After Hours


Thanks, again, InPennyInPound, for your…inspiration.



“Do you need anything else, Ms. Hollis?”

I glanced up from the blurring rows and columns on the printed spreadsheet and blinked at Kelly, my secretary, standing in the doorway to my office, her purse slung over her right shoulder. Somewhere behind her, I could hear the other office girls chattering while they shut down their workstations for the weekend. When her words finally registered, I gave her a quick shake of my head and wave of my fingers. “Go ahead. I should be done here in about five minutes. Have a good weekend.”

She narrowed her eyes at me for a moment but just echoed my last words with a smile before turning and joining her coworkers.

Yeah, she knew me too well. Five minutes was usually fifteen to twenty on a regular day. But it was the Friday before a three-day holiday weekend, and a summary of the quarterly report was due first thing Tuesday morning. Who was I kidding? I’d be here for a couple of hours at least. And that was only if I could concentrate on the numbers at hand.

After the first hour with only a little headway, I made a quick trip to the vending machine in the break-room for a can of caffeine. Back at my desk with carbonation tickling the back of my throat from a deep gulp, I was still standing and leaning over my desk—maybe a different perspective would help—when I heard a low growl.

Far from startled since I knew the owner of that sound, I barely glanced up to see Mr. James Bannister leaning against the doorjamb, his hands in the pockets of his fitted suit pants. He was the epitome of tall and handsome, though he wasn’t dark…at least not on top. His, silvery hair was trimmed shorter on the sides and back, making him look older than his mid-forties. And his slightly-tanned skin indicated he didn’t mind being outdoors, but I knew he didn’t hit the links with the rest of the male execs.

“Burning the midnight oil, Allison?”

I arched a manicured eyebrow, finally acknowledging him. “It’s six o’clock. Hardly midnight.”

He gave a slight shrug. “It’s midnight somewhere.”



“If it’s six o’clock here, it’s midnight in London.”

James chuckled. “You and your numbers.”

I rolled my eyes and leaned further forward to find the top of one column and slide my finger down.

A deeper growl met my ears.

I glanced up in time to see him adjusting the Windsor knot at his throat. A second later, I realized he could see down the top of my blouse. Standing abruptly, I sat in my chair and rolled it up to the desk, feeling my cheeks flush. I barely managed to prevent a smirk when he sighed.

“What can I do you for, James?” The moment the words were out of my mouth, I closed my eyes and pressed my lips together. Damn Freudian slip.

“I don’t charge a fee, Allison, but if you’re willing to pay…”

“It was a mistake,” I mumbled, pretending to refocus on the taped-together pages spread before me again. In my head, I halfheartedly begged him to leave. The company wasn’t altogether unpleasant. But I wanted to get this report done so I could go home and sink into my spa tub with a glass of wine and not think about anything until my alarm went off Tuesday morning.

“Indian giver, eh?” he said with a soft laugh.

There was a slight sound of shoes shuffling on the carpet. A moment later, he was standing in front of my desk. When I glanced up again, he had one eyebrow raised, and his smile widened while he removed his suit jacket, laying it across the back of one of the visitor chairs. I gulped when he smoothed one large hand down the front of his gray buttoned-up vest, tugging on the cuffs of his white dress shirt before sitting down in the opposite chair. He crossed his right knee over his left and clasped his hands in his lap.

I tried to ignore him while I worked, sipping from my can of soda occasionally. And glory be, the numbers started to make sense. It wasn’t long until I was finally able to start typing up my report.

He didn’t speak, but I could hear his even breathing. Feel his eyes on me.

I was used that from clients, though, so James’s attention didn’t faze me. Not even when I could see in my peripheral vision that he was slowly unbuttoning the vest and loosening the knot in his tie. I bit the inside of my lip when he adjusted his position and relaxed back in the seat—trying not to think of him attempting to hide his arousal. Eyes back on the computer screen, I pointed out in my report where our losses were coming from then outlined a proposal to gain back those funds in the next two quarters.

A few minutes later, his voice startled me, reminding me of his presence. “You seem to be working awfully hard there, Allison. Even when you’re watching me from the corner of your eye. You think I don’t notice things like that?”

The lump in my throat seemed to appear out of nowhere. It actually hurt to swallow, and soda did not help this time. A quick glance mamak escort at him had been a bad idea. I clenched my eyes for a moment then blinked rapidly to refocus once more.

