Addictive Vamp


This is the story of how I lost my virginity becoming a wild shameless slut. I became a sex addict as my friend called me, an addictive vamp. I don’t care what he called me. I was receiving the benefits of his lovely cock. I just turned twenty two years old. Sex, was never a priority to me. I tried to master my school studies. I was working towards a future so, I never thought about sex. I know I was a naïve woman. I never got jokes about, choking the chicken, licking the clam, fur burgers, or flicking the bean. I never understood about getting off, getting it up, or getting it on. I was in the dark about most things sexually.

Then one day, I returned from an exhausting two mile run. While taking a shower something unusual happened to me. I became aware of new feelings in my body. I at first thought it was merely due to exhaustion. Yet, the new showerhead was to blame for everything.

The showerhead slipped from my hand which was soapy. I caught the showerhead between my knees with the showerhead on pulse setting it aimed right at my crotch area. It was like an immediate relaxing feeling took over my entire being. I just sat down in the tub of the shower allowing the pulsing feeling to relieve me of all my stress. Every muscle seemed to relax, my body went to a place it had never been, and my mind drifted to a place I had been craving for all of my life.

I don’t know what took over me? I lay there in that position for several minutes, the pulsing sensation weakening my every sense and bringing to life in me every single nerve ending. I thought my body was dead because other girls had told me about their episodes with their male counterparts and feelings of heat, desire, and lust. I knew I was in a place I had been told about but had never truly experienced for myself. I believed, I wasn’t normal or couldn’t have such feelings. Yet I was experiencing for myself delicious feelings from a showerhead.

My eyes were closed, my mouth was dry, my breathing shallow yet paced, my nipples were harder than raisins, and my body so relaxed that I felt sleepy. Suddenly, as if by some magic I grabbed the showerhead placing it up against my labia and a shockwave jolted through my entire body causing me to cry out. My very first orgasm it was a grand feeling. Every muscle seemed to tense up as I cried out a guttural noise from deep inside me. A hot feeling took over my being. Wonderful, fantastic, showerhead, it was magical. My body was on fire. I never wanted it to stop as I would continue with the pulsing sensation between my thighs and grunting for more release. I became embarrassed as I once more achieved orgasm.

I managed to stand up on wobbly legs after my shower. Drying off carefully with my towel I felt every touch from my terrycloth towel across my nipples or between my legs. I never felt like this before with my body being so hypersensitive. The pressure felt sweet and tingling rushing to my inner thighs. I pressed my thighs together tightly but that made the heat and tingle worst. I took my hand tried holding my pussy in my hand but felt the pressure building once more.

I finished toweling off the fire was almost unbearable between my thighs. I went into my bedroom. I began stroking in tight circles over my labia finding the pleasure zone of my pressure. I began hitting that spot with quick successive up and down motions as I whimpered like a dog in heat. I was a shameless wild slut needing a man. I was moving my hand faster and faster. I had both my legs wide open, on my bed, leaning back on my pillows, my head thrown back, mouth slightly open whimpering , and my eyes half closed, seeking the orgasm I needed so badly.

I tried to imagine men touching me or on top of me as I continued rubbing faster and faster until accidently a finger slipped inside my sweet labia. I felt instant wetness. Oh my, I felt that fire. The heat was crazy feeling. I felt my body shake, spasm, and quake. A flood of wetness came out of me all at once. I was flushed, scared, and weird feeling, not knowing what was happening to me? I decided to talk with my Mom about it quietly.

I remember exactly what my mother explained. It was simple she said, “Now dear, I am advising you that nothing is wrong with you sweetheart. Sex is such a beautiful, natural thing never be afraid of it but embrace it. I do not want you to fear it nor be ashamed of enjoying it ever. Remember dear, no matter what other people say it is not dirty or shameful.”

I was shocked at my mother’s nonchalant attitude but she helped me to relax embracing my new found womanhood. I asked her about the mess I had made which she giggled saying, “Oh, I bet it felt delicious and exciting to have your first orgasm. I remember mine. I thought I urinated on my pillow which was between my legs. Well, my mother, your grandmother, was a hoot because she made a huge production when I was scared about it. Hell, she poured me a glass of wine telling me to enjoy and embrace every feeling because women are often given names akbatı escort when they enjoy sex. Your Grandmother said become the best names you can be for yourself too. Never be afraid of your sexuality she would say.”

