Across The Hall


This is my first erotic story, so constructive criticism is appreciated! Just leave a comment if you see anything that I should work on!


Nadia Varesh, newly fired McDonalds employee, entered her apartment at 11:00 pm with a sigh. Things had gone drastically downhill for the Pakistani immigrant in the last few weeks. First, her grades had started to slip as a student of Cultural Studies at NYU, then her credit card bills had caught up with her. Nadia had taken three jobs in retail and fast food since, but found that she wasn’t cut out for that kind of work- she had just been fired for dropping an entire basket of French fries on the kitchen floor.

Nadia removed her shoes and poured herself a glass of wine before sinking down on her sofa. She found herself missing her last boyfriend, who she knew would have been there to comfort her. Nadia was bisexual, but had always had a preference for boys. And they had a preference for her, too: At 23, Nadia had been called a bombshell- long, silky black hair, tanned and unblemished skin, and full lips (dick-sucking lips, an ex had once called them) that many women would have killed for.

Her body, too, was an object of envy. Her breasts were of average size, c-cups, but perky and full, with dark, fat nipples. Her posterior was almost perfectly rounded, and well-toned, like the rest of her form, by cardio and yoga.

But all of this she often hid under sweatpants and oversized tee-shirts. Nadia had always been shyer and bookish, her intelligence carrying her out of Pakistan and into New York City, where she gathered a handful of friends around her and became reclusive, usually only going outside for her job and trips to the nearest bookstore.

Nadia set down her wineglass, the thoughts of her ex causing a stirring between her legs. Slowly, she eased manicured fingers into her jeans and under her panties, stroking a growing wetness that had gathered there. Nadia moaned quietly as she pumped first one, then two, then three fingers inside herself, her hand rubbing over her erect clit every time she thrusted. As she pleasured herself, she found a familiar thought entered her mind, a fantasy of the woman in the apartment next door.

The object of Nadia’s fantasy was Billie Andrews, a 21-year old college graduate and a perfect example of the privilege that Nadia, raised in a filthy ghetto apartment, abhorred. Billie had cruised through life with the help of her rich daddy and her American-ideal looks. Fair skin, flowing blonde hair, d-cup tits that guys fainted over, Billie had it all, and the bitch acted like nobody could have deserved it more. She had always looked down on Nadia, but whether it was due to prejudice or the simple fact that Nadia did not behave in the same loud promiscuous fashion as her was anyone’s guess.

The fantasy itself would have shocked anyone who had seen it play out in the shy, introverted woman’s head. In it, Nadia finally showed the blonde bimbo exactly who was the better of the two of them. Nadia was a powerful mistress in leather and high heels, and Billie was her slave, bound and gagged. The things Nadia did to her in this dream were unspeakable. She fucked Billie with a strap-on dildo and then made the bitch suck it dry, she slid a massive butt plug up Billie’s rear, she sat on the bimbo’s face and rubbed her slit all over it until she came hard on the blonde’s haughty features.

Nadia was pulled back into reality by an earth-shaking orgasm, as she screamed so loud that her neighbors might have heard her. She looked down and noticed that her jeans were soaked, a spreading wet spot across the front. Stripping out of her clothes, Nadia made her way to her bedroom, sliding into bed with a deep sigh. She was just getting comfortable when the phone rang.

“Hello?” Nadia said, rather groggily.

“Hey neighbor! It’s me, Billie, from across the hall?” said a voice that was simultaneously bubbly and superior.

Nadia’s breath caught in her throat. She and Billie didn’t talk much, but it was no secret that the two hated each other. “Yes?” she asked curtly.

“Sooo, I’m going to have a party tomorrow with some friends from back home, and my place is a wreck! But unfortunately, the Mexican lady who cleans has come down with a case of mono, and I need someone to tidy up the place!”

“And?” Nadia could already guess what Billie wanted.

“I thought you could do it! It’s just for tomorrow morning, and I’ll totally pay you!”

“Forget it. I’m not interested.”

“Are you sure? I’ll pay you two grand for the morning.” Billie added, a note of victory in her voice. She knew that Nadia had fallen on hard times and needed rent money.

“Oh. Fine then. I’ll come over at 9:00.” Nadia grumbled, taking the deal without even thinking. She needed the cash, badly.

“Thanks so much! I’ll have your uniform ready!” Billie crowed, hanging up the phone.

Uniform? Nadia hadn’t a clue what the white bitch was talking about, but she was exhausted Ataşehir Escort now and couldn’t care less about that strange addition. She drifted to sleep in seconds.


