adventures with a family…part 1


A reminder for all the readers, this is a part true and part fiction story…names and places have been changed without deviating from the main plot…this story contains a lot of sexual encounters and I have taken time and words to build up that suspense and give u the utmost jerking thrill possible….its not the usual story wher the main character sees the right opportunity and bounces on its subject and everything happens and ends in a flash…I want to build up the anticipation…the lust…the trust…and grip you to the encounters, you have never experienced…its like virtual reality!! Believe me!

If you like arousing stories that have plot and character development too, you don’t want to miss it.

It takes some time at the start of the story to develop the characters and plot, but the payoff later is a story that’s emotionally satisfying as well as very arousing. There’s also humor, romance, and deeper themes. The plot naturally appeals to men, but many women and couples have enjoyed it too.

This story is about me (sameer)…it takes place in bangalore in an upmarket society wher I get a company given apartment and how I get to know my neighbours, especially the one right opposite to my door and how I get to know their family and fuck the mother and her three beautiful daughters… no, no its not an orgy or something but a story in parts wher I get to fuck each one on different occasions and keeping the secret a discreet and intimate one…a few people get to know the secret but that’s the part of a bigger plan..

Sit back and enjoy this long story and keep yourself at the edge of your seat and don’t try to spurt out your load too soon!

And sorry for any grammatical mistakes or any kind of resemblance to anyone!

I was just moving in to my new one BHK apt in a swanky new society @ Bangalore. this was given to me by my company I work for…I was born and brought up in Bangalore and I preferred to move out once I got a good job…visiting my parents in the weekdays or so….

So, here I was at the front door of my apt with all the suitcases and stuff I needed . In fact, I was helping myself push the stuff into my apartment when the door(opposite) to mine opened and out walked a lady in her late 40’s.she gave me a stern look and with “humph” and she walked off and I too dint notice much of her properly…this was my first eye contact with the family I was going to live and this is how my sexcapade began!….initially, I had no such thots and mind you, I have a good sex life and I had never in my freaking dreams thot that I would be so freakishly entangled!!

Well, I forgot to give you a brief de***********ion bout me..i am a simple average looking average you know how Indian standards are. I am 30yrs old whitish skin, black hair and 5’9″.apart from this I have an athletic body which I love to keep in good shape and I am addicted to workouts and outdoor adventure activities like rock climbing and fishing!

By gods grace, I have been endowed an above average thick dick which measures 7″ in length and 6 1/4″ girth!!!!

As puberty hit, I started to masturbate a lot and experiment with my penis and for that reason, I had developed a big purple mushroom head and a thick trunk supporting it…I am circumcised as my religion demands it to and just like my body, I love to keep that area clean and groomed and well nourished….

I have my share of love, encounters and one night stands with various kind of women…I love pleasing them becoz they are the most beautiful lest thing god created….no matter what they are and how they look…they are pretty in their own way…

Anyways ,back to the story…I had no fixed time to the job, that means I could log in and log out as I wanted giving atleast 5 hours on the floor…this is why I loved my job with a lot of outdoor meetings and site visits!

I began to know my neighbours on the floor and everyone seemed nice and friendly and often I was invited to their home for lunch or dinner as they knew I was living alone and I had been an excellent quite nextdoor guy who could repair most of the electronic items and help them with their daily chores…so,in a matter of while I was quite known in the society and I had marked out each and every apartment wher ther was a possible potential of having a fling!!

Well,that’s not the part of the story….the story is about my front door neighbour who seemed mysterious and intriguing!!…i dint know how many ppl lived in that house or was there anyone except that lady and I loved mysteries and I wanted to solve this desperately…so,most of the times I wanted to go knock on the door and introduce myself but that’s not the kind of entry I wanted to make…I wanted the lady inviting me to her house as that feels she is more secure and can trust me and moreover you never know whats in store for u if u go uninvited to sumones house!!….

I was waiting for the opportunity to know this lady better and be friends…the only reason being that,I am her neighbour and she needs to know me and the other “whats with her attitude” and why is she avoiding being seen!!

It took some days to know that she works at a bank and she is a widow with 3 daughters and her name was shiela!

Knowing this,I always kept my front door open to see if I can catch a glimpse of her or her daughters.

This kept on happening and I always missed her each was like she was playing a hide and seek or mouse chase game….and it kept me frustrated, so much so that one day I went upto her apartment and tried knocking at her door but then I backed off….sissy!

One fine day as I was returning from my office and I needed to pee badly,so I ran upto the elevator and fortunately the lift opened on time and I hopped in… crossed my legs and stood in the corner of the lift….and as soon as the lift doors started closing,a tiny hand reached the doors and plied it open….and in walked a cutest, prettiest, petites beautiful girl I ever saw…I gave a her a casual smile coz I was mostly concentrating on my bladder!!….we got down on the same floor and walked the same corridor and took the door opposite to each other… lucky me, she happened to be one of the daughters on my neighbour shiela!

Now I wanted to know them even more….and desperately waited like a predator waiting for its prey!!days passed,weeks passed and I had no clue what to do….did they even exist??

These thots had gotten into my head and I was loosing my patience…so much so that,even if I heard a door open,I would rush upto my door to see if shiela or her daughters had opened the door…well,nothing such happened!!

One rainy evening(it rains badly in bangalore and goes on for hours at a time) I got into my car and was on the way to my apartment when I thot I wanted a pack of cigarettes!!….i stopped at a chai shop to pick up a packet and a cup of hot irani chai…people had taken shelter under the canopies and trees! The bus shelter seemed overflooding with people and among them I noticed a semi drenched saree clad women who seemed like my neighbour shiela!!

It was raining and among the breeze of rain,I could not make out properly….but I knew it would be shiela.

I quickly sat in my car,turned on the engine and drove near to her.she always drives a car and I knew she takes it to her office aswell. but why is she taking a bus??

I pulled down the side passenger window and called her out…first she ignored my calling,then the people near her told her to look into my direction….i waved at her and asked her if she wanted a ride home???i could see her feeling really uncomfortable and uneasy… I told her she can take the back seat like a passenger and I will be her driver if she is okay with the idea!…at first she said “no” and then after a lor of persuading and pleading,she gave in a took the seat at the back…I was thanking my lucky stars for this kind of opportunity! I had never expected to meet shiela like this…and this was my first step into her life!

I offered shiela a few wipes(paper tissues) to dry herself and I could see her sitting very close to the door in discomfort..i told her to be comfortable and not to worry about the seats if they became wet!

For a long time,there was silence in the car except for the patter of the rain and the swishing of the windsheild wipers!!and I could see her head bent down in my rear view I broke the ice and introduced myself and I told her I was her opposite door neighbour..she just looked into the mirror and said she knows I am her neighbour but dint know my name!we talked a bit and she told me a bit about herself and how she happened to end up in the bus shelter inspite of having a car.her car broke down at her office basement and hence she had to walk all the way here to catch an auto or a cab!

From her words I knew she not opening much…which led me to believe that she is an introvert or a shy person,very reserved or she is just not the type to be bothered….to tell you the truth,I fell in love with her sweet voice…so soft and calming like that of a nervous teenager.

She dint speak much,only when asked questions she would say a words or two…and I was making her more nervous!

I parked my car in the parking lot and rushed out to open her door and she hopped out with a dainty smile….

She offered her thanks and walked past me and her fragrance mixed with rain hit my nostrils….i was like in a garden of heaven!!i cant describe the fragrance but its something to give u a major turn on and an instant hard on!

She walked ahead and I followed after her and that’s when I noticed how well kept her figure was…perfectly hour glass shaped body…narrow shoulders and wide hips…long hair cascading down to her waist…2 inch heels and a costly leather bad on her shoulders and she had concealed her body well with the saree as not show much of her skin. ….man!!!this woman knew how to carry herself so well and she hardly looked like she has aged…!

