A Very Loving Mother


Gina Slater knew she was in some bother the moment he walked into her kitchen through her back door. It was Tuesday morning and she had just got over the weekend, she had held a party for her husband’s 45th birthday on Saturday night, and it had been a hoot, a riot, a terrific success, one she barely hoped for.

All their friends, a lot of his colleagues had come, everyone had a great time, and the party had gone on and on. All were well boozed up, the food had been lovely, music was being played, people danced and danced. Her son and daughter were there, Caroline had come home from college especially for the do.

Gina was immensely proud and impressed by her daughter, she was going down a storm in college, and Duncan, her youngest, was going later in the year, and his teachers said would definitely do as well as Caroline. But now a big fly had landed in her personal ointment in the shape of Colin Keel.

Gina was a gorgeous woman of 42, her life was a tapestry of good, she had achieved all of her personal aims, even though she had been well prepared for the odd curved ball if it ever came, and it hadn’t, not until Saturday night, or rather, in the early hours of Sunday morning around 2.45.

The 5ft 9″ auburn haired lovely, was the star of the night, she had worn a simple summer dress, which ended at her knees, it was flared, it was flowery. It had a loose elastic top that just clung on to her slim shoulders, it showed the cleavage that was a thing of wonder to all, and it was as if it was daring enough to slip down one shoulder, and expose her still high and firm breasts, breasts that this night were on high alert. Her nipples which were as sensitive this night, they were stuck out and just would not behave themselves.

Gina had a terrific body that she took care of, super model legs that never ended, and when she wore high heels her look was centrefold, even now. And she loved the fact that she could eyeball nearly any man level headed. Gina had gone into the kitchen for a reason she couldn’t remember. All her life she had never smoked, never wanted to, and she knew it was bad all round, not only for her health, her families too.

On the counter top there was a packet of cigarettes and a lighter, “someone must be popping out for a quick puff,” she thought. She found herself taking a cigarette from the packet and picking up the lighter, she walked down her long garden path. The moonlight lit it up, it was beautiful. At the bottom of the garden was their garden shed, and she stepped behind it, it hid her from the house totally, the moonlight bathed the tall languid beauty.

Hesitantly she put the cigarette between her soft full lips, and triggered the lighter. She sucked in and the cigarette lit, it made her cough, she smelled it, and thought it was awful, but she puffed it twice more. Her head spun in circles, and it made her terribly dizzy.

She dropped it and stubbed it out with her foot, but she had to put her hand on the shed wall to stop from falling over she felt so fuzzy. That was when Colin walked around the corner, he had seen her go down the garden and followed a few moments later. Colin was every girls dream, he was so good looking, tall, athletic, powerfully built, and extremely popular with all, and now at nearly 19 years old he would be going to college with Duncan, her son.

Colin had the hots for his friend’s mom, and he had had them for the last four years, ever since he had found out what girls meant. Gina also knew he had the hots for her, she had seen the look on his face, his hesitancy when around her, especially if they were alone for a moment.

And now here she was in the moonlight, with a very good looking sexy young man, and she was as dizzy as you can be. The night had brought out the arousal in her, her nipples were a ticking time bomb, her pussy was slick with all the exciting dancing with several men, some of whom had secretly rubbed it with their cocks as they jiggered about.

Colin moved to her and asked her if she was alright.

“Yes thanks Colin, I just feel a little dizzy at the moment,” she told him. Filled with concern, and not a certain amount of thrill that he was alone with his fantasy woman, and secretly in the garden, he didn’t waste a second of precious time.

He put his arm around her, and Gina felt a huge surge of sexual excitement, excitement that she knew she shouldn’t feel. Now his other arm was around her, then she was up against the shed wall, and he was up against her. Colin kissed her, and Gina unwittingly kissed him back, she could feel his cock hard on her pussy, and she let out a small squeal into his mouth.

She was being summarily seduced and she knew it, but Gina never pushed him away. She knew that here, this night, she was going to give her son’s best friend all he wished for. Gina was about to grant him entrance to her pussy with his urgent cock. It had all happened in mere seconds.

