A wife’s mostly true with a bit of fantasy ab

A wife’s mostly true with a bit of fantasy ab

This is a true story for the most part with just a few
fantasies thrown in. It tells of an older lady who
fantasizes about and craves black cock. If you like to
read about interracial sex, this one is for you. (MMF,
BBW, intr, reluc, mast)


This is my story about me and my craving for black
cock. I am a 56 year old woman who has always
fantasized about being fucked by a big, black cock. I
am married with two grown sons and a husband who gives
it to me any time I want but he works overseas and is
gone 6 months out of the year. I love to masturbate and
when I do, I dream of having a huge black cock in me.

I am a rather large woman with a nice big ass and large
tits. I dream of being ravished by a black cock! I have
several vibrators and love to play with myself as I
fantasize about being fucked by a huge, black cock. My
favorite one is a black one and one for massaging as it
heats up and has a large end on it. I will place it on
my clit and cum so many times as I fuck myself and
dream of those big, black cocks.

A long time ago, in my early twenties, I got the chance
to try one and loved it! I had him sucking on my tits
and then he fucked me so good! I always wanted to have
him do it again but was afraid people at work would
find out about me fucking a black man! I have
masturbated many times to the thought of his Big Black

Ever since then, I have always wanted another one. Just
the thought of having another black cock makes me cum
so hard! I still love to fantasize about one and play
with my pussy all the time. If you have never had a
big, black cock you are missing out! I can not tell you
exactly how it makes you feel to look down and see a
black cock sliding into your white pussy! I can tell
you what it does for me!

At night when my husband is making love to me, I will
be fantasizing about a black man ramming his big dick
to my hot pussy. I love it when my husband talks dirty
to me and sometimes whispers little nasty words as he
fucks me.

One night, when he first learned of my fantasizing
about black cock, we were watching a fuck movie where a
black man was fucking this white girl. We were watching
it as his big, black cock slid into her white pussy. I
was wet as he was fucking me while we watched the film.

“How would you like a big, black cock like that in your
pussy?” he was saying, “I bet you would love to have
something like that in your hot pussy, wouldn’t you?”

“OH, Yes! YES! I would love it!” I said, “The thought
of it turns me on so much! Would you like to see me
fucking a black cock?”

“I sure would! I would love to see a big black cock in
your white pussy!” he said as I started to cum so hard.
“We will have to find you one real soon!”

“You know I have fantasized about seeing you taking a
huge black cock. I have jacked off many times to the
thought of you fucking one.” he told me, “I would love
to have you fuck one! That is if you would let me
watch! Would you let me watch?”

“Oh, baby! I want you to watch me! I want you to see me
being fucked!” I said, “Do you really want to watch me
being fucked by a black cock?”

I had closed my eyes as I began to cum, thinking of a
black cock. I was cumming like crazy as he pounded my
plump pussy, making me cum as I thought of a black cock
in my cunt. I was slamming my pussy back to him as my
husband rammed his cock so deep in me. My climax seemed
to last for hours as I came.

After that night, he knew I would love to be fucked by
a black cock, as he would rub my pussy at night as I
lay there asleep and whisper to me, asking me if I
wanted a black cock. I always woke up with his hand on
my cunt and me with such a hot pussy as he whispered to

One night he was rubbing my pussy, playing attention to
my enlarged clit as he worked me into a fever. I was so
hot as I humped my pussy to his dancing fingers teasing
my clit.

“Do you want some black cock, baby? Would you like a
big black cock fucking you? I have a huge black dick
right here for you and he is so big! He wants to slide
that black monster to your tight pussy!” he was
whispering, teasing me as I threw my hot pussy to hi
fingers “Do you want him to fuck you? Let him have some
of this white pussy! He loves the sight of your hot
pussy! Let him fuck you with that black monster!”

“Will you hold me open and help me so I can take him?”
I asked, “He is so big and he might hurt your little
white pussy with that big, black cock.”

