A Surprise Visit (part 9)


The rest of the weekend passed uneventfully. Lori and Jason left separately for Florida, partly to avoid undue suspicions, but that had become somewhat moot since their parents knew they were living together. Regardless, neither Dan nor Sharon seemed to hint they knew anything about a sexual connection between the step-siblings.Dan was in bed reading when Sharon joined him. Typically, he was sound asleep by the time she finished with her nightly routine of facial cleansing and applying magic ointments and lotions in the hope of preserving her body against the inevitable effects of time. She was conservatively wearing a pair of flannel PJs with the hope that they might discourage any wayward sexual thoughts from him. Dan looked up from his book as she entered from the bath. Despite the attempt to cover herself with cotton, there was no hiding those big boobs swaying and jiggling freely without a bra to contain them.Sharon threw back the covers on her side of the bed and in the process partially uncovered her husband, revealing a bulge in Dan’s boxers.He’s incorrigible, she thought to herself. Sharon wasn’t turned off by her husband. Sure, he had gained a few pounds on his 6’1″ frame, mostly middle-aged spread and an all-too-common “beer gut.” Otherwise, he looked OK for a fifty-six-year-old who only exercised occasionally. Jason inherited his father’s physical size and strength, and then some. Dan had played football and other sports when young, but as the pressures of work increased, he headed down a heart attack path with less exercise and more drinking. Occasional smoking didn’t improve his chances for longevity.Sharon had been initially impressed with his sizable penis, not as big as his son’s, in retrospect, but still notable for its girth if not its length. And until she had experienced her stepson firsthand, she had been more than happy with Dan. Jason was even a bit too big and the first time she had seen him with a full erection, it caused both elation and fear. But he knew how to avoid going too deep, and he was a gentle lover unless encouraged to let it all hang out, which rarely happened. He was used to women keeping a hand on his abs as a hint to keep him from going too deep.Sharon had been partial to large cocks since shortly after losing her virginity. Men with smaller cocks could be wonderful lovers, especially if they were skillful in other ways. Simply sporting a big penis was not enough, and she’d been disappointed many times by guys who only cared about getting their rocks off or who enjoyed rough sex, slapping and choking. She was also hesitant to engage in anal sex because of guys who had been too rough and had caused considerable pain. She had experimented with that category first with her fingers and later with dildos to discover that anal sex could be wonderful, but only if done carefully and slowly and with lots of lubrication.Dan had been a great lover initially, but marriage seemed to dull his appreciation for her, and it seemed like more and more he only cared about pleasing himself. Drinking only made it worse by decreasing his ability to maintain an erection. As a result, his wife typically went to sleep unsatisfied.Sharon slipped under the covers and grabbed one final ointment before turning out the light: her hand lotion. As she unscrewed the lid, she paused to compliment Dan.”Thanks for not drinking too much this weekend. I appreciate it and I’m sure Lori did as well. You’ve been drinking a lot lately, and I don’t like to nag, but I Erenköy Escort also need to thank you when you are a good boy.””I know I’ve been drinking too much, Sharon. I’m trying to do better before it gets totally out of control.””So, what’s been going on? Is this work stuff that’s bothering you? Or something else?””It’s not one thing. Yeah, part of it is work-related and I’m getting a handle on that. But if you want to know, part of it is from home. I’ve sensed some distance from you lately. I know my drinking doesn’t help and is partly to blame, but you’ve been acting differently.”A feeling of guilt washed over her as she scooped a goop of lotion and slowly worked it into her hands. While Sharon had gone through periods of promiscuity in her life, she never considered herself a cheater. But now that’s what she was. And to make matters worse, she had cheated with her stepson as well as the eighteen-year-old pool boy.”I ‘spose I have been a bit distant lately. That is something I can work on, Honey. My trip to see my sister may have been part of it. She’s had some issues of her own and I’ve been worried about her. I’m sorry if I’m acting weird. Sure, your drinking isn’t helping, but if we both work on these things, we can fix