After the Beginning Bk. 01 Ch. 01

Big Tits

This story is mostly true. Unless otherwise stated, it is safe to assume all characters are above 18 years old. Every last one. There is not a single character in this story at any point who is not 18 or over.


Abby and I were riding around backroads chatting celebrating her birthday. She had turned nineteen. I had been nineteen for three months. I had just pointed out Mt. Zion Church, where my grand-dad took me every Sunday as a child. Her soft hand wrapped mine. The sky was bright blue with spots of silver-white clouds. I smiled and sang along with my Steve Miller Band tape and Abby. Overall, it was the most perfect of days. That’s when I saw him.

I had not seen Kenny Derrickson since that night at Curt’s Foodland. His white Bronco sat at the intersection waiting to turn right while I was turning left to turn down the road he was leaving; the same Bronco he stood in front of last Winter wearing his police uniform with his gun drawn and pointed at my face. I let go of Abby’s hand and gripped the steering wheel tightly, whitening my knuckles.

“What is wrong?” Abby asked, rubbing my thigh. I turned my head to her. Abby’s deep blue eyes stared back worried. “Joey?” I looked back at Kenny. His Bronco slid into his turn, less than five feet from me in the other lane. A car honked behind me. I stared at Kenny, frozen. He smiled and waved.

“That mother fucker waved!” I snarled, turning back to Abby.

“What? Who?” She spun and looked behind us. “That Bronco?” The car behind us honked again. “Baby, go ahead. Pull over there.” She pointed to the elementary school lot.

I clenched my jaw, breathed through my nose, and pulled ahead to the school lot. She spoke gently enough that, with the help of her hand rubbing my forearm, by the time I slid the car into park, I calmed enough to speak, but I was unsure what to say.

“Before we- Last year- You know Beth Catsman, right?” I asked.

“Short, long dark hair, cute as a button, and almost as smart as a button?” She smiled at the subtle jab. “She is a year older than us. Is she the one you had sex with?”

“I’m sorry, Abby, yeah. But-” I looked at her questioningly. How did she always know things before I told her?

Abby shrugged. “You told me you weren’t a virgin that first night at the pumpkin patch.”

The pumpkin patch was an off road make out spot. I took Abby there after our third date hoping to get in her pants. “I was trying to get laid.”

Abby slapped my arm and threw her head back in laughter. “You are such a dunce. Telling a nervous virgin you been fucking other girls won’t make her spread her legs.” She snorted and continued her laughter.

That never stopped shocking me about Abby, the way she could talk very clinical one second and effortlessly slip into vulgarity. And she had a near-British accent that gave it an extra kink. Her dad met and married Anna’s English mother while he was stationed in England. “You’re right it didn’t work very well.”

“No sir.” She snuggled into me and massaged my bulge. “Not unless you marry me. I doubt that ever happens.” She squeezed where I thickened. “I have a lot of goals I want to complete before I settle down. Can you court me for fifteen years?” She kissed my neck and unbuttoned my pants, slipping her hand under the waistband of my boxers. “No pussy for you, homeslice.”

“That’s ok, you have other talents.” I leaned back a little to give her more room.

She ran her grip along my growing shaft, biting her lip. “You expect a blow job in an elementary school parking lot?”

I grinned.

“Stop with that cheesy ass sideways smile.” She pulled her hand out and fell back to her seat laughing. “I’ll always take care of you, baby. Maybe we should practice a little discipline and not engage in oral sex in an elementary school parking lot.” She looked around and lowered her voice to a whisper. “I love you, you stupid son-of-a-bitch.” She kissed me. “Now, tell me.”

“I love you, too.”

She crossed her eyes at me. “What? No.” She muttered something under her breath. “I don’t care about that so much. Tell me about Kenny Derrickson.”

“He was a cop. Beth was, or is, I guess, engaged to him.” I lost myself in reverie staring at the mural of an Eagle on the school sign.

“You fucked a cop’s fiance?” She slapped her thighs. “Wow! Just wow! I might have to suck your dick right now, school lot or not.”

“I didn’t know you hated cops.” I learned something new about her every day.

“Oh, I don’t. I am a law-abiding citizen, and I respect the jurisdiction of law enforcement. Policemen are civil servants who sacrifice their time and sometimes their health or even life to help keep society operating successfully.” She looked at me and grinned. “And my boyfriend will fuck all their fiance’s if they aren’t careful.”

“God, Abby, you’re too much. I love the holy fuck out of you.”

“You better. You never going to get to fuck me unless it is holy.” She nodded her finger at me. Abby’s father was a casual Antalya Escort methodist, as was her little sister, Doxie. Abby stuck on her mom’s side of the rosary in Catholicism “Tell me about it.”

