A Warm Spring Part 2


This is part 2 of the Warm Spring story, if you somehow don’t understand something, go back and read the previous stories, and if you still hadn’t, read before reading this one, Happy Reading =D

Saturday, 8 AM

I woke up on the other day alone in bed, Kain was already up preaparing breakfast, it was actually a little cold outside, because it was raining, but I didn’t pay attention to it…since Kain’s apartment was really warm. I got up, brushed my teeth and walked to the living room only in my blue boxers, Kain just looked from the kitchen and smiled at me, as if he missed that scene.

“Morning, sleepy head..” He said with a smile.

“Morning” I said rubbing my eyes. After that, I noticed that Kain was in his boxers too, after that, I remembered I had to pee…something just kept me from thinking about it when I woke up, so I rushed to the bathroom for my morning piss then I went back to the bathroom so I hugged Kain, I could tell he was pratically wanting one, more more specifically, one from me.

“What’s with this?…Wait…did you wash your hands…?” He asked with a funny look.

“of course I did…” I answered looking at him with narrow eyes.

“come on..I’m just kidding…so what do you want..?Cereal with milk…Eggs and Bacon?Anything you like..” He said happily.

“Cereal is fine” I said with a smile.

“Hot, cold or warm milk..?” he asked.

“…where are you getting with this?” I asked with a smirk.

“Real milk…you’re starting to get a little dirty you know…” He said laughing.

“You don’t know how…”I said with a snall smirk.

“H-huh?” He said blushing a little, I guess he wasn’t expecting an answer like that from me.

“Warm milk is fine!” I said laughing and sitting on the sofa to watch TV. Some minutes later Kain came with a bowl of cereal for each one of us.

“I admit that I got a bit…surprised by your answer..” he said eating.

“Why?” I asked.

“You have always been Thee Polite Boy, in fact I’d never expect you to do something wrong..” he said with a smile.

“Well…thanks…I guess…” I said eating.

“By the way…I invited Kai and Ben here…they might come around 1 PM” he calmly said.

“U-Uh!?” I said spitting a little of the milk in the bowl.

“Hey…why the surprise…know something that I don’t?” he asked lifting his eyebrow, Kain had some kind of 6th sense to stuff like that, he knew when people were nervous, lying and even hiding a sad face behind a smile, and that was something I admired about him.

“N-No, not at all…” I said nervously, Kain just lifted his eyebrow again, when I was lying, I’d always gag a little, so anyone would notice.

“if it’s about that lovely Escort sleepover Ben had with you…then I already know..” he said laughing.

“Uh? How?” I asked blushing a little.

“Well…it was not that late, I was on my laptop…and I heard a…low moan…so I went downstairs and I was behind the wall, so when I took a peek…I saw you kinda doing a blowjob to him…” He said smiling. ” I also know that Kai had sex with him too…that’s why I got them to come over…I also did Kai” he continued.

“Then I’m the one naughty…” I said finally ending my cereal bowl. And thanks to those comments, I got a Hard on, and so did Kain.

“Oh..but you are naughty…wanna me to prove it?” he said slowly getting near and kissing me grabbing my dick still in my boxers then he broke the Kiss. “you totally dived into my mouth Tate…I told you…you are a naughty boy..” He said rubbing my dick with his hand, I was slowly moaning, then he started pulling down my boxers leaning over me and licking it, I was loving that, I put my hand behind his head as I moaned, then again he started sucking me off, it took me some 5 minutes before I came inside he mouth, he kept me into his mouth until he got the last drop, finally releasing me from his mouth.

“You liked that didn’t you…?”he said slowly pushing his finger against my little hole, I jumped from the surprise as he put it entirely in, then putting another one.”…but I know something you like even more…” He said, pulling down his boxers and taking his fingers out, pushing himself against me as he put half his dick inside me, I screamed in Pain and it slowly vanished transforming into pure pleasure.
“You’re really…tight…I know I’ve fucked you before but…you’re still so tight! You’re so hot..” he said kissing me again as his thrusts were getting harder and faster, it felt amazing, he continued pushing himself into me until he came inside me, I could feel his cum flooding my insides and that warm feeling made me cum again, 5 shots of cum, 2 hit my cheek, 2 on my chest and the last one just on my dick head.

“See…?I told you that you were naughty..” he said smirking as he licked all the cum from me. ” Come on…let’s take a bath” he said smiling. as he got me up and walked with me to the bathroom. We took a nice hot bath and went to play some games.


Around 3 PM, Kai and Ben had already got there, we had lunch and I played Xbox with Ben as Kai and Kain talked, then we decided to play “Truth or Dare” of course, I started.

“Truth or Dare Ben..” I said as we were on the floor with Kain and Kai.

“Truth..” he said

“If I asked you, to Kiss Kai Escort Bayan right here…right now…would you do it?” I asked with a grin.