them.”Sharon realized that would require giving up sex outside of her marriage and she wasn’t sure she was ready for that just yet. The thrill of strange sex made her feel like a teenager again. She felt a brief wetness thinking about it as she unconsciously scooped up more lotion in her fingers.”We’ll take it in steps, Dan. Together we can make it work. But look, I’ve got all this lotion on my hands–too much! Do you need some lotion?” She kissed him and held up the covers with her free hand. She carefully reached under the covers and slid her gooey hand inside his boxers. “Help me out here, will you? Peel back the covers so I can see what I’m doing.”Dan threw his book to the floor without marking the page and flipped back the covers as Sharon gripped his growing cock in her lotion-laden hand.”What’s this? I feel a snake in your shorts. Let’s slide them off, OK? I want to see if he’s angry.”Wasting no time, Dan slid his boxers to his knees and kicked them off. Sharon’s well-lubricated hand easily slid up and down his rapidly growing cock. Dan’s length was impressive enough, but his girth was what had grabbed Sharon’s attention when she first saw it, and now he was swollen enough that she could not completely encircle it in her small hand. She leaned over and kissed him.”Let me make you feel good, Honey. A little reward for being a good boy, hmmm? Let me see if I can make you shoot a big load. Would you like that?” With her free hand, she unbuttoned her top so he could play with her tits as she jacked him off. She felt he would probably cum quickly anyway, but her tits with her swollen nipples always increased his excitement as well as her own. She loved to have them fondled. But part of this act was an attempt to overcome her guilt from fucking her stepson.”Oh, Honey. Look how big you’re getting…and hard. You feel so good in my hand. Can you cum for me, Sweetie? I think I feel a big one coming on.” Most of the time Sharon would have been more excited to have him shoot his wad in her pussy, but she was still a bit sore from Jason the night before. Lori had commented earlier that day that Sharon seemed to be walking funny.”Mom, are you OK? You’re walking like you hurt yourself.””Oh, I’m fine. I just stretched something and Erenköy Escort Bayan I’m a little sore.” Actually, it was your brother who stretched something, she thought to herself. “Thanks for asking, but I’ll be fine.”As she relived the moment of Jason cumming inside her, she felt a spasm from Dan followed by a grunt.”Oh, shit, Sharon. I’m cumming. Unghh. That’s it, keep stroking me. Oh fuck!”Sharon watched as sperm coated her fist and mingled with her hand lotion, creating a gooey mix. “That’s it, Honey. Give Momma all your cum. God, I love watching you shoot a big wad. Look, there’s still more! I knew it would be a big one!” Sharon knew that she could talk him into a quick orgasm, and that is exactly what happened. The baby talk only increased her husband’s excitement.Dan’s cock continued to pulse, more slowly now, as Sharon rubbed her thumb over the head and the last drops of sperm emerged from his piss-hole.”I’d lick it up, but I don’t think hand lotion is good for digestion.” She did, however, lean over and kiss the glans before grabbing some tissues and wiping up the puddle that had formed on his stomach. It took several handfuls of tissue to sop up the mess.”That should help you sleep, dear.” Sharon kissed him sweetly, sharing a hint of his cum from her lips and went into the bathroom to clean up her hands. Her guilt had been slightly alleviated with her hand job. But then, she knew that remaining loyal would be a challenge. There might have to be many more hand jobs or blowjobs in the future.She slipped back into bed and gave him one more kiss–this time with passion. “I love you, Dan.” She did love him. But was that enough? At least Jason was gone now and with it the temptation to stray.Days passed and life returned to normal. Sharon was pleased to see that her husband had seriously cut down his drinking. He would have a beer or a glass of wine, but he stayed off the hard liquor and rarely had any alcohol after dinner. Sharon liked her wine but always considered that she was in control, easily forgetting about using alcohol as an excuse to fuck her stepson. She was careful not to push the envelope, however, and avoided having anything to drink after dinner as well, in part to support Dan.The net result was obvious. Their marriage improved. And so did their sexual relations. Dan became more considerate of Sharon’s needs and if she didn’t enjoy it more, at least she didn’t hate it. Still, it often seemed like a movie she’d seen many times before. Everything was predictable.Secretly, Sharon pined for