After a long time…

After a long time…
After a long time I did not write a lot and I’m sorry about it, but I believe I will make up for it with the story today. I did not write for a long time because I got a new job and somehow I was in it. It’s been enough to get psychic fatigue from me and I was not all right. Somehow I did the job and home that made me sick and I got sick for a couple of days. I said that was enough, not the first job. So I did it. There was also a recent boyfriend / fuck buddy I saw a couple of times a week. When I was hired we did not see 20 full days. So 20 days without sex, no touch, no kiss, no matter. It’s just a total shock to my body.

That day has come as well, just to get away from it all, from work and commitment. I needed rest and how I say active vacation. Under active vacation I mean that dose of sex you are so tired of sleeping like a baby later. I heard him and told him that I had separated immediately after work to rest and that I wanted to be found in the evening. He was delighted to just say when we already know where: P I said at about 7 pm he would come because I would be fine, dry, prepare, because I know what awaits me in the evening. I know I can not walk properly when I’m home. I’ll have to hurry 19:00.

And so the time went by, drowsed, shaved, wrapped in creams and dressed a trainer underneath her I did not have any panties or anything simply ready for that unexpected though planned, and I liked it so some little things because each time she sees me loves me catch my ass and enthusiasts. I wanted him surprised when he caught my ass to feel it naked to have no panties just to feel I wanted him. Of course I managed to do that hehe.

It was 19h, he picked me up, it did not last a second. I was eager to wait for him and sat in his car as soon as he came. Immediately when I sat down with her eyes, I looked from head to toe. He groaned with his awe-inspiring look, holding a single-handed wheel, and with his hand, flipping a whitewash that depicted on the embroidery. I just have rules like nothing else is new. We were driving for a while to our sheltered place by the river, a little crawfish, a little forest, a little corn, our little oasis of private fukodroma 🙂

We talked for a while about what he had with him, what’s wrong with me. About his work on mine and everything in the circle a little while ago that one second of the rubber we got off. In all, he said we had behind more places. Of course I agreed to jump from the chest and through the car, through the middle of the chassis to the back seat, so that he would easily blow me in the butt. I immediately jumped as I was surprised, I thought he certainly figured there was nothing under the coach. I do not know, nothing commented, we just kept talking and teasing.

He slowly drifted to my feet through the conversation and spread them all the more and more. Of course I agreed to it and adapted to what he wanted to do with me. She passed lightly over my little one who was tired and stood like a spear and helped him all sighing. Just laughing at me and bending my arm under her chin. My gentle body immediately felt out of his touch, I leaned and leaned slightly. He felt my body react to his appalling touches. He knew how to control my body, he knew what I was enjoying. He knew how to manipulate my body by reacting and doing what he wants and that has happened. I was just his.

He started kissing me, exchanging kisses as he clung to my waist and came close to me and took my mother off. After that I started kissing my neck to which I totally dissolve from his kisses. She slides down my neck to my nipples that are very sensitive. So he took them in their wet mouth, started to lick them, lick, suck, tinkle, and I was totally at that moment, and I simply left it to him in full. That’s what he used. He lowered me to my back and loved me all the lower and lower he came to the navel and then with his hands for each kuk caught the trainer and started to lower slightly. After my kite had risen as soon as she pulled away, she immediately jumped out and fluttered from my lower leg. We laughed at it and went on. He said it was wicked, so that someone did not have a heck of pills he just made it. Immediately he drank his head down and knew where I was very sensitive, and that was between my holes, pussy and eggs. This is an area where I’m terribly sensitive and when it touches me, with my fingers, my hand, my tongue and my crazy. I suddenly jump out of my way, take me out of the kite as much as it ate and go straight to my tongue lick me. Of course I had all been adjusted to do as much as possible. He was totally upset that my legs raised the air in a loud ass and dripped my head and the damp tongue between my ass. I immediately groaned feeling his tongue on my hole, which she had not seen over 20 days. Totally closed began under his nose opening as a cvijetc as he says hehe. I like how my “pussy” responds to his touches.

After licking my pussy and touching my body and a couple of pussy in the ass with my sighs, the moisture of the goblet and kite is ready for everything. He let me down, you started to set me up to him, I stopped taking his thick, bloated kite and immediately turned and lowered to let him down. He immediately agreed to it, sat down fine. It settled. It’s set up more for me than doing it because in position 69 its kitty swallows the whole. For 20 days I did not have a kite in my mouth I thought I would not be able to swallow it all, but what I do in it I succeed. I fell down and started licking and licking eggs lightly, lifting it every time under my tongue bumps. Then with my wet lips and with a soft tongue I went out of the roots to the glaupe from all sides to soften it well and prepare for deep swallowing. He enjoyed it every second, so he was so fucked up. Matius rubbed my mouth, moistened my fingers and gently slid my pussy. I came to the top of the head and spread the damp lips and slowly started to swallow it in my mouth. Swallowing the tongue and jumping around the head I was raving it. More and more, deeper and deeper I started to swallow it. I came to half and I was too big, but I do not give up. I went on slowly to suck that my throat was getting used to and getting more and more to let my throat relax. After a couple of bouts I felt that my reflex was relaxed and could take it all over. I slowly decided to go and began to descend more and more, cm per cm and he felt it. He caught my hair and could not withstand it. He stomped my swollen whip to the throat, my lips kissed his egg as he entered. Immediately the tears on my eyes broke, my snout on my nose. I started to get rid of me and let go of my head I started to catch the air. Perfect! I did it. In spite of everything I can go back and go to him all the more and more to smoke and swallow and every couple of strokes to the end strike him in the mouth. I totally came to him to pull me back to my hair and kissed her, and I was all wet with kite and saliva as she came upon me.