We got into the elevator,reached the desired floor and walked to our doors when she turned around and said her thanks and she was very greatful for the help.i just smile and said “anytime” and we entered our respective homes!

The worst part was she had covered her chest with her saree ‘pallu’ and I could not see much or make out of her chest area…that was the regret but I know I had fallen head over heels!

I ran into my bath room,took off my clothes and noticed I had a raging hard on! My dick stood majestically upright with its big purple mushroom penis is not perfectly straight,its slightly bent downwards..maybe because of the big head and it needed attention fast!

I just sat on the toilet seat and took the dick into my hands and started fisting slowly going down to the base and comming upto the head…I dint know what I was thinking with my eyes closed but the feeling was so nice and my dick felt so smooth….and within a few minutes,I came to a hard climax and I was shooting ropes and ropes of semen on floor!

Shiela became the epicenter of my fantasies since then and I wanted to feel her and fuck her desperately! Quite a few times after our first meeting,we bumped into each other on the way to the office or while returning home and by the looks of her,it looked like she disliked me.i mean,I dunno why she was doing it but it was obvious that she was

Not making an eye contact and always hurried off with her excuses….and for this reason,I wanted her in my arms at any cost!…this mystery woman was making me go nuts!

Three months had passed and I had not made any evening as I was waiting for the lift in my apartment,shiela’s daughter (the cute one I had seen earlier in the elevator)came up behind me with hands full of groceries and she was struggling to press the elevator button.this was a chance I never wanted to miss out so I offered some help and took the heavy bags…she smiled and recognized me as her front door neighbour and introduced herself as Tanya.i shook her tiny little hand and told her I am sameer..not much was spoken in the lift or in the corridor and as soon as she reached her door and rang the bell,her mother opened the door…she dint open much but she looked at me like I have done sumthing wrong and scolded tanya for being late and hurry up inside.

And banged the door on my face without a word…that was strange!i mean,why would anyone do that?what insecurities was she having??what was she hiding??…

Next day was a Saturday,so I was at the recreation/park area of our society sitting on a bench and reading a book.

A lot of women passed taking their evening walk and giving that friendly smile and checking me out…it was fun to be there and basically I was sitting ther to know people around and their habitats!

I saw a group of teenage girls giggling and making fun of something and instantly knew one of them as tanya and they were all looking at me talking about something..i tilted my head and as if reading the book I kept a steady watch on those girls…tanya broke away from the group and started walking towards me and my heart skipped a beat…she came with a radiating cute smile and said ‘hi’!. i looked up, smile at her and said “hello”!…at first iot looked like her words were struck in her mouth. i told her to sit down and relaxed her….she said she wanted to meet me to know me better and she kinda finds me cute….!i had butterflies all over my stomach and my lips went dry…we spoke for a while she told me that they are 3 siblings(sisters only) and she being the youngest! The eldest (riya)was recently married a year ago and lives with her husband in Mangalore. The middle one (sonia) is doing her engineering and she is basically a nerd with her nose in the books allthe time and tanya was in 11th(p.u college) and she had lost her father a few years ago due to a massive cardiac arrest….since then her mom has devoted her life in upbringing the girls and keeping them safe…

We exchanged our numbers and I had a feeling things were going to great the coming days.she really wanted me to come over her house so that she could introduce me her family!for now,I ignored her invitation saying

that her mom should invite me home instead of her.for that she gave me a twisted look and frowned!

“I don’t think mom would want you anywher near her house”said tanya..that caught me off guard!

What??do I look like a criminal or a terrorist I asked?

With a giggle she replied that her mom is over protective and she wants to keep her nest clean and neat..away from cute guys like me!we laughed and she took a leave….

Now I really wanted to know shiela better and more over,I had told tanya that her mom should invite me to their house…

I had just had my dinner(I cook myself some times) and I was watching some tv when I heard the door bell ring…

No one comes to my house at that hour so I opened the door to find tanya in her night pajamas and long tee standing..i was surprised…I asked her if everything is alright or she needed something …she said her lights just went off and there seems to be no electricity in her apartment…”can you help us “?she asked.

I don’t know much about electricity but I do know how it works so I offered her to help…

For the first time I entered her house and it smelled so fresh…like lavender and vanilla….it was dark and I was lead into her drawing room.i asked her if there were any short circuits??any sparks or that kind…tanya said she is scared of electricity and hence she avoids all electric devices/just then another beautiful voice from the dark spoke up saying that her hair drier was making weird noises and that’s when the lights went off….that was sonia and I was yet to see her face….i instantly knew what had happened and went over to the control panel to see if the MCB hav shut off…I was right,ther was some fluctuation in the drier and hence the MCB cut off….i turned up the MCB and the electricity was back…that’s when I saw sonia!!

She was dressed up in her night dress and by godd,she was dam sexy…that nerdy look on her face,those large black framed glasses and her messed up hair..she was scared like she had killed some one….i was introduced to her and all she could say was ‘thanks’ and rushed into her room….

Shiela walked out of her room in her satin nightie….i was about to leave when shiela asked me to sit for a while…

I just sat on the sofa right there like I was being instructed…shiela thanked me for the timely help and asked if I would like to have some coffee coz tanya makes some amazing coffee…I just jumped my shoulders and said,”why not”?

Well,tanya had told a lot about me to her mom and sisters so I needed no further introduction…I was waiting for the coffee and right in front of me was shiela sitting with her legs crossed under her pink satin nightie….i was just looking at her beautiful feet and I cant describe how pretty they looked!…maybe I have a foot fetish,I dunno but her feet demanded some attention…maybe she noticed that and hid her feet under the nightie…coffee arrived and indeed it was amazing….i thanked for the coffee and got up to leave…I walked to the door and helped myself out!

Shiela was all over my mind that night…is she an enchantress??has she done a charming spell on me??i had no answers but I knew I was madly attracted to her by now…

After that night,my visits to shiela’s house increased…it was some pretext or the other,mostly from tanya who made me come to their house….she was like an adventure,pulling pranks and making fun and troubling her sister sonia…

Most of the time we would sit and talk over a cup of her hand made coffee or watch some series on the tv!

Shiela always stayed locked behind her bedroom and when asked,tanya said her mom is like that since her dad died and they have tried every possible trick to cheer her up and she never changes..

One weekend,I wanted some sugar as I had ran out of it so I knocked at shiela’s door.the door opened and I expected tanya to be ther,but it was shiela in her tee and yoga pants ….my bone just shivered and started rising at the sight…and I was not wearing my briefs under my cargo shorts..i was stammering looking at her and that’s when she noticed a small bowl in my hand…she told me to come in and all I could say was “sugar” she smiled and took the bowl from my hand and walked towards her kitchen…that’s when I noticed how well toned her legs were..slim and slender and those yoga pants had hug her body so well that it made me jealous of those….wide hips swaying and she had the most amazing bubble butt I had ever seen! Round,plump and soft.

I had a hard on and I was desperately trying to hide it between my legs….if she could look down she would know I was trying to hide some thing….she walked towards me with the cup in her hands holding it like a dia…that made her boobs squeeze in the middle and look big but I think she did that to stop her boobs from swaying as she walked…

Now I was in a dilemma,ther Anadolu Yakası Escort was a prominent tent in my shorts and I could not hide it…so I put my left palm in front of my zipper and with the other hand I picked up the sugar bowl….she asked me to sit for a while and she would herself make some coffee for us….i sat down and asked if tanya is’nt home?shiela said she had a sleep over at her friends house last night and sonia was at her college…shiela was in her kitchen with her back towards me and I was checking her out…how divine it would be if I pull her tights down and put my face right between those soft ass cheeks and lick her butt hole..i was literally drooling when she turned over and caught me looking at her…I just pretended to look else where!

