A Woman’s Wait is Finally Over


I have just arrived at my hotel. I’m so tired from my trip. My body just aches. I take my baggage up to my room and instruct the front desk that I may have a guest arriving, and to pleas show him to my room.

I put the baggage on the floor near the door and head to the bath. I turn the water on and add some complimentary bubble bath. As the water runs I start to take my clothes off. I unbutton my shirt slowly thinking of what it would be like to have you there doing it for me. I’m not sure when you will show up, but I am nervous and excited at the same time. I drop my shirt to the floor. I unhook my bra next and let it fall. I feel my breasts and caress my nipples slowly, my head tilting slightly to the left. I slowly run my hands down my torso to my waist where I undo my pants. The steam from the bath is starting to fog up the mirror. I slide my hands down the length of my legs. My pants drop to the floor. I slowly put one foot in the tub.

The heat instantly relaxes my tired muscles. I step into the bath and sit down. Reaching up I turn off the water. I lean back into the mass off bubbles. My eyes closed enjoying the heat and the thoughts of you. My hands run up and down my body slowly. I enjoy the touch and only wish that it was you. I stay in the tub for about 20 minutes just relaxing and touching myself. I then stand up, let the water out and step out of the tub. Wet bubbles slowly make their way down my body. I take a towel and slowly dry myself off. And tie a towel around my hair.

I go naked to my luggage and pull out my robe. Just then there is a knock at the door. My heart starts to race. I know it must be you, but I’m not dressed. Although I had dreamed of this happening, I was not prepared to have it happen. I go to the door and ask who it is. I hear a familiar voice and I immediately feel myself get wet at the sound of it. I tell you I’m not dressed and would you please wait. You tell me that you’ve waited esat escort so long and to please let you in. I make you promise to behave. But we both know that is not what I really want.

I open the door and there you are. All those months and you are finally with me. I invite you in and tell you to have a seat while I go change. I start walking into the restroom with some clothing. I thought I was going by myself but you follow behind. When I get into the restroom I start to untie my robe, and then I feel your hands on my waist. I take a deep breath in. You have startled me. I love the way you are touching me. Your hands start to go around to the front where you finish untying my robe.

Slowly your hands start to touch my flesh. Rushes of heat race through my body. You kiss me softly on the back of my neck. And then whisper softly not to worry about getting dressed. I start to blush as you lead me out to the main room. You sit me down on the edge of the bed and kneel in front of me. My robe is still on but open and you start to caress my breasts with your hands. My head tilts back and you start to kiss my neck. My hands are on your arms as you bring your hands to my face. You bring my head down to meet my mouth with yours. You kiss me tenderly and passionately. My lips part and you take that opportunity to slide your tongue in. I feel waves of ecstasy run through me. I want to feel you all over. But you are bound and determined to take it slowly. As you kiss me your hands move to my shoulders and you slip my robe off my arms.

I’m now sitting on the bed naked, and feeling very vulnerable. You now have me lay back on the bed, my head on the pillow. You watch me as you take off your shirt. You drop it to the floor and slowly lay next to me. You sit up on one elbow and lean over me. You start to kiss me again, now more urgently that before. My hands start to run over escort bayan your bare skin. I can feel the excitement growing. My hands go to your waist, but I stray no farther.

We continue to kiss as your hands roam over the hills and valleys of my body. My nipples are hard and erect enjoying your touch. You slowly move down my neck kissing me as you go. You start to kiss one of my breasts, making sure not to kiss the nipples. You tease me and I find myself even more excited. Then you come to my nipples and start to flick your tongue over it. I almost cry out in pleasure but somehow manage to keep my composure. At this point you take my hand and guide it downwards. I take this as an open invitation. I start to sit up and roll you down to your back. I slowly undo your button and slide your zipper down.

I want you to feel everything that we have been talking about on the chat line and on the phone. I slowly pull your pants off of you and make my way back up. I brush my breasts against your shaft and marvel at your manhood. I start to kiss your chest and caress you with my hands. I move my body down yours and start to lick you slowly. You can feel my breath on you and I watch your reaction. I ease you into my mouth, savoring your precum. I want to take you as deep as I can. I start to move rhythmically up and down. Your hands come to the top of my head. You run your fingers through my hair and I watch as your body just melts. I suck harder as I come up and you can’t help but let a moan escape your lips. I let you go and start moving up your body again.

I start to kiss you on the mouth, my tongue probing yours. You roll me over. I ask if you will please make love to me. I just want o feel you inside of me. It is all I can think about. You tell me no, that you want to know that you have taken care of my needs first. You start to kiss down my body, slowly moving my legs eryaman escort apart. I feel as if I will cum as soon as you touch me. I feel your hot breath against my skin. And you start to touch me with your tongue. You brush it lightly against my clit. I reach down with my hands. It is almost too much for me to bear. I want you inside of me so badly. You keep licking slowly at first but picking up the pace with excitement as you see my reaction. I feel myself getting closer to orgasm and I tell you not to stop. You don’t. You keep going until you bring me sweet release. Waves of pleasure course though my body and you hold me close to you as I cum.

You then come up my body. I love the feel of your skin against mine. You hesitate for a moment. We are both thinking the same thing. We had told ourselves we would not go this far. I know I should stop but I want nothing more than to have you. I slide my hand down and guide you in me. It is the first time for you and you marvel at the wetness and feeling of being inside of me. You breathe deeply and say my name softly.

Before you even start to move you lean down and start to kiss me. I can feel you inside of me and I start to rock my hips. You meet me with each thrust. Our bodies move together. I wrap my legs around your hips to bring you deeper inside of me. We start moving faster passion taking over. I can feel you getting harder, and I know it will not be long. I am kissing your neck and enjoying the chance of being your first. And then I feel you tense as you moan louder. You are cuming inside of me and I hold you closer. You keep moving with me. And we start to slow down. You finish and relax on top of me. My hands go to your back and I hold you and move my hands up and down your backside. You roll over next to my side. We both exhale and enjoy the moment

Our bodies still somewhat entwined. You gaze into my eyes, and I into yours. They are so soft and loving. You lean down and kiss me softly, your hand resting on my left breast. We lay together for a while enjoying our time together. You ask me if I’m hungry. I tell you that I am famished actually. You take my hand and lead me back to the bathroom where you turn on the water to start the shower and a promise of a wonderful dinner.

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