“Sure…” he said with no hesitation, it almost felt weird.”Now, truth or dare Tate…” He continued.

“Dare…” I answered.

“I dare you to kiss Kain right now” He said with a challenging smile.

I turned to Kain with a smile and kissed him as he kissed me back, a tongue kiss, after we broke the kiss, Kai seemed a bit surprised, but we continued the game

“Truth or dare Kai..” Kain said.

“Dare” he said confident and with desire in his green eyes.

“I dare you to Kiss Tate” He said with a smile.

Kai simply came closer to me and put his hand behind my head pulling be for a huge kiss, I was surprised by that, it was totally soft, as if he was being careful with me, but he went farther than a kiss, he started rubbing my butt and my dick and left Kain and Ben surprised as if he wanted to kiss me for a long time, Kain separated us and we continued the game, but now…I knew that I was Kai’s target.

“Truth or dare Tate…” Kai said.

“Dare” I replied.

“I dare you, to take off your underwear and give them to me..” He said

“sure..” I said slowly taking them of as I gave it to him my green boxers, he seemed surprised, but also delighted with my underwear in hands.

“Hang on for a sec” Kain said pulling Kai to talk to him, after 1 minute or so they turned to us again.”We are going to make a double challenge…Ben and Tate…Truth or Dare…”

We looked at eachother and said “Dare”, Kain and Kai got up and said:

“We dare you two to make out with us!” they said as we got up as well

“We accept it!” We answered and Kai instantly grabbed me by my shoulders kissing me again, leaving Kain with Ben(To his luck), to my surprise Kai was being completely soft with me, he made me lie down on my back as he removed my shirt, kissing my chest and teasing my nipples. I was moaning a lot from his hand touching me.

“I’ve been wanting to do this to you for a looong time Tate…ever since I first got my eyes on you…” He said still kissing my chest lowering himself to my belly button, licking it. “You are way hot…Tate..”he said lowering himself again unbuttoning my pants and licking my dick as if he needed that to live.

“So I’ve been told…”I looked at Kain, he was making out with Ben softly, holding him on his back kissing his neck and sucking his nipples as he moaned, slightly red as he looked at me, I knew he was loving each second with Kain. Then I felt amazing..Kai was sucking me off hard, he actually wanted me to cum, and apparently, he wanted that right away, I moaned loud in pleasure then he stopped Bayan Escort sucking me and turned me around, so I was lying on my stomach and put one pillow of the sofa under my hips and spread my Butt cheeks to he could see my hole, he started licking it, totally eating my ass and sticking his tongue into me, Kain never did that…and I liked that…I was just observing Kain and Ben, they were on a 69 position, Ben seemed to be amazed by Kain’s moves and his big dick, then I heard a Zip, Kai had taken off his pants and was rubbing his Big Dick head against my asshole, that scared the hell out of me and he started Pushing his dick against my ass, pretty hard, it was painful, really painful…I focused myself on watching Kain and Ben, as Ben was riding my brother, it made my mind fly away and forget the pain, I then started to Fuck him back as I made my way to ride him as he laid down, I was now facing Ben as we were moaning loud from the thrusts.

“Kain’s…Kain’s awsome!Keep going! Don’t Stop!” Ben said riding Kain, Kain was enjoying himself, he has his eyes closed as he enjoys the moves Ben is doing.

“Kai’s…Great…I just…can’t…stop!” I said moving my hips back and forward matching the thrusts Kai was doing

That totally drove him crazy as he started fucking faster and harder. We were to near togheter that I just couldn’t handle it…I grabbed Ben and Kissed his mouth, by that time, everyone was near their climaxes, we kissed passionately, our tongues danced inside eachother’s mouths, then I felt Kai’s cum filling me, Ben was shaking and I knew Kain had also cummed..Now it was just me and Ben and he was already on the edge, so we kept kissing until I couldn’t hold it anymore and neither could he…we came at the same time and we just collapsed over eachother trying to recover our breaths, I was over Ben’s chest totally naked, and so was he…he simply smiled at me as we heard both our brothers panting.

‘You are…really good at this you know…” Kain said between his panting.

“You are also…lucky Kain…Tate is just…delicious…” Kai said trying to get up.

“Maybe next time…we can…do it togheter…right? Tate?” Ben said regaining his breath.

“sure..if it makes you…happy..” I said with a smile and sweating a little. “But first…we need a bath…and it’s late…”

“Wanna stay for the night…?” Kain asked getting up and grabbing his clothes

“Sure” both Ben and Kai said.

so after we took our baths we went to the rooms, but we divided differently, I slept with Ben in the Guest room and Kain slept with Kai back in his room…we were in our underwear and I found a comfortable position putting my dick near his butt crack, he simply started rubbing his ass againt my dick, so I started cuddling and he let out a small laugh, so I laughed too and we slowly fell asleep.

more to come, rate and comment and thanks for reading

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