A Wedding Day Affair to Remember

First Penetration

Aiyaka already knew she was in trouble. So as the angry, incessant pounding began on the other side of her dressing room door, she didn’t even flinch.

She’d sent her wedding party out and had locked herself in about two hours ago. She’d been ignoring the almost non-stop buzzing of her cell phone. The last time she checked, she’d had at least ten missed phone calls. So she simply pushed the button to power it off. The landline phone in her dressing room had rung a number of times too. So many times that she’d lost count. So she just unplugged it from the wall, after not bothering to answer a single call.

She knew her family and wedding party had tried not to create a scene, so they hadn’t spent too much time knocking on the door. Only one person was pissed enough to be doing that right at the moment. Now she was more than a little tipsy as she took yet another sip from one of the oversized flasks she’d brought in with her. She’d known she was going to need some liquid courage to endure this day.

The bottom of her beautiful ornate sleeveless designer wedding gown splayed around her body like lovely pastel petals of a pretty spring flower as she sat comfortably in a pink cushioned high backed chair. She stared at her own reflection in the lighted vanity mirror as she heard her fiancée shouting now from the other side of the door. She laughed at herself out loud, seeing how drunk her reflection looked.

She couldn’t quite make out every single word her betrothed was saying since her head was beginning to feel like it had been dunked into a vat of toxic waste. However, she did clearly hear the pissed off tone in his voice and got that the general gist of his current monologue was something about her making him look like a complete asshole in front of some very important people.

She glanced at an analogue clock hanging from the wall. It was exactly 6:30 pm, so she was now an hour and a half late for her own wedding. The would-be groom that she didn’t quite have the courage to leave standing at the altar altogether was telling her to “get your ass out here right now got dammit!” Aiyaka sighed as she took another sip from the polished stainless steel flask.

The truth was she hated Marcus. She never wanted to marry him in the first place. The only reason she’d accepted his proposal was because she was a good girl and had been complying with her parents’ wishes and expectations. But what about her own expectations? Did anyone even give a shit that she’d be stuck with a bastard that treated her like dirt in private, but kept up appearances in public for the rest of her life?

She shuddered at the thought of being stuck with the jerk still banging his fists on the other side of the door for an entire lifetime. She hadn’t even slept with him yet. She’d rarely even kissed him or shown him any affection in the year or so that they’d been dating. In fact, one of the reasons she was putting off going down the aisle was that when it was all said and done, she’d be Mrs. Marcus Garver and she’d have to sleep with Mr. Marcus Garver. The thought made her gag as she swallowed another sip of mai tai and she thought she would vomit as she considered having to have sex with such a boorish, insensitive idiot.

She had actually insisted that they wait to their wedding night to engage in any sexual activity because she’d hoped he would get impatient and leave her. Instead, he’d pushed their wedding date up so that they got married within three months instead of a year and a half as they had initially discussed. Her parents had been very pleased with the new date. In fact, they seemed to like the whole situation so much overall that she hadn’t objected to the accelerated plans.

Why? Why hadn’t she gotten into her car and left this place or even called someone like a friend or her family’s driver to come get her and take her away from here? She really wanted to leave, to run away from the mess and drama she knew was soon to ensue in her life as Mrs. Garver. Aiyaka felt trapped, lonely and isolated, even though all of her closest friends and family were just down the hall. None of them would understand why she despised Marcus though. On the outside he appeared to adore her. He was good looking, rich and seemed caring and attentive, buying her anything her heart desired. Yet that was just it. Like his cars, or anything else he owned, Marcus saw Aiyaka as being just another one of his possessions.

Aiyaka knew Marcus didn’t love her. She doubted very seriously that he even wanted her. Sure, she was beautiful and well-educated. So were plenty of other women who were also extremely eligible bachelorettes though. Aiyaka wasn’t kidding herself at all in this situation. As a professional football player, she knew her soon-to-be husband could have any woman he wanted. So she had no illusions. She knew Marcus was after her primarily for business and monetary reasons as he was also a savvy business man and investor. After all, Aiyaka was heir bayan escort ankara to one of the biggest entertainment conglomerates in the world.

