Adventures of Mega: Stripper Contest


If there was one thing she knew, she was out for blood. Sweat trickled down the side of her neck and curved to pool with the previous beads at her throat. Laying panting on the ground, she had never been this nervous in her entire life. Waiting for her turn, winning this competition was hers the moment she looked at her fellow competitors. She had received the email from one of her followers on Instagram. The subject line read “BBW Stripper Contest” and she rolled her eyes at it while opening it. Little did she know she was going to be in the area for a business trip and would be the night it ended; it would be nothing to just stay an extra night.

Here she was. Laying across to rows of hotel banquet chairs pushed together. She was a bigger woman, but solid and smooth in all the right places. She took pride in working out her middle section so she would still look neat. Her milk chocolate complexion shimmered around her hazel eyes while her honey brown natural hair pulled the attention from her large breast. She waited for her turn taking pulls from her blunt.

Overheating from nerves she need to calm down. Her set was in several acts, smelling the ganja in the ganja in the air, she made her makeshift bed and lit up. She looked around waiting to see what it was, getting a few looks but none that raised a red flag. Laying back, she heard a small cough.

“Can I get a few pulls? Boo?” A soft, sultry voice said above, but close to her.

Opening her eyes, they met a pair of big bright blue eyes. Her air hitched a bit when she sucked in causing her to go on a coughing spree. Shit, now I’m gonna be too high! She thought to herself. Passing the blunt to the nicely tanned redhead standing next to her.

The girl sat down next to her while she continued coughing, “Thanks!” She squealed.

Oh, grief, what have I gotten myself into, her thoughts questioned.

“You okay?”

“I’m good.” She responded.

“I’m Joyous.” She passed the blunt back, but was told to keep smoking.

Regaining her composure, she spoke, “Da– Mega.”

“Da’ Mega? What’s that?” Joyous laughed, “Trying to be like that pornstar?”

“No. Mega. Just Mega.” Mega gave the girl a “now-get-the-fuck-out-of-here” smile and the girl threw her hands up and stood in her very high heels and stumbled away. Her ass was nice to look at, but Mega could not stand an overly happy girl at this very moment. The day was rough and she was two inches from just going back to her hotel room, ordering room service and let sleep sink in as she took pulls from her blunt.

“Mega?” The club dj licked his lips, looking her up and down.

Instantly feeling exposed, Mega tugged onto her corset and answered, “Yes.”

“You’re up, baby girl.” He smiled too hard exposing a mouth full of white pearly sexy teeth. He was good looking, probably could get a pussy or two wet, but he had that light-skinned was hot attitude and that turned Mega down greatly.

Slipping her shinny leather heels on, she followed him down a corridor. A group of girls were sitting near the entrance to the stage and the redhead spoke up, “Break a leg, Mega.” However, this time she spoke with some hood in her voice. She was no longer the ditzy white girl Mega wanted out of her space.

“Why, thank you, Joyous.” Mega said in her best “I’ll-kick-your-ass” voice. She was high and thinking, Fuck it, in her head, either we gonna box now or later, but I ain’t letting this trick chump me. Especially not before I go on stage.

She stood Kıbrıs Escort there for a minute and took her jeans off. She was wearing short black ruffled boy shorts, fishnet knee highs and a red and black corset. She pinned her small burlesque hat onto her head, pinned a tail of feathers to it and kicked it up. Mega pulled out a fiery red lipgloss from between her breast and put it on in the mirror behind the girl’s head. Smacking her lips together, she winked at Joyous and handed the dj her belongings.

Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter” played over the speakers and she started her routine. By the end of number, she was missing only her shoes and her knee highs. Joyous couldn’t, for the life of her, understand how she had got so many bills being that she was still fully dressed.

The dj announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, that’s it! The last dancer! But who would want to follow that anyway?” He made the record scratch, “Fellas? She shut shit down, didn’t she.”

The crowd roared and Mega cut her eyes at Joyous, and blew her a kiss as a young man handed her a bucket of bills. “That was hot, Ma.” He smiled before walked away.

