Adventures With Shalini And Geet


Adventures With Shalini And GeetAfter the first incident series of incidents started to happen in my life and it’s continuing till date. I won’t boast about myself. I have a chiseled body with a dick of 6 inches.I feel that my dick size is more than enough to satisfy any woman. This story is about me and my sister in law whose name is Shalini. I love my wife a lot but lust is something that can never leave you satisfied. Let me describe my sister in law. She is a fair and very beautiful girl with vital stats of 32C-28-34.Her age is just 23years. With this enchanting, it’s very hard to control your emotions. I observed in the past that whenever she was walking down the street all of the boys were eying her. Her looks and figure are just killing. I first met her after one year of my marriage.I was on an official trip to Ahmedabad and I met her over dinner. She used to like me a lot as her jiju. She was very touchy. Like she will hold your hands, hug you which will eventually crush her boobs on the body, kiss you on your cheeks, etc. All these times I used to get a hard-on.Not like a bulge on my pant but a hard dick kind of situations. I took a bike on rent in Ahmedabad. My wife was not accompanying me on that trip. My wife insisted that I should take Shalini out for dinner. I called Shalini and asked if she was free. She said that she is always free for me.I went to her pg to pick her up. She was wearing a stunning black dress just above her knees. I thought of having a little fun, I took a long route to reach resto. As there was traffic, I had to apply break occasionally which actually crushing her boobs on my back.We had dinner. While coming back she said that she is feeling sleepy and if she could hold me tightly so that she doesn’t fall off the bike. I was more than happy to agree. Like this, my Ahmedabad bad days got over. She promised me that she will be coming to Mumbai on Diwali.Now I was waiting eagerly for Diwali. I was very excited when my wife told me that Shalini and her roommate are coming to our place on Diwali for 4 days. We planned all the trips and everything that we wanted to do during their visit. We went to pick them up to the station.As she came out of the station I was just mesmerized with her beauty again. I was feeling that in that span of 6 months she has become more beautiful. Her friend Geet, she was also as beautiful as her with even more bigger boobs. Anyways, as it was a late night and they seemed to be tired.We went home and slept for that night. Next day we planned for Dapoli beach which was around 320 Kms from our place. We booked two rooms in a resort in front of the beach. That beach was secluded and hardly anyone was there. That evening we ordered beer for everybody. We all drank like anything.My wife and Geet said that they wanted to sleep and asked us to continue if we wanted. I looked at Shalini and she was in no mood to sleep. So I dropped Geet and my wife to their respective rooms. Both my wife and Geet were not in their senses. While taking Geet to her bed, out of nowhere she hugged me tightly.She started to say please don’t go Rahul and I am very scared. I said that I am not Rahul, I am Akash. But she was in no mood to listen. While doing so her boobs were getting brushed on my chest and hands which gave me an instant hard-on. She was wearing a small one-piece frock.In all these movements her milky thighs were visible and I was unable to control myself. I thought of touching her. But somehow I felt that it’s not right to do this as she is not in her senses. I came downstairs and Shalini asked why it took me so much time.I said that your Didi slept peacefully but Geet was a little bit hard to control. Shalini asked that if she was talking about Rahul. I said that yes how do you know? She said that Rahul is her boyfriend but he went to the USA for a job. So she misses him badly.The bar was about to close so we order 3 more bottles of beer and a mattress so that we can sit on the seashore and drink. It was a full moon night. I could watch her beautiful face while the sea breeze was playing with her hairs. She was gulping her beer down.She wearing beach frock. That was giving me a good glimpse of her cleavage and the milky thighs. We were not in our senses after having too much beer. we were talking about some nonsense things. She was looking towards the sea and asked me, “Jiju how it feels after marriage?”I said, “It’s an awesome feeling. It’s a step ahead in your life.” She asked if people marry just to have sex and looked straight into my eyes. I was shocked by her question. I said, “It’s not the only reason but it’s a part of marriage.” Then she asked if it is wrong to have sex before marriage.I said definitely no, sex is a requirement of the body. She asked me how I look to you? I said that you are very beautiful anyone can fall for you. She came near me and whispered in my ear, “Sach mein kya jiju? Koi bhi mere pyar mein