Aged Wine


I guess it all started last summer. I had been living with my girlfriend Jennifer for a couple of months. I had just graduated college and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with myself, so I worked a day job and moved in with my girlfriend and her family to try to save some money. One problem with this was that Jennifer was still in nursing school. So she spent long days studying while I worked, and by the time I got home, she was just starting her night job at a local restaurant. This lifestyle had its share of stress, especially for poor Jenny, and it did nothing to bring out her best side. When I did get to see her on weekends, she was so stressed out and cranky that we ended up fighting and one or both of us stormed out of the house.

Needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of sex happening after the first two months.

The hardest part was going through it alone. My family wanted nothing to do with me – strict Presbyterians, they cut me off when I lost my faith in college. So I worked during the day and came home to crash at night, waiting for Jenny to storm in from work and wake me as she showered and changed before collapsing into bed for a few hours before doing it all over again the next day.

During this time, I started to struggle for the first time with feelings of disloyalty. I had been certain that Jenny was the one I was going to marry – it wasn’t just physical, of course, although that was a big part of it. Back in the day, we used to have sex every day. And who wouldn’t want to fuck Jenny at every possible moment? She was lithe and muscular from her daily workouts, and her brown eyes were absolutely hypnotic.

Sadly, as before mentioned, the sex stopped weeks ago. I might have had the biggest, thickest, longest cock in high school, but my girlfriend was too busy to care in college. She was just too busy.

Anyway, the other strange thing that I had noticed during dinner, while doing chores around the house, or before leaving in the mornings, was that Jenny’s mother was spending more and more time around the house. She worked part time at a local office, and had a very flexible schedule. Even so, she started lingering later in the mornings and coming home earlier halfway into my stay. And she smiled at me all the time – I mean, she was always smiling or saying something nice to me. Not like my family or even Jennifer – her mom seemed to actually like me as a person. Which felt pretty good.

I guess I ought to confess right now that I had felt funny the very first time Jenny had taken me to meet her mom. Because I knew right away that she was trouble – not nasty or dirty, but the worst kind of trouble. Nice trouble. Jessica was a nice woman who happened to have the curviest, bustiest body I had ever seen. And she smiled.

A lot.

I began to catch myself watching her when I thought she wasn’t looking. I knew she was a runner, and I was always amazed at the muscle tone in her thighs and calves. She might be in her mid-forties, but she looked like a college athlete. Unlike her daughter, who was beginning to slack off on her workouts – first a day or two here, then a couple of days, then whole stretches at a time missed at the gym – her mom seemed to work harder the more her daughter stopped caring. As her daughter’s muscles softened, her mother’s hardened. And it could have been my imagination, but her skirts and shorts seemed to keep getting shorter, and the shirts got tighter or the necklines got lower.

And I could have sworn I caught her staring at me from time to time.

Not Escort to mention that where Jennifer’s eyes were a soft brown, her mother’s were a seductive, inviting dark brown – almost black.

One Tuesday, I found myself called off of work. None of my friends were off, so I decided that I would head back to the house and relax. Maybe watch a movie, play some XBOX, or just enjoy the silent, empty house. More importantly, I would finally get to jack off in peace, without worrying about being caught. I hadn’t had blue balls this bad since high school – and trust me, I was used to getting laid.

So I was a little disappointed when I saw Jessica’s jeep parked in the drive beside the house. I swore to myself – I had been so excited. But there was no point in turning back now – the house was far in the country and gas was expensive. I would just have to make the most of it and keep to my and Jennifer’s room.

Jennifer’s mom was sitting at the kitchen table, typing on her laptop. She was wearing her favorite bathrobe – a fuzzy, tight robe that barely covered the top half of her thighs. She looked surprised when I came in and crossed her legs. I couldn’t help but stare for just a second too long at the tanned crease of her flexed leg muscles.

“Dave! I wasn’t expecting you!” She smiled warmly, blushing. “I was just about to go shower and head out for the day.”

“Hey Jessica. I got called off work.” I felt guilty for being short with her, but I was pretty pissed that she had chosen to stay home from work today. “I’m just going to go upstairs and chill for a bit.”

