Airport Security Check


I love to travel the world. I travel for work, and I travel in my free time. Airplanes and airports are my second home. And I never ever encountered any problems at all. I always went through customs without any problems, no matter from where I came, not matter where I went.

But about three months ago, 33 year old me came back from a leisure trip to Brazil. I flew down there to met up with a woman I met on a work trip a few years ago. No, I was not taking advantage on a coworker, I ran into her while drinking with some coworkers and business partners in a local bar.

We hooked up, we did that more than just once, sex was great, but that was all. We tried to initiate something romantic, but well, I didn’t worked out between the two of us. But we staid in contact. We chatted from time to time. And well, still were talking about the amazing fucking we had together.

So I came up with the great idea to hook up again: I was single, she was single, so why not. To my surprise she said yes. So I flew back down to Brazil for an extended weekend filled with nothing but fucking. And yes, we fucked all weekend long. It was awesome. We enjoyed each others company, but again, we weren’t falling for each other.

After we said goodbye I drove to the airport. There I checked in without any problem, some time later I was sitting in my plane back home. Luckily the flight went directly to my hometown airport, so no changeover. Just landing, out of the plane, through customs and then back home. Or at least I thought that it would be that way. But well, I was wrong. Terrible wrong.

After I got out of the plane I walked to grab my suitcase and leave the airport. But Acıbadem Escort the called me out when I wanted to walk by border control. They guided me into a room in the guts of the airport. There they made me wait for some time.

Time for me to think: Have I been framed? Has someone hidden something in my luggage? Have I done something else wrong? What was the true reason for them calling me in? Was it just a routine check, because I went in and out of South America because of work nearly every week over the last two years? I really was curious. And nervous too.

Then the border control officers came in. One man, around my age and one woman around 45. The sat down, then the ordered me to unpack my baggage. The hand luggage first. Nothing was in it that raised any suspicion at all. But they took notes about everything I had with me.

After I had put everything inside my backpack again, I closed it and put it on the ground. Now it was time to go through my suitcase. I pulled out clothes, some shoes and a decent sized strap on. The moment I pulled out my strap on, the female officers was licking, biting her lips. A small smile appeared on her face. She turned around and whispered something into her coworkers ear. They two excused themselves and left the room.

I could see them talking in front of the room. Yes, one wall was see through glass, and the blinds were open. She wanted something from him. He was against it in the beginning, but she convinced him with time. In the end he shrugged his shoulders, probably telling her something like “Okay, if it makes you happy” and then he turned around and left for good.

She came back Acıbadem Escort Bayan in alone. Once she was in the room, she locked the door and closed the blinds: “It is time to do a thorough search of your body.”

All that came out of my mouth was an “Okay.”

Then she ordered me to undress myself. To strip naked, but keep my underwear on. Then she took out a small flesh light and began to inspect my body holes: Open your mouth, lean back that I can see inside your nose, now turn around and show me the left ear, then the right one.

She didn’t found anything. So she kept on going. She made me stand up, she made me raise my hands. The made me spread my fingers, she made me spread my toes, but well, she found nothing. Time to search my genitals. And my dirty hole.

She ordered me to drop my boxers Then she put on some latex gloves. On both of her hands. Then she made a very, very thorough inspection of my dick and my balls. And well, I tried to hold myself back, but she was squeezing my balls in a very arousing way, so I got hard. Rock hard. And yes, my boner put a smile on her face.

But she wasn’t finished. She ordered me to bend over. She lubed up one of her fingers. She slid the finger up my ass. To check if I had hidden something in there. But she found nothing. But to make sure, she slid a second finger in.

Again, I tried to hold myself back. I tried to stop it from happen. But as soon as her second finger went in, moaning escaped my throat. It felt too good. It felt great. And she kept on going. She finger fucked my dirty hole. My moaning got more and more intense. Until she stopped. Until she pulled her fingers Escort Acıbadem out of my dirty hole.

After she pulled out she disposed off her dirty glove, went around the table, grabbed my strap on and put it on. She clearly wasn’t doing something like that for the first time. Then she went back behind me. She drowned the plastic dick in lube, and gently slid it up my ass.

Now some real moaning left my throat. The toy sliding in and out of my ass, it felt nothing but fucking awesome. She gave me one thrust after the other. My boner meanwhile was a thing of the past. But my cock was leaking pre cum all the time. And yes, she knew what spots she had to hit.

She fucked me towards an orgasm. She went all in. She fucked me hard. She found the right paste. I felt an inner heat building up. I felt an orgasm building up. Boom, my balls emptied themselves without anyone touching my dick. I messed up the table I was bent over. My legs were trembling. I had an awesome full body orgasm.

But she wasn’t done with me. After she pulled out the toy, she took some wet wipes, yes I had some of them in my suitcase too, and cleaned my dirty hole. Then she ordered me to clean up after myself. To lick the dirty table clean. To eat my own cum. I followed her order. Once I was done, a huge smile appeared on her face. She told me to get dressed again. She also cleaned my toy with some wet wipes. Then she ordered me to put my stuff back in my suitcase, she disappeared again for some time and came back with some paperwork for me to sign. Then she guided me out of the airport and wished me a nice day. I wished her a nice day too, jumped into a taxi and drove back home.

I ran past her a couple of times since back then. We always smile at each other, and I am seriously considering on asking her out for a date. Because she seems to be my kind of a girl. Maybe I pull my shit together and ask her out the next time when I come back home from elsewhere.

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