A Warm Cum Bath, on Sara’s Hen Night


A Warm Cum Bath, on Sara’s Hen NightPart 1. The Meeting with AliseNo one can say that Swedish girls can’t attract attention, especially on their last night of freedom, on the eve of their betrothal, some will be found drunk, and some found stripped nude, and even some having a last minute sex with old boyfriends and so on, but one, only one had the experience, most girls cream their knickers thinking about, and this is her and her escorts account, of her wildest fantasy come alive, the night 200 men ejaculated onto her, boys and men alike, all strangers, doing what men like to do to a beautiful blond 18 year old girl, drown her in their warm semen.Latvia, a small Baltic country gaining a reputation as a fun destination for stag nights, where local girls don’t flinch when a stranger touches them, and on the other side of the coin, where girls can go, and let their hair down in places where well endowed men are for hire, to please, such was a night Sara experienced, but of course as with all hen and Stag nights, everything is kept secret and only revealed as it happens, here is Sara’s Hen Night saga.I had just finished fucking my lover and I lay back with my legs open feeling his cum ooze from my hot cunt and run down my ass crack and form a small jelly-like pool under my anus opening.’You look so fucking sluttish, with your cunt lips open and wet’, he said, as his phone camera flashed. I responded by sticking a finger up as he took another one, ‘Come here and let me suck your cock’, I said, my skin glistening in sweat, my thighs trembling buca escort from the exertions as we had just fucked our brains out.We were in Jurmala, Latvia, on a dirty weekend, and on fact finding mission. I am a married woman with no c***dren, and my lover, is the husband to be for my best friend Sara, and he wanted us to have her Hen night here, because, I could arrange anything with the right contact, and I got wet just talking about it with him.’I want Sara to have a cum bath, and I want you to film it’.I looked at Jonny, my mouth hanging open, as he continued in an excited frenzy, ‘200 cocks just shooting at her face, she has to be naked, I want to see her love it’.’Fuck me Jonny, why’?Truth be knew, I cared more for Jonny’s cock than I did for Sara, she was my reason for staying over at theirs when they were married, so Jonny could fuck me without arousing suspicion from my own husband.There was a gentle knock on the room door, and Jonny indicated to my to cover up, so I pulled the sheet partially over my nude body, as he opened the door to reveal a tall leggy blond girl with legs all the way to kingdom come and stockings, which showed skin when she sat down, she was elegance with a mixture of slutty and sex oozing from her pores.’Come in’, said Jonny, ‘and this my girl’, he continued, pointing to my near nude form lying on the bed.She came across to me in all but two steps with her long shapely legs, and took my extended hand, her eyes flashing fuck-me, as she squeezed my fingers tightly and held buca escort bayan on longer than I would normally consider normal for two strangers, ‘I am Alise’, she said with reluctance in letting go of my hand.She smiled and sat on the bed beside me, looking at my own expanse of bare thigh on display, ‘You guys been having fun’?It turned out that Alise, was the sex tourist guide, she was the one who helped organise these events, and for a moment I felt a little envious of her job, and a lot more once I heard what she had to say.’I want to arrange something very special for my girlfriend’, I said the Alise. ‘What did you have in mind’, she replied, to which I said, ‘A Cum Bathing’.Alise sat still as my words sunk in, ‘A Cum Bathing’, she repeated, then she fell silent for a moment, which made me wonder if she understood what it was I meant, ‘You do know what I mean’, I asked her?Alise smiled, and nodded slowly, ‘Good choice’, she said, ‘but you’re the first female to request one’, she added, ‘how many men do you wish to cum on your friend’, she enquired?’Couple of hundred’. It was Jonny who spoke, and my jaw dropped, ‘Fucking hell, that will drown her’, I said, but Jonny was away in another world watching the spectacle unfold, as Sara was doused non stop with men pumping their semen into her face.Alise, who had been quiet and listening intently, as if disbelieving her ears, suddenly asked if 50 men might not be better. ‘It’s her fantasy’, said Jonny, which was new to me, then her turned to Alise, ‘100, can escort buca you get 100′, to which Alise said yes she could. That was enough for Jonny, ‘Right ladies, I shall leave you guys to sort out the finer details, I am off to meet some friends’, and he left.’Would you mind if I had a glass of wine’, Alise asked?I told her no, ‘In fact give me one too’, there was something about her that fascinated me, and held an attraction.Having poured the wine, Alise was intrigued with our relationship, the bride to be, the groom and me, were we a practising threesome?When I explained, she laughed, and said the Swedes were a sex mad nation.’Well listen’, she started, ‘I have a revelation I want to tell you’, and as she spoke she arose from the bed, I felt the loss of her rising away from me, as such, as I started to enjoy her closeness and warmth, she was exciting and stimulating.’I want you to see something’, and as she spoke she started to hike up her short skirt, way up past her stocking tops, to reveal a tiny pair of see-through panties, causing my breath to halt, tucked in behind the fine mesh of the black panties was a huge cock, and as she, or he, eased it our from its confined restraint, it started to harden.My mouth was open, and my cunt had hardly even started to close from my recent sex, ‘Can I fuck you’, she was saying?Alise was continuing to undress, she had the upper torso of a beautiful woman, but that cock was a masterpiece of god-like sculpturing, and without even answering her, she removed the top sheet from my body and slipped between my legs and began fucking me, that cock and her breasts crushing mine, I had never been fucked by such a trans-gender, I kissed and caressed a woman, and was fucked by a man, my feelings were trapped somewhere in between, but my orgasm was immense, to say the least.

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