We sipped coffee in an awkward silence. I had to man up so I asked her how often does she workout?? She just shrugged her shoulders and said almost everyday but its yoga she prefers the most coz it calms her mind and relieves her stress…she suggested me to give it a try too and I jokingly told her I am not that flexible and would be happy if she taught me some basic asanas!!she just smiled and nodded “we’ll see” she said..

I got up to leave as soon as my boner calmed down and I thanked her for the coffee and sugar…I said, thanks ma’am!

She looked at me in a strange way and said “call me shiela…I prefer being called by my name”…fine, “you don’t look like an aunty either” I blurted out!! For that she laughed aloud and pinched my cheeks…all I could say was “if you weren’t for tanya’s mom,I would have asked you out for a dinner”….she suddenly stopped smiling and shut the door in front of me…..i knew I had messed up big time and I could not even apologize!

For a few days the atmosphere was tense and I could not make an eye contact with shiela…I dint tell this to tanya also.

After a couple of days I bumped into shiela and I apologized for being a jerk…she said she dint mind that but it was something of an emotional breakdown…no body has asked her out …she thot she has lost her charm and it went away with her husband…I mean I cant blame her for that…she had indeed cocooned herself for the sake of her kids..

And here I was lusting away on MILF!!

Approaching shiela was a big task… I had hurdles to cross to reach her….and moreover how or what excuse shud I find to get to her….that was the biggest task of my life!

Finally I got a chance. tanya’s grades were going down and she dint know what to I asked if i can tutor her at her place….she jumped up and hugged me tightly and ran up to her flat to ask mom…

I was called up and it was shiela’s turn to take an interview with me..i was good with my grades and I had a lot of spare time up my sleeve and to top that up,I would be at shiela’s house, oogling on her and if luck is on my side, I can get closer to her…hope this plan works!!

“why do u want to tutor tanya” asked shiela…I told her that I had free time and it may be of some help and tanya knows me well…more over I am not looking for an extra income,I like teaching and I wil be under ur nose!

It took some time for her to convince but it finally paid off and I started teaching tanya at her place and shiela would be in her bed room with her door slightly ajar looking at us frequently!!

Most of the time I would be early at tanya’s flat to chat up with shiela and I noticed that she is very different when she is alone with me and behaves a bit sternly when her kids are around…I was seeing two sides of her and I dint know what was real…we had exchanged our numbers and most of the communication happened thru our phone..

I was doing my best to impress her with the smallest things possible..

One night we were chatting on whatsapp,and shiela asked what am I doing on this weekend?

I told her I had plans to catch up with my friends and hopefully visit my parents and maybe late night show!!

All she could reply was an “OK” ….sumhow, I felt she felt bad…so I asked her if she is interested to go out for a movie with me?? She dint reply for a long time and I felt I had crossed my line again….

When I knew that ther wont be any reply from her,I took up the harness and typed a long message….

“dear shiela” I can understand how hard its been on u after ur husbands death. I also know that ther can be no replacement to him and u cant give that place in ur heart to sumone else.i know ur husband has left a deep mark in ur soul and heart…all u r doing is keeping his memories with you…u still believe that he is around but I think its fair to let it go…I mean,ur husband would feel proud if u are happy even after he is gone…that’s how life is!!

People come and go…we move on and so does ur life….dont be in a nutshell and I can clearly see it in ur eyes how u want to fly and reach up the sky…all I am trying to do is give u ur wings and u know how to fly….

Even after that,I dint get any reply and Friday night.i was playing on my xbox when the door bell rang!

I opened the door to find shiela standing.i opened the door and invited her in,but she declined and asked me if I am free for the evening? “well,I could make up some time for the pretty lady”…”ofcourse I do have time for you…tell me what can I help you with “?..she looked nervous and with a stammer asked if I could take her shopping and then maybe catch up on dinner….my heart just blasted!!…

I was ready in a jiffy and shiela was waiting for me at her door….she looked absolutely stunning in a straight A line long kurta with contrast leggings..the kurta had a long slit upto her hips…I complimented her and she was blushing all over…so I drove her to the newest mall in town and we went about shopping!

She was like a kid in a toy store…she usually wore dresses chosen by her kids and this is the first time she is buying sumthing for her and I was to be the judge…I was like the fashion show judge.shiela would dress up and come out of the changing booth and would judge her choice….i could have chosen every bit of clothing she wore if I had to coz she is so beautiful that every colour and style suits her…infact,I was having a tough time choosing for her…

Finally,it was done and there were lot of clothes she had purchased and she was insisting that I too buy sumthing for myself…..shiela came to the lingerie section and when I saw that, I wanted to give her some private space!

I excused myself on the pretext of going to the restroom.she said she will wait at the lingerie section and I had to oblige….so, I came over to the section and shiela was busy going through some bras. i turned away from her and stood by her side and she patted on my back. “how does this look on me”? She asked….my jaw literally dropped to the floor and I was shitting bricks…I just scratched my head and said “I am no good in this department but whatever you choose,u wil look pretty gorgeous”!!…she blushed and asked me weather I knew anything about bras and stuff…

I told her that “you know”…those… kinda hold your breasts and give support!….they come in all variety and shapes from daily wear to evening wear….sports to sleepwear…padded/unpadded….lacy ,cotton, lycra, satin and what not…she was quite impressed and asked how many hooks have I pulled down so far…? At first it dint click to me. Then when it hit me I was like stunned!!….it was like sumthing was stuck in my throat and I was chocking…

She said “relax!,I was just joking and now please choose a nice pair of lingerie for me”….

I just pointed at some random style in her hand and she agreed to my choice….

I was sweaty all over and needed some fresh air…I was surprised at shiela…what was she thinking?? How come she is so friendly and so close all of a sudden??….anyways,we finished shopping and headed to a nice expensive restaurant!!

I let her order the food coz I have no idea of the indian food served at the restaurants….they all seem to have the same base gravy!!…the food tasted good and it was a quite dinner!!

Shiela said she had never felt so good in a long time and thanked me for pulling her out of the hole! She asked me if I had a girlfriend?? I asked her “what do u think”?…she bit her lips and said..”for a guy like you,one wont be enough”

That made me laugh out loud….i said, right now I am single and I prefer to be that way coz relationships come with responsibilities and I am not yet ready to take it over my shoulders….and I am not gay either!!…we laughed!

shiela asked “wher would you put me in ur list of friends”?…i told her,I hardly know her and with what I can see how energetic and how open u are,I presume I can put u at the top of my list….no,I am not saying this to flatter you,but to know that some people should remain on top!….she just looked at me and smiled and I was just melting in my seat…

We finished the dinner and I paid the tab and we headed home….

We chatted about a lot of stuff on the way back to our apartment and she said how much she enjoys my company and the way I treat her!

We came to our respective doors and she invited me to her flat for a coffee….i could not deny it!! the door was opened by tanya and she hugged her mom tightly….”wow! Mom, you look fabulous and so happy.”..she winked at me!….that was another surprise!…..i finished the coffee and said good night to her at the door…she looked at me with gratitude and stepped forward to hug me…it was awkward!…i hugged her and she gave me a kiss on the cheek and softly said,”thank you” in my ears ….my hands were on her waist and it was like soft kneaded flour… soft and tender….i broke off from that trance and walked off…

Back in my room,I could not stop thinking about her…I was bewitched and mesmerized!!…i just pulled out my ever standing dick out from my pants….and started to fantasize about the adventures with shiela….it dint take me long and I shouted out shiela’s name loudly as I came with a big orgasm. Ropes and ropes of jism shot on to my chest.the warm feeling of the semen on my chest calmed me down.i din’t know I had come so much,its only when I scooped in a tissue that I realized !..i just fell asleep in that condition!

