After the Game

She screamed herself hoarse at the game, she had cheered every time that he had scored a goal, every time he had made a good play that helped the team she was on her feet with the rest of the crowd. She watched as intently as the most fanatical of sport’s enthusiasts, she knew his height, approximately 6’2″ and his weight, a solid 170lbs, even the size of his skates was imbedded in her memory, size 10, she knew about the injury to his right knee, caused by a nasty slice from an opponent who couldn’t outwit him on the ice, so he simply decided to play dirty. It would never occur to anyone that might watch her while she watched the game that she didn’t actually know anything about the sport, in fact, had a hard time keeping her eye on the puck while keeping track of the players. She was Canadian, and she was the exception that made the rule true that “all” Canadians were experts in the sport of hockey. She knew what anyone that had even peripheral knowledge would, that it was played on ice, with a goal tender, players, a puck, some referees etc., she also knew that it was simply “hockey” and laughed with the crowd when an American referred to it as “ice hockey,” she understood the redundancy of that term just like the rest of Canada did, but if anyone quizzed her, she couldn’t explain “icing” or how a penalty was determined or anything about the technical game of hockey, all she knew, was that when he was on the ice, she couldn’t take her eyes off him.

Now, she was standing outside the door to the team locker room, having waited until what she expected was “everyone” to leave, another little known fact about him was this, he did not shower with the rest of the players, preferring to skate a little longer after the game, wind his muscles down more slowly so that when he finally did step under the water, he could enjoy the heat and relax, it was also accepted that although he played a team sport, this man was somewhat solitary, preferring his own company or the company of close friends, to the rowdy gathering that collected in the locker room right after a game, especially one where they had beaten the other team so terrifically. He had come off the ice with the others, spent some time celebrating and then had slipped back to the ice, he used some of the practice drills to cool down and then made huge, lazy figure eight’s across the surface of the rink until he finally felt relaxed enough to shower. He had returned to the locker room in time to say good night to the few remaining teammates left behind and then stripped off his equipment, reveling in the lessening of weight on his form as each piece dropped onto the floor in front of his locker. When he was completely naked, he collected his towel and headed for the now empty shower, letting out a sharp yell when he stepped into a puddle of nearly melted ice, laughing as he peered around to see if anyone had seen him, of course no one saw, but one person heard his voice as he both yelled and then laughed, the sound halted her in her tracks, fingers clenching at the doorknob.

She waited another few minutes, both to calm her racing heart and to make sure that he was under the water in the shower, she didn’t want an autograph, nor did she believe that she was ever going to meet this man casually on the street and have him fall madly in love with her, things like that did not happen in real life and she was firmly planted in reality, she always had been and always would be. She carefully opened the door and peeked rus escort round to make sure all was clear, if she had found him not alone, she would have bluffed her way through some babbling explanation of “looking for the bathroom” or something equally lame and made her escape, as it was, the room looked as if a tornado had hit it, but it was empty, the only sound was the running of the water beyond a second door at the other side of the room. Once inside, she flipped the lock on the door, noting it was the only entrance to the locker room that was easily accessible, if someone came through the offices on the other side and then down a long hall, they could enter the room, but she felt sure that was unlikely.

Giving herself a quiet “pep” talk, she shrugged out of her coat and let it fall to the floor, moving with the quiet grace of someone utterly unconscious of the appeal of their body, she shed her sweatshirt, and the silky bra beneath, then kicked off her boots, her fingers caught the waistband of her leggings and she wiggled out of those as well, her panties slipping down her long legs as well, she stepped out of her remaining clothes and then tugged her socks off. Carefully tugging the clip from her hair, she let the dark locks fall to frame her face, the last thing she did before stepping into the shower area was remove her glasses, it left her slightly vulnerable but really, whoever would imagine you could do the things she hoped to while wearing glasses, she scoffed at her train of thought and paused for a moment to let her gaze adjust to the foggy shower area, obviously he liked his shower very hot, the innuendo in her thoughts made her grin softly and then she stepped up behind him, one hand reaching up, her fingers fluttering lightly over his hip.

His entire body went still, and his heart skipped two beats as his mind raced, calculating what might be occurring, there had been a light shift in the air when the door opened, alerting him to the fact that the cleaning crew was likely already in and making efforts to restore the locker room to its normal clean state, but he had ignored them as he always did, they expected no less, but now there was someone behind him and by the feel of the fingers brushing at his waist, this was no cleaning lady, nor was it one of his team-mates playing with him, or, was it that? Was this some female paid to tease him, he choked back the rage that was building in his chest and slowly turned to find a woman with straight dark locks, damp already from the shower, brushing at her shoulders, the bluest eyes he had ever seen in his life, a nose that could be called nothing but “cute,” full soft lips that looked utterly kissable, she was looking up at him with the most guileless stare imaginable, and was trembling, if she had been sent by the boys, they picked the wrong girl, she was no “sex vixen,” she was simply too sweet for that.

He let his gaze trail down the rest of her body, slowly examining her curves, she was tall, a good 6″ shorter than him, but for a woman, that would not be considered little at all, her body wasn’t perfect, but then, when one took into consideration the scars and marks over his, he was far from perfect as well, and her face would not be considered classically beautiful, but he had always believed that the woman in the “cameo” jewelry was too delicate for his tastes, no, she was pretty and he felt his anger ebbing away as he stared. On sıhhiye escort her part, she was first confronted with smooth skin and a perfect view of his muscular back and then when he whirled on her, furious blue eyes that made her breath catch in her throat, she stared mutely into his face and swallowed back a cry of shock at the fire dancing in his gaze, she took note of the small scar on his chin and wondered exactly what had happened there, in the back of her mind, she promised herself that if he didn’t scream for security in the next moments, she would satisfy her curiosity and ask. She didn’t dare take her eyes from his face, she was afraid of what might happen if she did, though what that would possibly be, she couldn’t have said, it was simply imperative that her gaze remained locked with his.

