Adult Contact on The Web


Based on a true event that happened in Melbourne…. Please don’t forget to vote and provide feedback.


Wendy rubbed her neck as she sat at her computer desk in her bedroom and contemplated another lonely week. A neighbor, whose husband was interstate on business, had invited her to come over for lunch by her pool but Wendy wasn’t interested in an afternoon drinking wine and gossiping.

Wendy decided to sign on to the net and check her emails, maybe that would brighten up her afternoon. Opening her mail she quickly read the emails from her sister and her niece. She was discarding the junk mail when something caught her attention. It was a email advertising an online contact site. Her mind recalled a conversation she had overheard at work that day.

Two other women had been laughing over a “blind date”. One of them had met a guy on the internet through a personal ad she had placed. Wendy hadn’t been paying too much attention to the other women, but did hear the woman say that they had a great time and she and her “internet connection” planned to get together again over the weekend.

Suddenly decided “Why not?” and, clicked on the URL to the Adultfriendfinder site.

Ten minutes later she had registered for free and had finished filling out the advert. She reread it to make sure everything was filled out and accurate. She had skipped most of the preference questions and filled out only the information she deemed important: Female, 5′ 10″, 42D – 34 – 38 and 95 Kilograms. Wendy laughed to herself, “If they are still interested after that last statistic, maybe there’s hope for me yet.” Then she read her description: “Reserved, divorced lady who works nights, seeking discrete daytime relationship. Initially I would prefer meeting for casual lunch dates. Companionship first, then perhaps once we have gotten to know each other we can go on to more intimate activities”. She smiled to herself as she went on and read the description of the man she was looking for: “You will be well educated, a gentleman who knows how to treat a lady. Most importantly you will be able to meet me at short notice during weekdays, enjoy fine wine and food, be taller than me and very discrete. Bearded, well endowed men who can send me a picture with their reply will be given priority in my replies”.

The last bit about being “well endowed” was a bit risqué and she quickly hit the “submit” button before she could change her mind. She noticed her hands were shaking a little when she finished. She thought of browsing some of the ads for men seeking women, but decided she was not yet ready to be aggressive enough to actively search for a man. No, much better to wait and see if any one responded to her ad.

“OK”, Wendy thought to herself a week later, “here it is, another Friday and I’ve been alone all week!” Every morning she had excitedly checked her e-mail for responses to her impulsively placed ad, and every day she had gone to bed after her night shift disappointed by the responses she had received.

Opening her mail she found the usual responses, crude messages telling how big their “cocks” were and how they would “fuck: her senseless. She was just getting ready to sign off when a new message arrived from Adultfriendfinder. She quickly clicked it and read the message.

“Hello. I read your ad and am very interested in meeting you. I am a 48-year-old professionally employed man living in the Melbourne area. I work 4 hours each day from 8 am to noon, so would love to meet a mature lady like yourself so we can both begin to enjoy our afternoons. I love fine wine and long lazy lunches but increasingly find it unsatisfying to dine alone. So I am hoping you would like to join me for lunch. I liked how you describe yourself very much. I hope the attached photo sparks your interest, and look forward to hearing from you soon so that we can plan our first lunch together. It was signed Phillip

“Interested?” Yes her interest had been kindled. Here was someone who wrote about himself and didn’t even mention sex, let alone crude comments about fucking her. His picture was great, tall, distinguished and he had a tightly cropped beard. She quickly answered him, supplying her real email address so he could respond to her directly.

A week later, Wendy surveyed her image in the mirror in the ladies room of the upmarket Southbank restaurant. Her red hair was combed loosely about her shoulders, her green eyes sparkled, highlighted by the pale eye shadow. Her ears were adorned with her pearl studs. A simple silver woven necklace filled in around her neck, hopefully making the bit of extra cleavage she was showing not as noticeable to others as it was to her. Her best blue silk blouse capped a black skirt. A new lacy garter belt she had purchased that morning secured her matching stockings.

She was nervous and took in several deep breaths she walked back to the table the waiter had shown her to a few minutes earlier. When she had arrived the maître d’ informed her that her lunch partner had called to say he was running a few minutes late, but would be there shortly. Wendy’s nervousness had increased. She was afraid that she was eve gelen escort being stood up, and had just persuaded herself to leave, when a voice behind her startled her. “Wendy? I am so sorry to be late, but traffic around the Art Centre was much heavier than expected.” A well groomed hand reached over her shoulder and placed a red rose on the table.

