After the Maasage


After the Maasage
Continued from “The Yoni Massage”—read that first if you want the whole story.

Rachel took me by the hand, helping me to hop off of the massage table. She then escorted me to the exit from her business and led me up the stairs to her apartment. It must have been an interesting sight to see—a gorgeous topless mature masseuse leading a completely naked mature by the hand up the stairs. My body still tingled from Rachel’s expert touch, and I was partially excited, partially nervous, about what was in store next.

We reached the entrance to Rachel’s and Steve’s apartment and she let herself in. It was small but tastefully decorated, filled with artifacts from years of travel—African masks, Asian wall decoration, European knickknacks. Steve was nowhere to be seen—perhaps he was in the kitchen or another room in the apartment.
I continued to scan the room as Rachel led me down a short hallway towards what I assumed was their bedroom. She opened the door, confirming my assumption. Their bedroom was elegant, a large, king-sized bed dominating the far wall, expensive coverings atop the generous mattress and decorated with perhaps a dozen pillows. She led me to the bed and told me to sit down, which I did.

“Lie back,” she said. “Use one of the pillows if you need it.” I did as she was bid, watching Rachel standing in front of me, her full breasts impossible to ignore. She smiled at me, and began to work her loose, colorful skirt down her hips, wiggling them playfully as she lowered the clothing inch by inch, revealing neat, lacy panties adorned with bows.

I watched her and smiled, this gorgeous creature hovering near me, her perfect body tantalizing me, my body reacting favorably to the spectacle in front of me. The fingers of my right hand wandered idly through the tuft of curly hair between my legs, tugging lightly on a few random strands. She rested her knees on the bed and took off her glasses, setting them aside. I looked into her piercing green eyes and saw her facial expression change from one of flirty playfulness to one of desire—lust, even.

Her head hovered above my sex, her eyes still locked on mine. She blew cool air on my folds, causing me to writhe a bit in response.

“Are you sure about this?” she cooed, “Because when I start, I’m not going to want to stop.”

I nodded silently, anxious to be touched, to be stimulated, to let go and lose myself in some form of bliss.

Rachel smirked, and softly lowered her face between my legs, her hands gently resting atop my thighs. “So be it,” she whispered, and I raised my legs in anticipation of receiving her attentions.

She planted a soft kiss on my mound, looking up at me to see how I would react. I could only stare wordlessly. Another kiss on my tuft, and she moved her left hand between my legs, parting my wet folds softly with a fingertip. She teased and tantalized my petals, and I bit my bottom lift softly as I watched her work. Finally Rachel moved her head further south, coating my entire sex in a single, slow, wet lick.

Rachel used her mouth and tongue expertly, first circling my vulva, leaving soft kisses around the circumference. Her fingers continued to just graze the edges of my lips, a near-tickle. I exhaled deeply and closed my eyes. She then sucked my folds into her mouth, tasting me, tugging and nibbling lightly, pushing her finger into me more fully. I ran a hand through her soft curly hair and used my other to pull my left leg flush with my chest. Rachel’s lips kissed and licked by labia, the sensations almost overwhelming to me. But I held it in, fighting the urge to explode then and there.

Her free hand pressed on the back of my thigh, her nails raking lightly along my skin, her head between my legs. I pushed on the back of her head, longing for her to explore me more deeply. She moaned into my opening, drawing in my fluids as she added a second finger to her wet exploration.

Rachel pushed deeper into me, wiggling her fingers, touching my walls on all sides. She held her hand there, her knuckles pressing flush against my button. I moaned again, more audibly this time. She looked up at me, her mouth and chin glistening with my leavings, slipping a third finger inside of me and thrusting firmly, in and out, slow and deliberate, watching me as I reached the point of no return.

I spasmed on her fingers, letting go in a quick rush, my body convulsing as I came. I cried out, my free hand squeezing my breast hard, pinching my nipple and pulling. She pulled out from me, wet sounds betraying her hand’s departure. Slowly Rachel crawled up my body, her lips moving to mine, and I kissed her hungrily, tasting myself in her mouth, wrapping my legs around her waist.

As I held Rachel close to me, continuing to kiss her, our tongues exchanging tastes, I heard the bedroom door open. Looking, I saw Steve standing in the doorway, smiling at the tryst taking place in front of him. Rachel looked over her shoulder and met his gaze, smiling again. She then turned to me.

“Last chance to back out,” she said, kissing me softly. Silently I held out my hand towards Steve in response, urging him forward.

He approached us at the side of the bed, Rachel’s delicious body atop mine, still clad in her tight pink panties. She reached for his pants, popping the button and pulling down the zipper. Steve helped her undress him, kicking off his shoes and assisting her loosening his trousers. I helped her pull his pants and boxers down his legs, and stared wide-eyed as the most magnificent cock that I had every seen spring forth.

