Airport Layover


Four fucking hours. Layovers are a bitch. I am bored, and there are one hundred plus people sitting waiting for the clock to move. Doing something and doing nothing all at the same time. We wait for someone to get on the microphone to tell us any kind of news. I’ve done a few laps up and down the terminal. I’ve been inside the little newspaper/convenience store. Bought a magazine read it. Bought a book read 6 pages of it. Blah. Ok sleep why not sleep. These seats are great for sleeping in right? Fuck no. A sadistic bastard who probably never had to spend 5 minutes sitting waiting for a plane to arrive designed them.

Ok eyes are closed. I hear a child play two rows behind me. I hear the fat man down the row take every breath like he was climbing a mountain. I hear “awww SHIT!!” Pain in my left foot. Damn I shouldn’t have worn sandals! God damn it immense pain. Eyes open and all the pain instantly went numb.

“Are you ok god I’m so sorry?”

She had dark skin with bright brown eyes. That’s is all I saw.

“What, what I’m ok,” I said.

She had a carry-on knap sack was about twice the size of what it should be allowed. She sat down across from me and leaned forward.

“I’m so sorry are you ok?”

I played it off.

“Yeah I’m ok,” while I push the pain down deep inside to smother it.

She arranged all of belongings. atakent escort A knap sack, a purse and a jacket draped over the purse. She doesn’t travel much I thought. She had a pissed off look on her face as she checked her cell phone for text.

“Fuck” she says under her breath.

I just stared at her. She had her hair up in a clip but it still looked messy. Didn’t matter. I just stared at her and didn’t care. She began to feel my stares but didn’t look back. I continued to stare at her. I could care less about plane, trip, foot or the dozens of people around me. She looks through her purse then finally looks up at me.

Slowly she says, “Can I help you.” It was more of a statement than a question. I just smirked.

“Just looking…you pissed at someone huh?”

She pauses with a who the fuck are you look.

I guess she felt like playing.

“Yeah boyfriend was suppose to meet me in Denver but he broke up with me this morning. What a great vacation huh?”

Another….”fuck” under her breath.

I just keep staring as she keeps moving her shit around her. Finally she slumps down and stares at me back. I think we stared at each other for a good minute. She then stands up and holds out her hand.

“Come on.”

I reach out my hand and she says “come on…oh grab my sack.”

She ataköy escort leads me down the terminal, up by the food court then around the corner. She pushes me into a family bathroom and locks the door. Instant boner and my day just got VERY interesting. Her hands immediately undo my belt and I try to kiss her neck. “Don’t kiss me,” she says. Ok I pause and she has my jeans down by my ankles. She goes down to her knees and starts taking my cock through my underwear into her mouth. She rubs her cheek up and down the side of my cock. She yanks my underwear down and deep throats my cock. I let out a moan hoping no one outside heard it. Her sucking my cock feels so good as her lips grip my shaft tight. She slides her mouth up and down my thickness while massaging my balls.

I decide it’s my turn to return the favor. I pull her up and lift her ass onto the sink. Goodie for me she is wearing a pair of warmups and they quickly slide to the ground. I start licking her inner left thigh with my tongue then gliding over her underwear where her clit would be and over to her other inner thigh. I slide her panties off and tilt her hips back so I view all of her trimmed pussy. I slowly push my tongue between her swollen pussy lips and flick up and over her clit. My chin is already wet from her. I slowly begin to suck on her clit until I hear her moan. atalar escort I dart my tongue again between her lips and lick up her sweet taste. After about 15 seconds of my clit flicking and sucking we both had enough of playing.

She pushes me back against the wall and turns around. She leans over the sink and motions me to put my red hot cock inside of her. My cock head spreads her wet lips and the heat off of her pussy almost makes me come right then. I slide my cock in until I feel my head hit the top of her pussy. I start thrusting hard with one purpose in mind. My cock head now bounces hard off the top of her pussy and I feel her juice drip off my balls onto my feet. I slap her ass hard and she moans more. She struggles to contain her pleasure and puts her face into her warmups to muffle the moaning. Her pussy grips my shaft just perfectly. My thrusts are hard and fast. I hear her starting to moan louder then all of a sudden she cums screaming into her pants. I tell her I can hold it anymore and about to cum. She quickly turns around and starts stroking my shaft. I start to cum and feel like my balls are exploding. She starts sucking on my cock head and its so sensitive it almost hurts now. She takes it all down licking and cleaning me. I collapse against the toilet.

She smiles and says thank you. I can’t talk or do anything except try to recover.

As she is putting her pants back on she says “wait here then come out in a little bit after I walk out.”

She gathers up her things and heads out the door. I get my pants back on, recover myself and open the door. I walk out and look around for her. She is nowhere to be found.

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