Wendy turned slightly and glanced over her shoulder at the man behind her. Her breath almost caught in her throat as she meet his appealing, sensual, hazel eyes. She had a picture of him that he had sent her early on in their correspondence, and immediately recognized his features, the well proportioned face with the short, full beard, the sensual lips, the gently slopped nose, and the eyes…. the picture hadn’t done them justice.

The hand that had placed the rose on the table raised and cupped her face gently. “You are more beautiful than I imagined. Your picture did not completely do you justice.” His voice was soft, gentle, and so sexy Wendy could feel her body responding in ways she would never have imagined for a first date. My god she had just met him and already she could feel moisture beginning to dampen her panties!

Phillip seated himself next to her at the table, and the next two hours flew as they enjoyed lunch, drinking more wine than she intended as they chatted, learning more and more about each other.

“Wendy, I do not want to say good bye to you just yet. Would you like to go for a walk with me in the Botanic Gardens?” Wendy nodded, it was just what she needed. All the wine she had drunk was making her head spin and she wanted to get out into some fresh air.

They strolled quietly for a several minutes, Wendy’s left hand clasped warmly in Phillip’s right. Before long they were at the back of Government House in a quiet part of the Gardens. It was warm and sunny so they sat down in a secluded grassed area. It felt natural to have Phillip’s arm around her, holding her close to him as they spoke softly to each other. It was even more natural as she looked at him to see his face moving towards hers, his mouth taking hers in a kiss that started out soft and tender. Then quickly escalating to a hot, passionate embrace. Phillip’s hands played across Wendy’s back, caressing her shoulder blades and pulling her body tightly to his own. Wendy heard herself moaning in pleasure, almost as much from the sensation of their intimate embrace as from the deep sexual kisses they were exchanging.

Wendys hands explored Phillip’s body, her fingers shakily pulling the shirt free of his belt and caressing the hard satin skin. Moving up and finding his nipples hardened at her touch. Phillip’s hands imitated Wendys in their own exploration of her body under her blouse, effortlessly unclasping her bra and lovingly cupping her breasts. His fingers tracing back and forth over her nipples, eliciting soft guttural moans of pleasure from Wendy.

She realised Phillip’s nimble fingers had opened her blouse when the warm sunshine caressed her breasts. Then he covered one nipple with his mouth as a hand began pulling and gently pinched the other erect nipple. Wendy’s moans became more frantic as the heat between her thighs grew even more intense. She instinctively spread open her legs as one of Phillip’s hands moved up under her skirt towards the seat of her heat and dampness.

Phillip’s hand caressed her mound through her panties, making her body ache for more of him. She raised her hips slightly, a signal for him to slide his fingers under her wet panties to apex of her sex. A finger entered through the folds of her labia, finding and stroking around her clitoris. Wendy was loosing control as her body reacted to his ardent ministrations. Her legs clasped and unclasped time and again around the hand that was driving her up the mountain of sexual pleasure. Suddenly she felt herself plummeting over the edge of the cliff. Her orgasm was earth shattering, her pleasure coursing throughout her body. Phillip felt her powerful climax, initally around his hand, then her whole body convulsed. Her crys of pleasure and ecstasy echoed through the air. Phillip slowly withdrew his finger from her clit, but continued a to apply pressure to her mound as he allowed her body to ride through the haze of pleasure that enveloped her still quaking body.

“Yes,” he thought to himself, “she is one very hot lady” He smiled as he held her cradled to his body. The afternoon was definitely not over. His body was raging for relief, and he knew he would have his relief, and so much more, before the day was over.

Wendy slowly came out of the fog of pleasure that surrounded her, feeling the breeze flowing over her exposed breasts, almost as erotic as the feel of Phillip’s hand still molded to her pussy. Never before had she been driven to such breathtaking pleasure and satisfaction in such a public place. Never before had she allowed herself to free her inhibitions in such a public way!

Phillip’s hand traveled up her body, generating a deep hunger for more of his touch, her body delight in the sensations his wandering hand was evoking. gaziosmanpaşa escort His arm still cradled her against him as his other hand once again found a full round nipple and rolled it between his fingers, pinching lightly as he pulled on it, his lips tracing a path from her neck to behind her ear.