Colin gripped her dress and Bostancı Escort was in the act of raising it to get to her treasure.

“Gina, where are you, are you alright?” It was her husband looking for her. Gina immediately pushed Colin off, quickly straightened her dress and stepped around the corner.

“Yes Tony, I’m fine, I just wanted a breath of fresh air,” she said as she rapidly walked to him, she didn’t want him to see Colin too. He walked back into the house with his arm around his nearly seduced and red hot wife.

Gina managed to get through the rest of the night, no one noticed her high flushed cheek bones for what they were. They were denoting a hot highly aroused woman. She never saw Colin again, she assumed he had left, and she assumed that he must be one happy boy to at least get her kiss willingly given.

She also knew there would be a bridge to cross when she saw him again which she knew she would. What she didn’t assume, or expect, was the way it would happen quite the way it did. He always came around on a Sunday afternoon, and she was a little nonplussed when he didn’t. She actually found herself looking forward to seeing him again, and flustered when she didn’t.

He never called on Monday either, and this annoyed her a little, “he can’t keep out of my way for the rest of his life!” she fumed unreasonably. She found herself wishing he would indeed call round. Then Duncan announced they were going into town in a gang on Tuesday morning for the day, and he was taking Colin inn his car.

“Humph,” pouted Gina in her lovely head, “he won’t be around today then will he?”

Gina wasn’t aware of it but she was missing him, she had enjoyed the brief kiss on Saturday night. But Gina was telling herself that he had to talk with him, and they would confront the kissing situation. She had felt a bit off colour on the Sunday and Monday due to the party hangover, but today she was her old exuberant self, ready to take on the world. She had seen Tony off to work, Caroline had gone back to college and she was on her own once more, and at peace with the world, or she thought.

That was when Colin knocked on the door and she had called ‘come in!’ She turned and her eyes popped and her heart flipped, Colin was standing in the doorway smiling at her, he was dressed all in black, loafers, pants, tight top, which accentuated his upper torso terrifically. This was the woman in her, appraising a good looking man.

He didn’t seem nervous, and suddenly Gina did, “Hi Gina, good morning,” he said brightly. Gina was at a loss, whatever it had been she was expecting, it certainly wasn’t this, Colin was bright eyed and bushy tailed, and his obvious confidence surrounded him like an aura.

Gina’s talk of reason and ‘must not happen again,’ went out of the window, to be replaced by a very unsure of herself woman. Now it was she who was nervous, wondering what he was going to say, wondering what he might do. And if things could get worse for her, they did!

‘Ping!’ her nipples rang her bell, Gina looked around her as if searching for help. Her stomach clenched, her knees pressed together. Never in her life had she been so flustered, and she didn’t know why, but she did, she was being fronted up by her son’s friend. She had always been the one to front up someone whom was sexually attracted to her, she took the initiative, quelled the situation, but not this time, she wasn’t in control of either herself, or, more to the point, Colin!

He had kissed her on Saturday night, and now he was challenging her without saying so, without doing it. Then she saw him on the move, he was coming for her! He was after what had nearly been his on Saturday night, he wanted it, and he wanted it now!

All Gina could say was, “Colin?” as he approached her after closing the door. It was a question that she never knew the answer of. He hadn’t gone with the gang, he was going after his best friend’s mother instead. And that was the moment Gina knew she was in trouble.

For the last two to three days she had held a conversation in her head with him. She had talked to him, told him what he wanted wasn’t possible, that it could never happen. The kiss, while it had been very nice, was a mistake caused by too much wine. Now he was stood in front of her, and his arms were going around her.

Then Gina did the one thing she shouldn’t have done, she turned her back on him. She should have stayed where she was and pushed him away, talked to him, even shouted at him, told him to go, not to be silly. “It wasn’t going to happen!”

Colin took the opportunity presented to him, even he didn’t know where this was going to go, but there was one thing that was going to happen. He was going to have his one shot at fucking and screwing his best friend’s beautiful mother, rain or shine, hell or high water.