James’s head was cocked, the corner of his mouth twitching. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”

When I continued to ignore him, he made a “tsk, tsk, tsk” sound. I couldn’t help the soft curse when he stood and made his way around my desk, stopping directly behind me.

“You’re working entirely too much. It’s the weekend. You should be at home or out having fun, not hanging around the office.”

At the feeling of him fingering the bottom of my hair, I shivered. My fingers shook over the keyboard for a moment. Even my breath was unsteady when I exhaled.

Damn this man. He’d been on my mind for two months now…ever since the big wigs had introduced us in a corporate meeting. We were on the same level of authority but from different departments. The ins and outs of our areas didn’t even intersect. Yet, he’d found a reason to swing by my office at least once or twice a week. But never after hours. And never had he been this…forward.

Always the professional, he’d danced right around the boundary lines. Secretly, I’d wished he would push them a little. Not to give me reason to report him but so that I’d know for sure if he was truly interested in me…or just liked to flaunt his manhood. I was the only female executive in the company. Most of the men seemed to be okay with that status. A couple had made it known around the water cooler that they thought women belonged on the other side of the desk, but no one had ever had the gall to say it to my face. I prayed that day would never come from James.

Now? I had a feeling I was finally going to see the true side of the man who had haunted my dreams on more than one occasion. Would I regret it, though?

We were alone. The rest of the floor was dark beyond the windows of my office. There was no reason for anyone else to be in the building at this hour. The janitors didn’t come in until Saturday morning. What if James’s intentions weren’t honorable? What if—

“It seems you may need to relieve some stress, wouldn’t you agree?” His voice was right by my ear, his lips grazing it slightly, making me gasp. He brushed my hair aside while he spoke. And then he nipped my earlobe. “Answer me, Allison.”

Fire and ice. That’s the only way I could describe what was moving through my body at his words…his actions. I couldn’t move. Barely breathe. And I definitely did not have a voice to reply.

James suddenly braced his hands on either side of me on the desk, invading my space more. At least I had the thin back of the chair between us. For now.

My legs were shaking. Thank God, I was already sitting. This is what I had hoped for, wasn’t it? I struggled to not look at him for fear that I would lose the last shred of control over my emotions if I did. But I couldn’t help the small whimper that escaped when he leaned into the side of my face, his lips touching my ear again.

“I know what you want…” he whispered, licking at my lobe. “What you need.”

Without warning, he reached out and took my left wrist, gently but firmly pulling it off the desk and behind my chair. Cupping the back of my hand in his palm, he placed it firmly on the bulge in his crotch.

I whimpered louder, clenching my eyes. Both of my hands instinctively closed as well, my left wrapping further around his covered erection. My pussy clenched at the feeling.

He let out a soft groan and placed my hand back on the desk. The heat of his presence seemed to recede, but it didn’t stop the trembling that had moved up to my shoulders. His warm breath still caressed the back of my neck when he exhaled heavily.

A moment later, the chair was slowly being turned to face him…leaving my eyes directly in line with his crotch. With a gasp, I sat back in the chair, darting my gaze up only long enough to see him licking his lips. Then I was following his hands where they settled at his waist, unbuckling his leather belt. Undoing the button so very slowly I wasn’t sure if he was actually doing it until he was lowering his zipper.

I heard a groan from him when I started breathing more raggedly and licked my lips.

“That little wet tongue? God, you’re so fucking sexy, Allison,” he growled, reaching into his boxer briefs. But he paused, removing his hand a second later. His slacks hanging seductively on his hips, he grabbed my biceps, easily pulling me to my feet.

There was no time to think. To voice my dissent. One second I was sucking in my breath, the next, his warm lips were pressing to mine with a fervor I’d never experience before.

Heat. Passion. Desperation. Hunger. They all swirled through my head. Was he feeling all that, too?

His tongue entered my mouth, claiming it. His fingers tightened on my arms, pulling me closer to him. My head tilted back when his ofise gelen escort pressed forward while the rest of my body leaned against him. Feeling that bulge in other places now. Pressing. Rubbing. Igniting.

I was just melting into his kiss when at my whimper, I found myself seated again. Panting. Wondering what the hell had just happened.