Wendy moaned and arched into him asking for more. “Patience, Wendy.” His whisper tickled erotically in her ear. His husky voice hinted at the pleasures to come. “There is more, so much more, but for now, we should compose ourselves! I do believe we have an audience.” Amusement sounded in his voice now.

Startled, Wendy pulled her blouse to cover her breasts and rearranged her skirt. Following the direction of Phillip’s glance, Wendy spied two figures leaning on some gardening tools under a tree several yards away. It was obvious they knew what Phillip and Wendy were doing, and had been watching them.

Phillip quickly stood up and then pulled Wendy up beside him, then after casually readjusted his own clothing over his cock, said. “I think now it is time for us to go and find our own privacy.” He reached over to cover Wendy from view as she struggled to refastened her bra and blouse. Wendy was flushed bright read with embarrassment as thoughts of escaping from this scandalous situation flashed through her mind. Phillip’s calm composure helped her regain her self-control and they walked casually from the gardens.

Wendy was quietly thinking as she strolled arm in arm with Phillip. She could not believe the way this first date was turning out. She was not very experienced with men. She had married at age 20, still a virgin, a man she had known just a few weeks. As their marriage progresses she gradually began to understood she really didn’t love her husband and their sex life was all that held them together. Almost 25 years later they had divorced and for the last few years she had been without a man to service her sexual needs. Of course there were casual friends, but they all worked during the day. When she had placed her ad she convinced herself she was looking for friendship and companionship. The reality dawned on Wendy. She needed a sexual relationship with a man who was able to sate her private desires. Now she knew she was on her way to spend the rest of the day with this man who had excited he into being intimate in public for the first time in her sheltered life. “Are we going to my place or yours?” she asked.

Phillip reached across and gently picked up her left hand. He drew it to his lips, kissed it, “your place is closer!”

Wendy looked into the distance, lost in her thoughts and the warm comfort of Phillip’s hand holding hers. She refused to let doubts and fears cloud her mind at this point. Yes, this was uncharacteristic of her, but it felt right. She didn’t question why this was so, she just accepted the rightness.

Wendy walked as in a dream as they left the Gardens and crossed into Southbank towards her apartment building. She guided him to the elevator. Once inside she pushed the floor button for the 10th level. They rode silently, his arm around her, holding her gently to his side, his breath caressing her ear as he kissed it, nipping it lightly with his teeth before capturing her mouth in a kiss that burned through her in its intensity. Wendy was weak-kneed and breathless as she broke the kiss when the elevator doors slid open.

Wendy guided him to her door and as soon as she had closed the door he gathered Wendy into his arms and kissed her again. His tongue parting her lips, slipping into her mouth, caressing the roof with his tongue, dueling with her tongue in a sensuous dance as old as time itself.

Finally he broke his mouth from hers and leaned his forehead against hers. “You make me so wild, Wendy. I want to feast on you, gorge myself as a starving man suddenly at a banquet.” His voice was passion roughened, husky, his hunger evident in the slight shaking of his body as he held her with his hardness pressed to her, his hands caressing her back. He nuzzled her neck with his mouth, his warm breath sending delicious chills through her as his mouth closed on her neck, sucking and biting playfully, passionately.

Finally, when Wendy thought she could take no more, he released her and allowed her to lead him into the spacious living room, furnished with black overstuffed leather couch, loveseat, and matching side chairs. A large glass-topped oval coffee table was centered in the middle of the arrangement, matching side tables placed on either side of the couch, loveseat and chairs. The walls were decorated with watercolors of obvious Melbourne landmarks and pictures of Port Phillip Bay. The large French doors, surrounded by opened drapes, looked out over St Kilda and South Melbourne toward the bay.

Wendy walked to a bar tucked into a corner of the room, took out two fluted champagne glasses and a bottle of champagne. She poured them each a glass then went to the couch where Phillip was now sitting sideways in one corner and sat down next him. She picked up a remote control and the room was soon flooded with gölbaşı escort the rhythm of Midnight Oil. She clicked her glass to Phillip’s and in a husky voice said “Welcome to my home. I hope we enjoy your visit.”.