He closed the gap between them, put both of his arms around her, he hear a soft mumble from Gina. Ümraniye Escort Colin took no notice and carried on to his goal. One hand went directly to her pussy and cupped it, the other crossed her body and captured a nipple. Gina cried out in complete surprise, his cupping of her pussy made her grunt, it was a the first of many grunts of pending arousal.

Her ass pressed back as if trying to get away, all it found was a hard cock pressing back into the tight, taut, yet soft rump of the gorgeous woman now in his grasp. He squeezed her nipple and Gina’s hands flopped on the counter top, she made a vain attempt to move his hands by pressing down on his wrists, all this did was raise her up on her own toes.

“Colin please, stop Colin please?” But she knew there wasn’t a cat in hells chance of that happening, she grabbed at the hand fondling and murdering her nipple. “Colin nooooo, please Colin?” it was all she could say. The memory of Saturday night was now to the forefront of her mind, she knew she would have let him have her then, now she couldn’t stop him from having her now.

She was being shaken up by a 19 year old boy, who was doing with her as many men before him had wished, and as many men who had tried and failed. He was a brash young man and Gina had not experienced this at all. If she only hadn’t let him kiss her, if she had only not kissed him back this wouldn’t be happening to her. He was brash, no doubt about that, but he wasn’t big headed, full of confidence yes, he knew himself, his worth, his own value even. And it was all being brought to bear on someone who had no experience of this at all. Gina had led a different kind of life, now she was in a hole, and it looked like there was no way out.

It was over and done within the nana second it took to kiss her neck, then bite the flesh where it mattered the most to her, right between neck and shoulder. Gina moaned, she was flying like a speeding jet plane toward her own seduction and no parachute. For his part Colin didn’t know whether to leave her nipple and join hands at her pussy, or go the other way and grab both of her ultra sensitive teats.

He took both nipples, and shoved his now rampant cock into Gina’s ass crack, it had the desired effect Gina capitulated fully. The number of times men had tried to seduce her, her virtue had been intact for the last 21 years, and it was all for nothing. Her son’s best friend had done it in moments. She just hadn’t seen it coming, never envisaged this, all her thoughts had been on a nice friendly remonstration, and sending him on his way. Colin had completely blindsided her.

Her head had now fallen back on to his shoulder, her hands resting lightly on the counter top, everything was forgotten. His cock was wonderfully fixed into the crack offered by Gina’s uncontrollable ass. Colin went for it, he got each half of Gina’s blouse and ripped it wide open, buttons popped everywhere, this further inflamed the mature beauty now in his power.

Next, her bra was lifted up, her beautiful tits were now under firm control of the fingers manipulating them. Her head dropped, her mouth sagged open. An unintelligible sound mewled from her blood red lips. Colin sank his teeth further into her neck and then raked them up and down, Gina collapsed, and she would have fallen down had he not been up against her.

He returned one hand to her pussy, then dropped it to raise her skirt, which was where they had left off on Saturday night. This time though there would be no rescue from and innocent, and ignorant husband, totally unaware of his beautiful wife’s seduction by the 19 year old friend of their son.

Colin worked her skirt up, and then worked his hand inside to sink his finger into the silken morass that was now Gina’s hot volcanic pussy. Her own hands, unknown to her, had gone behind her to seek him out, she felt the hard throbbing meat in first one hand, and then the other, she rubbed him.

Her sole fixation now was what her body was demanding of her, to give in, she already had, to yield to the power of the boy, she already had. To let him take her, own her, use her, screw and fuck her until she begged for release, he already was. Gina felt and arm across her back, he was bending her over the counter top, she did what he wanted, her arms spread out.

Gina was where he wanted her, and she was going to where she was wanting to be. There was no thought of husband or family, consequences, or future problems, her thoughts was on him making love to her, of giving her the desperate satisfaction her whole body was irresistibly craving.

Colin had her flat down, Gina spread her feet for him, her luscious perfect long legs shaped like an upside down letter V, and offering herself up to this powerful dominant young man. She felt her thong being torn away, and if it were possible, her arousal heightened even further for him. Colin undid his pants swiftly, dropped them to the floor, kicked Kartal Escort them away and pointed his thick young cock at the entrance he had yearned for all this time. There was no finesse, no easy does it, soft and gentle. No, he ripped his prick hard and deep into the waiting electric cavern of Gina’s soaking dripping pussy.