He sat in the middle of the back seat, saying he was overwhelmed by what I immediately obeyed. He pinned on his fingers, pressed them to my pussy, looking at me in the eye. I immediately shaved when he pushed my two fingers in me. I was prepared to get him to the egg. He dropped his damp kite with my damp poppy, which was half open and stuffy and asked to fill it. As soon as she pressed her, the heat passed through me through the body immediately, the feeling of comfort with hate. I started to sit on his swollen kittens. As soon as the headache came in, I was really troubled by that. For a long time I did not have a kite in my body, my muscles just melted. I spoke slowly can not hurry quickly. He stopped being gentle but holding me on the hips and simply pushing him to swallow him. My whore has to swallow his kite and point. I moaned loudly, groaned. What about pain from pain? It was just a tedious pain but somehow I was deeply disgusted to relax to get through me faster. After a long time maybe even 10min started to give me up and more and more kittens slipped into me. And at one moment, the kite remained alone in me. I was overwhelmed by the pain, but the distance had killed me. That feeling of a thick kite that spreads you and fills you with heat and you feel the eggs lurking in your ass just an indescribable feeling. The feeling I do not want to pass. In the horsehawk position I started to rise and fall slowly with mild pain but great pleasure. He slammed me with his hands, grabbed his nipples and became more and more fat and fatigued as if he were relieving me for his own kite, which seemed to me stinging through the throat through the throat. It’s huge.

I was riding it for 20 minutes. In that position I knew how to run with him almost every time without touching the kittens but this time it simply did not work. I do not know the angle or rhythm, but that was not it. We changed the pose 🙂 It started kicking me from the ankle. She hit her with the weight of my ass, stuffing that hot pot to spread my pussy completely. I got upset and groaned, tried to calm down, but he loved it, burned when I screamed from killing her kite. I adore when my voice changes as soon as I get rid of the masculinity of me. It continued to shake me for a while, so we changed our mission to the missionary, but in this case it raised my legs up to my shoulders. The guava was completely broken and opened. Wet totally, he just had to put it on my pussy, but would easily enter me. Such a scornful and arrogant crippled me. Something happened to me that did not happen before in that pose. He hit that angle of comfort, my G point, he attacked the right rhythm of my butt and so I began to moan and shake it with his hands, I just rekal that it does not stand, please just continue so fast and slower. When it came to me so to twist a couple of times through my body it spread the heat and that was it. The body made its own, its kite made my ass to crap. I started collecting in the eggs some heat just climbing up my kite without having been tired and after his couple of rumors I said I did not stand unhappy at my finish. When he heard that, he knew I was near and just got a rush on it and it was a drop that passed the glass. It started not to spray already dense the cum from my kite and it long and a lot. I was screaming from the ending and throwing it down, the punches of his eggs from my ass sucked me out, my body was completely crazy and simply sneezed. He talked to me how I got in, how I got him to fuck him, but I did not know that because I was out of my mind. I just got CANCELED. The best they know are passives if they have experienced such an orgasm. It can not be described simply that is why we love kite in ourselves that makes us like to want more and more.

After finishing, he got out of me when I heard the flop sound as wet and damp as he was. He lowered my legs to get to myself. My body drained, and he was still in the throat. He was still ready. He sat down over me to smash it and say, let’s get me up, get hunky. I want you to make me finish. Despite everything and the shudders of my body I obediently jumped to that damp kite and sat down without problems. I started to get dressed and ride instantly at the fast pace he enjoyed, and I was amazed. Even more sensitive from the first run, my muscles were clamped and forced me to finish again. He also felt he was sticking it to me after my pair of fast-pacing, his licking eggs from my ass started to run without disturbing his kittens. He grabbed me for my ass because I lost the rhythm I could not get to himself, he just continued to stuff him. I was upset, I started to say I was not normal and he just went on and how much my butt was hanging and leaking in me was the most powerful because he took me on the hips and held and started to bend with his rhythm and in a couple of seconds he went deep into menu. I felt his swollen kittens tumbling in my uterus, but I did not feel his sperm from my throat and heat. My body was totally out of my mind.

After this kind of sex I did not come up with him, with his kite we had to breathe. We laughed at how he fucked me up and over. How did I get totally exhausted? I thought I had more power and I did not. It simply drained every atom of strength out of me. I looked at the clock and it was 00: 24h. and has already passed midnight long ago. How so ?! : O When before ?! We did not even look at time, we just left one d ** rubber. Long prediction, long sex simply fits perfectly. After a long time it was totally calm and relaxed.

I slowly decided to come down from him, wipe out. When I went down his kite he was still as hard as a spear in me and when I got down I heard the flop sound again and I started to flow his sperm from his kittens and eggs. He tells me how filthy she is as dead as in porns, and all I got out of it just crashed beside him because I just had no strength in my legs. I was so exhausted that he wiped me out of the damp maramica and butt and everything. After that, we ate some candy, drank water, and we found power coming back to the seat. We were already driving home slowly. Early I got up from 7 am I had to sleep. He drove me to the place where he picked me up a few hours ago. We greeted and came out of the trembling leg, totally outspoken. He was still out of me. I feel my guts are still worried about his beatings. I walk home from my leg to my feet. To see me at this time and see, he knows I’m totally excited by the way.

Real sex, totally excited and satisfied, and I hope he is satisfied too. I can not wait for it again because I got caught!

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