“I am.”

“No, tell me having sex,” she pleaded. “I am glad all this came up. I know I seem so sure and confident, but-” She looked at me squarely. “I really have never been able to talk about any of this stuff with anyone until you.”

“What about David and Sergei?” Those were the two guys Abby dated last Fall.

“Whatever. Sergei was my first kiss. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and I stood motionless while he licked around. David grabbed my boob. I was wearing an red sweater with a elf on it-“

“Christmas?” I interrupted, forming a timeline in my brain.

“Close enough. He stayed outside my clothes, but it still felt oddly like a mammogram. Anyway, that is it.”

“You didn’t kiss, David?”

“Well, of course, but I had already kissed Sergei, so it wasn’t a big deal.” Abby waved me off.

“Maybe not a big deal for you, but every time I see David ‘s goofy acne face I have to think that he and I had our tongues in the same mouth.” David and I had hated each other since junior high.

“Maybe I should suck his dick so you can get even with him.” We both made a hurling gesture. “Sorry, that was too far,” she said. “I might get sick.”

“It was last December when I had sex with Beth. The thirty-first.” I sighed in remembrance.

“So you were celebrating the new year?” She arched her brow waiting.

“Not exactly.” I sighed. “I had been hunting that morning with dad. Wait-let me backup.”

“Are you going to get all sappy?” She asked.

“Probably, I was pretty dorky, then.” I nodded.

“Good. I want all the details.” She patted my arm and turned to face me in her seat. “And you are still pretty fucking dorky.”

“So in fourth grade-“

“Holy shit, you really are going back. I moved here in fourth grade.”

“Yeah, this isn’t about that. Just something that happened then.” I tilted my head. “Did you see Slave Day?” There had been an annual event at my grade school called Slave Day. The girls would be auctioned to the boys and the boys auctioned to the girls. The slave had to carry books and stuff for the owner, and all the money went to the school. “They never did it again after that year.”

“Some people get offended at the idea of being auctioned as slaves. Who would think? Yeah, my first week here was the same week. It disturbed me a little. I thought where the hell had mom and dad brought me.” We both laughed. Abby shook her finger at me. “I do remember that you broke the record.”

“Beth Catsman bought me for a hundred dollars.” I remarked proudly.

“Beth? Oh my God, I forgot!”

“Yeah, so anyway, that always stayed with me. I was a dork, thought girls hated me, but, by God, I was the record holder.”

“What did she make you do? As a slave I mean.”

“Not a damn thing. I was so nervous. I thought no one would bid on me. When that actually came true, and teachers started bidding.” I shook my head, And Abby covered her mouth to suppress a giggle. “Yeah, teachers bid on me; it went from bad to absolute fucking worst. Then, Mrs. Dent was the highest bidder with a whopping $2.50, Beth threw her hand up, holding a hundred dollar bill. ‘One hundred dollars!’ she yelled out in the sweetest little girl voice. She won the bet, and I ran over to her. She was sitting beside Cyndi Hester. Cyndi’s parents used to be really good friends with my parents, so I knew her well. She couldn’t believe it either. I sat beside Beth, and she never spoke to me. She didn’t even look at me. The rest of the day continued uneventfully.”

Abby nodded. “I’ve heard of this sort of thing. Rising epidemic of grade school girls retaining slaves for needs they’ll have after they turn eighteen.”

“Abby, don’t.” I knew she was stretching to find some humor because we both felt a bit awkward.

She nodded. “I’m sorry, baby.” She snuggled back into my arms. “Here, just tell me in whatever order you want, I’ll just listen.”

“I started crushing on her that day. Not super crushy or anything, but whenever I saw her, she was always pretty, you know?” I kissed the top of Abby’s head when she nodded. She never really came up, though, and I never saw her much. I mean never, really. I always thought it was odd.”

“DIfferent circles.” Abby turned down the stereo. Steve Miller Band Abracadabra had been playing, and it didn’t match the mood.

“Yeah, maybe,” I said. “Circles were kind of overlapping, though, right? She was one grade ahead, she was cute. She went-“

“She’s never leaving here, Joey.” She turned and looked at me. “Sorry for interrupting when I said I would not. Stop worrying about all the whys. Stop looking for reasons behind every action and answers behind every question. Sometimes things just happen that way. My dad said we are looking for ourselves. To know who we are, we have to learn when we are, where we are, and why we are. You can’t answer Antalya Escort Bayan any of those yet, and neither can I. We will both be something bigger than this town; she won’t. Beth Catsman has probably known exactly who she is for years. She is now and she is here.”