It wasn’t necessarily the longest that I had encountered, but it was as close to perfection as I could imagine. Thick and veiny, perfectly curved, with a smooth, uncircumcised foreskin that covered a bulbous head, allowing only the very tip of his glans to escape. His balls were smooth and heavy. The entire package was capped off by a neatly trimmed pubic bush. I had seen dozens of dicks in my day, but this specimen was truly breathtaking. Seven inches of meat that I was hoping to share and savor with Rachel.

I tentatively took his girth in my hand, weighing it, barely able to wrap my fingers completely around it’s circumference. Steve unbuttoned his shirt as I touched him, removing it and letting it drop to the floor below. My eyes looked up at Steve, following his contours. He was more toned that I had expected given his loose-fitting shirt. Not ripped necessarily, but solid enough to understand that he was actively working on keeping himself fit.

I squeezed his shaft, feeling the hard flesh push back against my fingertips. “Holy shit, Rachel,” I exclaimed.

She smiled and kissed my lips lightly, then placed a similar kiss on his glans. “Trust me, I know. You don’t have to say anything.” With that, she placed her hand across the front of my throat and slowly pushed my head back down to the pillow. She held me there as Steve lowered his meat towards my lips. He brushed the tip across my lips, leaving a tiny clear streak of his precum behind. With one hand he ran his fingers through my hair while the other held his cock at the base, lightly smacking my chin.

I still held him in my hand, pulling the loose flesh, releasing his head from its sheath. It was pronounced, with a define ridge that was almost too big for the shaft that supported it. I looked at him and Ran my tongue along the underside, starting from his glans and working my way down to the base of his balls. I pulled up the foreskin again, nearly enveloping his entire length, my tongue retracing its earlier path. I slid the tip of my tongue between his glans and the skin covering it, and draw a circle around it with the tip, enjoying his taste. He moaned at my touch.

Rachel continued to keep her hand around my neck, holding it firmly, while her mouth gave attention to my breasts, taking a nipple into my mouth, sucking, biting, licking. She moved to my other breast, lavishing it with the same attention, making my nipples standing up on end, stiff and inviting.

Steve took my hand from his cock and held my wrist firmly in his hand. He pushed it down onto the bed, holding it there solidly. He pushed his hips forward until the end of his dick pressed against my lips, a bead of clear fluid at its tip. “Open,” he said, and I did happily, willingly. He slid into my mouth, pushing each inch slowly into me. I sucked on his flesh and lay my tongue down flat, taking him into me.

Rachel pressed her attention southward again, running kissed down my tummy until finding purchase between my legs again, this time being less gentle, lapping at my crevasse hungrily, groaning into my sex. She pushed up both of my legs, giving her better access to my dew-covered folds. Steve slowly pumped my mouth, as he continued to hold my wrist tightly. He pushed and tickled the back of my mouth, and I worked hard to stifle a gag.

Steve then pulled my body forward, towards him, until my head hung off the edge of the bed. His hands replaced Rachel’s on my neck and he thrust back into my mouth, pushing my limits. I relaxed by mouth and throat as best as I could, and he sunk his cock deep, me swallowing his entire length, and he held it there, cutting off my flow of air. He released after a few seconds and pulled out, leaving me gasping for air, a sticky thread of my spit still connecting his cock to my mouth.

Rachel’s mouth meandered, teasing my perineum, the tip of her tongue tickling the sensitive strip of skin, before finding my rosebud and pressing into it. I moaned audibly on Steve’s dick, urging him to thrust with more urgency. He pumped into me, almost pulling out entirely before filling me with every inch again, his balls pressing against my forehead with each stroke. I could feel my mascara running down my cheek, mixed with a solitary tear that emerged with the stress of me deep throating him. Rachel kept on my ass, lapping my ring, penetrating me with her tongue, causing my body to tingle, urgent for another release. It came quickly, a shockwave of pleasure causing my legs to tremble and my breathing to palpitate.

Steve withdrew his cock again, resting it on my face, offering me his balls which I took into my mouth, first one then the other, coating the smooth skin in my saliva. He stroked himself as I licked, his free hand still squeezing my neck, Rachel’s attention still firmly placed on my twitching asshole.

He then thrust into my mouth again, my lips enveloping each inch as it entered and exited my aching throat. Rachel again turned her attention to my swollen, drenched pussy, another quick, powerful orgasm contorting my body as she took my hard button into her mouth, sucking on it hard.