zonguldak escort pad sakta hai?” After asking this she exhaled on my neck and kissed on my cheeks.She said, “Chalo jiju thoda walk karte hain beach pe.” She was holding my hand like I am her boyfriend. She held my hand in a way that my hand was brushing her boobs. Those boobs were so soft and it was giving me a hard-on. I got courage and I placed my hand on her waist.She leaned her head down on my chest. Suddenly she turned towards me and asked if she can hug me. I said yes and while hugging I don’t know what happened we both started to kiss. In a span of seconds, we started to explore each other’s mouth. She was a novice but learned very quickly.We were kissing each other passionately. I reached to her boobs and cupped one of the breasts and started to press it lightly. Her boobs were so soft to feel. We went back to our mattress and again started kissing each other. I unhooked her bra without opening her dress and started to pinch her nipples.She was moaning heavily. I went to her pant and it was totally wet. I opened her panty and kept it in her sling bad that she was carrying. I could look to her pussy but her pussy was too wet and hot. I could feel any hair on her pussy. I slid one finger inside her pussy.As it went inside she was like shaking as if she was getting an orgasm. She said that jiju let’s go to the room and continue. We went to her room where Geet was already sleeping. As we entered the room, I locked the door and looked at the table lamps. By that time she already opened her dress and was waiting for me.She was looking like an angel. She had perfect round boobs which were firm yet very soft. She had curves in the right places. Her pussy was clean shaved. She was blushing and looking downwards. As I went towards her, her eyes were fixed on my dick. She held my dick and started to stroke it.I laid her on the bed and went to kiss her pussy. As I placed my first kiss she literally jumped on the bed. I asked what happened. She said that this is her first time. Then I asked her, “My finger easily went inside your pussy. How can this be your first time?”She said that she masturbates some time so due to that her hymen got broken. I started to lick her pussy, her pussy juices were too tasty and it was smelling awesome. While the first 5 minutes of licking she hit her orgasm. After that, I asked her to take my dick in her mouth.She said that she has never done it but she will try. In no time she was sucking like a pro and was taking almost the whole dick inside her mouth. I was about to come so I stopped her. I asked her if she is ready for the moment. She said, “Yes jiju please do it. I can’t wait anymore.”I asked her to lay down and put a pillow below her waist. I placed my dick on the opening of her pussy and gave a little push. It went inside and the satisfaction and amusement were just awesome on her face. As she used to masturbate so her hymen was broken but her pussy from inside was quite tight.I increased my speed and she started to moan heavily. Her boobs were moving up and down due to the fucking. Then I asked her to turn around and I started to fuck her in the doggy style. Her boobs were making me crazy. I didn’t want to let this moment finish easily.So as I was about to cum I took my dick out and asked her to ride me. I laid down just beside Geet. Shalini came on top of me and started to ride me. Her boobs were making me mad. I pressed her boobs and gave her a love bite on her right boob. All this session went on for some 20 minutes.While riding on top of me she hit her second orgasm. After that, I asked her to suck my dick which she readily agreed. After 2 minutes of sucking I loaded her beautiful face with my cum. She was very satisfied and after this, we went and had a shower together.In the shower, we passionately kissed each other and I fingered her pussy. She said that she wanted to spend a little more time below the shower. So I dried myself and wore my shorts and came out outside. I sat just beside Geet. Suddenly Geet woke up and put my hand on her panty.Believe me, guys it was totally wet. She said that she woke up when Shalini accidentally kicked her while she was riding on top of me. She continued by saying that she didn’t want to embarrass us so kept mum. She said that she also wanted to enjoy as Shalini did. I said ok but after some time.As the bathroom door opened Geet acted that she was sleeping. It was almost 3 am. I kissed Shalini which Geet was watching with her eyes open. Then I went to my room hugged my wife and slept.Within a few minutes me Geet sent me a message on WhatsApp, “Jiju, sona mat. Ek baar Shalini so jaye to fir mera chance ayega.”As I told you my name is Akash obviously name changed. I have a chiseled body with 6 inches of dick. The two main characters of the story are Shalini and Geet. Shalini is my marmaris escort sister in law and Geet is Shalini’s roommate in Ahmedabad. I have already told you about Shalini.So in this story, I will tell