I was shocked asking, “Grandmother as well?”

My mother kissed my forehead then said, “Yeah and her mother passed down the free wild ass gene. It runs in our DNA you know.” Mother’s eyes lit up remembering back saying, “I truly didn’t need any encouragement before I met your Father settling down I experimented, a whole bunch baby. Anyways, I will leave that for another time.”

The day after these events, a guy friend, named James, came over to my apartment. Now James wasn’t very handsome, tall, or what most women dream of as their first or as prince charming. He was like a semi-sweet chocolate. Not what you would expect as far as, a chocolate however, he hit the spot at the time for the craving. I know it sounds mean or cruel but most women would agree with me about this analogy. Sometimes, the best most satisfying chocolate is that semi-sweet one after a dinner meal.

James had tousled dark brown hair, a nose slightly bigger than I would have liked, ears which were small, and a pretty mouth for a man, kissable. James had freckles lightly sprinkled about both cheeks which made him softer, a cuter boyish feature. He also had long eye lashes with soft brown eyes. James and I worked together at a Pizza Joint on campus. He was hanging out with both me and Melody my girlfriend at our apartment from time to time.

My name is Emily Thomas. I have long black hair, blue eyes, with a really bouncy figure in that I am about one hundred forty five pounds on a five foot four frame. I have smaller breasts which make me self-conscious with a thirty-two b-cup size on my larger sized frame. I have pouty lips but my nicest feature I would say is my well rounded ass, going down to my legs which are kind of long and muscular.

I was cleaning up around the apartment with the nervous sexual energy and tension I had released from the night before. James knocked on my door with his usual nonchalant attitude and a six-pack of beer held under one arm. He smiled at me asking, “I was wondering if you wanted to hang out or something.”

I opened the door wide, “Yeah, the or something sounds perfect.”

He thought I was being sarcastic or facetious so he was about to leave when I said, “Come on in James. It’s okay, I won’t bite yet, I promise.”

I watched as he swallowed hard and his Adam’s apple bounced. He slowly entered the apartment which looked totally different with my cleaning it up immaculately all morning even mopping the kitchen floor, vacuuming the living room carpet, using glass cleaner on the windows, and dusting the furniture with pledge. I even cleaned the bathroom with Pine-sol cleaner.

I smiled saying, “Oh come on, put the beer in the fridge and hang out. What’s wrong with you James you act like your experiencing the twilight zone or something?”

James walked into the kitchen and I heard him say, “Yeah, you hit the nail on the head Em. What the hell happened to you? What happened to the girl with the attitude? I almost got scared when you opened the door smiling. I am serious Em, I started to run.”

I began giggling, “Oh, I discovered something wonderful yesterday. Now you have to promise to keep an open mind. Just remember we are friends and I want to stay friends no matter what happens, okay?”

I watched his face change expression he said, “Oh God, you’re not dying or anything are you? Oh please, don’t tell me that Emily I couldn’t handle it, baby.”

I opened my eyes wide, “Would you stop it! No, I am not dying you idiot! I was about to ask you to fuck me! I wanted you to take my virginity. Geez, what the fuck is wrong with you?”

James looked not saying anything to me for a full minute or two, “I need a beer.” He walked into my kitchen getting a beer out of the fridge not saying anything the entire time. I sat there like an asshole dumbfounded. I was now about to panic because I thought seriously he didn’t want me or found me undesirable. I felt strange, guilty, and truthfully, was about to just throw his ass out, when He returned drinking the beer. He stopped and grinned at me asking, “Seriously, you’re a virgin and you want me to deflower you? Sweet, thank you Emily, I have always wanted to fuck you.”

I smiled looking down at the floor. Now, I was embarrassed, when he put it so bluntly. I looked at him saying, “I never knew. You mean you have wanted to fuck me? Why haven’t you ever told me? You’re a weird asshole, I swear.” I was angry because I should have seen it. I lashed out at him when in fact I was angry at myself for not recognizing his feelings sooner.