the excitement that she experienced with Jason. As good as he was, it wasn’t that he was that terrific as a lover. Part of the attraction was the sheer size of his magnificent penis. But the clandestine nature of their affair added a layer of pleasure not possible with foreplay or even the sex act. Sneaking into his room at night when everyone was sleeping was like sneaking out her bedroom window as a teenager. The element of danger provided stimulation not possible any other way.The third Wednesday of the month dawned clear and warmer than normal. Sharon had just finished cleaning the kitchen when the doorbell rang. Sharon opened the door to see a smiling Sam standing there in a white tee, Dockers, and boat shoes.”Hi, Mrs. Berg. Pool day. I’m here to clean it if that’s OK.””Oh, sure, Sam. Go right ahead. Let me know if you need anything.” Sharon gave him a big smile. She couldn’t help but notice Sam’s hair was neatly combed and his usual Escort Erenköy rumpled look had suddenly changed to a neatly-ironed “college prep” appearance. “You look nice, Sam. Something special going on?””Nah, nothing special. Just thinking about college this fall. I’m waiting to hear from a couple of schools. Fingers crossed.””Oh, I’m sure you’ll be accepted, Sam. I’ll cross my fingers for you as well. Anyway, you know where everything is. I’ll check on you in a bit.”Sharon smiled to herself as she closed the door. She assumed the nice clothes and appearance were for her benefit. He WAS a handsome kid, but she had promised herself to be good. She knew it wouldn’t take much to get him excited, especially since she had more or less promised him there would be more fun in the future with her.She watched him as he got everything ready and began the cleaning process. Occasionally he looked up, most likely hoping she would come out in a bikini or something scant and ask him to rub suntan lotion on her bare shoulders. Instead, she put on a loose-fitting t-shirt and a pair of shorts and checked herself out in the mirror.”Oh, what the hell!” she exclaimed to no one. Her t-shirt was an extra-large of Dan’s and fit her like a small dress in the most unflattering way. “Nothing like a horny eighteen-year-old to make an old lady feel young again.” Sharon removed the shirt intending to change to anything less frumpy but then thought about it and removed her bra. She put the t-shirt back on, but this time the mirror reflected a completely different look.It’s amazing what a couple of braless nipples will do for a t-shirt. Of course, it helps if they’re attached to a couple of big swaying boobs, she thought to herself. She shimmied her shoulders and smiled as her boobs jiggled seductively in their uninhibited state. So much for being good. The little devil on her shoulder was kicking ass. And she knew that Sam was praying for a pool-cleaning finish like the last time.Sam was just finishing the cleaning and putting the tools away when Sharon stepped out to the patio. He looked sullen until he saw Sharon.”Great job, as usual, Sam. Would you like to come in for something to eat?” Sharon pulled her shoulders back and Sam’s face broke into a huge grin when he saw those boy-magnets. Her wardrobe change had the desired effect. Sam’s cock instantly created a noticeable bulge in his Dockers.”Sure, if it’s not too much trouble.” He had been praying all along that his neighbor would invite him in. Her big tits covered by only a thin tee reignited his fantasies. Hope springs eternal.”Finish up and then just come on in. I’ve got a snack in mind I think you’ll like.” Sharon winked and returned to the house, her boobs swaying with each step.Sam quickly put away the pool tools and almost ran to the patio door. He didn’t see Sharon through the glass, so he knocked politely and entered. The kitchen was empty. He slipped off his shoes and looked around for her.”Hello? Sharon? Mrs. Berg?””In here, Sam. I’m in the bedroom. I need a hand if you don’t mind.”If his cock wasn’t hard before, it was now. He followed the voice even though he knew exactly where her bedroom was. He had relived his last visit hundreds of times in the three weeks since he’d last visited her bedroom, and she had seduced him. He entered through the open door and his fantasies were immediately fulfilled. His neighbor was seated on the foot of the bed still wearing her braless t-shirt. Her shorts were on the floor. She beckoned him with her forefinger to come closer. Sharon’s legs were spread, and she was naked from the waist down. Her hands covered the area between her legs, but her blonde muff peeked from between her fingers, and her fleshy labia and clitoris beckoned him. She was smiling wickedly.

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