you about Geet as this adventure belongs to Geet. So let’s begin. Geet was also a very beautiful girl and age was 25. Fair skin with big eyes and juicy lips. Her dressing sense will give you an instant hard-on. She had hairs till just above her waist and they were naturally straight.Her boobs were bigger than Shalini’s and the best part was her boobs were thicker in size. You can just imagine her boobs size just by looking at her. Her vital stats are 34C-28-36. She had a juicy ass. Her ass swings like a pendulum when she walks.You will just feel like spanking her whenever you see her from behind. She had perfect curves. I felt like somebody had worked hard to make her ass that good. Her thighs were so milky that even if you plant a hard kiss on her thighs it will become red.She always used to wear skin-tight clothes irrespective of where she is, be it at home, hotel or outside. In most of her dress, you will be easily able to see that great shape of her thighs, ass, waist, boobs, etc. So you can imagine how hard it is to control yourself in front of this voluptuous lady.She was such a fuckable girl. That night previously when she got too drunk, I took her to her room. I could have easily touched her whole body. But I stopped myself because she was not in her senses. Let’s come back to the story. As soon as Shalini slept again a message beeped on my mobile.It was from Geet, she said that Shalini is deep asleep and I can again come to their room. As my wife was fast asleep I locked my room and quietly entered Geet’s room. She already kept the door ajar so that I can enter easily. The table lamps in her room were still on.I could see that Shalini was sleeping and she wore just a comfy bra and hot pant. I felt like waking her up and go into the next fucking session. After a fucking session with Shalini, I was tired. But the imagination of fucking that hot damsel Geet kept my manhood alive.I knew that it’s going to take long for me to cum. So I thought of utilizing this session fully. I started looking Geet in the room. She came out from the washroom and in that dim table lamp light, she was looking like an apsara. Her skin was glowing.She was wearing the same short dress that she wore in the evening. She came towards me held my hand and asked, “Kya huwa jiju? Aise kya dekh rahe ho.” As Shalini used to call me jiju so Geet too used to call me jiju. I said that I don’t know how to admire your beauty.She said, “Jiju, tonight I am all yours. I will give you that fun too what Shalini has not given you.” I said, “This was Shalini’s first time. Shalini will learn gradually.” Geet said, “But I am not like Shalini. I know how to please a guy.” I said, “Show me what you got. Main bhi zara dekhun tum kya kar sakti ho.”She took me to the balcony and made me sit on the couch that was there. That balcony was a covered one. So nobody will be able to see what’s going on until and unless you open the windows. As I sat on the couch she leaned and planted a hot kiss on my lips.She whispered in my ears, “Jiju aaj ki raat aapki main yaadgaar banaungi. Fir aap Shalini ko bhul jaoge.” Her perfume was making me mad. Her body odor was so pure. It was making me go crazy. My heart and manhood both were throbbing.She sat on my lap in a position by which her pussy was touching my dick over my shorts. I could feel that her pussy juices were dripping. It was making my shorts go wet. She started to kiss me passionately. She was exploring my mouth using her tongue.While kissing she opened my t-shirt. While kissing she was also moving her hips due to this it was becoming uncontrollable for my dick to stay inside the shorts. Her juices made my short wet. While kissing she took my hands and placed them on her boobs. I started exploring her boobs.Those boobs were just amazing. My palm was not able to hold her whole boob. It was too big for one hand to press. I was pressing her boobs over her cloth. Continuous pressing of her boobs made her crazy. She started to bite my lips lightly.Then I thought that why shouldn’t I feel her thighs and remove her panty. As I was moving my hands downwards she was moaning like hell. But I continued to kiss her so that her moans don’t wake up Shalini. I was exploring her things and pressing them.As I moved to remove her panty I was just amazed to see that she was not even wearing a panty. I directly touched her pussy and she let out a little moan. Her pussy was dead wet. I started to finger her. My fingers went easily inside. I thought of that I should try to finger her asshole too.I used her pussy juices to lubricate my index finger and her asshole. I removed my index finger from her pussy and put my thumb inside her pussy alsancak escort and slowly started to caress her asshole. Slowly I started to insert my index finger inside her asshole. She was saying, “Jiju please dhire, aram se dalo.”Within a minute I was kissing and fingering both her pussy and asshole. This was making her go crazy. She had a clean