James took another long swig, “I was afraid of getting rejected like most guys. I mean it is harder for us guys. We have all the pressure and shit. We’re the ones who aksaray escort get rejected made to look stupid time and again. Yeah, I have wanted to fuck you for a long time. Why do you think I kept coming around? It definitely wasn’t for a piece of Melody.”

I looked at him incredulous responding, “Really, what’s wrong with Melody? I mean I think she’s prettier than I am. Certainly, much thinner and has more guy experience.” I assumed.

James winked drinking the last of his beer down, placing it on the end table by the couch before returning his gaze to me. He smiled, “I never said I liked skinny babe. You have everything I need packaged just the way I like it. Haven’t you ever been told more cushion for the pushing. I love my healthy girls, give them all to me.” He had a sexy look suddenly as he eyed my body with lust. It was as if a switch was thrown on. I felt nervous in my stomach, suddenly.

I smiled got up, walking towards the kitchen when James grabbed me from behind quickly wrapping his arms around my waist saying, “Wait baby girl. Don’t go running off now we need to get better acquainted.”

I pushed back against him as I felt his arms engulf my waist, “James what are you doing? I am not going anywhere. I was walking to the kitchen to get you another beer.” I lied because I was feeling flushed with how he was staring at me not taking any action. It was as if we were involved in a stare off of awkward silence which I needed action before I lost my nerve. I felt his lips kissing my neck firmly then softer. It started to heat me up nicely as his hands began groping and exploring my body.

James continued slowly stroking my pussy through my navy blue shorts which were soft cloth and my panties were cotton white panties as well. I had on my navy and yellow horizontal striped shirt because I used this outfit for bum around clothes. Mom always bought me horizontal striped outfits which somehow makes a big person look bigger. I hated feeling that way so, I wore them around the house to clean in. James sure didn’t mind as I felt his hand slip under my shorts and feel my desired love button through my panties.

I gasped pushing back against him out of lust felt desire. James giggled then said, “Hmmm, what have we here, Baby. Oh, I bet that feels so good for you.”

All I could do was whimper like an idiot because he was stroking me well. It was a different feel when someone else touches you. I mean he would miss every once in a while but when he was on, Oh my God, he was perfect. I reached back grabbing for his crotch as he was picking me up off the floor walking with me while he groped me. I was trying to get him to stop at the fridge to get him a beer but James had other ideas. He was fondling my pussy through my panties still and he pushed me onto my bed.

James snatched off my shorts, my shirt, and my panties quickly before kneeling down between my open legs. He grinned at me as I felt self-conscious about to shut my spread legs. James must have sensed my sudden apprehensiveness but before I could say or do anything he dove into my pussy with his little devil of a soft flicking tongue. He was the magic man as I inhaled suddenly, losing my breath to what I felt. I was truly shocked as his flicking, dancing, and darting invader found its mark over and over again. I was literally breathing differently and thrusting my pelvis into his freckled face.

James continued his onslaught with his tongue when he slid a single finger inside my pussy gently rubbing my inner walls but not breaking the hymen with it. I felt pressure, my nerves were alive, and every sense of feeling alive was more vivid, more real to me. I was about ready to erupt when suddenly, James stopped. I felt him flatten out his tongue and lick my pussy open wide. Oh God! It felt so fucking amazing, my thigh muscles were trembling reflexively, my ankles were buried into my mattress, and I felt nerves everywhere, coming alive with heat unexplained.

I never wanted the licking to stop but it did for now. James spit on my slit. James quickly removed his shirt, dropped his shorts, and underwear, before producing a proud seven and a half inches I would say. It had a red looking angry head bulbous with a veined shaft which appeared to be thick. It was the very first I had ever seen but it was being placed at my opening. It was then that I felt the tension because he was right there at it.

James looked me into my eyes asking, “Emily is you sure?”

I looked up at him, “Yes I am, go for it.”

I first felt the pressure, a slight piercing pop, and a stinging feeling, along with a pleasurable sensation of floating. I was amazed at how quickly it happened. I felt like crying out of joy and the release after all this time. I gripped James arms and shoulders so tight, I was white knuckled not realizing it. A strange feeling came over me as James kept riding higher and higher into my clitoral cave with his thrusting atakent escort pelvis. The sudden pain began to feel tremendously sweet to the core of my being. I was holding on, not because of the initial pain but the purest of pleasure as he began stroking into my pussy with a steady metronome piston-like pace. In deep and out to the tip, again and again James thrusted. I felt like a million pleasured explosions were traveling through my every nerve into my brain from a distant place. I loved it.