Neither one moved for a very long time, they simply stared at each other with wide eyes, taking in one another’s features and the situation, finally he couldn’t just stand there any longer, he found his voice and asked her why she was there, she had thought of many things he would say, get out, stay, call for security even, but to ask that left her mute for several moments longer, she blinked once and then again, and when she spoke, her cheeks bloomed with color instantly, her words shocked her that much, “I’m here to fuck you, as many times as you’ll have me, here, on the floor, on the bench, however you want me.” He was taken aback for about one second and then he grinned about as wide as he could, mentioning the name of one of the other players, asking if they had sent her, when she stared blankly he asked who sent her and she told him no one had, she had come of her own accord and would leave if he wished it, she counted to three in her head and when he didn’t speak again, she started to turn, only to find her upper arm in an iron grip, his hand wrapped over her skin, he didn’t hurt her, but she wasn’t going anywhere until he chose to let her move, that much she knew for certain. He couldn’t even explain to himself why he was going to do this, why he couldn’t let her leave, but he couldn’t and he had the sure feeling that he wasn’t going to regret his choice, he made his decision and tugged her closer to him, he watched as her hand came up and settled at his chest, her fingers curling over his flesh and letting her nails rake over his taut nipple, he groaned softly and lowered his head towards her mouth, he was suddenly craving a taste.

When he caught her arm and tugged her close to him, she let out a surprised gasp and reached out to balance herself, palm landing on his chest, over his right pectoral, her fingers curled instinctively and she whimpered at the faint groan rumbling in his throat, her lips parted slightly and she barely glimpsed his eyes as he lowered his mouth and took hers, the kiss was soft and sweet for a moment, almost long enough for her to catch her breath and yet just as she had settled into the gentle feel of the kiss it changed, he couldn’t help himself, her taste was intoxicating, the sweet hot chocolate she had consumed at the game, mixing with the mints she loved so much lingered on her lips and tongue and he found himself wanting more, his hand curled at the back of her neck and he tugged her body tight against his lean frame and wrapped his arm round her waist, forcing her to stand on her toes.

Her lips parted more and she began to kiss him back deeply, her sincan escort hands sliding to tangle in the curls of dark hair on his head, moaning low in her throat as he turned to let the still hot water of the shower cascade over her, drenching her and him in liquid heat, he continued walking her backwards until the porcelain tiles were at her back, she let out a scream of surprise against his lips and he chuckled wickedly, his hands falling to her thighs as he pressed her more firmly into the wall. He pulled her legs apart and wrapped them at his waist, barely hearing her mumbled protest at his actions, her hips squirmed against him in such a delightful way, that he would have ignored the whispered words anyway, his body was aligned so that one thrust would sink him deep into her and he lifted his gaze to hers, asking in that incredibly sexy, husky voice, if she wanted to change her mind, her head shook frantically as she cried out a soft no, oh no, please, and he whispered back that he liked the sound of her begging.

She blushed at his words and yet, couldn’t help herself, she began to beg softly against his lips, pleading with him to take her, make love to her, she didn’t want to wait, she needed to feel him inside her body, each word was punctuated by a whimper or sigh as he teased her with his hands and lips, bending his head to capture her left nipple in his mouth and suckle hungrily, her body bucked forward at the thrilling sensation and her hips pressed wantonly at his, she writhed in his grasp and even he couldn’t deny that he wanted her so with a swift motion, he shifted his body and drove deep into her. Both she and he cried out at the joining, his was harsh and low and hers soft and keening, her own hips thrust forward to hold him within her tight body, her fingers rake at his shoulders as she clings to him, almost instantly beginning to move with a hard, driving rhythm, he captures her hands, pulls her arms above her head and pins her to the wall with his body, over and over he thrusts forward, battering her hips with his own, pressing her harder against the cold wall of the shower, his motions relentless as he takes her almost carelessly.

She certainly doesn’t make a single protest as he takes her body harder and harder, in fact she presses her lips to his ear and begs and whispers erotic images of how she feels, how much she wants him to do just what he is doing to her body, the things she wants to do to him, her long legs tighten at his waist and he grunts out his approval at the feeling of her limbs holding him deeper into her body, she shudders against him and begs more fiercely as he takes her higher and higher, suddenly stilling and sinking her teeth into his shoulder as she fights to not scream out, her orgasm rocks her mind almost as hard as it does her body, sending her spinning out of control, writhing and bucking beneath him like a wild thing. Its not one thing, its the combination of things that sets him off behind her, first her words, then her bite, the pain sending a shudder through him, and finally when her body breaks and she explodes over him, he loses control too, driving her against the wall hard and fast before sinking as deep as he possibly can inside her body, spilling his seed deep within her and grinding his hips hard into her body, finally both are spent and exhausted, but he has enough of his wits about him to stumble from the shower to the locker room, he sinks down on the floor and curls her beneath him, still tightly joined to her, his lips nuzzle at her throat gently and she whimpers in utter pleasure, snuggling her body into his for the warmth of him, she bursts into giggles at his words to her right before he falls sleep.

“What’s your name, baby?” After she whispers her name against his throat, she too falls into an exhausted sleep.

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