shaved pussy and its shape was a proper triangle. She was so fair but her pussy was around three tones darker than her skin color.It was not a dark color but not that pink color as we have seen in blue films. I made her stand on the couch and hold the wall behind me. I planted a kiss on her pussy and she almost jumped in pleasure. Then I slowly started to lick her pussy. I was vigorously rubbing my nose on her pussy.And then trying to dig deep in her pussy using my tongue. Suddenly she started jerking and her pussy muscles started to contract. She had her first orgasm while I was licking her. She was so satisfied that her smile on the face was telling me. Then she said now it was my turn to get satisfied.She opened my shorts and got hold of my dick. She said, “Wow, jiju your dick is way thicker than Rahul’s dick.” My dick was rock hard. She started to kiss the pink head and slowly started to take my dick in her mouth. At first, she was just taking the pink part my dick inside her mouth.Then gradually she started taking more part of the dick. In no time she was deep throating herself with my dick. Her mouth was so hot. I was feeling out of the world. She licked dry my dick. She drank all the juices that were flowing through my dick.I held face and started to kiss her again and press her boobs but this time I lifted her one piece and pressed her boobs. Her boobs were amazingly firm. I opened her dress fully. Her boobs shape was so good. They were so big but they were firm. Her areola was so beautiful.It was brownish in color and it was spread in a small area just like Sunny Leone. Her nipples were rock hard. I couldn’t control myself and I started to eat her boobs. I was literally chewing her nipples. She was going crazy and saying, “Jiju please sex karo na, mujhse raha nahi ja raha, please. Apne iss lund ko mere andar dalo aur mujhe chodo.”I was still sitting on the couch. I asked her to sit on my dick and get the enjoy she wants. As she sat on my dick, the dick completely went inside her pussy. Inside her pussy, there was a different type of heat. And she was jumping like crazy. Her boobs were going up and down with her each move.She started to brush her boobs on my face. Suddenly she turned around and again started to move her hips over my dick. Now I was facing her ass. I couldn’t control and spanked her ass. It was not that hard spank. But as she was so fair so there was a hit mark on her ass.She liked my spanking. But as it was making a sound, I told her that not now, maybe someday else. I asked her to move and hold the couch. I went behind her and started to fuck her in doggy style while standing. When I was fucking her in the doggy position, I leaned a little to see how her boobs are shaking.Her boobs were shaking vigorously as I increased the pace. She suddenly asked me to stop and went inside. She came back with the body oil and started to apply on my full dick and her asshole. She asked that first put one finger and then two fingers.When the hole is wide enough start putting your dick inside the asshole. Geet said, “Shalini ne aapko ye nahi diya tha. Main aapko mere gaand marne ka maza de rahi hun.” I followed what she said. First I put one finger and it easily went inside then I started to put 2 fingers and fuck her ass hole.At last, I put my dick just outside her asshole and gave a little thrust. My pink dick head went completely inside her asshole. I slowly increased the pressure and the whole dick slowly went inside her asshole. She let out a light scream. I slowly started to fuck her asshole.Trust me, guys it was a totally different idea. It was so tight that within no time I felt like cummimg. I told her that I feel like I will cum. She said, “Jiju andar hi kardo.” In no time I burst my semen inside her asshole. Both of us were fully exhausted. I sat on the couch and Geet sat on my lap discussing today’s session.She said that this is the first time she enjoyed so much while having sex. She told me that previously she had sex with her boyfriend Rahul and her office boss for a promotion. She said that her boss was such a loser that he came in just 20 seconds after entering her.While taking all these things she was playing with my limp dick. I was playing and pinching her boobs. I gave a love bite on her left boob. I said, “Raat bohot ho gayi hai to hum so jate hai. We need to go to many places tomorrow.” I went to the washroom and cleaned my self.Then I wore my t-shirt and shorts, kissed Geet goodnight and went to my room. I saw that my wife is still sleeping like a baby. I sprayed perfume on myself and hugged my wife and slept. Next morning we woke up at 9 am for breakfast. We all met and greeted each other.I could see a different type of happiness on both Shalini’s and Geet’s face. We went to the dining hall and started our day with a great breakfast. That’s all for this story friends. Please let me know how you liked the story.

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