass, his arm pinning her right arm tightly over her breasts and the other one holding her at the waist so that she was clearly incapacitated.

“You have a fire inside of you. I like that” said Ajax licking her on her cheek, spurring her on.

She grunted with the effort to break free but Ajax was too strong for her.

She wore a single silken robe that came down to below her knees and Ajax knew she wore nothing else underneath.

Holding her still with one arm, he kissed her on the neck and allowed his other hand to raise her dress to reveal lovely toned thighs. He slid his hand inside her robe towards her vagina. It felt moist to his touch and just as he was about to slide a finger inside, Merah hit out with her hips on Ajax’s crotch. With a grunt Ajax doubled up and his hold on Merah was weakened. But he wasn’t out of the game.

She twisted out of his grasp and turning around she took a wild swipe at Ajax. Ajax tried to evade but he was a little slow to react and the stake grazed his left cheek, leaving a cut.

Merah decided to capitalize on the advantage she had gained and she lunged at Ajax once again, the stake aimed at his torso.

Not in the mood to play games anymore, Ajax casually kicked her away and as she stepped back stunned, he landed a blow to her jaw that lay her out cold on the floor.

He hadn’t wanted to harm her but she was more enterprising than he had thought. He decided not to underestimate her. He came out of the room and called out to a couple of guards to take care of the guard’s body. He also asked them to get rid of the bed and instead replace it with just a mattress, as well as to get rid of the table or anything else that Merah could use to fashion a weapon.

Though he felt pity for her, he knew that she was a wildcat that needed to be trained. And that would take some time and patience.

The next morning Ajax was the last one to arrive at the Hall for the court. As he sat on his throne, Ian who had seated himself on a bench adjacent to the thrones walked over to Ajax

“What happened to your face?”

“Wildcat..” mumbled Ajax

“But we don’t have any wildcats here..”

Ajax gave him a stern look of reproach. Ian realized what he had meant

“Oh” he said as he resumed his place at the bench. Ajax turned to Count Gallardus signalling that they could start the proceedings. The doors to the hallway were opened and in came Sir Anon wearing the ceremonial robes of the office bearer, followed by a procession of twelve people.

“Your majesty” he said bowing to Ajax.

“I present before you the cases that the magistrate’s court could not resolve. In these Escort Konya matters your decision will be final and there can be no further appeal.” Said Sir Anon authoritatively.

One by one he beckoned to the people waiting in line and one by one or in pairs they came forward. The people who came in pairs were usually the ones who were in dispute regarding something or the other.

Ajax’s ruling was almost always fair.

The first case was the one that intrigued Ajax the most.

The man who came forward seemed like he was ready to collapse with exhaustion.

“What ails you my good man?” asked Ajax

“Sir this is the fisherman who that lady reported as lost. He was found early this morning washed ashore in the fjord.” Said

“He looks exhausted. Why hasn’t he been allowed to rest.”

“He insisted that he must talk to you immediately sire. I have heard what he has to tell you and I assure you it cannot wait.”

Ajax looked to the man as he started to speak weakly.

“Sire, I have barely made it alive but I have seen sites the likes of which nobody could ever have seen. Two days sailing from here are a network of caves on an island. It is I believe undiscovered territory. What I have seen there my Lord is nothing short of astounding.”

“Go on” said Ajax eagerly

“My Lord I took my boat far out to sea to catch Badger fish that are relatively hard to find in shallow water. The current took my boat further away than I had anticipated. Before I knew it was night and I was lost. I tried to navigate by looking at the stars but the sky was cloudy and I couldn’t get my bearings. I decided to wait till morning for the sun to come out. But in the morning a great mist came and took me further away. I was lost and desperate. Sometime in the night the mist cleared and I noticed the faint glow of lights. I thanked my stars that I had found civilization and promptly started rowing in the direction of the lights. As I got closer, I noticed an island. When I came close enough, I saw that the glow was being emitted by clusters of worms on the entrance to a series of caves. I chose a cave and rowed my boat inside till I found a place to dock it.

At night I slept in the boat, deciding to explore the caves in the morning. I thought I might find some mushrooms or lichen to eat.

In the morning, I woke up and stepped onto the floor of the cave. The worms still emitted the glow so I was able to see ahead of me as I went further inwards. As I walked onwards, I came upon a clearing. What I saw astounded me. The walls were made of Gold. I broke away some of it and put it in my pocket. There was so much gold in those walls that the cave glowed as if the sun had set inside it.

Suddenly I saw something move from the corner of my eye. It was between me and the path I had taken to come in. When I turned to see what it was I saw a massive snake, as tall as four horses stacked one on top of the other. The snake reared its head, ready to strike. I ran for my life in the other direction. The snake followed me. I ran as fast as I could, weaving through tunnels and jumping here and there across rivulets and streams. As I ran I saw that all the walls had gold in them. The snake seemed to be gaining on me. Desperately I ran as fast as I could to get away. I knew that one misstep and that would be it for me. Suddenly I came upon an opening in the cave surface. It was an opening to a precipice with a sheer fall. I stopped just short of the edge and took a peak. At the bottom of the fall I could see seawater. I turned around to see that the snake was rearing its head again to attack. I turned around and jumped. Luckily for me the water was deep so I survived the fall. I started to swim out to sea just in case there were other creatures. I didn’t really fancy my chances. I swam a bit and dove underwater to check if anything was following me. As I resurfaced, a massive bird swooped down and took me in its talons. It was a huge bird, as large as one fourth the size of this hallway.

It took me high in the sky and flew away from the island. It flew above the mist and as it continued to fly, the mist soon cleared. Soon I saw below me familiar territory. Though I was relieved I knew where I was, I didn’t know what the bird wanted with me. Probably wanted to feed me to its chicks.”

The man took a pause to cough and ask for water. A jug of water was quickly brought to him and he drank thirstily. There was pin drop silence in the court as everybody was engrossed in this spectacular tale that the man was narrating.

When he finished drinking, he continued.

“As the bird flew with me as its prey, suddenly another bird swooped down from the sky. This bird was even larger. It attacked my captor and in the ensuing tussle, the bird let go of me. I fell a long way, luckily again in deep water. I swam underwater for a bit, only resurfacing to quickly snatch a breath. When I was sure I had swum a considerable distance, I resurfaced to sneak a peek. I couldn’t see the bird anywhere. Now that I knew where I was, I started swimming in this direction. Again fortune favored me for I found some driftwood. I hung onto it for dear life and as it buoyed my body, it buoyed my spirit. I made my way slowly towards home. In this manner I finally made it back this morning. As soon as I made it to shore, and I recuperated a little, I knew I had to tell you my tale as soon as possible sire.”

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