Aiyaka’s father had essentially done the same thing that Marcus was trying to do when he’d married her mother thirty years prior. Her father, Darryl Martin, was an African-American who’d built a big time music company and had become a major industry mogul. Ultimately, Darryl had expanded his empire overseas by marrying a very non-traditional Japanese movie and television executive named Ai Yakasuji. It was a match made in strategic business move heaven, so much so that there were surprisingly few who opposed the interracial marriage, at least not openly or publicly.

In thirty years, Ai and Darryl had combined assets, had three children — Aiyaka being the oldest, created an international entertainment mega corporation together and expected all of their children, especially Aiyaka, to follow in their footsteps.

So far for the last twenty-eight years, Aiyaka hadn’t disappointed them. She’d always been compliant, quietly doing whatever her parents asked without any resistance. She got all the education they requested, travelled and saw the world sights they suggested, dressed, spoke and behaved as they preferred, even made friends with the people they approved of being in her life.

Indeed, Aiyaka had done everything her parents had always wanted her to do, especially because she believed that ultimately they both had her best interest in mind.

However, she wasn’t really sure if either of her parents knew what they were asking her to do by marrying Marcus. She would be giving up any modicum of autonomy she had remaining in her life to be his completely brain dead trophy wife. Worst of all, her parents didn’t seem to know what kind of man Marcus really was.

Sure he was charismatic and had charmed and sweet talked her parents, distracting and blinding them from the fact that he was cruel, manipulative, controlling, greedy, opportunistic and self-centered. Or maybe Aiyaka’s parents had judged him correctly but still believed her being married to Marcus would be what was ultimately the best marriage partnership for Aiyaka.

Aiyaka sighed again and turned the flask upside down as the last few drops in the container landed on her tongue. She screwed the cap back on and put the empty bottle back into a nearby suitcase before retrieving another full oversized flask and returning to her seat. Maybe if she died of alcohol poisoning before someone made her marry Marcus she could get out of the impending bedlam.

As she contemplated how many more flasks she would need to drain in order to poison herself, she suddenly became aware that she could no longer hear Marcus shouting profanity at her. Neither did she hear the relentless pounding any more that had sounded as though Marcus would break down the door at any moment.

“Oh well,” Aiyaka said aloud to herself unconcerned as she unscrewed the full flask and kept drinking. This flask contained an apple martini drink. However, after she’d gotten to about sip three, she heard something familiar… It was the sound of a key turning in the lock on the door.

Aiyaka’s eyes flew to the opening door, anticipating some serious unpleasantness. She continued drinking though as she saw a very agitated Marcus rush through the door toward her, a nervous looking hotel manager reluctantly lagging behind him.

“Don’t you know it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding,” Aiyaka slurred sarcastically.

“Leave us!” Marcus barked his order angrily at the hotel manager without even turning to look at the man because he was too busy glowering at Aiyaka. The poor manager mumbled something unintelligibly and left the room hurriedly, locking the door back on his way out. Marcus glared at his drunk would-be wife with such ferocity that a scowl like his would have made Aiyaka tremble, cower and shrink away on a sober day. But not right now.

“Marcus, you look displeased. Why whatever is the matter dear?” Aiyaka said still slurring, patronizing the 6’3″, 250 pound quarterback even further. The sweat on his milk chocolate colored bald head was beading up, another definite sign that Marcus was losing his cool, as it were.

“Aiyaka, I don’t know what the fuck kind of bull shit game you’re playing here right now. But there are some very important people in that ballroom down the hall that came here to see our wedding today. People that are not just important to me, but also to your parents. So get your shit together. I’ll have somebody go get you some coffee if you want, and in the next ten minutes the wedding march will be playing and you had damn well better have your ass on the way down that aisle. Got it?”

“Got it,” Aiyaka said. Then she paused and took another swig. “But I’m just not doing that.”

“What!” Marcus thundered.

“Marcus, for once I’m gonna be very honest and demetevler escort just straight up with you,” Aiyaka said as she managed to pull herself up onto her high-heeled feet. Drawing up as straight as she could to her full 5’7″, about 5’10” with her shoes right now, she got right up into Marcus’ face and continued. “I despise you. I abhor even breathing the same air as you. The thought of becoming your wife and having to have sex with you makes me feel ill. And do you know why? Huh, do you tough guy?” she asked pointing her index finger into his chest gruffly.