Encounters with shiela kept happening and I always prayed to god for some new excuses to get in front of her….she was aware of my intentions sumhow and she could sense my presence…when ever I walked into her house, she would come out of her room in clothes most revealing or sometimes a thin nighty with nothing underneath that….

The shiela I saw the first time with no makeup and proper hairdo…she had now transformed completely!

The bedroom door which would be always closed when I was in her house,now seems to be open(not completely) but you can make out that she is watching me…or I could see her doing some work and it seemed intentionally that she was trying to come in the frame….

Most of the time I would be teaching tanya late in the night and it so happens that shiela would come into tanya’s room and ask me stay over for dinner…she was an amazing cook and I dint want to miss her food nor an excuse to sit right next to her on the dining table….and everytime shiela spoke to me,I could see tanya smiling and mocking me and that would start of a war of words and pranks…most of the time I would pin her against the wall and ask as to why she taunts when her mom speaks to me and she would never answer but take the pain and the tickles I gave her…I knew tanya and she was just happy for her mother and she was doing this because I was the reason why her mom is so lively and smiling….and she always gave me an opportunity to be with her mom alone and would pass on info about her work schedule and for some reasons she would make arrangements for dinner and on the last moment cancel hers and make he mom and me go out instead!!…she was a brat!

Things kept happening,the distance between shiela and me was closing in and I never missed a chance to hold her or touch her whenever I got the opportunity!!

One weekend,both tanya and her nerdy sis sonia were gone for the weekend leaving their mom alone….i don’t know if this was planned but this never had happened earlier….that evening, I was out with my friends and came home a bit early then usual…I opened my door,entered and dint close the door behind me…I took off my clothes leaving my underwear on me and wanted to take a hot shower… just then shiela walked right into my house and seeing me half naked,closed her eyes and said “sorry,sorry sorry”…I just pulled a towel around me and told he not to be as I dint lock my front door…she was sorry too for not knocking on the door before entering she said…. “what happened?”I asked.

She was literally stammering and said she was scared to be alone at home and after seeing me come home she rushed in to see me and moreover the electricity was fluctuating in her apartment!

I dressed up in my shorts and a tee and walked to her apartment…because of the fluctuation the lights had been dimmed(low voltage)…I checked the meter box,the panel but I could not make out what was wrong….

Anyways,she offered me coffee and we spoke for a long time..after a while she opened up about her depression and loneliness and how it affected her and its only becoz of me that she gave her life a second chance….i was taken aback!!….in what way was I influencing her I asked….she was quite for a while and told me that there was no male companion after her husband and she with her daughters felt a loss of a male member at home!

I came as their neighbour and changed their lifestyle and now tanya, sonia and herself feel happy and safe…

She went to her room and brought up a big album…she had all the photos of her childhood and youth..she sat next to me very closely and she was so happy to make me go through that entire album and I was drooling at her pics…after the album ended,she asked “how do I look now?”…..i looked deep into her eyes and said..”you know,I hav’nt seen u in ur younger years but,if I had known you,I would have never missed a chance to be your boyfriend”…she laughed so hard and lovingly hit me on my thighs….”so,u like me when I was younger and not now?”… I just kept my head low and said “what I saw in u the first time I met was enough to make me go nuts”….when you can be so beautiful at this age….i don’t ant to know how you look in your youth….this is what I saw and this is what I like….

She just smiled and said “thanks”…

It was late and I wanted to go home….not to sleep but to play with my hard cock which was giving me unpleasant discomfort while I was drooling over shiela’s pics!…..i wanted to masturbate and shoot my built up semen all over the bed….and I knew my precum had wet my underwear and my shorts…I went to the bath room to check myself and I was right….a big patch of precum had wet me….this was embarrassing!

When I tried to take a leave,shiela asked me if I could stay at her place….”no, no…don’t get me wrong…I have never been alone like this…and I am scared to be all alone at home”…fine,how can I be of help I asked….she said “we have a guest bed and if u don’t mind,spend the night here”…I was more than happy to say yes….i locked my door and came back… she was in her balcony! We sat and chatted for a while…it felt so nice to be alone with her….

It ws late in the night and she wanted her sleep badly…she told me to feel free at home and I don’t need to wake her up for anything if I wanted something from the kitchen or the fridge!!

I usually sleep with my boxers and nothing under it….the whole day I keep it(dick) confined in my tight underwear…and its only at night I let the tiger out…to let it feel the fresh air and move about freely!!…..i tried closing the guest door but it the lock on the handle was broken….you could just shut the door..thats all!

Anyways,I don’t fall asleep easily in a new place….i was getting crazy thots about shiela…my dick was hard…and I just wanted to open her door and take her in my arms…make love to her the whole night and wake up in the morning still cuddled with her…..i dunno when I fell asleep and I am a light sleeper…I wake up for the slightest noise!….

The room was dark except for the moonlight streaming onto the bed….first I thot shiela must be awake and she may have come for a glass of water….i was sleeping on my back with my hands behind my head and my legs apart…

I heard sumthing fall on the carpet outside the room but I just kept quite….after a while I heard the door open slightly and I was pretending to sleep…with my eyes half closed I could see shiela watching over me from the crack of the door….she stood there for a long time and after a while she entered the room slowly and like a ghost stood next the bed….a part of me was scared and this looked really spooking….after a couple of minutes she sat next to me and kept looking at my body….it looked she wanted to touch me or feel me…I dunno what she wanted to do but she was scaring the shit out of me….she stood for a couple of mimutes and left the room, this made me go nuts…what was that??

After a while,I gathered up my courage and I wanted to knock on her door and see if she sleepwalks?maybe If I could ask her if she sleep walks….i went to her room and found the door slightly ajar with the bed lamp still on…I peeped into the room and I almost stumbled….a chill ran down my spine and the scene I saw made my throat dry….

Shiela was on her bed with her legs wide open…she was on her back and her nightie pulled upto her waist….i am seeing her sideways..her legs apart and bent at the knee and one of her hands is on her genital area and the other caressing her big boobs over the nightie….she was moaning softly with a “pur” here and there…her head slightly backward and eyes closes…she was mumbling sumthing and I could see her hand rubbing over her pussy…sometimes she would caress her boobs and pinch her nipples and sometimes put her fingers in her mouth and suck on them.. Seeing the hot scene in front of me had my dick rock hard and wanted immediate hand instantly went into my boxers and I started stroking my dick which by now had become like a stone and precum oozing out….after a while,she came up with a huge orgasm coz I saw her hips thrust up and she went into a rigid body…biting her lips in the process..then she collapsed on the bed and was panting hard…the scene in front of me was so erotic that i forgot wher I was and I too shot a butt load of cum into my hands….i spilled a few drops on the floor too…the area was carpeted so I din’t bother to clean up and rushed back to my room….

God!!,what did I see??shiela masturbates??…what was she thinking…should I go into her room and pounce on her??

I was going crazy….and I knew she had hots for me and I was waiting for her to make the first move…

I had a difficult time sleeping and everytime I closed my eyes,the hot scene played again and Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan again!

The lust had taken over me so much that I thought I may lose control of myself and rape her…so I left early in the morning with a message on the dining table saying I would be back by noon!

She did call me and reminded me of the lunch at her place….like a nervous goat,I went to her apartment and I had a difficult time looking into her eyes…partly because I was guilty for what I saw and partly because I had this weird thots about her…I mean,whats going on in her mind??

She sensed my uneasiness and asked me if I felt alright…I just told her that I had a tough night as I had a hard time falling asleep….”what??Were u awake last night” she asked with a startled look…”no,no…I was’nt awake…I just had an uneasy sleep” I replied….i told her its because of the new place and considering what she did last night…I kept her secret to myself…..i told her I have a massive headache and I need some rest.