My breathing quickened as did the pace of my partner. I was opening up to his thrusting naturally enjoying the feel of his cock hitting me deep inside as I now gripped his buttocks helping him in his efforts to fuck me. I heard his breathing change. I heard my wetness excreting out of me with his doubled effort pounding me now. I could hear his scrotum sack, slap, slap, and slap, against my wet ass.

I felt the heat building and building during our coupling. I felt the massive damn let lose a deluge of flooded pleasure excreted form my inner soul as I screamed with delight. Fire from my insides to my outer reaches my entire body, became alive. Even my hair felt every feeling I managed to feel. James rolled off of me afterward but I never knew if he got off himself because I was in tuned with my world. It wasn’t until he told me that I better not get pregnant that I knew he had ejaculated inside me.

James laughed, told me I was great. He said I had to wait an hour or so before he’d be ready again. I looked at him saying, “James fuck that, I’ll be seeing you later. Lock up the house before you go okay.” I jumped into the shower washed off from the sex and semen.

I dressed up in my sexiest mini skirt denim with a slit up the side, a light purple blouse, white thigh high stockings, Lavender colored bikini panties, and some purple pumps which matched the blouse. I walked into my room where James was, He whistled. I put on my purple lipstick, did my nail polish as well in purple. I blow dried and brushed my hair. Now with being all fixed up, I turned to James asking, “So, how do I look?”

James said, “Like a beauty queen that needs a hard cock again.”

I smiled at him saying, “Good Boy, that’s the desired effect I was looking for. I need more hard cock and experiences. I really love the way you made me feel and all yet, I want to experience much more.”

James smiled, “Well, I can go again in a little bit, if you let me recuperate?”

I looked at James smiling, “When I get back killer, if you’re still here, and a good boy, I promise you can have all you want.” I kissed him full on the mouth sexily snaking my tongue into his mouth while I moaned. James was cooing even after the kiss he held his mouth and lips into the air desiring more of me. I smiled using my index finger with my lacquered purple nail pushed on the bottom of his chin shutting his mouth which was agape. I then traced the bridge of his nose, using the same fingertip to tap him slightly on the very tip of his nose. I smiled wicked knowing what effect I had on men now, “Baby, I promise.” I then kissed the tip of his nose and walked out sexily. I imagined his eyes following me the entire trip out the door like a little infant or puppy dog. I truly enjoyed the power and sexiness of my new found womanhood.

Let’s just say I had found my calling, sex. Let’s just say I wanted to perfect that venue in my existence. I decided to challenge myself, to evolve exploring the best situations in the world as a huntress. My jungle was the city streets, the animals, men. I was sadly mistaken about this one thing. However, I learned women could just as easily be seduced and just as dangerously part of the menu. Yes, I suppose in the weeks to follow, I was the naïve student trying to learn every detail, position, adventure, texture, wild side, and dark derived sexual tunnel, I could find as an outlet. I felt alive for the very first time ever. The thing about being a student is that eventually all knowledge is reached and without realizing it, you become the professor in your craft. I was such a being using my pleasurable skill to gain favor. Oh well, that’s another chapter baby, if you’re interested. Right now, I will stay on task back to the beginning.

I walked out onto the streets determined to find men who wanted sex. They desired a lady to be their little whore. I was like an addict needing cock as my injected drug of choice. I was every slut, whore, cunt, and white trash girl of every man’s dream. It wasn’t to be distasteful but to accomplish a goal of mine. I needed to experience pleasure and sex at its finest minute finality. It was my quest to explore without boundaries and limitations.

I had no idea where to begin at first. So, when I left my apartment I decided to just walk trying to find a good place where guys hang out. I decided on a pool hall, a game room, a sports bar, or even a bowling alley. My mind was racing trying to think of the most logical places as I was cutting through a public park where some guys were playing basketball. There were at least some guys hanging out by a park bench who appeared to be involved in a drug transaction. I pretended not to see them turning my head and walking fast through the shadows. It was when one of the guys noticed me that I cursed my idea of deciding to walk through this park.

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