Steve’s body language began to change, and I sensed that his orgasm was near. He thrusted me fuller, looking down at my face, small rivulets of drool rolling down my face. He grunted, still grasping my throat, and pulsed a heavy load of his gift into my mouth. I swallowed his salty mixture, feeling his cock throb in my mouth with each spurt. He slowly withdrew, my tongue cleaning him as he exited, taking in the rest of his fluid and swallowing again. I lay there, gasping, my makeup running, and Rachel climbed up and rested on my body again, kissing me warmly, her tongue pushing into my mouth, collecting Steve’s lingering tastes.

Rachel wiped away my saliva from my face, her body pressed against mine, touching, stroking, caressing. Steve watched our embrace, my legs hooking around Rachel’s legs, her pelvis slowly grinding on mine. She leaned over to take Steve’s shrinking dick in her own mouth, a loving, erotic exploration with her lips. He backed away to enjoy the view in front of him.

It was very clear that Rachel wasn’t sated yet. She arched her back and shuffled forward, lifting an arm over her head and lowering an underarm onto my face. It was just as intoxicating as it was during the massage—perhaps moreso given both of our heightened arousals. I licked and supped, inhaling her aroma, coating her with my saliva, matting her hair down with wetness. She offered me her other underarm and I dined similarly, completely overwhelmed with the sensation. Her fingers slipped inside my opening again, heightening my arousal.

I lingered under Rachel’s arms for as long as she would allow me, content to worship her there and stimulate my fetish indefinitely. My fingernails raked down her back, hooking on her panties, and pulling them down. She adjusted her legs accordingly, pushing them away with her feet. Her full bush mingled with mine, her own slipperiness augmenting our embrace.

Rachel arched her back, looking at me with her piercing eyes, fingers running through my hair. She sat up, still straddling me, and reversed her orientation to me, now facing away. She crawled backwards, her hips approaching my face, palms flat on my abdomen. Her beautiful sex hovered millimeters in front of me, my tongue aching to reach her folds, to taste them, to absorb them into me. And then it was on me, my tongue pushing into her, separating her lips, tasting her nectar. She sat up again, straddling my face, and pressed down firmly, smothering me in her essence. My legs flailed, my body overwhelmed, and I came again, a muffled cry into her opening.

Rachel grinded hard on my face, sliding her sex, covering me in her wetness. She tasted magical, my tongue collecting her flavors. Her hips gyrated, her pleasure clear given the audible moans coming from her lips. I sampled her with abandon, tongue exploring, nestling on her clit, penetrating her lips, piercing her star. I was hers at that moment. There was nothing else that mattered. My saliva mixed with her leavings, saturating my skin.

I could feel her body trembling, a rapture that is hard to describe. She pushed hard against me, engulfing my mouth and nose, her aroma intoxicating. And then she erupted, pushing a sweet nectar from deep within her core, warm droplets hitting my face and filling my open mouth. I quickly swallowed, only to be hit by a second gush that spilled over my face, running down my cheeks and leaving a growing wet pool on the sheets below me. Her orgasm pushed me over the edge again, sending ripping waves of lightning surging through my body.

Unable to see, barely able to breathe, I felt strong hands grasping my thighs, and steve’s cock pushed wetly into my cunt, causing my loins to scream again in pleasure. He thrusted into me and released, nearly exiting. I could feel his thick head stretching my folds, finding purchase deep within me as he thrusted again, working in to a steady, forceful rhythm. Rachel leaned forward, her sex still in my face, her tongue licking my aroused button as Steve fucked me.

I spread Rachel’s cheeks with my hands, lavishing her everywhere with my heated probing, eager to continue to taste her. The curve of Steve’s dick was hitting me just perfectly, grazing every nerve center inside of me. Again, I was lost, two beautiful people using me to pleasure themselves, while pleasuring me. I lost track of my orgasms, both sets of lips tingling with every touch, every caress, every push. Steve increased his pace. I could hear his breathing, his moaning. I could feel his body tense up, and he shot rope after pearly rope of his gift deep inside me, penetrating my soul, filling my opening.

He held there for a moment, his orgasm subsiding, then withdrew. I could feel a warm trickle of his spunk dribbling down my crack and pooling on the sheets. I then recognized the warmth of Rachel’s tongue replacing Steve’s cock, lapping at me again, sucking in the leaking fluids of Steve’s release. Rachel turned around, approaching my face, her mouth clearly holding the remnant’s of her husband’s orgasm. I knew instinctively what to do and opened my mouth, catching his sticky strings in my mouth as they rolled from Rachel’s lips. She then kissed me, our tongues mixing his cum, sharing his gift among us. I swallowed what was left, a smile on my lips, my body in a state of euphoria that was difficult to describe.

The loving couple surrounded me on the bed, embracing me warmly, hands caressing my skin. I knew that this was the beginning of something amazing…

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