“I know a wonderful home remedy to ease your headache” she exclaimed….what can that be I asked!

“I have a special home made hair oil and I can give you a good head massage”….shiela said

I will apply it myself I told her…”no,it’s a special massage and I am very good at giving massages to my daughters” she said…..i dint want to miss this chance so I accepted and gave myself to her hands…

After dinner,she went to her room and brought a bottle with greenish kind of liquid in it….she sat on the edge of the sofa and told me sit in between he open legs with my back to her….she told me to take off my shirt as the oil may drip…I did as I was ordered and felt really awkward half naked in front of her….i knew she was checking out my abs and chest and I pretended to look somewhere else….

I sat with my back to her and I felt the warm liquid drip on my head….she applied oil to her hands and ran her delicate fingers in my hair…..god! That felt sooo good….her legs kept me locked between her and she was happily running magic on my head…..i was literally in an another world!

Her massage pace increased and my head was going all over from one side to the other….she told me to hold on to her and I gripped her legs,right in the calf area….the soft feel of her body under her thin yoga pants gave me a hard on! …the way she was massaging me, I kept caressing her calves the same way!

After a few minutes she stopped but my busy hands held on to her and I had no idea she had stopped for good!

I realized the act was over and I shoved my arms back with a jerk….she laughed and said..”you were like a baby holding on to me”…”did it feel good”?….i looked at her puzzled….”what was better, the massage or u holding on to my legs”?she asked… jaw literally dropped to the floor!.l..i dint know what to say really…

“Well,indeed the massage was good but with the kind of magic in ur fingers,I had no idea what I was doing”….i said

“Cleverly said” she shot back with a naughty smile on her face…..”keep it for an hour and have a hot shower” she told me….after she cleaned her hands,I asked if I can see her fingers.she presented her long slender fingers to me like a kid displaying her new finger nail paint…..i took them in my hand and for the first time I felt how really soft and smooth they were….i asked her how can these soft looking delicate fingers be so hard at the same time(referring to the way she hammered my head with those) she could not stop giggling and pulled her hands away….

“I wish I could do the same to you but I am not that of an expert and moreover I may damage ur lovely hair”…I told her….”but…I am a good masseur myself”….”do you know to give a good massage” she asked.. I told her I knew a bit through a physiotherapist who helped me during my back sprain….”that would be wonderful” she blurted ….i told her if she is okay with me giving one….”that would be so wonderful and who wouldn’t want to be massaged with a hunk ?” she said with a twinkle in her eyes….and I was blushing profusely!…so that’s my payback I said….and I went home for a hot shower…..while on the way to my door she called up said ..”don’t be late for dinner..”

I ran to my room…pulled off my shorts and jumped into the shower and mr. dick was all grown up and wanted some attention fast…I wet my hands and poured in a big glob of shower gel into my hands and started massaging my shaft….all the way to the head and back to the very base of my penis….in a very slow motion…my eyes were closed…by knees bent and my back pulled backwards….i was fantasizing her massaging my long thick dick…the sensation felt so good and I kept increasing the pace and I was coming fast….i wanted to hold on but the sensation was too strong and my sensitive penis gave up and spit ropes and ropes of white semen on the bathroom tiles…..

It was so intense that I almost fell backwards and I had to support myself as I ejaculated from my semen sack!

I went out in the evening to get some dessert for the dinner…I wanted to give something sweet back for the lovey food she was preparing….i brought a chocolate Belgium fudge cake and I knew she was crazy bout chocolate!

As I neared her apartment, I heard a loud “thud” and a faint “yelp” from inside….the door was open and shiela was on the floor holding her ankle in pain….i ran towards her and tried to help up up but she could not….so I asked permission to carry her….she nodded!

I put one hand behind her back and one hand of mine under her knees and picked her up like a baby…her hands were wrapped around my neck and her head sunken under my jaw..literally biting my neck with pain….i picked her up slowly and walked towards her room….i laid her on the bed and told her to relax and let me look at the injury….

Luckily ther was no swelling in her ankles as she had twisted it and tripped over….but she did feel a bit discomfort when I was rotating her ankle….her feet was in my hands and believe me,they felt so tiny In my hands…so soft,so perfect and smooth….i was having a foot fetish and I just wanted to put her cute little toe in my mouth and suck it…roll over my tongue all over her toe…slide my tongue between those tiny little fingers and bite the sole of her feet… her red nail enamel was like a cherry on a cake….

I brought some ice cubes and rubbed all over her feet….she was just looking into my eyes and biting her lips….i looked into her eyes and told her that she has one of the most prettiest feet I have ever seen….she was pink all over and I knew I could make my first move but I held back coz I dint wanna take an advantage of the situation!

I helped her off the bed,held her in my arms and limped her to the dining area….she had already set the table so we sat and enjoyed our food…after the dinner I brought out my chocolate cake as the dessert and gave her a piece…

She thanked me for the gesture and enjoyed it sharing her old memories….

The pain had come down and she could walk on her own now….i helped her clean the table and then sat on the sofa watching netflix!

We were watching some series in the dim light and she got up to get some popcorn…she came back with a bowl and handed over to me…she was so immersed in the tv coz a romantic scene was going on and she misjudged the edge of the sofa as she tried to sit back…her butt hit the sofa edge and she was thrown forward..falling on all fours….i could not control my laughter as I went to pick her up and she was laughing with her hand clutched to her stomach…we both fell on the floor and rolled over in the mele! after a while realized she was on top of me…she said sorry and got up in a flash but in that hurry she pulled a back muscle…..she just clenched her back and sat on the sofa with a pain…..”my old bones are giving up” she said….i laughed as said…”who told you are old”…its just that you hav not done such things in a long time and your bones and joints are all rusty…..she giggled and asked who can oil them? “what if I massage ur back? Would you mind that?” I asked….”oh! I would love to and right now I think that’s what I need the most” she sighed….

I brought baby oil from my house….well,if you are wondering why I have a baby oil with me….i use that to massage my dick and the slick texture gives a natural effect while masturbating!! I love the smell of it too… soon as I brought it,shiela asked me why do I keep a bottle of baby oil??i told her that I massage it myself after a serious workout….she just smiled and I was wondering if she really knew the truth!

I led shiela to her room and told her to lie down on the bed on her stomach….she was wearing her thin black legging and a loose white tee….i told her that I need to pull her tee up so that I can apply the oil on her back and massage!

Without a word she pulled her tee right upto wher her bar hook was visible….my hands were trembling and I had a tough time concentrating on the job as I was busy looking ar her smooth curvaceous back!!…lucky enaf I was wearing a tight underwear and that held my little brother from being mischievous!! …I squirted a few drops of oil on her her back and for the first time I placed my palms on her back….i cant describe the sensation with words…but I was so soft,and tender…smooth and fair..overall delicious!!…so,I started massaging her back sitting next to her which made it really uncomfortable for me…anyways, I kept rolling my hands all over her waist…from her spine to the edge of her sides….she was just humming and cooing “aaahhh’s and “ooohhhh’s….and I was watching her butt while massaging!

“why don’t you move up and give me a nice shoulder rub”she asked….for that I had to remove her bra and make way past her obstructing tee…I just froze in that position…I mean,what else could you do??….”com’on! Just pull up the shirt and unhook my bra”she said….my hands were trembeling and here I was with a 40+ woman whom I am dying to get laid and right now I am literally paralyzed!!