“After a few of our regular girls, the judges will announce the winner.” He stepped out and spoke to Mega, “Hey, love, I got a few offers for private dances. You wit it?”

“Yeah, they ballers?” Joyous stepped in front of Mega.

“Not you, hoe!” The dj pointed pass Joyous and said, “Mega!” Joyous sucked her teeth and her clique followed her. “Don’t worry about her, she is a regular in this and always wins. You wit it or not?” He smiled.

“Nah, I’m good.” She sat and lit her blunt. She wanted to, but did not want to cross any boundaries she laid out for herself. She prided herself in having some kind of class and though she doubted anything more than dancing would happen, she did not want to take the chance of being seen going into any of those back rooms.

The dj entered the booth and came back out quickly, “Dude handed me this g and told me to tell you one dance.”

Mega bit her lip, Shit, if you don’t take it you dumb. None of these bitches in here get offered half as much and they quick to do it.

As if he read her mind, he spoke, “No one gets offered this much. Crazy.”

“Nah.” Mega took a pull of her blunt.

“I don’t want any of what you’re smoking because that’s some bullshit.” He shook his head entering the booth.

One goal, Mega reminded herself. Yeah, money! What the hell are you thinking? Before she could fully kick herself, the door opened.

Shaking his head with a huge smile, he held up his pointer middle and ring fingers at her. “Fifteen hundred now. Fifteen after one dance. He’s a regular, so he’s good for it. Real good dude, friend of mine.”

“That means nothing.” Mega spoke up.

“Hey, I’ve taken care of you thus far.” He spoke.

Mega quipped, “I didn’t know I needed taken care of.”

“Ouch. So, I will take that as a no?” He licked his lips.

Mega was intrigued and in need of the money. “One dance?”

“All he said was one.”

Mega exhaled and put out her blunt, tossing the rest into the trash. “Alright.”

“Not here, he has a room downtown and has a car waiting for you.” The dj handed her two envelopes, one was labeled “contest winner check” and the other was blank.

“Room? No one said anything about a room!” She snipped.

“Look I’ve gotten shut down too many times with that backroom stuff. I just stay away from it in general.” He Kıbrıs Escort Bayan was the owner? “Yes, I own the place.”

Mega wished he would stop invading her thoughts. “Whatever, where do I have to? I will drive myself.”

Handing her a folded piece of paper with an address, she punched it into her gps and noticed there was no need to drive the two blocks. She pulled on her jeans, slipped on a pair of socks and put her feet into sneakers as she zipped up her hoodie. There was no sense in trying to go to her hotel room to change, so she opted for what she came in.

Mega walked the two blocks at a quicker pace because she was unfamiliar with the area, had a lot of money on her and just danced in a room full of indistinguishable men. She came to an abrupt stop when she bumped into a firm figure.

“Excuse me.” Mega whispered. She looked at the piece of paper and back at the numbers on the building.

“Lost?” The figure said still with his back to her.

“No, I’ve found what I’m looking for.” Speaking to his back, she waited for him to punch four buttons.

Pulling the door open, he smiled at her and said, “Not supposed to let random strangers in, but you seem like you wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

Mega stood there, “I wouldn’t be so sure.” She wasn’t buying the nice guy routine and he was too sexy for his own good. “I will wait for the person I’m meeting to come down.”

“Suit yourself.” He let the door go behind him.

Mega stepped up to the pin pad and pressed “A2”. She waited for a voice or a sound of a buzzer. Nothing. She pressed it once more and waited a few moments. Nothing again. She turned to walk away and the door swung open. She looked back and it was the same gentlemen. This time he wore a wife beater exposing his normal physique and a bit of a beer belly. But he was very attractive and his smiled made her wet.

“You know, sometimes you should drop the tough girl attitude and let a gentleman be a gentleman. Or, you could end up being left in the cold, Mega.” He licked his lips.

“Hey, but I’d be fifteen hundred richer and all I had to was walk two blocks. Well, four.” She smiled back.

“Davis.” He extended his hand, she took it and he pulled her into the building. “I’m on the right side. Only door. Make yourself comfortable, I have to grab something from my car.”

