A Trip to my University


I hadn’t been down to visit you for two weeks, and now you were here in my University with me, after just meeting people from my floor, we were now heading into my room. When I had last visited you we unfortunately hadn’t been allowed to sleep together, and we didn’t get much of a chance to do anything. It was really good fun, just being around each other was perfect, but now we both had the desire for more.We entered my room and I closed the door behind us. I had cleaned up before coming to pick you up from the train station so it was clean.I showed you around briefly, very briefly considering the size of myroom, and then leant in to kiss you briefly.

I leaned in and kissed you gently on the lips as you slipped off your back pack and let it fall to the ground. I put my arms around you as you slid you arms around my waist and we kissed, closed mouth but very hard and passionately, my hands rubbing up and down your back as I pull away and we hug for a second. I can smell your perfume as I hug you and my warm breath against your neck causes goosebumps to go down your legs.

I smile and lean back in, this time our lips slightly parting as we kiss and our tongues touch each other, the sensation electrifying and sending chills down my back. I pull you in close and feel your body against mine as we slowly walk backwards and lay down on the bed. I lay down and you lay on top of me, the feeling of your slight weight on top of me making me smile. We continue kissing as I move your head to the side and lightly kiss your neck, gently biting it and nibbling on it, making you pull away because it tickles so much. We continue kissing as I drag my hands down your back to the rim of your shirt and slowly lift it up over your head. I throw it on to the floor and rub my hands up and down your back, your warm, soft skin making my hands tremble with desire. We continue making out as I flip you over, taking my shirt off as we do so, and then I lay down on top of you, the feeling of our skin against escort ankara each other driving me crazy. I am laying in between your legs, our crotches slowly beginning to grind against each other through our jeans. I am already hard and you can feel it pushing against you with each slow and subtle grind against you.

I continue kissing you for a moment before I move down and being kissing down your chest, stopping at your breasts, as you take your bra off and throw it on to the floor. I slowly circle one of your breasts with the tip of my tongue, breathing deeply so that my warm breath makes your skin tingle against the chilly air. I slowly circle my tongue round your breast, round the underside and up to your nipple, slowly licking it before I take it into my mouth. I enclose your nipple completely in my mouth, very lightly sucking and flicking my tongue over it, the feeling of you pushing your chest towards me making me harder and harder. My hand is busy lightly pinching and pulling your other nipple, grasping your breast and gently massaging it. You continue moaning as I switch breasts and do the same to your other one.

I then continue kissing down your chest, reaching the waistline of your jeans. I slowly lick along the waistline of your jeans as I undo them. You lift your hips up as I slide you jeans down and throw them to the floor. I then kiss your thighs, the soft skin feeling great against my lips. I kiss the inside of your thighs, slowly moving up one side and skipping across to kiss your other thigh. Your hands are curled up in my hair as you gently push my head towards your crotch. I feel the warmth against my face as I gently lick up your lips through your underwear, making you squirm slightly. I pull your underwear down and lick slowly up your vagina, my tongue splitting your already wet lips as it moves up and quickly flicks over your clit, getting me another satisfying little moan from you. I slowly insert my middle finger ankara sınırsız escort inside you, feeling the warmth and wetness as I quickly slip in a second one, too much into the moment to keep teasing you. I slowly slide them in and out before curving them upwards to hit the rough bump that is your g-spot. As I keep my fingers on it, pressing down and alternating the strength of my presses with gentle rubs, my tongue finds your clit and I enclose it in my mouth, sucking ever so slightly while flicking tongue horizontally across it. Your thighs clamp around my head as you get closer and closer to climax, my fingers now furiously pumping in and out of you, pulling over your g-spot every time I enter, my tongue still flicking over your clit and greedily lapping up the juices flowing out of you. As you start moaning louder and louder, you beg me to stop although we both know you mean the opposite. As you reach climax I pull out my fingers, despite the strength of your muscles clamped around them, and you squirt a small amount onto my face as you shudder in pleasure. I lick them up happily and look up at you, eyes closed and your mouth slightly gaping open.

I move up and lay down next to you as we lean in and kiss again. You roll on top of me, tearing my jeans and boxers off before I even know whats happened. My erect penis pops out as you grip it with your delicate hand. As I expect you to move down you instead turn round, your thighs either side of my head and your mouth now hovering teasingly over my erect penis. You lower your mouth on to it as the warmth and wetness of your mouth makes me gasp, my penis now straining for release already. You bob your head up and down quickly as your hand moves up and down my penis, your other hand cradling and fondling my balls, the feeling of your delicate fingers and nails scratching against my scrotum driving me crazy. Your insistence and speed with which you are sucking me ankara etlik tells me how horny you are, so I begin lapping at your vagina as my hands wrap up over you and grasp your perfectly shaped ass, pulling you down further on top me as I lick up your lips and hit your clit. You mouth bobs up and down on my penis, your tongue moving along the underside, and each time you take as much of me into my mouth.

After only a few minutes I am close to finishing, so pull you off me. The mood we are in makes it clear that we are not going to be doing anything calm and sensual, so I pull you up and bend you over my bed. You rest against my bed as I put a condom on, then come in behind you. I put my hands on your hips as you move a hand backwards to guide my penis inside of you. Once I feel that I am inside of you I plunge myself hard into you, all the way until I cannot fit in anymore. As I do so you let out a half pleasure half pain moan, the feeling of your tightness already putting me near breaking point. I pull all the way out and being thrusting in to you, my hands on your hips guiding you onto me hard and fast, your head now in between your elbows resting on the bed sheet, biting the sheets to stop yourself from screaming.

I keep going for longer and longer, gripping your ass tightly and occasionally dragging my nails down your back, one of your hands working furiously away at your clit. I can sense you coming to another climax just before you tell me, and the muscles inside you clamping around my penis force me to stop thrusting into you as your legs shake and I hold you up. I manage to mutter out through gasped breaths that I am going to cum just as I explode, forcing me to almost fall over as our climaxes wash simultaneously over us.

After a second I pull my penis out of you delicately, receiving a small moan from you as I do so. You lay on the bed and I go throw the condom away and clean up my penis as best I can. My bed is soaked in sweat, but we don’t care as we lay next to each other, my limp penis now laying against my thigh and gently resting against your knee which is wrapped across me, your soft hair resting against my chest as you fall asleep on me, soon following myself, the feeling of our hot, naked bodies pressed against each other making it one of the best sleeps I’d had in a long time.

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