Afternoon Delight


Evelyn reclined seductively. Beckoning Horace to come closer, “You like what you see lover?” she breathed; “Very much”, he replied as he approached. Walking slowly forward Horace drank in her beauty with his eyes. She was completely nude and leaning back on one elbow. Her legs were slightly apart the small triangle of hair above her vagina visible. Her ample breasts dangled wantonly. The nipples pointing to him as if beckoning him to come and suck them.

Horace moved closer stopping only to remove his clothing. Naked, his manhood proudly waving he kneeled on the bed. Evelyn rolled over onto her back and spread her beautiful legs exposing her soft and moist vagina to Horace. “It’s all yours, baby” she sighed. Filled with lust Horace crawled forward stopping just a centimeter from Evelyn’s vagina. Evelyn’s breath became fast and ragged with the anticipation of what Horace was about to do.

Horace could feel the heat emanating from her quivering vagina. Savoring the rich musk like order, he extended his tongue. Slowly he ran his tongue up and down Eleven’s vagina. Letting his tongue feel and taste her flesh. Barley touching the lips with his tongue, not wanting to penetrate the soft fleshy folds yet.

Evelyn moaned. Her fists opening and closing on the sheets as Horace attended to her quivering steaming vagina. She felt the stirrings of lust within her belly. Her body was preparing for the impending orgasm. She could feel her muscles convulse as Horace moved he tongue. The juices were flowing freely now. Her nipples hard and aching to be touched. Her breasts tightening.

Horace felt her orgasm. Moving his tongue along the lips of her quivering vagina, he slowly slid his tongue between its fleshy folds. The bittersweet taste of her canal assailed his tongue. The odor was intoxicating. The flavor of her juices made his tongue quiver. Shoving his tongue deeper into her he reached up and pinched her nipples. Evelyn squealed Konya Escort with delight and grabbed Horace by the hair, pushing his face into her. Her mind was exploding. The pleasure Horace was giving her made her moan and buck. Pushing her ass off the bed, she held Horace tightly not wanting the feeling to stop, not wanting Horace to stop.

Horace moved his tongue to her clitoris. Taking the little sprout into his mouth, he started sucking. Evelyn screeched with pleasure. “God, yes, yes, yes”. Her voice, husky and labored she pleaded with Horace to make her cum.

Horace felt her thighs tighten. Her vagina muscles clamped down on his marauding tongue. Her hips buffeted his face. She’s cumming hard now, he thought. Giving in to her orgasm, Evelyn, clamped her legs around Horaces’ head drawing him into her. The orgasm hit her like a sledgehammer. She felt her vagina explode. Thrusting her hips into her lover’s face, she cried out to heaven. Such pleasure her mind and body never knew was upon her. She pushed her hips up into Horace. “Yes”, she cried, “Yes, Yes, Yes”, wishing the organism would last forever. Slowly the orgasm subsided.

Exhausted, covered with sweat unable to move. Her mind still reeling from the pleasure.

Horace moved up her limp body. Kissing her as he moved. Her chest heaving as he stopped to kiss and bite her hard nipples. As he moved up on her, she could feel Horace’s hard throbbing cock enter her. Sliding in effortlessly. She had no strength to resist. She was his. Moreover, he would use her now.

Bending his head down he kissed her their tongues greeting each other in a lustful dance. She could feel his hard cock throb inside of her, making her arousal quicker and more intense. Why doesn’t’ he fuck me she thought to herself. She wanted him badly. She needed him now. She wanted his cock pounding her fast and hard. Unable to wait any longer Evelyn started moving Konya Escort Bayan her hips. Wanting to feel Horace’s cock sliding in and out of her, she moved her hips up and into his groin. Then pulling back, she could feel his cock sliding inside her. Horace knew what Evelyn not only wanted but also needed. Holding back would make her delirious with lust. As it was now. He could feel her fucking his cock. Moving her hips into him and back down again. She began to moan. Now she was ready. Ready for a pounding. She loved it hard. She always did. In addition, Horace was not one to deny her.

Grabbing her legs he lifted them up and pushed the apart, giving him better access to her steaming hot cunt. Letting go Evelyn held her legs apart. Horace began thrusting his cock into her, slowly at first then building up speed. With each down thrust his balls slapped into her crack, with a smacking sound. Faster, Harder, Evelyn cried. Harder, harder, fuck me harder. Horace got the pace now. He moved in and out with lightning quickness. Ramming her cunt causing her body to shake and bounce. The headboard slammed into the wall. Yes, Yes, harder baby, harder, fuck me. As Horace assaulted her cunt with his torpedo like cock. Reaching up Horace started pinching the nipples of her copious tits.

The exquisite pain in her tits and the incredible hammering pleasure in her cunt were pushing Evelyn closer to the inevitable mind shattering climax she desired. Arms outstretched, hands grabbing the sheets as if to give herself better leverage. Evelyn started pushing her hips up shoving her cunt into Horace’s groin. Meeting his blistering hot rod as it came down to impale her again. Both of them moved with the speed of lustful teens. Evelyn’s legs flailed the air as Horace continued his merciless pounding. They moaned and screamed their lust aloud filling the air with raucous cries. Fuck me, fuck me you bastard. Evelyn cried out. Escort Konya Cum bitch, cum. Horace retorted.

Evelyn felt the knots in her groin. She was getting close now. Horace felt his sack and balls begin to tingle. Horace felt the muscles of her cunt constrict his ramming cock. Making her pussy seem smaller, tighter. Evelyn deliberately made her cunt muscles contract trying to squeeze Horaces cock. She felt the walls and lips of her vagina constrict and then convulse. She shoved her hips into Horace as his cock came down and into her. Her legs clamped around his ass pulling him in deeper. Horace felt his cock explode as Evelyn pulled him into her. His juice gushing into her womb. Yes, yes, cum in me, cum in me. She screamed. His hot liquid filling her to overflowing with each thrust he made.

Horace buried his face in Evelyn’s ample breasts as he unloaded his hot juicy sperm into her. Yes, yes, yes, Horace yelled with his final thrusts. Continuing to thrust after the last spurts of sperm left his still hard cock. Her legs still holding Horace inside her, Evelyn basked in the glow and ecstasy of their combined climaxes. Breathing heavily, they began to relax slowly Evelyn let her legs drop to the bed. Horace stirred, moving his mouth to cover Evelyn’s left nipple and give it a gentle bite and suck. His cock beginning to soften Horace slid out of Evelyn’s now cum filled cunt. Lying next to each other, they kissed. Deeply and as passionately as before their coupling. Reaching down Horace rubbed Evelyn’s still swollen pussy. Feeling his cum dripping out he rubbed it around her hairless lips and up onto her belly. Evelyn purred Oh what a lovely feeling. All your nice hot cum on me. I love feeling you after filling you up. He chuckled as her reached to her pussy again to rub more cum along her thighs.

Evelyn placed her arms around Horace’s neck and her leg over his thigh. I love being fucked by you studman. Chuckling Horace replied, honey it takes two to tango. They both giggled and hugged each other. Basking in the after glow of the pleasure they each had given and received.

Knowing that in a short while they would join again in the lustful groin slapping hard fucking sex they both loved.

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