A wife’s tale

A wife’s tale
It had been a nice day. both had.enjoyed a relaxing day shopping and had arrived at the hotel around 3 and checked into the room. the room was clean with a king size bed freshly lined and 2 comfy chairs and table with all the usual refinements. as they entered the room they dropped the holdall and the shopping they had brought. thank you for a nice day so far she said to him as she kissed him passionately on his lips. he responded by grasping her to his body before sliding his hand down to her gorgeous bum…even after all these years he still found her so sexy and her bum felt good through the black leggings. he squeezed the cheek as she removed his hands and said lets get sorted first.
10 minutes later they had unpacked, the kettle had boiled and they were both relaxing on the bed. he turned and said it would be far more comfortable if they both removed some clothes. she didnt say no she just got up and removed her long knitted top to reveal her mature breasts held in a lilac bra looking like 2 dishes ready to eat.she stood there and looked at him just in her bra and leggings. well she said what are you waiting for wheres your phone? it had become the norm for him to take picturs as she undressed and she liked posing
he clicked away as she undid her bra releasing her breasts showing the erect nipples. she was turned on. she turned round as she started to pull her leggings down. she had no pants on and she knew her ass turned him on. she bent over to take them off as he was still taking pics.she turned around to find his cock out aand hardening as shs stood naked in front of him. she stroked her pussy and tasted her finger knowing how he liked to see that. she got on her knees and reached for his cock as he still took pics.
his cock got harder as she teased it with her tongue…. he wanted to be naked too although he was enjoying her mouth he pushed he away so he could strip..it was now her turn to take the pics he lay back on the bed and beckoned her over to sit on his face. the musky smell of her pussy reached his nose as she gently placed her self over his mouth. his tongue darted between her pussy lips until he found he clit. he lightly nibbled it to tease her as she moaned softly.she arched her back so he could lick up and down her slit as she rode his tongue. she screamed with delight as his right forefinger gently rimmed her ass. she was in heaven..dont stop she said over and over as she came quicker than usual. he knew this would be a good weekend away.
they rested for a while before getting ready for dinner. she dressed in her black seamed stockings suspender belt and matching bra, no knickers again high heels and a clingy dress which showed her belt to good effect. he was slower getting dressed and suggested that she go to the bar and wait for him. he told her to get a drink as he wouldn’t be long.she walked into the bar clutching her little bag. it wasnt particularly busy, a few couples and groups and just an odd male. her eyes were drawn to him. he was around 40ish about 6 feet looked muscular and little hair. his blue eyes momentarily met hers. she smiled coiley which he returned as she took a stoool at the bar. as she sat her dress ran up her shapley legs and just showed a glipse of her stocking tops as she ordered 2 drinks. the man had been watching her but turned away as he realised she was with someone as she had ordered a beer for her husband.
They had an enjoyable meal and returned to the bar. the man was still there drinking and once again he turned to look at this beautiful mature sexy lady. she sat down close to her husband.she had noticed this man looking at her and surprised her husband by suggesting that he came and sat with them as company for both. he was surprised as this was a fantasy of his and it seemed she was up for it. he got up and introduced him to doug at the bar and he didnt hesitate when he invited him over to join them.. she sat in the middle of the men they all got on well. he was married too but was on business and found nights very boring. the drink flowed and so did the laughter. she asked him about his wife. as he described her it was almost like describing a double of her except she had darker hair. they compared likes and dislikes and found out he was a pleasant compatable chap and they enjoyed his company.
a couple of hours and another bottle of wine later she was very giggly. she inadvertantly placed her hand on dougs thigh whilst she was laughing. it felt good for both of them she did not move it and he made no effort too. she looked at her husband who grineed and nodded as she moved it further towards his groin. he raised his eybrows shocked that this married woman sitting with her husband seemed to be coming on to him. he smiled as he placed his hand on her leg feeling the sheerness of her stockings and the clip of her suspender belt. he inched higher to see what her reaction was. she just smiled and said lets take the drinks uptairs
they went back to his room.as they walked in and turned on the lights she reached out and kissed him as if her husband wasnt there. he felt a pang of jealousy but wanted to see what developed as it was turning him on. doug wasnt sure and looked at him for reassurance. its ok he said go for it as she reached down and grasped his groin. she could feel his cock growing through his trousers.doug responded and kissed her passionately. her husband reached for her zip of her dress and unzipped her. as doug released her it fell to the floorand she stood there in her heels stockings and bra. for a momement he didnt know what to do as he looked longingly at this mature beauty in front of him. she put her arms behind her back to unclip her bra now naked apart from her stockings and heels. she turned around and saw her husband sitting in one of the chairs smiling with his cock in her hand saying go on then. with that she started to remove dougs clothes first his trousers then his top. he stood there in his boxers a bulge clearly in his pants. she wanted him. she wasted no time in yanking his shorts down as his cock sprang up in front of her face. she greedly started to lick his knob before taking his whole length into her mouth as she gagged on him. he tasted salty but different to her husband. her one hand reached to cup his balls as her other probed her soaking pussy. shs looked up at his naked toned torso. he had no hair on his body as his wife insisted. she had only seen this in a magazine as normally she preferred hairy bodies but for now she was hungrily sucking his hard cock dssperate to feel it inside her.
after what seemed to be a passage to heaven for him she released her grip on his manhood. she told him to lie on the bed his cock standing proud. by now her husband was naked too just wanking in the chair watching his sexy wife takihg another mans cock for the first time and he was loving it. as he lay on the bed she rubbed her hand over his proud cock before planting her pussy on his face as she had done with her husband hours before. his hands grasped her ass cheeks as he rubbed a finger between them. he found her anus but she said no you can touch it but nothing else…thats my husbands as she writhed and moaned on his expert tongue. she thought her husband was good but this was different and she enjoyed it. he licked furiously at her fanny as she felt the orgasm rising in her mature body. his hands were feeling her all over and squeezing her tits as she screamed she was cumming and let out a torrent of her juice all over his face. her body shuddered with the after shocks her face contoured in what looked pain but was pleasure. she raised herself off his face and slid down his body until she reached his still cock. she wanted it inside him it looked and tasted good now shd wanted to feel how good it was. she sat sharply down on it burying it deep inside her wet pussy. she took it easy she was so excited. she screamed as another orgasm went through her. fuck me hard she said as she started to rub up and down his vieny shaft. her gripped her hips and forced himself deeper inside. he hit her g spot she was in ectasy. all of a sudden all she had ever said about not having another man had been forgotten she no longer had any inhibitions shd just wanted his sex. she orgasmed for a third time constantly telling him to fuck her. it was total abandonment.
she opened her eyes. she had forgot aboug her husband still stocking his cock in the chair. she beckoned him over. I want you in my ass my darling so you can both fuck me as she leaned forward so he could ass fuck her. his cock needed no encouragement. it was soaking with precum as he slowly eased himself up her tight ring. it felt good. two cocks touching each other through her wall inside her. two sets of balls against her as slowly the two men started a rythm up. it did not take long for her to cum yet again it was too much and she collapsed on the bed. doug had never enjoyed such sex as what was going on. he knelt over her face and wanked his cock untill it came all over her face. her husband could hold it back no longer and came all over her body. she looked likd a cum slut. she closed her eyes in a daze then felt doug licking all of their cum off her before opening her mouth and dripping it in to it.
next time ill bring my wifé with me he said. a date then she replied.

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