She smiled and closed her laptop.

“Sounds good sweetie. You’ve earned a day off. Just so you know, Jenny texted – she’s going to spend the night on campus tonight. I’m sorry.”

Her frown matched mine.

“It’s okay… Really.” I spoke stiffly.

Forcing a smile, and risking a final glance at her perfect legs and small, manicured feet, I hurried upstairs. I was feeling an old, familiar stirring between my legs and I didn’t know how to feel about that.

I turned on the TV and flopped on the queen sized bed in the room that Jennifer shared with me. I could hear Jessica climbing the stairs and heard water running a moment later. I shivered. What kind of a guy was I, staring at my girlfriend’s mother?

I couldn’t help thinking back to the image of Jessica sitting there in the sunlight, her blonde hair shining. She looked like a healthy, sexy woman in her late twenties – how did she manage not to age like other people? It was so unfair. I was also confused as to why she was single – a woman like that attracted men in droves without even trying. I was evidence of that.

I turned to the tv, frustrated that laying down had stirred up an erection. It had been five days since I had had the mediocre activity Jennifer and I now called sex. She would basically lay still, let me thrust into her until I came, and roll over to sleep as soon as I was done.

I started thinking about the old days, thrusting between her sweating thighs as she moaned and dug her fingernails into my back, begging me to go deeper, to stretch her pussy real good…

I was massaging me rock-hard dick fast and hard when I heard a knock at the door.

Heart pounding, I swore and pulled the covers over my throbbing member.


Jessica’s plaintive voice came through the door. I hadn’t even closed it all the way! Had she heard me through the cracked door?

“Dave, I’m really sorry, but I’m out of shampoo. Can Escort Bayan I come wash my hair in your bathroom? Jenny uses the same shampoo as I do.”

I was relieved and terrified at the same time – panicking, I could only stammer that it was fine, absolutely fine, go ahead, I’m just watching TV.

I glanced at the TV, mortified at the transparency of my lie – an infomercial for a multipurpose blender was blaring its hackneyed message from the speakers.

“Thanks honey.”

And then she was streaming through the room, skin shining and wet, wrapped only in a towel. Jessica blushed as she hurried through, clutching another towel to her hair. Her upraised arm pulled a full, firm breast past the towel. I could see the edge of her nipple.

The shock had sucked the hardness right from my cock, but I could feel it stirring again.

Jessica’s mother disappeared into the bathroom, half closing the door. I guiltily shifted channels and tried to concentrate on an old Family Guy episode.


I jumped again.

“Yes ma’am?”

Jessica’s voice was pleading.

“I’m so sorry sweetie, but I’m afraid I left my conditioner in my bathroom. I feel so silly, but could you grab it for me?”

Heart pounding, I rose.

“Sure thing. I’ll…” I looked down. My cock was at half mast. “I’ll be right back.”

“Thank you! It’s the green bottle. On the counter.”

I hurried back with the bottle, shamefaced at seeing Jessica’s panties and bra laid out on her bathroom’s counter. I held the bottle through the half-open door of my bathroom.

“Here you go!”

“Oh sweetie, you’ll have to bring it in. I’m in the shower.”

Taking a deep breath, I stepped inside. Jessica reached over the shower curtain, smiling that warm smile of hers. The one that lit up her eyes. She was just taking it when her grip slipped. The shower curtain fell to reveal her naked, perfect body. Her nipples were hard on her perky, huge white tits, and her flat, muscular belly tapered into wide hips and a wide, muscular ass. I couldn’t help but stare – her crotch was even waxed.

Jessica laughed nervously.

“Naughty! Go back and watch your TV. I’ll only be a minute!”

Stammering my apologies, I hurried back to my room, closing the door as I heard water running behind me.

Swearing to myself, and willing myself to go downstairs, I couldn’t help but plop down on the bed again. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. My girlfriend’s mom was ten times hotter than she was – and she was nice, to boot.

I lay tensely as the water stopped. The door creaked open, and I pretended to stare at the TV, engrossed.

“Dave.” Jessica’s voice was different now, deeper. Almost commanding.