“That’s silly.” I creased my brow then felt bad for calling Abby’s dad silly.. “What about the why?” I tried to sound cheeky.

“I don’t know. You are going to be somebody, so maybe her purpose was to take your v-card.” She kisses the hand on my arm wrapped around her.

“I never said she was my first.”

“Baby, we go to a small school.” She laughed. “In seventh grade you crushed on Lori Benson. Gross.” She shivered. “In ninth grade, you crushed on Shirley Hampton.” She shrugged. “She is annoying, but cute, so I get it. Then there was no one.”

“Charlsie Owen and Jennifer Dawson and Misty-?”

“You don’t have to go through all the pretty girls at school. Who doesn’t crush on them, jeez. I even get all tongue twisty trying to talk to Charlsie.”

I kissed the top of her head again. Her long blond curls smelled so clean and airy. “I gave Charlsie a ride home every day last semester.”

She laughed. “Listen to you. ‘I could have been a contender!'” Her Marlon Brando accent was horrible.

“No lie. Charlsie tried to seduce me. For real, Abby,” I defended. “She pulled up the emergency brake once at a stop sign and started talking all sexy like. Then she wanted me to come in her house. ‘My parents are not home. I want to show you my room.'”

“Yawn.” She mocked. “I do not care about the days when my boyfriend was too stupid to realize all the girls liked him. I want to hear more about my boyfriend fucking a cop’s fiance.”

“Where was I?” I rolled my eyes, smiling.

“It was so odd that you never saw her.” Abby’s sarcasm was thick.

“Last Spring in Doc Carter’s Poetry class, Les Wilson- remember him?”

Abby nodded. “Short dude, kind of thick? Dark?”

“Yeah. So Les, out of the blue, declares an undying love for Beth Catsman. It was no big deal, I was kind of crushing on Carla Ledman at that point. It was just the first time I had heard her name in a while, and, well, Les?”

“Yeah, he’s in a few leagues below her.”

“I know, right, That-” I grimaced from Abby’s elbow in my ribs.

“That was sarcasm, asshole. Les was a nice guy.” She shook her head. “More importantly, I never knew you crushed on Carla.” Abby had been good friends with Carla in ninth grade.

“It was brief and uneventful. I left my textbook in History. I thought I had lost it; you know my history losing textbooks. The next day she gave it to me and kissed my cheek. I was head over heels for a couple months.”

“We’ve been together less than a couple of months,” Abby retorted.

“She never touched my penis.”

“That’s fair.” Abby squeezed my crotch. “So you challenged Les for the hand of his maiden. Then what?”

“Be serious.”


“Yeah, nothing else, I just noticed when Les mentioned her. I was a little jealous,” I confessed.

“Now I am,” Abby laughed. “Just kidding, continue.”

“Well, there was nothing, until I went to work at Curt’s. Brian Hoggin, you know him?” I waited for her response. She only shrugged. “He is a couple years older I think. I took his spot at Curt’s; he’d been there forever. “So he was training me in the stockroom, and Mr. Larry came up. He said there was a new cashier starting the next week. He asked Brian if he knew Beth Catsman. Brian said, ‘yeah’, and Larry left. Then Brian turned on me. ‘I have worked here for five years. The only cashiers were Gertrude Carney, Ethel Simpkins, and a rotating array of fatties, but the week after I leave they bring in fucking Beth fucking Catsman?’ He said I was a lucky fucker.”

“Did you feel lucky?” Abby asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered. “Maybe, mostly stunned. It felt serendipitous.”

“Nice word,” Abby appreciated.

“Thought you’d like it.”

“Can we go to your house?” she asked. We sometimes hung out in my room while my parents watched TV in the living room. We never got too handy or made out at my house, though, since my folks were right outside.

“Really? Why?” I didn’t like hanging at my house due to the lack of hand and lip action.

“I want to.”

“Ok.” I put the car in drive. Abby returned to her seat.

The subject changed effortlessly to the new boyfriend of Abby’s cute little sister, Doxie. Doxie had turned eighteen a month before I turned nineteen. Her tiny body made her look younger and innocent. Abby and I were discussing all the reasons Tom Petty was great fifteen minutes later when we arrived at my house After a brief talk with mom and dad, Abby and I lay on my bed in my room. I tossed a foam ball in the air and caught it. Abby lay on her side and tickled my tummy lightly. I let the ball fall beside the bed.

“So I had been at Curt’s for one week,” I started. Abby had not mentioned the story, but I sensed she wanted more. “I was standing outside with Darnell Nichols.” Escort Antalya Darnell was a coworker. I had known him since third grade. “Kenny’s Bronco pulled up and he and Beth got out. I was starstruck when I saw her. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone look as fancy as she did that day.” I turned to Abby. “She’s in Cosmetology school, you know?”