“are you shy or something”? She asked….”fine. I’ll take it out myself” she said and unhooked her bar with great flexibility in her arms….now her whole back was exposed and I just wanted to shower kisses all over her back…

I told her I need to saddle her to massage better…she just “hhhuuummm”ed…with great confidence I saddled her on the back like you sit on a horse back….i had both my knees on either side of her butt and I made sure my hard on would not touch her butt at any cost….i was doing the magic with my hands…rubbing and kneading her soft skin… her whole back had turned pink due to the friction….as I was massaging her shoulder area ,my hands slipped and I I lost balance…in that process I realized I had sat on her butt with my crotch right in between her ass cheeks….”I am so sorry,I slipped” I pleaded….”that’s ok, I understand ur situation” she claimed…

I think this is going way too far, I realized and I told her that I need to go to the bathroom and maybe head home aswell…I knew I was crossing borders and she was letting me cross it too….i dunno what I wanted at that time.

“why did you stop sameer” she asked….”that felt soo heavenly! You have magical fingers”she said….thanks was all I could say….

“Why don’t you massage my legs too”? she asked..i told her to do that she needs to remove her leggings….”wait a sec” she said and holding her bra with one hand on the chest she got out of the bed….went to the bath room and came back with boxers kind of shorts under her tee shirt….the shorts were really small…and were more like a mini flaired skirt with pleats….”wow…u look absolutely gorgeous in those shorts” I blurted out….”do you think so” she asked….”i am an old hag now”she said….i told her I dunno what “old” is as long as the person feels “young” I exclaimed….”oh,you r just saying that to please me”she said…..”why do I need to lie” I asked….i just told u an honest fact I said..

She came forward with her head slightly bowed down and now I could see that she was not wearing any bra underneath and her nipples were poking out, making a prominent visible bump on either side of her breasts…I clapped my hands and told her to lie down on the bed….she did that and I sat next to her and poured oil on her silky smooth legs….right from her thigh to her ankles….i started from her ankles and kneading all the way to her thighs…I told her to open her legs wide so that I could reach her legs all around…she opened her legs and by doing so,the middle part of her shorts left a small gap between her legs…now I could see her black lacy panties and her crotch area….my dick was going nuts….i was confined in a tight place and I needed to come out and feel the sex outside….

I was mainly massaging her thighs and every now and then I would roll my hands under the thighs…I did both the legs…her ankle and her feet….i dunno if she was enjoying the massage or the way I was feeling her skin…anyways,I told her to flip on her back and in an instant she was on her back with her legs wide open….i applied oil on her legs and started the same technique….shin to knees and then to the thighs…i wanted to reach closer to the crotch so I applied pressure on her thigh area and kneading all the way I went right upto her panty area. I could see her black panty covering that lovely vaginal mound…just a few cms away!!…

I gathered up all my courage and went upto her thigh joint….i was massaging that area and I let my hand slide down the panty line to her vagina….i looked at her,she had her eyes closed and her head tilted the other side and she had clenched the corners of her pillows….i knew she was enjoying the erotic massage and by now I was freely sliding my hand between her legs and feeling her mound….it was more like a brush with the finger!

She was just panting heavily with every stroke or every time I went past her vagina line….i could feel the wetness in her panty…anywasy,I finished her legs and her hands too….

I told her she needs a hot shower to clean the oil and to relax her muscles.

And I told her I wil leave now….and I could see her face sulk down…she made a sad face and with those pretty pouted lips she said “I get scared all alone, please stay for the night”…well, ok I said and I needed to go to the bath room fast….i went to the guest bathroom and in a flash my shorts were below my knees and as soon as I yanked my briefs down, my hard member sprang up like a spring and hit my belly with a “thup”….he was really angry for keeping him like that….i could feel the heat on my shaft…I fisted around my dick and started stroking it away…the excitement was so built up that it took hardly a few minutes for me cum…I came hard…reeaally hard as I could see my semen hit the toilet flush tank instead of just spurting out….i shot ropes and ropes of it on the toilet flush tank….the intensity was so much that I dint wanna stop coming….i gasped for some air and relaxed myself….after a couple of mins, I cooled down and cleaned up the toilet and was out….i could see shiela also had finished her bath and was doing sumthing in her room…

I went to the guest bed room to catch some sleep…and right then the electricity just went off!

“Sameer, sameer” shiela shouted fearing the dark…

I told her to be in the same place she was and I wil be ther….i rushed to her room and found her standing next to her bed with her arms across her chest and the fist resting under her chin….like when you are scared and praying at the same time….i went upto her and she just jumped on me and hugged me tightly….that was awkward coz both my hands were bound in her grasp!!….i told her to that I am ther, it wil be alright…

I checked up the control panel….the meter box.. but it looked like the problem is in the whole block!

We lit up the candles and sat on the sofa for a while…an hour passed and the electricity was no the be seen!!

I told her its too late in the night and she should probably go to bed and I will be here in the living room if she needs anything or if she feels scared…..”i cant sleep in the dark”she complained…I wil sit with you and chat..

I tried to assure her but it vain…she was not letting go of me!…finally she asked if I could sleep in the same room…

I looked at her pity state and said…”fine…if you don’t have a problem with that”….

We went to her room and kept the door open so that the candle light may come through the door..

I told her I can sleep on the floor and she can take the bed….for that she shot back..”why?do you think my bed can’t accommodate 2 ppl on it? ….i had no answers….

We took up our respective sides on the bed and tried to sleep….after a long silence, I was about to go deep into my slumber … the events which took place a few hours ago were flashing in my mind and I fell asleep I guess..

Later in the night I was dreaming that shiela is sleeping next to me and I am in a spooning position with her…

We both are on our sides and she is all cuddled up in my arms….just then I felt something really touch me….i dint get up but just opened my eyes a little to see what that is….the candle light flowing in the room was just enough to make me realize that shiela has scooted next to me and her back was touching my sides(I was flat on my back with my hands under my head)…I needed no encouragement, I turned and and was in sides with her….her butt was upto my crotch area and there was some considerable gap between us…

I was watching her with my eyes half closed….she scooted even more and was touching my crotch….i could feel her soft mushy butt touching my dick… it was,my dick was already in the attention position and poking out,making a tent formation in my boxers….the moment she touched and felt something…she started squirming and rubbing her butt against my dick….while rubbing slowly she was trying to get my dick between her butt cheeks..

I was on my sides and my legs were slightly pushed upwards and bent at the knee..she was trying to get in between my upper and lower body…..all this while thinking I am asleep….

So I turned sides and was back on to my back…..she too turned and she was facing me now….i was breathing calmly and I knew my faster heart beat would give away the fake sleep….after a while she put one leg on top on my legs.

After a few mins she raised her legs up….she was calculating her timing and was doing so step by step…

I was playing along….she came near me and she let her boos touch my shoulders….i could feel the soft feel of her boobs….i literally wanted to grab those melons for teasing me like that…in that very moment I too turned towards her and put one of my hands over her ( all this in my fake sleep)…..i was just inches away for her face…I could smell her perfume,her warm breath on my chest….her intoxicating body odour….i knew she was tempted to come closer and kiss my lips and I was waiting for that moment…

She cleverly turned on to her back in such a way that Escort Anadolu Yakası my hand which was resting on her hand, slid right on to her boobs…. Now she is on her back and I am on my side with one hand on her boobs….she slowly held on to my hand and ran her fingers all over the back of my hand….maybe she was trying to arouse me or wake me….i dunno but I dint want her to stop….after a while she slowly raised my hand and started to pulled her tee up slowly…I knew what she was doing now…..she pulled her tee exposing her big boob and made my hand rest on one of her boobs….my hand was right on top of her boob with her pointy nipple under my palm…and her hand was over mine..she had clamped her hand oven mine and using that to rub her breast…..her nipple felt hard and big…I assumed the size of a small green grape….she was rubbing her nipples in a circular motion and like a fool I was pretending to sleep or was she doing this knowing that i am awake??