He reached down and spread my puffy lips as he brought
the big vibrator to the entrance of my wet cunt. All I
could think about was a huge black cock sliding in me
as he took the head of the vibrator and slowly rubbed
my love box.

“Can you see his black cock going in? He is sliding the
big head over your pussy lips!” he would whisper, “Can
you feel his black cock? Can you cum for him? Show him
how good you are and how bad you want his black cock!”

I started to move my large hips, thrusting my pussy to
that probing vibrator as he played with my huge clit.
He had get me so wet! Then he rolled over on top of me
as I was on my hands and knees in a split second, as he
started to slide his cock to me.

“Think about me being a big black cock fucking your hot
pussy! You do have such a hot cunt!” he was saying,
“Show me what you would do if you had one buried in
your pussy right now!”

“I would let him fuck me and ram his black cock to my
lily white pussy!” I cried, “I would shove my pussy to
him like this. Oh, Baby! You are going so deep in me!
Fuck me! Fuck your cock craving slut!”

He did as I asked and slid that cock of his to me! He
was starting to pound my pussy as I thought about it
being a black man fucking me. My fantasy was coming
into focus as he rammed his dick to my upturned pussy.
I could feel that black cock fucking me as I closed my
eyes! To me, I had that big cock in me as I started to

Afterwards we lay back and I used the vibrator on
myself as I always do until I came about six more
times! He would sometimes play with my pussy when I
wanted him to, but most times, I liked playing with my
pussy until I was satisfied.

The next time we made love he did the same thing,
playing with my pussy as I was asleep and talking
softly to me until I awoke. He was back to talking
about me taking a big, black cock. He had his cock in
me as my pussy became so wet! Again, I was wanting a
black dick in my hot pussy.

“I still want to see you fucking a black cock!! Would
you like me to find you one?

I will find one and bring him home to you if you want
me too. I know you have craved some black cock for so
long and now is the time for you to get some. I will
bring you one if you let me take some pictures of him
fucking you, jus to see his big black cock fucking your
white pussy. I know you have wanted it to so bad for so
long!” he told me as I throw my pussy to him, cumming
so hard!

He ran an ad on the internet to find a man who would
fulfill my fantasies. I did not get involved but he had
several men send him pictures of their cocks. He showed
them to me one night as we fucked, asking me which one
I liked the best. I looked at their black cocks and
picked three who had nice sized cocks. I also
masturbated that night after he went to sleep thinking
about one of those huge cocks pounding me.

It was several days later that he went out to find me
that black cock I had been craving. He had called me
and told me that he was going to meet a guy I had
picked out. He was going to find that special dick for
me, saying he had made arrangements to meet the guy to
see if he was what I wanted and said he would call me
back if he was ready to come to our house. My pussy
started to twitch as I waited for his call. I had my
hand and fingers on my pussy in a flash!

About thirty minutes later, the phone rang and it was
my husband. He told me that he had found what I wanted
and would bring him to me in about half an hour. He
also told me to get ready and have all my toys laid
out, with me in the bed, naked.

“You start playing with your pussy now so you will be
ready for him.” He said, “Turn the lights off but get
the camera ready to use. I want some pictures of you
taking his big black cock!”

I did as he suggested and got everything ready as I
slipped under the sheets as I waited. I was so hot
thinking about him bringing a black cock for me. I
spread my thighs as I rubbed my smooth shaven cunt. I
was ready for some black cock!

I heard them enter the house as my husband came
upstairs, leaving the black man until he called him up.
He told me that he was going to make sure I still
wanted to fuck a black man before he brought him to me.

“Bring him to me! I am so hot and ready for him. I hope
he is as big as his picture looked!” I said as he took
his fingers and played with my wet pussy.

“You are ready, aren’t you? I see you have been playing
with this sweet pussy while I was gone.” He whispered
to me, “I am going to call him up. You want the light
on or off?”