“I’ll tell you why. Because you don’t give a shit about me. You’re just one more person who wants to get in line and give me more orders to take and even more unreasonable expectations and double standards to live with. Well I’ll tell you what. I’m fuckin’ sick of it. I’m sick of all the lying and pretending and being the precious little good girl princess that everyone else wants me to be all the time. What about me? What about what I want?”

Unaccustomed to Aiyaka having any opinion at all in his presence, Marcus looked at her with an expression mixed with confusion, frustration, surprise, disbelief and irritation for a few seconds before replying. “We don’t have time for this shit right now. Look, I’ll pay for the best damn shrink money can buy when we get back from our honeymoon and you can work out your little breakdown, or temper tantrum, or whatever the fuck it is you’re going through right now with your head doctor.”

Aiyaka shook her head and took some more sips. “I swear I hate you,” she said quietly between sips. Then she returned to her seat. “You just don’t get it. Everything’s always about you. And you just want my compliance. Not my actual partnership. That’s not a marriage. That’s a parent-child relationship. And I’m a grown ass woman who already has a daddy. I really don’t need or want another one.”

Marcus was growing increasingly frustrated and impatient. Aiyaka could tell, though she mostly didn’t care, that he was getting more aggravated by the second. “Aiyaka, put the drink down and let’s just get through the ceremony. We can talk about all this later,” Marcus said trying to sound calm and reasonable.

“Fuck off,” Aiyaka said taking another sip. As she withdrew the flask from her lips and before she could take another swig, Marcus was over in front of her forcefully grabbing the container out of her hand. He angrily threw it to the floor, its pale green appletini contents spilling out onto the lush beige carpet. Aiyaka rolled her eyes in annoyance. She was about to ask Marcus why the fuck he did that, but as she looked up at him something instinctually told her to “run!” Marcus looked like a bull in the full throws of seeing red.

Aiyaka moved with as much speed as she could muster to get away from him. However, her current state of inebriation had vastly altered her coordination. Everything seemed hazy and wavering as Marcus easily caught hold of her around her waist from the back and within an instance Aiyaka was on her back, lying on the floor looking up at the ceiling.

She was suspended motionless with her legs up in the air, the bottom of her dress billowing out everywhere skyward. Before she could get up, Marcus was coming down on top of her. “I’ve had enough of your bullshit today. No one talks to me like that, least of all the woman who’s going to be my wife. Maybe it’s time you learn who wears the pants around here and why.”

He reached under her gown and gruffly snapped off her blue panties, ignoring her weak protests for him to stop. He unzipped his tuxedo pants and removed his thick, long dick through the opening in the front of his boxers. He poised himself at Aiyaka’s vaginal entrance, ready to penetrate her against her will.

Aiyaka’s mind was racing as she searched frantically about her, her hands flailing wildly when she heard Marcus unzip his pants. She had to stop him. She was not about to let him mark her the way a dog would mark his territory by pissing on it. She wasn’t Marcus’ bitch, not now or ever. Just as Marcus was poised to take her, Aiyaka’s hand made contact with something smooth and metallic. She picked up what she knew now was the large fallen flask and clocked Marcus over the head with it with all her might using both of her hands.

Marcus fell to the side of Aiyaka on the floor with a loud thud. For a second, in her quickly sobering mind, she thought she’d killed him. However, within a few seconds, she realized he was still breathing and that he was just unconscious.

Aiyaka scrambled from off the floor and went around his huge body, slumped ungracefully on the floor and quickly ran to the door, smoothing her poufy dress down about her as she went. She unlocked the door, closing it behind her, and went as rapidly as her legs would carry her to the grand ballroom where she was supposed to get married.

Aiyaka stopped running ankara evi olan escort as she reached the door. She opened one of the huge double doors and walked in unceremoniously going down the red carpeted aisle then up onto the raised platform, walking under a flowered arch, passing by her bewildered looking guests and then would-have-been wedding party. She ignored all the whispers as she grabbed the microphone out of the minister’s hands and hoped she didn’t look as intoxicated as she still felt.

“Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family members, I have an announcement to make. I know you all came here to witness a wedding today, but I assure you that I will not be marrying Marcus Garver, not now or ever. So I apologize for the inconvenience. See, I only agreed to marry him to make my parents happy. I didn’t want to disappoint them.” She spoke definitively, though her hands were shaking. She couldn’t believe she was doing something so bold. In her mind’s eye, she could see this scandal on the cover of all the tabloids now.

Aiyaka sought out her parents in the front row of the bride’s guests’ side and made eye contact with them before she continued. “But I’m sorry daddy and okasan, I can’t and won’t marry that man. I hope you’ll forgive me.” Turning to address everyone as a group again, she added “so, while I won’t be joining you all, everyone please go on and have a great time at the reception. I’m sure it’ll still be a fantastic party.” She paused for a moment, about to hand the minister his microphone back, when she suddenly put it back up to her mouth and added “oh and someone should probably get a doctor to go check on Marcus. He’s unconscious in my dressing room down the hall.”

She smiled, handed the mic back to the officiant, and hastily made a b-line for the exit, again ignoring all the gasps and side conversations and not looking at anyone directly on the way. Once outside of the ballroom, she departed going down a different hallway than the one she’d used to get to the would-be ceremony site. She didn’t want to run into Marcus in case he’d come to.

She got outside in front of the hotel and realized that she didn’t have anything with her. No purse, money, credit cards, keys or cell phone. “Shit!” Aiyaka exclaimed out loud as she searched around frantically wondering how she was going to get out of this mess now, ignoring all the people who were stopping to gawk and stare at her. She was stranded since she and Marcus were supposed to spend the night at the hotel and leave the following day to go to the airport, they hadn’t arranged any transportation for the evening as it would have been unneeded. Furthermore, Aiyaka’s sister had driven her to the ceremony site that morning.

She knew she couldn’t go back into the hotel and find a concierge or anything. She had to get the hell out of here – now!

As Aiyaka looked over to the side parking lot, she saw her family’s chauffer, James, leaning against the side of a black stretch limo and talking on his cell phone. She ran over towards him, glad that he wasn’t too far away. When he saw her, he immediately opened the back passenger door for her and ended his call abruptly. Aiyaka got in as fast as she could. “Get in and drive away from here as fast as you can,” she told him before he closed her door.

Within less than a minute, they were leaving the beautiful grand hotel behind them and Aiyaka didn’t bother looking back at it. James rolled down the glass partition as he drove. “Where to Miss Martin?”

“Um, let’s see…” Aiyaka tried to think. Where could she go to relax and take some time to think without the whole world disturbing her, trying to get media exclusives? “Take me to my summer villa please. Call ahead and ask Jennifer to start getting everything ready now since we’ll be there in about two hours.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said as he rolled the partition back up. Aiyaka grabbed a mineral water and started rehydrating herself. She grabbed a bag of trail mix and some Advil and was glad that James always took such good care of everything, staying so well prepared. She appreciated too that he’d called her “Miss Martin” and hadn’t referred to her as “Mrs. Garver.” Whether it was out of habit or because he’d picked up on something having gone awry back at the hotel, she didn’t know or care. Aiyaka ate her snack and took the medicine before she drifted off to sleep.

When she woke back up again, the car was pulling up the curving driveway that led into her private getaway home on the outskirts of San Diego. It was dark outside now and Los Angeles as well as the wedding fiasco from earlier in the evening seemed a far cry away and Aiyaka was glad.

She finally felt relieved as she saw James’ familiar, smiling face when he helped her out of the vehicle. Maybe it was the first time in her life that she actually truly felt free.

As James closed her passenger door, Aiyaka was struck not only by how reliable he was, but also by how handsome he was. Somehow she’d never had occasion to notice before now, even though he’d been working for her family for the last seven years. “Miss Martin, since I didn’t know what your plans were, I made arrangements for another chauffeur to drive your parents and siblings in LA. I can stay around as long as you need me here or I can send for your car.”

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