Meanwhile, her hips were rubbing my dick…it had made a big tent and she was enjoying the hard feel…

Well,the way she wass rubbing…I knew I would not be able to control it and would cum in my briefs….i had to act fast!

She was flat on her back and so one of her hand(right) was in between her and me….i was to her side and with this advantage, she extended her hand to reach my dick…I knew she was on heat and I was testing her to the limit….

She eventually found the location of my dick and started to run her fingers along the shaft….because my tight brief had not let the dick stand straight…it had bent it in a semi circle shape and mushroom was tucked between the balls…

I knew this was too much to handle so I made a daring move and grasped her boob tightly…

She sighed in a loud way…that was enough for me….i started kneading her boobs like hell….her boob was not enough for one hand….so I cupped her boob for under side and pressed with my thumb and fingers….like u press a bottle…her nipple shot up and stood straight…it was almost a centimeter high…..i removed my hands and held on to the enlarged tit…I rolled it between my thumb and fingers….i was just feeling its hardness when she turned towards me and planted a kiss right on my lips….her soft moist lips felt so eatable in my mouth that I kissed her back with the same vigour…she ws not that experienced as a kisser but she she did leave he mouth so much open for me to push my tongue inside her and explore her mouth….i was literally biting and chewing her lower lip and she was doing the same to my upper lip….the smell of her saliva mixed with me was driving me crazy…she put her arms around me and ran her fingers in my hair and held it tightly as she kissed all over me….i kissed all the way to my her hear and held her ear lobe in my lips and sucked….she was just squirming like a snake in my arms….then I pushed my tongue in her ear and rotated all around….this made her shudder and lose her mind..

I licked all over and made way behind her ears and ran my tongue along her neck upto her shoulder blade….she just arched her back and went rigid…..

I made her fall on her back and moved closer..i came over her with my right hand kneading her right boob….in the dim light I could see the way she was enjoying with her eyes closed….i started kissing her lips again…this time with more force and all she could say was …”emmmm” and “ufffffs”….i just kissed her on her chin and took the whole of her chin in my mouth and rolled my tongue around it….she was breathing harder and harder…I made all the way to her long neck planting kisses and nibbling and sucking her soft skin….i came to her chest area…my right hand was squeezing the right her left boob was practically all alone….so I bent down and started kissing all over her boobs….she was desperate to push her nipple in my mouth and was pushing her boob into wher ever I went around….”please …..sssshhhhhh…don’t tease me….take it in ur mouth”? She said….the moment she said that sand stopped moving….i dived on to the tit with my mouth open and took the tit and a lot of her boob in my mouth and sucked her deep….i could feel her tit touching the back of my throat…she just jumped up and grasped for air….

I slowly let go of her boob with a “plop” sound….i rolled my tongue around her nipple….theni took it ion my mouth and sucked it….then I held it inbtween my teeth and bit slowly….i did thjat to the other boob as well….then I got on top of her and slowly rested my chest over hers…clamped her hands in mine and spread them away for our body….i looked into her lust filled eyes….she was getting her head up to kiss me and I was teasing her turning away from her….that was enough…she broke away from my grasp and held my head straight and started kissing me wildly…..after a while of kissing I again made way to her boobs…now I sat up on her belly and with my two hands cupped her boobs from either sides and brought the togeather…..i burried my face between thos heavenly soft mounds of flesh….i kissed them…bit them….nibbed them…finally brought the tits to geather and sucked as one in my mouth….she went crazy with this and thrust her hips up..pushing me!…i knew she had cum..

I gave her some time and when she relaxed a bit.. I let go of her boobs and kissed her belly all over….she just grabbed my arms and brought me up…I again kissed her lips …this time more passionately…soft kisses…I told her to keep her lips open and let me do the kissing….my right hand grabbed her right thigh and kept it over my legs….i ran my hands all over her back all the while kissing her lips….i came to her shorts and slipped my hands under her panty….her smooth skin and those soft tender butt drove me crazy….i was feeling every bit of her big butt….i slid her shorts down a little and my fingers found the ass crack….i ran my fingers between her ass…..i dug deeper between till I found the butt hole….i rubbed my finger around it and she was going crazy…

I pulled my hand out and made her lie on her back….i placed my hand on her belly and made my way to her vagina….as her shorts were pulled down to her knees…it was easier for me to reach her pussy….she had trimmed hair ..just the way I wanted it…I probed down till I found the paradise hole….her panty was soaking wet so I pulled it out…I made her open her legs wide and placed my palm on top of her pussy….all the way kissing her lips and tonguing her..i found the slit with my fingers and opened them….she had thick vaginal lips and her pussy was the size of my palm…..that wide and thick….i ran my middle finger between the slip and found it to be extremely wet….she was dripping form her pussy…..with that wetness,I found the hole and rotated my middle finger around it….her kissing got stronger….i pulled out and found the hooded clit….it was hard and pointy between those lips….i circled around the clit and rubbed vigorously over it…. This made her clench me harder and she bit my lower lip as she came hard with another forceful orgasm….i could feel her cum run down her vagina slit and I wanted to taste the flowing heavenly nectar….i inserted my middle finger in her pussy and it went in with little resistance because she was flooding with her juices….i inserted deep and I saw shiela close her eyes and tilh her head backwards in sheer pleasure….i pulled the finger our and she looked at me like ‘why did u take it out’?….”baby I have other plans” I siad to myself…..she was looking at me with fire in her eyes and I brought the finger to lips….my finger was fully wet till I had inserted… a thick coating her pussy juice had covered my finger….i brought it close to my nose, it smelled out of this world….not musky or pungent…it dint even smell of piss or sweat….it had a pleasant sweet smell and she was watching me with pleasure….with the tip of my tongue I tasted her pussy nectar….it tasted of a little salty and a bit of sweetness…but the overall tastes was drinkable and I wanted more of it…I put the finger in my mouth to get the full taste of the slimy liquid….”hhhmmmm”….creamy and soft texture….i knew I wanted more of this energy fluid…

I spread her legs open and she eagerly spread her legs…..i held on to her legs under her knees and pushed her butt up so that her pussy comes closer to my face….i started kissing and licking from her thigh area on either side of her legs….she was so horny and uncontrollable that she kept thrusting her butt up so that I commence the pussy licking….i was teasing her and she kept on saying….”please…don’t do this,stop teasing me and do something”….i looked at her and asked “what?”….she just put her head to the side smiling…she was too shy to convey what she really wanted and I got the hint…my showering kisses came to the very edge of her pussy and I could smell the gates of paradise….i licked the edges of her labia(her vaginal lips)she gave a jolt….i kissed her pussy mound and wher ever my lips and tongue went,she thrust her hips in that direction so at to give in her aching pussy….finally I stopped and opened the legs a bit wider….i brought my face directly in front of her pussy….the sweet musky filled hole looked tempting and her juice was dribbling out of the lower edge to her anus hole….her lips were puffy and thick….the inner pink lips were open like the butterfly….even though she was in her late 40’s…her vagina looked like that of a teenager….most of the matured women have wide inner lips or darkened lips….shiels’s lips were pink and small….i placed the tip of my tongue at the start of her lower vagina and licked all the way up to her clip….she just held the pillow tightly and thrust her hips up with a deep “aaahhhhhhaaa”..i placed the flat of my tongue on her pussy and licked….i moved up to her clit and sensing the sensitive bud under my lips, I pressed it with my tongue…she just kept squirming with pleasure….i took her swollen clit between my lips and sucked….my sucking got deeper and in between I licked the length of her pussy too…in a matter of few minutes I felt her body tense and her “hmmmm,hmmmmmm,hmmmmm” increased…I knew she is going to cum in bucket loads….i pushed my tongue in the pussy hole deep and she came with a big orgasm….she let go of pillow and held on to my head…her hands dug deep into my hair and she pulled my head as if she wanted my whole head inside her…. I gasped for some air…my nose and my lips were buried deep in her vagina and my tongue was deep inside her hole….i felt the warm liquid running down my tongue…I pulled myself out and took a deep breath…I saw the slimy semitransparent liquid run down her vagina…I put my face to that and licked the flowing nectar…some of it had even crossed her anal hole…so I licked her butt hole too and this gave her even more pleasure…

