Adventures with Leslie Ch. 07


Chapter 07 — Graduation Present

“Rise and shine,” I heard a voice yell from above me.

I opened my eyes and was smiling expecting to see Penny. Instead, Leslie was staring down at me.

“Where’s Penny,” I asked.

“Good morning to you too,” she answered sharply. “She went home. She has things to do today.”

“I’m sorry,” I admitted. “I did not mean for that to come out that way.”

“Forget it,” she laughed it off. “Now get up.”

I sat up and lifted myself off the bed. I was still naked and Leslie took notice that my cock had awoke before me. I was fully erect standing there clearing the sleep from my eyes.

“I wish I had time to take care of that,” she teased.

“Me too,” I quipped as I collected my shorts and t-shirt from the floor.

“5pm at Valentino’s,” she snapped at me.

“What’s that,” I inquired.

“Dinner for Mindy’s graduation,” she informed me. “Be there and dress nice.”

Today was graduation day, which caught me completely off guard. I dressed myself and headed out the bedroom door. As I headed down the hall and hit the stairs, I heard Leslie call after me.

“See you tonight,” she yelled.

“Yes ma’am,” I yelled back as I made it to the front door.

I headed home to regroup. I showered and caught a nice long nap before getting ready for dinner. I put on a shirt and tie, nice pants and a jacket from my closet. I looked respectable. I wondered if dinner would just be the three of us or if anyone else was joining us. I put that thought out of my mind as I headed to the mall.

I tried to be quick on my trip to the mall. I got a nice card to congratulate Mindy and, in what I thought was a nice touch, a gift for both Mindy and Leslie. It was a set of matching necklaces that held small blue stones encased by a flat, gold heart. On the heart was inscribed the following words: Together we can accomplish great things.

I thought it was a fitting inscription based on the relationship that Mindy and Leslie shared. I hoped they would each see what I saw. These thoughts filled my mind as I proceed to the restaurant. I pulled in the parking lot and filled out the card I purchased for Mindy before making my way inside.

I saw where they were seated immediately. It was a round table in the far right corner of the main dining room. I strolled over and saw four women seated at the table, three of whom I recognized. There was only one open chair, which I assumed was for me.

“Good evening ladies,” I greeted them. “You all look beautiful.”

Leslie was seated closest to the left of the open seat; she had on a lovely black dress, which was rather conservative, and matching black heels. Mindy was seated to the right of the open seat. She had on a floral tank top and tight fitting jeans. I could not see her footwear because she had her legs stretched out under the table. She looked like the rebellious teenager type, but I knew that wasn’t the case.

Brooke was seated to Mindy’s right. She looked gorgeous. She had on a blue dress that complimented her skin and hair colors wonderfully. She also had on matching blue eye shadow and black open toe heels that drove me wild. I wanted her right then. To her right and Leslie’s left was the woman I did not know. I looked her over, trying not to stare.

She had black hair; much like Leslie’s in color, though it was very wavy and ended above her shoulders. She appeared to be a little older than Leslie, though her facial structure was similar. She had pale skin and bright blue eyes. She was wearing a gray suit with a light blue blouse. Her chest was rather large and her frame was curvy. I wondered who she was.

“Congratulations on your great achievement today,” I said to Mindy as I handed her the card and gift.

I handed Leslie the gift I had for her as well. I stood and watched them open the gifts and the expressions they made.

“Thank you so much,” Mindy exclaimed.

She rose from her seat and hugged me.

“By the way,” she continued, “this is my mom, Lisa.”

Mystery solved. I extended my hand to Lisa as an introduction. She shook it quickly, only almanbahis adres half rising from her chair. She appeared rather unimpressed with me.

“You must be Brad,” Lisa scowled at me.

“No ma’am,” I corrected her.

“He is a friend of mine,” Leslie interjected.

That seemed to greatly settle Lisa and she even half smiled. I sat myself at the table and waited for the conversation to continue. Mindy had not yet sat back down when I noticed Brooke stand and collect her purse.

“I assume you will catch up with us later,” Brooke said to Leslie.

“I will be about 15 minutes behind you girls,” Leslie confirmed for her.

Brooke and Mindy then said goodnight and excused themselves. As the headed out the front door of the restaurant, I notice a long, black stretch limo had pulled up to the front of Valentino’s.

“Girls night out,” I asked Leslie.

“Of course,” she validated. “Tonight is a night to celebrate, so we are taking Mindy out to go nuts.”

“Wonderful idea,” I admitted. “Am I part of that equation?”

“No, you have a different task tonight,” she replied.

“What am I supposed to do,” Lisa asked loudly. “I am not going out partying with you all.”

“Well, as you can see dinner is over,” Leslie directed at her sister. “Now it’s time for you to have dessert.”