At nine o’clock the next morning, Nadia crossed the hall to Billie’s apartment. It was more spacious than hers and as decadent as she expected, outfitted in modern style with pastel colors and rounded furniture. As to be expected, the place was covered in discarded magazines and textbooks, takeout boxes and dirty dishes.

Billie came out from the bedroom, dressed it an outfit that would have made Nadia drool internally, if her hate weren’t so strong. Billie wore a short black skirt that only went halfway down her thigh, a pair of leather knee-high boots, and a white blouse that seemed to be a size too small, probably by design.

“Great! Your uniform’s just in the bedroom!”

Nadia followed Billie into the bedroom, and saw a costume-shop maid outfit on the bed, the sort that desperate girls wear to Halloween parties.

“Are you kidding?” asked Nadia.

“Never! Remember, it’s two thousand dollars, I want my money’s worth!” Billie giggled. “I can help you into it, if you need!”

“Fine. Whatever, I’ll put it on. But I want that cash in my pocket by noon.” Nadia stripped down to her underwear, not noticing that Billie was stealthily ogling her as she did. After she was in her skivvies, she found that the uniform was as bad as she feared. The lacy blouse was tight, creating way more cleavage than she was used too, the skirt was negligible, and the stockings were downright whorish. The headband with the bow marked a final insult to the bookish student. Billie admired her creation with pride. The white stockings looked ravishing beside Nadia’s light brown skin.

“This is humiliating, Billie.” growled Nadia.

“I think you look great! Billie leaned in close enough for Nadia to smell her perfume and lightly touched the Pakistani girl’s cheek.

“Great! I’m going out for a bit, I’ll be back to pay you at noon!” Billie gave Nadia’s bottom an unexpected slap and hurried out of the apartment, leaving Nadia to look indignant and begin cleaning the mess of an apartment.

After about two and a half hours of dusting and sorting, Nadia stumbled across a closet of her wildest dreams. Billie’s collection of sex toys was breathtaking. Vibrators, dildos, and plugs of all sizes and sorts adorned the bedroom closet. Nadia noticed a set of leather floggers and ball gags, too, as well as other bondage equipment. She wondered if this meant that her fantasy with Billie wasn’t so impossible after all. Having cleaned most of the apartment, Nadia thought she had some time. Thoughts of Billie subjugated, tamed, and at her mercy danced in her head as she slid her panties off, selected a modest dildo, and slipped it beneath her maid’s skirt and into her damp vagina.


The remaining half hour before Billie got back passed in a blink. Nadia was kneeling in the closet still, pumping a dildo in and out of her insatiable gash, when the door slammed. Nadia quickly replaced the dildo and dashed out of the closet and into the living room. Billie was surveying the apartment. Nadia had not completely finished. The coffee table was still unsorted and covered in books and magazines. Billie looked pissed.

“Really, Nadia?” She asked, the entitled daddy’s girl shining through.

“I’m sorry! I was… I was working, I just must have missed it?”

Billie surveyed Nadia’s flushed face and guessed in seconds what had happened. “I understand. Just let me check out the bedroom, ok?”

“Sure! I’ll just tidy up the table!”

Billie walked into the bedroom and Nadia hurriedly cleaned the table. She was almost done when she heard Billie say “Nadia!” from the next room.

Nadia rushed into the bedroom to find that she had left the closet door open. The dildo she had used had been clearly put back incorrectly, and was still gleaming with juices. Worst of all, her discarded panties sat on the floor like a monument to her guilt.

“What the fuck is this, Nadia?” asked Billie.

There was no point denying it, not even to this bitch. “I’m sorry, I got distracted. I’ll clean everything up!” Nadia hurried toward the closet.

“Don’t you fucking move!” yelled Billie. Nadia instinctively froze.

Billie looked over the scene. This poor Paki bitch, who always acted so superior and important, had clearly just been fucking herself in Billie’s apartment, with Billie’s dildo. She could even see a trail of wetness coming down the bitch’s thighs. Billie strode over to Nadia, every step making the Pakistani girl shake.

“Seriously, I’m sorry, I’ll-” Nadia hadn’t gotten the words out of her mouth when Billie reached her. One of the blonde’s hands pinned her neck to the wall, but the other one shot down to Nadia’s wet slit, checking it for arousal. Nadia was thoroughly shocked. She tried to push Billie off her, but couldn’t.

“What Ataşehir Escort Bayan is this shit? I go out shopping and expect that my maid will clean my place, but instead, when I come back, I find out that she’s been stealing my dildos and fucking herself in my closet?”

