A Tale of Two Grannies – Conclusion


This is the conclusion of my last story. (If you haven’t read A Tale of Two Grannies, this won’t make sense to you, it is not a stand-alone story) I’ve had a few comments as to the ending. But real life rarely turns out the way we hope for. This is a very short conclusion, just to end the story, and warning! It doesn’t end as you might think.


“I’ve a little surprise for you,” Janice had said on the phone. I drove round, wondering what new idea she could possibly have come up with. I thought we’d covered most activities, so I was in a mood of anticipation. However, when I arrived, there was no-one at home. I didn’t want to drive home for nothing, and as Barbara’s lights were on, I decided a quickie might be one way of passing the time. Barbara had not been expecting me, but when I asked if she fancied sex, she was quick to rush into her bedroom with me close behind.

She almost tore her clothes off and jumped onto her bed. I was more than a tad taken aback, and to be honest, her being so skinny, without a bit of foreplay to get me going, I did have a bit of trouble getting myself ready for action, so undressed more slowly and put my brain into my cock to prepare myself. I compared her with Janice’s ample flesh, and by the time I was naked, I had got a fair hard on.

“You took me by surprise,” Barbara almost complained, “I’m dry, but I did get some Vaseline.”

Vaseline? Hell, that WAS old-fashioned! Still, as I had never need anything to get Janice wet, and had no lube with me, I obligingly put a thin coating of the horrible stuff all over my cock, and on the tip of my finger to lube her fanny. I don’t like pain, and a rubbed raw cock, especially as I was expecting to screw Janice later, wouldn’t be in my best Escort interest. Climbing on the bed, and resting my elbows by Barbara’s shoulders, I pressed my cock end against her fanny lips.

Considering the haste she had got herself ready, I expected no real problems, but somehow, despite the lubrication, I couldn’t even get my knob end inside. She was totally rigid! I relaxed the pressure for a few seconds, then tried again. Absolutely no result! (I later learned this was a condition called vaginismus where the mind refuses to allow penetration). I had no intention of force, never my style. I rested on my knees and looked down. Barbara was crying, which I hate to see anyway.

“I’m so sorry, so sorry,” she sobbed, “I don’t know what is happening, I just can’t–!

“We were just too quick,” I consoled, “another time it will be fine, just like last time.”

Gently, I patted her bony shoulders, and gently climbed off the bed. Barbara pulled the sheets over her and looked up at me.

“Perhaps another time?” she asked, hopefully.

“Surely,” I responded, a false smile on my face.

She watched me as I dressed.

“Please, please, don’t go to Janice,” she pleaded, an odd look on her face. Was it consternation, or frustration?

“I’ll have to just call and say hello,” I replied, “it’s been a while, she’ll think me rude if I don’t say hello.”

Barbara turned her head away, I could see she was terribly upset, but, what more could I do?

“No, don’t go,” came muffled from the bed sheet, “Please!”

I put my finger to my lips, gave a re-assuring smile and left. I did hesitate, before going across to Janice’s door, but then sexual frustration overcame me, and I softly knocked at the door. The lights Escort Bayan were still out, but Janice’s voice came from her room.

“Come in, I’m here in the front room.”

The room was dark, only a faint light through the windows from the street lamp, but I sensed another person in the room. I was so right! The light glimmered on Janice’s white/grey hair ahead, so I knew she was sitting on her favourite armchair. But, movement, when it came, was from my right side. Swift, violent movement!!

Two large, powerful hands gripped my shirt collar, swung me around, and hurled me against the far wall! Shocked, as you would expect, I froze against the wall. The light switch clicked and the room lit up for me to see a man standing there, with hot fury on his face. Now me, I was in my prime, just under six foot, (I’ve shrunk with age!) weighing in at a fit 11 stone 10 pounds (164 pounds) but this fellow topped me by a good six inches, and built, as we used to say, like a shithouse wall. The unexpected attack had slowed my reactions, and before I could do, or say anything, he had lurched over, grasped my shoulders and held me against the wall.

“You absolute bastard!” he yelled at me, “tricking my aunt with your pretence of affection, persuading her in to intimacy, even letting her fall in love with you, and yet you’re having an affair with that evil old woman next door, all the time! And worse, telling that woman how funny it is to have a FAT OLD TART whoring for you!”

Her raged on, and on, looking meaner, if that were possible, all the time. Of course, I had no idea that was coming, but the brief respite while he raged had given me enough time to recover. Although never being one who fights for the fun of it, my Bayan Escort time on the docks, construction sites, and a spell as a trucker in the USA where my English accent caused more humour than I appreciated, had developed a healthy mantra. That is, disable the other man , any old way, enough to give myself a chance to get the hell out of there! An old docker once told me that even if at first I couldn’t get a good kick at the balls, a sharp downward kick on the shin with the edge of my shoe would give me a better chance of aiming for the groin.

This all went through my head in a flash. We were too close for a cock hit, so I turned my foot edge-on, scraped down his left shin with all my available force. It worked, he back off a bit, hopping, so although most of my follow up kick caught his thigh, enough of my toe cap reached the intended target. Once released, I tore open the door and legged it out to my car as if my tail was on fire! Luckily, I had parked facing out of the cul-de-sac, so revved the engine, slammed into gear and screamed my old Cortina out of the danger zone.

By the time I reached the nearest filling station to get myself a coffee, I had stopped trembling, and calmed down. Of course, I reflected, I had forgotten that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and that I had not told Janice my intentions to Barbara. Neither had I reckoned that although I was having fun with both of them, they still hated each other. And, of course, Barbara had been quick to tell Janice all about our evening of sex, and obviously turned the knife by inventing all sorts of things I never had done or said, just to annoy her enemy.

So, that was the end of my excursions into that street, and although I led a chaste life for the next few weeks, it most certainly wasn’t the end of my bed-hopping with mature ladies. Until, of course, I did meet the love of my life, to whom I have now been married over 30 years. And never regretted anything. As Sinatra sang, I did it my way!

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