Davis jogged to the side of the building as she walked through the beautiful lobby. A security guard nodded at her as she passed a small desk and placed her hand on the knob of the door that read “A2”.

“Guess I run faster than I give myself credit for. Or, you’re just stalling.” He smiled and placed his hand on top of hers. Electricity ran from her knuckles to the bottom of her spine as he turned the knob. “Welcome, its not much, but its mine.”

It was small, quaint, football photos and memorabilia placed strategically around the apartment. Someone was definitely hired to do the decor, but it was a nice bachelor’s pad. He pulled a single chair in the middle of the living room and pressed a button on the wall; Drake’s “Practice” filled the room as he took his seat.

Mega walked over to the chair and began to dance. She kicked her sneakers off keeping rhythm with the beat while bending over in front of Davis. Davis sucked in air as he watched her make one cheek move to Drake’s voice. Dropping to the floor, she turned and snaked her body up Davis’, smelling his cologne. She twisted back around making her ass do the same motions Escort Kıbrıs on his lap. She let him zip down her hoodie and slip it off. Exposing her corset. She rolled off of him and stood slowly pulling the ribbon from the front of the corset.

He bit his bottom lip and shook his legs trying to focus to get his friend from getting hard in between his legs. She smiled to herself, dropping to the floor in a split and making her ass jiggle. Thanking the heavens for her wearing stretchy jeans, she continued her ribbon tease. She tied his legs to the chair and his hands behind his back. Sitting on his lap, the music changed to a Trey Songz song she could not identify. It was sexy, so, she continued on. Plus, she was in the mood now, she caught a glimpse of his hardening dick when she began tying his legs. It was pressed tightly against his leg but she could make it out well enough to know that the size was just right.

I’m so horny right now, she thought, why the hell not?

So she proceeded to pull his belt off as she did licked her lips.

“You keep licking your lips like you want to.” Davis spoke, he could easily wiggle out of her restraints and dominate her right now, but wanted to see how far she was willing to go on her own.

She thought for a moment and he continued to speak, “Don’t think about it. We’re two adults. You want to. I want to. He wants to.” He motioned to the bulge in his jeans. Wiggling one hand out from behind him he pulled her head in and kissed her hard. Electricity poked into her mouth and went straight to her pussy. She purred, longing for the strength between his leg to dip deep into her.

He took this as his cue and pulled her to the cold floor. “How rude of me, when he noticed her wince from the tile.”

He began to get up, but Mega pulled him back down, “Its fine.” And she kissed him again, this time matching his intensity.

He tugged at her jeans and pulled them off of her body. He drank in her body as he kissed up her leg until he reached the point where thigh met the beginning of her honey. He bit through the material, making Mega moan out in pleasure.

“Please?” She begged.

“Mmm are you begging?” He smiled up at her.



“Just touch it.” She moaned as he nibbled through the thin material. He pushed her thighs further apart and found her clit. Flicking and pinching at it with his mouth. Davis was driving her crazy.

“You wanna come, don’t you?” He began to pull her shorts from around her waist. Once he got them down and off he placed the seat cushion from his chair under her back, giving him better access to her. He licked and sucked. She almost went crazy when he put one finger in and pressed against the wall of her vagina.

“Ahh,” She moaned and clenched her legs.

“Don’t fight it,” She felt him insert another finger and lost control. She felt as if she peed all over herself. That was the best orgasm of her life. Mega was shaking in pleasure when he began to pat on her clit and she realized she was squirting all over the place. She had never done this before and could not help to be in bliss from the sensation.

“Mmmmm. Oh, God, yes!” All inhibition went out the door and she let go.

“Oh my fucking wet God, that is so fucking sexy.” She heard plastic rip and watching in a fulfilled haze as he rolled the condom down his thick dick. He knew he would not last long because he was really turned on and she felt so good. “I promise to get it up again, but this is so- mmm.” He was grinding into her with her legs over his shoulders.

He was the thickest she had ever had and was in pain, but it was a good pain and she came around his dick again. Davis sucked in air and gave his last final thrusts. Falling over in exasperation, he smiled to himself.

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