James’s own breathing was erratic. And he’d leaned back against the desk, gripping the edge with both hands. Staring down at me, his eyes wide.

When I dropped my gaze to his slightly-heaving chest, he tilted my chin up. Held it. Then he ran his thumb over my bottom lip before he pressed inside my mouth for a second. I took the opportunity and licked his digit, which made him growl. Push in further.

Soon, I was sucking the tip of his thumb down to the first knuckle while he slowly moved it in and out of my mouth, my chin still cupped in his fingers. My eyes were focused on his. Both of us were making soft sounds of pleasure. And my pussy wouldn’t stop clenching.

At one point, his hand slipped. He tugged on my chin to adjust, and I fell forward. I caught my balance by putting my palms on his thighs. Right by his groin. I moaned and sucked harder on his digit as a result.

His hiss of surprise was his only reaction as he kept thrusting his thumb in and out of my mouth. Then he groaned when my hands squeezed the firm muscles beneath them. A moment later, he had pulled free and was setting me upright.

James reached into his briefs again then promptly released his cock with a sharp exhale. The crown—red and angry looking—rested only a couple of inches from my lips. The tip was glistening with a single, pearl bead at the center.

My tongue darted out on impulse.

“Go ahead.” His raspy approval made me moan and lick my lips again. “Please.”

His body swayed a little when my fingers replaced his and wrapped around the velvety texture of his hard member, holding it steady. He groaned loudly the second I reached the tip of my tongue toward the eye of his cock. Toward that pearl. Gathering it and bringing it back to my mouth. Tasting the saltiness of his precum.

He was the one to tremble now, leaning against the edge of my desk again for support.

Courage building in my veins, I took another lick. The flat of my tongue, this time, across the flat of his pliable head. Another curse from him was just encouragement. My third lick was bolder, swirling around the crown. A quick glance up—at his extended neck and closed eyes—showed I had him where I wanted him…at my mercy, if only for a few minutes.

Sealing my lips around his crown on the next lick, I sucked while gently squeezing my hand around him.

“Fuck, woman!”

I had anticipated his thrust and pulled back, his cock coming free with a soft popping sound. After I took a deep breath, I had him back in my mouth. Deeper now. Sucking while stroking. Moaning when he placed a hand on my head and gently brushed his fingers through my hair.

Scooting the chair forward, I luxuriated in the contrasting hard and soft feel of him sliding over my tongue. The smooth texture of his clothes when I ran my free hand up and down his leg…around to caress his ass. The smell of masculine musk on his skin each time my nose got closer to his base.

But just as with his kiss, he disengaged before I was ready to stop. Leaving me whimpering. Then he pulled me to my feet again, where I wobbled in my heels.

“Allison,” he said gruffly, licking his lips. Searching my eyes.

Holding me to him by my right arm, his free hand moved to my back and slid down, stroking my ass. At my moan, he captured my lower lip between his teeth. And then he suckled gently while I pressed my body against his, clutching at his arms.

“James!” I gasped when he suddenly lifted me by the hips and sat me on top of my desk.

He shoved my pencil skirt up and spread my legs, stepping between them. His cock rested between us, and I felt the dampness from his precum soaking through my blouse. One hand stroking my right leg through my thigh-high stockings, he cupped the back of my head and kissed me. Hard.

Eyes closed, I finally sunk into his embrace, my hands roaming. Touching his shoulders. Feeling his muscles flexing and relaxing. The heat radiating through his shirt. Then I was at the back of his neck. His hair tickled my fingertips while his tongue plundered my mouth. One of my shoes fell off with a clunk when I tried to wrap my leg around his.

He was on the move, as well. Gripping my other knee, which he rubbed against his hip. Gently squeezing the back of my neck, making me arch and moan. Then caressing the side of my breast before taking it into his palm and squeezing harder…his thumb teasing my nipple through my blouse and bra.

At my stomach, I could feel his cock pulsing. Hard and hot. Still clutching the back of his neck with my left hand, I slid my right between otele gelen escort us and wrapped my itching fingers around him just below the crown. Then I ran the pad of my thumb back and forth over the tip, smearing the thin fluid there. Teasing more from the slit.

James bit my lower lip again, dragging it into his mouth where he sucked it. Lathed it with his tongue. Then he returned to covering my lips with his. Inviting my tongue to dance.