“No Billie, that’s-” Nadia was cut short when Billie’s probing fingers found her still-gaping hole.

“That’s what? That’s exactly what happened, you little slut! You masturbated with my toy, and I bet you were going to steal it, too! You hypocritical little cunt, I bet you were thinking about me, weren’t you?” asked Billie, rubbing Nadia’s clit with her thumb. “Slut”, she had called Nadia. Nadis had heard insults before, but never anything like that. She was the opposite of slutty. Wasn’t she?

“I… I…” Nadia couldn’t muster the strength to lie.

“You what, bitch? Answer me!”

“Yes. I was.”

“I fucking thought so.” crowed Billie, thrusting a finger into Nadia. The older girl moaned. Billie grabbed Nadia by the hair and shoved her onto the bed. As Nadia started to push herself back up, Billie snatched the soiled dildo out of the closet and dashed back to pin the Pakistani to the bed.

Forced against the sheets by the white girl’s forearm, thoughts raced through Nadia’s head. Was this her fantasy come true? Billie had touched her, probed her, made bolts of pleasure race through her. But in her dreams, she was the one in charge, and here it was clearly Billie. Billie, not Nadia, was the one wielding the dildo, and disturbingly, Nadia’s body didn’t want to fight back.

Nadia was torn out of her thoughts when the dildo penetrated her lower lips. She let out a shocked gasp as it filled her up and Billie grabbed her roughly by the hair.

“Is this what you want, bitch? You want to be fucked?” Before Nadia could answer, Billie was pumping the plastic cock in and out of her victim’s pussy, sending Nadia’s mind into throes of pleasure. Nadia let out a yelp as Billie reamed her, in and out, in and out.

“Is it? Answer me!” Billie slapped Nadia on the ass, hard. The slap was unexpected, and had Nadia’s mind not been busy, she probably would have yelled indignantly.

“I… I…” Nadia couldn’t find an answer. Was the blonde girl right? Was this what she wanted? She had always thought of herself as dominant, but being pinned down and violated made her feel… surprisingly good.

Billie let go of the dildo, leaving Nadia’s slippery hole to desperately grasp at it as it slid out onto the bed. Suddenly empty, Nadia felt some clarity return to her mind, just in time for Billie to roughly wrench her head around by the hair. “Is it?” She growled.

Nadia had made up her mind. She didn’t want this. It should be her, on top, domming this girl she had dreamed about. “N…no.” she managed, before Billie spat in her face and shoved her back down.

“I don’t believe you, whore.” Billie hissed, giving Nadia’s rear another hard smack. “Your mouth says one thing, but your cunt says another.” Billie slipped a finger into Nadia and brought it around for the Pakistani to see. True to her word, it was dripping. Nadia’s mouth dropped open, shocked that she was getting off on this, and Billie took the opportunity to jam the finger in.

Before Nadia could recoil, she was tasting her own juices. It was tangy and sweet, bringing back memories of high-school encounters with her best friend Anna. Suddenly realizing that she was sucking on Billie’s finger, Nadia recoiled, jerking her head away. In retaliation, she felt Billie’s foot press into her head, pinning it to the sheets.

“That was a bad move, whore. Never reject something I give you!” Billie pulled Nadia’s butt cheeks apart for better access to her vagina, and then slipped three fingers into it. Nadia moaned despite herself as Billie finger-fucked her. “I can see that this is what you crave. Girls like you, who hide their bodies under pajamas and read all day, all you want is to be fucked. You act all high and mighty, but inside you make the perfect sluts. The perfect submissives.” At the word “sluts”, Nadia moaned and trembled, an orgasm making its way through her. Billie grinned So, the bitch was submissive after all. She would make a great slave. As Billie screwed the Pakistani girl, she found herself admiring the pussy she was violating. Ripe and juicy, just as she’d thought, and such a pretty shade of pink inside. Even the carpet of black curls around it was pretty. Billie was looking forward to what came next.

Billie suddenly got off of Nadia, laying down on the bed a few feet away. She spread her legs to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. As Nadia lay recovering, she couldn’t help but stare as the beautiful pink vagina. Completely bald, the lips swollen and slightly open, it was a sight that sparked another tingle between Nadia’s legs.

“Crawl to me, slut. You know you want it.”

Nadia didn’t move.

“I gave you an order. Don’t Escort Ataşehir tell me you’re having second thoughts now that I’ve let you cum.” Billie sighed, using a hand to spread her pussy wider.