They sat together like that, sipping their champagne, listening to the music. Phillip’s hands stroked over her body, caressing her neck, shoulders, her hips and stomach, before cupping first one breast than the other, his thumb rubbing across each nipple through her clothes, causing them to form tight peaks as she allowed the pleasurable sensations to claim her body and mind. After several minutes, Phillip sat his glass on the table, took her glass and placed it next to his. With both of his hands now free quickly unbuttoned her blouse and remove it and her bra.

He ran his hands over the lush mounds, caressing them, grasping her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and pulling her breasts upward. Wendy moaned in pleasure and a pleaded for more! Phillip comprehended her hunger and turned her slightly so his eager mouth could claim one plump breast. Sucking as much of it into his mouth as he could manage, his tongue tracing over the hard, long nipple, grazing it teasingly with his teeth. His other hand continued teasing and playing her other tit, pinching a little harder as her moans of pleasure confirmed how much she was enjoying his rough handling of her magnificent breasts.

His mouth switched to the other breast and his free hand snaked its way down her belly, caressing its small round swell, then worked even further, pulling up her skirt as it went. With a deft movement he ripped her flimsy panties from her body, exposing her mound to his hand’s eager exploration. Her pubic hair was so downy soft, covering her lips, which were beginning to swell. They parted as he inserted a finger between her labia, tickling her clitoris erotically with a fingertip, before slowly inserting further into her wet glistening hole. Wendy’s body raised to meet his questing finger, her left hand covered his, urging him to explore further, begging for more.

He gave her what she silently asked for, entering yet another finger into her, gliding it in and out. Then bringing his thumb into play as it caressed the area around her clitoris, making her frantic as he flicked it, feeling her body begin to tighten as his fingers pumped faster and faster. When he felt her body beginning her climax he captured her mouth with his, taking the moan of pleasure she emitted as her orgasm washed through her body. She bucked harder against his hand, wave after wave of the little death racking her body. Her body quivered for long moments as Phillip’s hand gently pressed down on her hair covered mound, giving her pleasure but still allowing her body to come down gently from the high she had just experienced.

After a few moments Phillip again kissed her and ran his hands over her full, womanly curves, enjoying the softness of her mature body. He was beginning to appreciate the subtle beauty this tall, large women possessed. He had always known that sex with women of lesser stature never completely satisfied him. When he had first read Wendy’s ad what had grabbed his attention was her height and her figure. She was his first truly tall, big busted woman, and the pleasure he had received thus far was a clear indication his expectations would be exceeded. The day was young and his body fully aroused by this wonderful woman who seemed unaware of the dark erotic desires she was arousing in him, and he had yet to penetrate her with his own manhood. He felt himself harden even more as he contemplated this. “Wendy,” he moaned into her ear, “Let’s go to your bedroom. I need to be inside you.” He kissed her mouth passionately, sucking her lower lip into his mouth, biting it as he did so.

They stood together, Phillip cupping one hand on her big firm buttock as she guided him down the hall to one of the closed doors, his huge cock straining to escape the confines of his trousers.

Arriving at the bed she pushed him back and sank down on it next to him. She rapidly clawed at his clothes and within a minute he was totally naked, laying on his back with his cock rigid, quivering at a 45 degree angle. Phillip was sure he heard a gasp as she bent down and took his cock into her hand. She began stroking him, fascinated by the smooth penis tip as she stroked up and down. She licked her lips as she contemplated what she had exposed. This was her first circumcised cock and it was huge, it mush be at least 9″ long and it was as thick as her wrist

She lowered her head to his penis and took it into her mouth. It stretched her mouth wide as she accommodated the width of his member. She bobbed up and down on the shaft enjoying he sensation of taking the first four inches into her mouth, flicking her tongue around the head as she did so. Phillip thrust his hips up to meet the downward movement of her mouth. His hands clenching and unclenching as he enjoyed the sensations he was feeling. Moans of pleasure escaped from him as the sexual tension mounted. She began stroking a finger from his ball bag to his asshole, massaging the brown hole with her fingertip. She was trying to work more and more of his huge cock into her mouth as she continued sucking and licking, her mouth making slurping noises as she savored his texture and the taste of his first drops of precum. She worked her mouth and hand harder as she drove him to ejaculate into her mouth. She wanted him to cum, she wanted to swallow all of his sperm as she sucked him dry.

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