“Dave, look at me.”

I slowly turned. Jessica’s towel was draped lightly around her torso.

“I need you to promise not to tell Jenny about our little accident. I didn’t mean any harm, you know.”

She sidled over to the bed – I couldn’t help but notice the extra wag in her perfect hips – and perched on the edge, one leg under her. The naked thigh was muscular, and her foot propped up a perfect buttock.


She leaned close to me as my heart pounded.

“Do you promise?”

Her face was right in front of mine, from her perfect nose to her full, shapely lips. Her eyes stared deeply into mine.

“Do you?” She whispered huskily, lips next to mine. The towel slipped from her shoulders as she kissed me – at first softly, then Bayan Escort hard.

I moaned softly.

“I’ve wanted to do that since I met you, pretty boy,” she moaned. Her perfect tits bounced as she swiveled and straddled my crotch, grinding gently. Her eyes widened.

“Oh my god! I knew it!” She reached between her legs and stroked my throbbing cock appreciatively. “What do you have, a footlong?”

I blushed.

“Not – not quite. Almost. I guess. Maybe?”

She stopped my babbling with a finger on my lips.

“You know your problem?” She sighed. “You don’t know just how wonderful you are.”

She leaned down and kissed me again with her perfect mouth, deeply and passionately.

“And I’m going to show you right now.”

She rolled to the side and unzipped my shorts. My hands shook as I helped her pull off my shorts and underwear. Giggling, she bent over my huge cock and stroked it with a small, pretty hand.

“I’m going to enjoy this.”

And before I could protest or appeal to reason, she bent and wrapped her mouth around my cock, licking and sucking. At first she was gentle, but then she sped up and sucked harder and deeper. I groaned loudly and held my head back, grinding my teeth as I throbbed with desire. She took my cock as deep as she could and held it there, gagging. Finally, she could take it no more and pulled it out, coughing and massaging the spit into my cock like lube.

“Hey Dave?” Her eyes danced wickedly. “Wanna fuck your girlfriend’s mom?”

I nodded breathlessly, and she raised herself and mounted my cock, whimpering as it stretched her tight pussy wide.

“Ohhhhh Davey…” She moaned and thrust until she was fully mounted, eyes widening as she began to ride me. “Oh baby, you’re so big. I wanna fuck you all day baby! You deserve so much better than you’re getting! Ohhh…”

She raised her head back, and I watched her perfect, hard tits bounce as she rode her first orgasm. Her cum drizzled all over my dick and balls. The moisture alone was almost enough to make me cum – and I was going to have none of that. I gripped her perfect hips and pushed her sideways, pivoting until I was on top. She gazed up at me in admiration.

“Fuck me, you dirty bastard. Fuck me on my daughter’s bed! Fuck me!”

I ploughed her then, as hard as I could. I plunged deeper and deeper into the deepest recesses of her pussy, feeling the convulsions, the tightness, and the pouring fluids. She moaned and whimpered and begged, her words fading into unintelligible ecstasy. Her washboard abs tensed and she arched her back, feeling the first spasms of an even bigger orgasm. I clenched tightly, trying to hold back the orgasm as long as possible, relishing the feeling of our smooth, sweating bodies rubbing against each other in passion.

“Ohhhh cum inside me you fucker. You fucker. You dirty piece of… DaaaAAAVE!”

She yelped and squirted just as I came inside her, hot fluids gushing over my dick and balls, overflowing onto her labia and thighs and ass, and soaking the bed underneath. She moaned in deep satisfaction as I finished thrusting and twitching. I felt the warm satisfaction as my dick squirted one last burst of cum into my future mother-in-law’s vagina.

She grinned goofily at me as I rolled beside her and held her close. She rested her head on my shoulder and looked into my eyes.

“Hey Dave,” she whispered.

“Yeah?” I smiled down at her.

“You’re officially a motherfucker.”

I laughed and hugged her close.

“Guess what else?” She rose on one arm and smothered me in a passionate kiss. “I love you, baby.” She moaned contentedly as she nestled against me. “And I’m giving you fifteen minutes to rest before I suck your balls.”


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