Nadia’s thoughts raced. Her body wanted this, so badly. Billie’s slit looked so beautifully appetizing, and deep down, she knew she wanted to taste it. But was this a path she wanted to go down? Billie had called her a slut, a submissive, and that wasn’t what Nadia was. She wanted to be a mistress, to give commands instead of take them.

“Come here, slut. Now.”

Billie’s authoritarian voice reached a deep part of Nadia’s brain, and she found herself crawling to that pink slit. Billie gently placed a hand on her head and brought Nadia’s lips to her nethers. This was going to be fun for the white girl.

Nadia’s tongue darted out, tasting Billie from hole to clit. It was as tangy and sweet as her own taste, and even more addictive. Nadia lapped up Billie’s juices, devouring the sweet nectar. Billie moaned in satisfaction. Damn, this bitch could eat cunt.

Nadia hadn’t licked anyone out since high school, when she had shared moments in the locker rooms with Anna. But now, her face buried in this rich girl’s pussy, instinct took over and she ate as if she was born to do it. She teased and nibbled at Billie’s clit, she ran her tongue through the folds of her labia, she used her tongue as a tiny cock, and penetrated her new lover’s hole. Billie’s first orgasm washed over her in minutes, and she covered Nadia’s face in hot cum, rubbing her new pussy-licker’s nose all around her cunt.

For hours it seemed, Nadia ate Billie, savoring the taste, the smell, the beauty of it. Billie reveled in the girl’s submission. For a year, she had lusted after the Pakistani girl, knowing the slut she really was, but not until now had she acted on it. And as Nadia submissively sucked and licked her cunt, Billie knew she had found a slut that she would enjoy for a very long time. There was just something that had to be done first. Billie abruptly shoved Nadia away, and the dark-skinned girl sprawled on the bed, exhausted, with her mascara running down her cheeks and her face slick with juices.

“Good job, slut. You earned your orgasm.” Billie walked to the closet and selected a fat dildo, tossing it to Nadia. “Play with that, I’ll be back.” With that, she strode into the bathroom.

Nadia wasted no time in ramming the wide dildo into her hungry hole. It was as large as Mark, her last lover, had been, filling her up completely. It never occurred to Nadia how low she had fallen in the last few hours, from a bookish NYU student to a wanton slut, fucking herself on command. Her submissive side had been awakened by Billie in its entirety.

Nadia was nearing orgasm when Billie returned with shaving cream, a razor, and a towel. “Lay on your back.” she ordered, and Nadia complied.

“What are you-” Nadia began to ask, but Billie held up her hand for silence.

“I don’t want you talking right now, slut. In fact-” she said, grabbing a ball gag from the closet. “I don’t want you talking at all.” Nadia started to protest but Billie forced her mouth open and shoved the ball inside, tightening it behind her head. Nadia’s jaw was forced wide by the rubber, and she felt a reservoir of drool building. “If you take that off, there’ll be consequences. I’ll make your tight little ass pay the price.” Nadia thought of her virginal backside and didn’t touch the gag.

Billie spread the shaving cream across Nadia’s hairy crotch. Nadia looked on in fear as the razor danced, shaving her pussy bald and running dangerously close to her sensitive clit. “You understand” said Billie “that true sluts can’t have hair down here. It gets in the way, and a good slut is to always be shaved. I want you shaved at all times, understood?” Nadia found herself nodding, surprising Billie as much as herself. Billie flipped her over and lathered the cream in her asscrack, again ridding the region of hair. “Good girl.” The embarrassment of being shaved filled Nadia’s mind. She stared down at her bare slit, bald for the first time in her life. What was wrong with her? Why had she let this girl humiliate her like that?

After cleaning her new slut with a towel, Billie left the room, returning with two glasses of wine. One she handed to Nadia, removing the gag.

“Billie, I-” She began, but Billie cut her off with a deep, long kiss. Their tongues danced, and Billie savored the pussy flavor still on Nadia’s lips.

“Hush. You’re mine now, Nadia. My little girl. But I’ll take good care of you.”

Nadia had a hundred protests, a hundred complaints, a hundred insults, but all she did was weakly stutter “I… thank you.” She drained half the wineglass in one gulp.

Billie smiled. “Good girl. I’m having some friends over in an hour. You’ll stay and meet them, right?”

Nadia’s eyes widened. She couldn’t be seen with Billie! That one realization seemed to tear down the whole charade. What was she doing, submitting to this rich bitch? “No, I’m leaving.” She said, firmly, before she had a chance to change her mind. Nadia stood up and began to put her clothes back on.

Billie looked annoyed. “You can’t leave! I already told them there would be entertainment, and they’ll love you!”

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