I thought I saw where this was going.

“What do you mean,” Lisa questioned her sister coldly.

“He is yours tonight, for anything you want,” Leslie informed her. “If it’s only to drive you home that’s fine, if it’s more, that is fine too.”

“You are one sick bitch,” Lisa said to her sister.

“Maybe,” Leslie postured. “Mindy and I got presents for her graduation, consider this your present, as the mom of the graduate.”

“Go fuck yourself, Leslie,” Lisa fired back at her.

“Have a good night, Lisa,” Leslie concluded.

Leslie rose from her seat and walked to the front door of the restaurant. I watched through the glass window as she stepped outside and into a cab, no doubt going to join Brooke and Mindy. I turned back and looked at Lisa, who was scowling at me angrily.

“So what did you have in mind for this evening,” I asked her, trying to swing her mood.

“What are my options,” she growled.

“You heard your sister, anything you want,” I established.

“And you are just at Leslie’s beckoned call,” she inquired.

“It’s slightly more complicated than that,” I admitted. “But she does call the shots.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you,” Lisa chastised me. “My sister is a manipulative bitch and you are feeding into it. Are you insane or just hard up?”

“I sense a lot of anger in you towards your sister,” I acknowledged. “Care to share with me why that is?”

“It is none of your business,” she barked. “You have been around my family for what, 5 minutes and you think you can figure us out. Get real.”

“Well then, what is the plan for the evening,” I asked.

“I have no plans with you, that’s for sure,” she snapped. “I will take a cab home.”

“Are you sure,” I questioned her. “I would hate to think that I let Leslie down.”

“Fuck her and fuck you,” she snarled.

“Your attitude is really getting old quick,” I admonished her.

“Just take me home and let’s be done with this nonsense,” she ordered.

“You got it,” I concurred.

I rose from my seat and headed for the door, expecting that she was following me, but never turning my head to check. I hit the exit and headed straight for my car. I walked to the driver’s side and was about to let myself in when she started in on me again.

“I’m a lady, aren’t you going to open the door for me,” she asked.

I said nothing, but I did walk around the car and open the passenger door for her. I closed the door after she was seated in the car and muttered to myself all the way back to the driver’s side. I got behind the wheel and we began our journey.

I was not saying a word and she was alternating her attention from the road to me and back to the road, rather rapidly. It felt as if she wanted to continue her tirade, but for some almanbahis adres reason she remained silent, aside from the directions she was giving me in order to get her home.

After about 15 minutes of our ride, she broke the silence.

“Do you think I am a bitch,” she inquired.

“I’m not sure,” I confessed. “Why would you care what I think?”

“I don’t, I was just wondering,” she lied. “I wanted to get a feel for your perception of me.”

“You are rough and abrasive,” I stated. “But, I am sure you have your good qualities too.”

“How can you be so sure,” she pressed, before indicating that I needed to make a turn.

“You’re Leslie’s sister, you can’t be all that bad,” I proposed.

“Are you in love with my sister,” she wondered.

“No, it’s not like that,” I revealed. “Why do you have such anger towards her?”

“It’s not anger,” she admitted. “It’s jealousy.”

“Go on,” I urged her, sensing that she wanted to tell me more.

“She has everything,” Lisa whined. “Plus, I am a fuck-up. I had Mindy at 19 and my mom raised her until she passed away. Mindy was 12. Leslie was finished with law school and making big bucks, so she took Mindy in after that and has taken care of her since. I am useless to both of them.”

“Everyone has their faults,” I offered. “Sounds like self pity to me.”

“I am sure some of it is,” she agreed. “But it’s too late now.”

She indicated for me to pull into a driveway on the left. I did as she directed and put the car in park.

“It doesn’t have to be too late,” I said.

“You don’t know me,” she reminded me.

“Of course not,” I acquiesced. “Is there anything else I can do for you tonight?”

“Even after the bitch I have been you are still willing to do anything for me,” she examined.

“It’s not about how you act or how I feel about you,” I recapped for her. “It’s about doing what I am told because Leslie runs the show.”

She leaned across the passenger seat, putting her face very close to mine.

“Even if I wanted you to lick my pussy,” she provoked.

“Anything means anything,” I declared.

“Come inside,” she instructed.

She exited the car and headed towards a small, split level townhouse. I followed, wondering where she might be taking her ‘present’ this evening. She pulled out her keys and fumbled with them slightly before opening the door. She stepped inside and kicked off her shoes. I followed in silence.

She continued walking, dropping her grey jacket off shoulders and letting it fall to the floor in the hall as she proceeded into the living room. I stepped around the discarded jacket and followed, still without a word. Lisa sat down on her couch and I stood in the center of the living room, glaring at her.

“Anything I want,” she repeated.