She squealed, he groaned, and they were off to the races, he pumped her hard, her animalistic instincts made her push back with every thrust from him. She climaxed in a secret rush, she didn’t know it was coming, her forehead hit the counter, her mouth opened in a silent orgasmic scream.

It had been years since Gina had experienced a climax like this, her and her husband still made regular love, but it had softened into an easy going relationship. There was no match for this, no comparison, she couldn’t say to herself that on such and such a weekend, or date, that it had been as good as this was with Colin. This was off the scale as far as Gina was concerned. She couldn’t have been hit on the back of the head in a surprise attack harder than her son’s best friend was walloping her pussy right now, she came again.

Colin was there himself now, he had gritted his teeth, forced himself to think of something else in order not to cum as soon as he knew he would. His dream for years had been this, and now it was happening it was taking every bit of what self control he had. He thumped in harder than before, and then blew his hot load of young thick cum all the way up into Gina’s love channel.

Gina called out something, he didn’t understand her, it was garbled, if he had he would have heard her shout.

“Go on Colin, harder baby harder, fill me honey fill me, give me all you’ve got, everything!” Colin did anyway, he thudded home a few more times as he emptied his ball sac and slowed down. Gina’s rolling climaxes followed suit. They were both in a world of their own. Gina was prone, almost lifeless lying on her counter top. Colin was stood there, hips thrust forward, still inside her hot filled up dripping pussy, staring sightless at her wall cupboards.

He came to his senses slowly, and withdrew, his cock fell out and hung there seemingly lifeless, as if humbled by its internal destruction by its master. Gina forced her body up, it was a monumental effort to put her hands on the top, and rise back into a standing position once more. Both were breathing deeply, both were wondering, “what next?”

Gina solved that little puzzle, she turned, looked her erstwhile young lover, the young man/boy who had just about blown a hole through the top of her head. It had been so unexpected, so fast, yet it had been a lifetime since he had walked in and literally taken her.

“You,” she said, “come with me, right now.”

Colin had no choice, because Gina grabbed him by his soft thick cock and hauled him after her. Her hand was solid around him, despite the slickness caused by her cum and his. Colin looked at his pants, and her garments lying on the floor. Gina bent at the waist, picked them up, and then he was being dragged from the room, down the hall, and in a heartbeat he was being taken upstairs by his dream woman, the mother of his best friend.

His heart was singing with joy and happiness, he had just fucked the most beautiful of women silly. Now she was taking him upstairs to bed for some more fun and games. And Colin told himself he was going to have the best time of his life, his hand was holding up her rear as she sashayed up in front of him.

As she approached what he knew was her bedroom door, his cock hardened, the number of times he had imagined himself in here with her, both of them loving each other sweetly, her saying his name the way only she could. Then spending hours shagging each other daft were countless and unimaginable. But the thought first and foremost in his mind had always been, him on his back looking up at her as she smiled him a beautiful smile of complete resignation, as she sank herself and her luscious pussy down on his hard projecting young cock.

Gina undid her blouse as she entered the room, followed by him taking off his shirt, now it was only her bra, and his shorts and shoes that were left before the serious stuff started. He shoved them down and they fell off in the three steps to her bed, the one she shared with his best friend’s dad. Her blouse slipped and fell away in the same manner.

They both tipped on to the bed and bedlam let loose, both scrabbling to get at the other, Gina was only interested in his cock and balls, and kissing him. Colin was interested in every inch of her, her nipples, her neck, her lips, her hot wet pussy, those long legs that he so wanted to feel wrapped around him, just as he had imagined many times, her superbly shaped ass, and lastly her rump. To feel those tight buns in his hands was hard cock fodder for any guy.

His cock had already risen to the challenge, Gina’s nipples were being wonderfully crushed and twisted, they were rock hard with her excitement, tender and super sensitive. She was handling his cock with expertise learned through years of love making, there was little or nothing that this fabulous looking 42 year didn’t know about fucking and being fucked.

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