A World of Color, ch. 3


As Joan kissed Paul, she played with his cock, waiting for it to harden again. She had just swallowed his cum but looked forward to being fucked by him, something she had thought about every waking moment since yesterday when these former lovers had met again after twenty years. She was soaking wet from sucking his cock and could hardly wait for that moment when he penetrated her soft, wet folds. Paul pulled Joan’s dress the rest of the way off, leaving her only in a garter belt, stockings and heels. As she ministered to him, he began to caress her flanks, and the warm softness of her thighs, together with Maltepe Escort her strokes, soon had him hard again. Suddenly Paul stood, picking her up with him. She wrapped her legs around him and clung to him as he carried her to his bedroom, where he laid her gently on the bed. Then he stood, looking down at her. There were tears in his eyes! “Paul, what’s wrong?” “Nothing. Absolutely nothing! I am just so happy to have you here in my bed after all these years. I think it’s the first time I have felt happy in years.” Joan had already removed his pants, so Paul quickly took Maltepe Escort Bayan off his shirt and climbed on the bed beside her. They kissed, tongues dancing. They touched, gazing into each other’s eyes. He cupped her breast, eliciting a soft moan of appreciation. Then he moved down and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking gently, teasing it with his tongue. “Oh Paul, that feels so wonderful!” He sucked harder, then moved to the other nipple, not wanting it to feel jealous. Her hands moved to his head, holding him there as she arched slightly, wanting more. As he Escort Maltepe sucked and licked, his hand moved to her tummy, moving in slow circles. Then he slowly moved his hand to her pussy and felt how wet she was. He could not wait longer. He simply had to taste her. Paul moved down between her legs and kissed her thighs, moving slowly up to the source of heat he could feel near his cheek. Then, mostly to torment her and prolong her anticipation, he repeated his kisses starting on her other thigh. Her hand was on his head again, gently urging him toward her core. He paused, looking at her beauty as he pulled her lips apart. Then he dipped his head and licked. One long, slow lick from end to end. “Oh my god, Paul! Please… ” Her words were interrupted as he began to lick in earnest, avoiding her clit for now. He licked, he probed her vagina with his tongue, and he used his lips to tug on hers.

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