After the hearty meal..i kissed all the way up to her lips and as she saw my wet soaked lips of her juices….she opened her mouth and took both of my lips in her hungry mouth and kissed passionately and licked….we stuck locked like that for a few minutes….i held her left hand and brought it to my tent….she felt the mound my dick had made and ran her fingers all around the brief….she put her fingers inside my elastic band and tried to pull my brief down… I helped her get it down fully….slowly she brought her hand on to my shaft from my belly….like a blind person trying to find the thing,she ws also doing the same…once the dick came to her hand she held it tightly…slightly pressing and releasing she made it to the top of my dick…she dint look down to see how long or good it is….she kept kissing and kept stroking my dick…she ws not that experienced in pleasing the dick as she kept her hand in one position only….

Slowly she kissed my neck and kissed all the way to my chest…on my chest she stopped at my nipples and took those in her mouth and sucked…it felt nice…with one hand she pinched my nipples and with her mouth she bit my other nipple…this made me gasp!!..she kissed and nipped my nipple for while and then I pushed her to my crotch area…

She got up and sat between my legs with her hands on either side of my thighs….she ran her fingers on my thighs and came upto my dick….lookig at me hungrily she held on to my aching dick.

She brought her lips closer and gave a kiss on the tip of my dick…the precum touched her lips and she ran her tongue around her lips to taste my precum….”hhmmmm” she squealed..

She opened her mouth and engulfed the whole head into hers…that felt heavenly and I thrust my hips up to allow her to take the full cock in her mouth…she ran her tongue around the bulbous head while my cock was in her mouth …this was driving me crazy!!…she slowly allowed my cock in her mouth….she could only make it half when she gagged…she knew it was long and thick so it took some time for her to adjust to the thickness….after a while she was bobbing up and down on my cock with one hand held tightly at the base of my cock!…i was in heaven with my eyes closed….she licked the entire shaft of my cock from the base to the tip…..with the other hand she played with my balls…she kept kneading them and sucking my cock…..she took it as deep as possible and rotated the dick in a clockwise direction with her tongue going in the opposite way….the intensity of her rolling was such that I could not hold on to my orgasm and held her head in one place…I told her I am going to cum if she does not stop….she ignored my pleas and kept doing the same thing…..i was nearing my huge orgasm and I told her I would cum in her mouth but she kept going on….and in a while I came hard…holding her head steady I pumped a load in her mouth….it may have hit her throat so she gagged a bit with a slight cough…..i shot a few more loads in her and her mouth was full….my body was tensed up rigid and my cock was spilling the seed in her mouth….she took the whole load in her mouth and gulped down the jism…a little of my semen had rolled down her lips too…she pulled out her mouth and looked at me with a big smile and scooped the semen from her lower lip and put it in her mouth….she ran her tongue around her lips to see if anything had been left out….she looked at me like a vampire who had just finished sucking her victim dry…..she came up slowly on top on me and fell flat on my chest….we dint speak anything except for our heavy breathing…..then she brought her lips to mine and we kissed even more…..i could smell my own semen on her lips but who cared??

My dick had gone semi solid so she took it in her hands and started fondling with it….it dint take long for it to rise up for the occasion….once it was hard,she came up to my ears and whispered..”I want that in… please fill me up with ur thick cock…..i want that monster inside me now”… came on top of her and spread her legs….i told her I don’t have a condom….she said, “don’t worry…I cant get pregnant….i have had my surgery long back”….so I took a big glob of saliva from my mouth and smeared around my dick for lubrication and then I applied some on her vagina…..

I positioned myself between her legs and her hands were on my shoulders….”please go in slowly” she cooed!

I brought my dick to her opening and rubbed the head on her length….her hips flowed with the rhythm…she was eager to get that in hers as soon as possible….i kept the head in the pussy opening and pushed my hips a little and she gasped…..she bit her fingers into my flesh….i pushed a little and the head went in with a little resistance but I knew she was tight inside….i kept pulling in and out so as to get her used to the thickness….as soon as the head was coated with her lubricating juice….i slowly thrust my cock inch by inch….it felt warm and damn tight….she held on to my shoulders inflicting pain….it went half when I stopped to get her used to it….she moved her hands from my shoulders to her hips and pulled towards her….that indication was enough to make me ram my dick deep inside her….the moment I thrust in her,she gasped and screamed in ecstasy with a “aahhhhhhaaaaa”… stop her from screaming.i placed my lips on her and kissed her deeply pushing my tongue deep into her throat…in one push my entire dick was engulfed in her…I had impaled her with my long dick….her eyes went wide and I could see a stream of tear drop roll down her eyes!

She just clamped her arms around my torso and held me tightly….once the pain had subsided and I could feel the warmth on my entire cock and the wetness…I slowly started pumping up and down…

I was locked in a lip lock and my hips were doing their job….she had her hands on my butt and her fingers were dug deep into my firm ass….she was pulling me inside of her with force…

As I was ploughing her pussy I took both her boobs in my hands and sucked her nipples….this made her jump up and in a while she raised her legs up and locked around my hips….i knew she was close to coming so I rammed harder and harder….she came with a big “aahhhhhhhhh”…..she kissed me harder and I could feel her love juices dribble down her ass….she was having an extreme orgasm….

I released my self from her grasp and keeping my cock inside of hers,I pulled up my body…I took both her legs in my hands and opened them wider…I could see my cock glistening with her thick juice….i pinned her on the bed and took her legs under my arms and upto my shoulders….her legs were resting on my shoulders and this made her hips push forward…now I could go deeper then before…..i could hear my balls hitting her soft ass cheeks with a “tctchh”…I was really deep inside of her and once deep… I rotated my hips so that my dick inside could swirl around her vaginal walls….this made her even wild and she shouted “don’t make me cum again”…..”god, please don’t make me die”….

Pulling her thighs togeather had made the pussy tighter so even I was getting close to an huge orgasm….i looked at her and asked if she wants to cum with me…she just nodded with lust….i let go of her legs and fell on top of her…she held on to my head and started a volley of kissed all over…I slipped my hands under her and reached her butt..this made her hips thrust up and I started pumping harder….deep long thrusts and pushes….within a couple of minutes her body showed signs of an orgasm so I increased the pumping and the moment she came with a “aaahhhhhhh” I shot my first load into her wet pussy…..i kept my dick buried inside her coz the friction had made my dick sensitive….i shot 5 loads in her and collapsed on top of her…..

It took a couple of mins to regain my senses as I had an extreme orgasm and shiela had held on to me tightly breathing heavily…

I wanted to be in that position for ever but my dick slowly started shrinking…I pulled out and rolled next to her with a sigh!…her juices and my cum flowed down her pussy on to the bed….her vagina was still twitching with the extreme orgasm….shiela rolled on to me with her arms on my chest and came closer to my ears and whispered “that was the best sex I ever had in years…”I just turned and gave a passionate kiss on her dried lips..i knew this was going to be one long night for us and the lust in her burning pussy carved more…..

This was just the beginning of a long sexual adventure and in the next few parts I will narrate how shiela got fucked at every given opportunity and how her daughters were also involved with me!

Adios and have a safe stay at home….dickatool at gm

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