“Leave them off until I get used to the idea of having
a black cock in me.” I said, “I am a little bashful
right now. Go get him! I am ready for some cock!”

My husband went down stairs and led the black man to my
bedside. He told him to lower his pants so I could feel
his big dick. My pussy was dripping as he lowered his
pants. He reached down and held his cock in his hand as
he started to pull on it.

I could see enough to tell he was well hung! His cock
was a lot longer than my husbands and a lot thicker! If
I were to want a perfect cock, this was it! He was so
huge as I watched it growing even larger right before
my eyes. I had to reach out and help him stroke it as
my hand found that hulk of black cock!

“How do you like it?” he asked, “I hope you are
satisfied with my cock.”

“I love it! It is so big!” I replied as I lay down onto
the bed, “You are so huge! Please be careful with me
since I have never had one this big! How big is it?”

“Baby, I have eleven inches of thick, black cock for
you! I want to slide all 11 inches to you.” He
answered, “Do you want this big cock in your tight

I spread my thighs as he took my large legs and put
them onto his shoulders. He then took my ass and
positioned me in line with that big cock. I felt the
thick head as he rubbed it up and down my wet pussy,
making me want it in me so bad!

Then he started to ease that black cock to my tight
pussy! I felt the thick cockhead as it slipped into my
wet cunt. The head was pushing me wide as it plummeted
into my snatch, making me gasp as it slid in! I looked
down to see his big black cock, as he pulled me to him.
He was sinking his black cock into me ever so slow as I
watched it entering my wet pussy.

I could see that black cock against my white pussy as
he pumped it slowly to me. The difference in his black
dick and my white pussy was so evident as I felt him
going deeper with each thrust! He was filling my slick
pussy! I was getting what I wanted, a Big, Black cock!
I had longed for this for so long and now I was getting
fucked by his huge cock!

As he sunk deeper into me, I began to thrust my smooth
pussy up to meet his thrusts as I felt it prying me
apart! I was loving this black cock in me as I began to
cum, bucking my hips and taking more of his big cock as
I came.

“Oh, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my little white pussy!
Slam that big black cock to my white cunt!” I shouted,
“You are fucking me so good! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!
Fuck me! Fuck me with that big black cock!”

I was cumming so hard as my pussy convulsed around his
huge black cock. Then I felt his cock as it began to
swell even larger in me! It stated to throb inside me
as I knew he was going to fill me with his cum! He
pulled my ass cheeks with his hands as he slammed it to
me harder and harder, fucking me so deep as I felt that
hot cum shooting its load into my well fucked pussy! He
was filling me with his cum! That huge Black cock was
spurting its cum in me! I was loving the hot feeling
his cum was causing deep in my wet pussy as I came
again and again!

“Oh, yes! YES! You are so fucking hot! Shoot that cum
to me!” I screamed, “Fill my white pussy with your cum!
Fuck me! Fuck me-e-e-e!”

As he shot his hot cum to my bucking pussy, I looked
down to see how much of that black cock I had in me. He
was almost all the way in me! I was taking his entire
11 inches of black cock!

His cum was dripping out of me as he slowly began to
remove that big cock from me. I had cum so many times
and I enjoyed it so much! He had filled my hot pussy
with both his big black cock and his hot cum! I loved
both of them!

I didn’t know my husband was video taping the entire
thing but I found out later that he had captured every
second of me being fucked by that black cock. We still
watch me being fucked by that cock as we fuck. It still
gets me cumming so much!

We stay in touch with the black guy and have him over
every couple of weeks to fuck me with that black
monster. I have gotten to where I can take all eleven
inches of that big black cock and have grown to loving
it as I suck on it for him. I have even been with him
with out my husband knowing about it on several
occasions. He told me that the next time my husband
left for overseas, to call him and he would bring a
friend with him.

Another big black cock for me to take! What more could
I ask for? I have been wondering if I should let him
bring a friend. What do you think I should do?

The end

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