The longer he kissed me, the more he grunted. The more I undulated against him. Sweat formed at the nape of his neck beneath my fingers. I could feel it between my shoulder blades, too.

Once more, he pulled back, but only at our mouths. He rested his forehead against mine, his breath hot on my face. I continued to play with his cock, my left hand braced behind me now.

“You…are…a…tease,” he panted, cringing and kissing me softly.

When he slid his hand up under my skirt on my thigh, I released him and had to put my other hand behind me, as well, for support. Then I was the one biting my lower lip because his fingers were caressing further inward.

“Shit!” My whole body jerked when his knuckle grazed my panty-clad pussy.

“Sensitive,” he chuckled. Brushing his lips at the corner of my mouth, he ran his knuckle against me three more times. On each pass, he pressed harder. “Mmm. Allison?”

“Huh? What?” I blinked and tried to swallow.

“You’re wet, my dear.”

My arms gave out, and I dropped backwards on the desk with a grunt. At the feeling of a finger stroking the outside of my pussy underneath my panties, my eyes rolled back. My jaw dropped, and my voice caught in the back of my throat.

“Beautiful,” he murmured.

In my peripheral vision, I saw James disappear. A second later, something wet ran across my pussy. I finally cried out, realizing it was his tongue. Then I was cooing. Arching my back. Twisting my hips. Smacking my palms on the papers strewn beneath me.

Below, he had pulled my panties aside and was attacking me with an arsenal of lips, teeth, and tongue. Never penetrating. Yet, that is what my body was silently begging for. Something…anything… Well, not just anything. I wanted his cock, but I’d take a finger or two for the time being. He couldn’t read my mind, though. And unfortunately, I couldn’t find the words to ask him outright.

My other shoe fell to the floor when he grasped my ankle and held my leg up and out. I squirmed more at the feeling of him thrumming and circling my clit with what was probably his thumb. And I actually squealed when he slowly licked my pussy from top to bottom. Teasing my tight, sensitive ring for a moment before beginning again.

I mumbled out a string of cusswords interspersed with gasps.

He moaned and released my leg after positioning it over his shoulder. A second later, I felt a couple of his fingers sliding along the same path his tongue had made before pressing up into me.

“James!” My hands fisted at my sides, my whole body contorting on the desk. Caught between trying to get away from his touch and following his hand when he started to withdraw only to thrust back in. Several things clattered when they fell off the desk in the process.

His deep, responding chuckle told me he’d achieved the desired reaction. He continued at the same pace, teasing and twisting the desires in me. Each time my leg started to slip, he caught the back of my knee in the crook of his elbow and put it back up on his shoulder.

It wasn’t long before I was coming, both gasping and cursing his name. Rolling my head back and forth on the desk. Clenching and releasing one hand in his hair now. The other was absently massaging my breast through my blouse as I was wont to do when I was alone.

My mind was still hazy a few minutes later. Breathing was a chore. I was aware of him lowering my foot, but I couldn’t close my legs since he was still standing between my thighs.

He moved from side to side for a few seconds before his fingers stroked through my sensitive lower lips, making me shudder. Then he withdrew again. A moment later, he cupped my head directly below my ear, his thumb stroking the rise of my cheekbone. The sweet scent of my familiar essence reached my nose. “Allison?”

I mumbled something…opened my eyes briefly to see his face swimming before mine. Was he clenching his jaw?

“Do you want more?”

I blinked this time. Ran my tongue across my lips. Tried to speak but ended up nodding.

He let out a soft growl. “Say it.”

My pussy clenched, and my eyes focused momentarily. My voice was gravelly when I spoke. “Yes. Fuck me, James.”

His own eyes seemed to gloss over. He took a deep breath and gave me a curt nod. Keeping his hand on my cheek, I felt him pull aside my panties again with his left hand before his cock touched my pussy. Pressed forward. Entered me.

We groaned in tandem as he slid inside. Slowly stretching me inch by inch. And then his groin was resting against mine. He gave a quick thrust of his hips, digging in a little deeper, which made my neck arch back and my hands shoot out to grab his arms.

I purred when he pulled back and pushed forward again. Sped up a little. Set his rhythm. My ragged breathing grew more strained. I couldn’t stop licking my lips.

So close. I was so fucking close.

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