I simply nodded. She smiled at me.

“Get naked,” she instructed me.

I said nothing but began undressing. I kicked off my shoes, and then discarded my shirt and tie. Next my belt came off, followed by my pants and socks. I ripped my boxers down and tossed me aside. I stood before her complete naked and not erect. She looked me up and down. I had an imperfect body, plainly, but as she examined me she seemed to change her approach.

“I feel overdressed,” she complained.

I did not respond but she discarded her blouse and skirt quickly. As she sat there on her couch, in just her bra and panties, I observed her. The jealous sister who was going to bitch about things and then take complete advantage of any given situation. I needed to clear my mind or I would never get hard.

Lisa stood up and looked at me longingly. She unclasped her bra and let her massive breasts free. They were easily a 38DD, much bigger than either of her sister’s or her daughter’s. Her nipples were large and light and fully engorged. She removed her panties, exposing a thin strip of hair leading to her sweet spot. I start to perk up downstairs.

She noticed my cock start to twitch and walked over to me. She put one hand on my chest and one on my dick, and then she started to stroke it slowly. I felt myself growing almanbahis adres harder in her hand with each pump of her wrist.

“He’s coming to life,” she teased.

I smiled at her.

“Let’s not waste any time,” she said as she leaned in to kiss me.

I kissed her back without passion. I was lifeless and robotic, but my cock was still responding, leaking precum all over her hand. Lisa stopped stroking me and walked back to the couch. She knelt on the couch and pointed her ass towards me. She was rubbing her clit with her fingers as I watched.

“Come get me,” she commanded.

I did as I was told and walked over to her. I stood behind her but was not aggressive at all.

“Put that thing inside me,” she yelled at me.

I placed the head of my swollen rod at her opening. She was wet and ready when I began pushing myself inside of her. She pushed her bottom back towards me, wanting to accept my rod fully. My effort was very half hearted. I rocked my hips out of obligation, wanting to get this over with.

“Fuck me harder than that,” she instructed me. “At least try.”

I pushed inside her harder at her request. I held her hips and inserted myself into her again. I pushed in again as my cock started to feel good. I did not want to enjoy this, I wanted this to be work and I wanted to be workman-like, but I was starting to enjoy this.

I palmed both her round, meaty ass cheeks and thrust myself into her box again. She moaned and I felt my pole pulsating. I started to rock faster into and out of her honey hole. Her juices covered my shaft and she was now grunting as I penetrated her consistently. I got violent, being angry at myself for enjoying this. I hammered my stick into her pussy harder and harder with each thrust. I felt my scrotum slap her clit over and over.

Lisa arched her back and turned her head to look at me. I fucked her like a wild animal until she winced and grunted intensely. Her gash flooded with more of her juices as she climaxed. My pole was swimming inside her.

She stopped me from pumping as she stood off the couch again. I stared at her, wondering where this was going.

“So, you don’t want to cum for me,” she said angrily. “I will fix that.”

I said nothing in response, not sure what she could have in mind. She disappeared from the room for a moment and then returned, holding a bottle. As she drew closer to me I could tell it was baby oil in her hand.

“Oh, you are gonna cum for me,” she announced. “They all do.”

She poured a fair amount of oil into her right hand and placed it on my pole. She stroked me firmly and at a brisk pace. My cock felt wonderful in her hand and it was not going to be long until I peaked. Lisa then turned the baby oil on her chest and covered her tits with it. I watched her rub it in on her massive boobs.

After a moment of watching, she got down on her knees and crawled over to me. She placed my cock between her massive jugs and pressed them together. I began to pump my rod between her mammaries. I thrusted over and over as she pressed her melons together firmly. My knees buckled and began to release my goo all over her bosom. Lisa leaned back and took jet after jet of white milky jizz onto her chest. I looked down at her as I finished. The intensity took me a moment to recover from.

“Thanks,” she gasped. “I’m going to take a shower. Let yourself out.”

I stood there for a few moments after she exited the room. I felt amazing but also disappointed in myself. I did not want to enjoy that, but I did. I felt almost like I had betrayed Leslie but this was her game.

I collected my cloths and dressed with my head spinning. I said nothing as I exited the house. I climbed in my car and phone rang, I did not recognize the number.

“Hello,” I answered, somberly.

“It’s Leslie, I’m on a payphone in a bar,” she said, her voice barely audible. “Thanks for tonight, you did a good thing.”

“Anything for you,” I replied, slightly exhausted and slightly disgusted.

“You sound unhappy, baby,” she fussed. “Don’t be. I will call this week and set the record straight. Just know that you did well tonight, for all of us.”

I was not sure if the line went dead or if she hung up. Of course I was sure.

I pulled out of the driveway and headed home. For the first time in a long time with this game, I felt dirty.

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