Abby laughed. “Of course, she is.”

“Why this sudden interest in this story? That night at the pumpkin patch you acted like you didn’t want to know any of that- any of that stuff before us.” I rested my hand on hers on my chest. “I thought it would feel weird talking to you about this stuff, but it is kind of fun. No one knows this whole story- no one- not the whole thing.”

“You’ll think I’m strange.” Abby pulled her hand from under mine and fell back on a pillow. “It turns me on. That night at the pumpkin patch I fucking gushed.” She squeezed her body with an audible mmm. “When I asked if you knew from experience, and you said you did, wow! It makes me feel like a tramp, but it is so sexy to know one of the hottest most virile guys in school is making out with-“

“Abby?” I retorted. “Hottest guys in school?”

“You, you fucking dunce. The fact that you refute it only makes you hotter.” Her stern look left no room for question. “So you could have been fucking any girl, and you obviously knew how to fuck girls, since you were already fucking girls.” She talked quickly, almost too fast to understand.

“Calm down, Abby.”

“You were kissing my neck.” She spoke slower and closed her eyes. “Your tongue touched my skin and I felt goosebumps everywhere. And you said-“

I leaned over and kissed her neck, licking just a little. “This is more fun without clothes on.”

“Yes,” she moaned and tilted her head, giving me more room. “My heart exploded like it is now. I could see it all. I could see you, naked-” she bit her lip- “plowing into some anonymous girl, taking her virginity.”

“Beth was not a virgin.” I returned my lips to her neck.

“Shut up.” She wrapped her arm around my neck, holding my face to her body. “I could smell it. I had already noticed how, in the car, I could smell myself and you, our shared scent, our musk. I imagined how much more it would be if you were plunging yourself into a throbbing wet pussy.” She sighed. “I had assumed we both shared a chastity, since you had really dated no one as far as I knew. I had dated Sergei and Kenny, but nilch for you.”

“So, that night while I licked your neck, you said…” My lips and tongue touched her with the question. “I said, ‘this is more fun without clothes,; and you said…”

“How would you know?” Abby roleplayed our night at the pumpkin patch. “Have you ever done it before?”

I stayed in character and kissed the upper swell of her breasts. “A few times.”

“Oh, God.” Abby whispered louder than she meant to and put her hand over her mouth. “Oh, God.”

“Shhh!” I put a hand over hers on her mouth. Abby usually came with moans and sighs, but sometimes big ones surprised her with a squeal. “My mom and dad are just down the hall.” With devilish intent I moved my hand from her face and slid it under the waistband of her shorts. Her body quivered as she stared at me wide-eyed shaking her head. My hand continued until I cupped her crotch inside her panties.

I leaned close and whispered. “All those times you thought we were experiencing new things together? All those times, you were just oblivious; I had already had sex.” She gasped, and I felt her pussy flutter in my hand. My dad kept the house cooler than most people enjoyed, but my hand was in a sauna. I laughed. “As a matter of fact, Remember the first time I ever called you?” I asked. She nodded, panting. “It was a Monday night, remember?” I smiled at her and popped her nose with the index finger on my free hand. Her nectar seeped between the fingers of my other hand on her pussy. “Well, that very morning Beth came by here before school and asked me for a goodbye fuck. I gave her one. Isn’t that grand? Not even twelve hours before you accepted my invitation to prom, my dick was in a different pussy.”

Abby could not muffle her squeal and she gushed in my hand. I wiggled my fingers enjoying the frictionless slide in her goo. “Not fair.” She breathed and pulled my hand from her shorts. “No touching.” She panted. “Oh God. Again.” She squeezed her face and squealed again.

“You guys ok?” My mom asked with a yell from the living room.

“Yes,” I yelled back as I watched Abby’s face twist in pleasure. “Abby keeps stubbing her toe.”

“Be careful, Abby,” my mom called back.

Abby breathed deeply three times before answering. “I will.” Then to me with a whisper, “You really fucked her that morning?”

“Yes.” I nodded.


“I’ve been dating you, Abby, and she worked on things with Kenny.”

Abby nodded her head in deep thought. “She would have kept fucking you.”

“You are impossible, Abby.” I rolled to my back laughing. “Again, I was dating you!”

“I wouldn’t have known, though.” She shuddered and squeezed and rolled to her side facing me. “I think I am still orgasaming a little bit. THis is fun.” She laughed. “For real, think about it, you could have fucked her every morning and come to school and kissed me. I would have never known.”

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