A surprise to remember pt 2


As her eyes rolled at the rush of her own bodily juices gushing from her body covering every inch of this mystery man’s hard thick black 9 inch cock with her white creamy love milk. Kay is trying to make sense of what just occurred. Her body trembling uncontrollably, legs shaking, and her thighs quivering with such satisfaction, the man staring back at her is still bouncing her in a slow up and down rocking motion. He grabs her body with such force and control that it arouses Kay to the point she allows him full control of her movements.

As his big tool gently slides in and out of Kay’s pussy along with his firm hands pulling her into his every thrust, he smiles. Lex is feeling her cum dripping down his inner thigh. She is in a trance as her body is being swayed back and forth, up and down. Kay lets herself fall completely under his spell. Collapsing into his broad chest, Kay feels his hips shift and again she has to let out a gasp as his large shaft twirls deep into her love canal. Kay’s sexual appetite must be in over drive. Her hips find a rhythm and she begins grinding slowly. Her breast pressed into his chiseled chest, Kay starts kissing the man’s collar bone, gradually moving up his neck. Throwing more of herself into his lap, steady at first but increasingly more deliberate and more passionate. Her lips tasting and biting on his earlobe, she feels his lips and tongue kissing and licking her tiny breast. Her nipples get instantly hard, her pussy becomes wet and constantly flowing from the building anticipation and suspense.

“Who are you?” Kay whispers with a slight moan with every downward motion.

“The biggest cock, you’ve ever had” is all Lex replied.

His large hands wrapped around her petite little body so tight that she couldn’t move and he held her there as every inch of Eskişehir Escort his black cock disappeared inside her. A loud yelp escaped as Kay’s body was tingling and adjusting to his very thick throbbing pipe, easing its way deep into her pussy.

“OMFG,” Kay screams as he quickly pulls out and slides slowly back into her, tightening his grip.

“Cum on that black dick” he demands, grinding deeper and deeper into Kay. When his cock was in her as far as it would go, he would hold her there and in a slow rhythmic circle he would grind trying to get a little deeper. Each time whispering in her ear “cum on that black dick.”

Kay was trying to hold out as long as she could until finally she couldn’t take it anymore. The warm liquid of her pleasure began to gush like a waterfall and the pressure against his throbbing cock was so intense.

“I’m cummin” she moans. “I’m cummin! I’m cummin! Fuck!!!

She begins panting from bouncing violently up and down on his long hard cock. Moaning and panting uncontrollably, Kay wraps her arms around Lex’s neck and without warning he lifts her up off the couch. His hands clamped securely to her ass cheeks and part of her waist. Kay is now relying on his strength and gravity to keep the steady pace of her tiny body being bounced. His forearm has now become her platform. Kay loses all control of her body. He starts slamming her onto his dick with such force. Kay can feel her pussies flood gates opening and starts yelling and screaming out of pleasure.

“OMFG! Don’t Stop!” She yells.

“Oh Fuck!! Fuck me!! Fuck me!! O-M-g-g-God.”

“Harder!! Fuck!!!”

“I’m cumin! Baby, I’m cumin!!”

“You cumin girl?” he asks sarcastically.

“ Yes!!!!.. I’m cumin all on that black dick” she moans.

Her whole Eskişehir Escort Bayan body goes completely limp as his cock slams faster and harder into Kay’s used body. Her eyes begin rolling and her body remains in a frozen state of climax. His thighs are burning from the tension, so he throws her down onto the couch like a rag doll and gets into position. Grabbing her by the thighs he aligns his massive cock right on target. She lets out a gasp as he inserts himself. First, just the tip and then he resumes his onslaught of slamming in and out of Kay’s now swollen, red pussy. She tries to slide back a smidge but he doesn’t allow her.

“Don’t run… No running from this dick,” he says with determination.

His cock is the mighty Thor hammer and he is relentlessly pounding Kay harder than she could ever dream of being pounded. He fucks her violently with no mercy. Every thrust is harder and faster. Kay’s petite body is borderline convulsing when suddenly she becomes as stiff as a board. Pussy juice and cum cover his whole pelvic region and Kay is experiencing her first squirting episode.

“OMFG” she screams.

The pressure pushes against his cock, so he starts to pull out and changes his mind. Pulling her still white body into him, he begins a Jack Rabbit, Hulk smash kind of thrust. On the couch Kay’s abused body is forcibly being fucked. All she could muster up to say was in a whimpering moan, “Cum in my pussy.”

Lex’s thrust became fast and out of rhythm as he held Kay’s body still. Kay moaned and whimpered as Lex pumped the hottest load she had ever felt being dumped inside of her pussy. Lex cannot contain his composer and yells out his damn self.

“Oh shit! Fuck girl, yea, take this cum. take it girl, ahhh yes.. All of it, oh fuck. Phewww.. God Damn Escort Eskişehir woman.”

Lex takes a second to catch his breath, smacking his drained penis on Kay’s pussy then steps away.

“Ok, if I use the shower.” Lex asks, pointing towards the bathroom.

Kay gives a feeble attempt to point and nod in the showers direction. Out of breath, and physically spent Kay says, “Towels in the closet, use whatever you want.”

Lex turns from the bathroom giving Kay a smile and a wink.

“I already did that,” he says closing the door.

“Yes, yes you did.” Kay said under her breath.

Kay heard the shower turn on and closed her eyes for a moment. Laying there she replayed every second of her and lex’s sexual encounter. Kay is so into the reel playing in her head that she doesn’t here the shower cut off. Lex makes his way out of the bathroom and observes Kay laying on the couch the way he left her. He watches her hand caressing one of her breast and the other hand is playing with her pussy. She begins biting her lip a little and arching her waist. Lex moves around the arm of the couch to where Kay is laying her head. She is lightly moaning cum still leaking from her pussy. Lex saw an opportunity and went for it. As she was moaning, Lex put his dick right in her mouth. Startled, Kay opened her eyes immediately and gave Lex a very seductive look and began sucking. “That’s it, that’s a good girl. Suck that black dick Kay.”

As Kay was getting into sucking the hard dick in her mouth the front door opens and a guy with an astonishing look stood in the doorway. A man behind him pushes him through the breezeway into the house. It was Kay’s husband and another co-worker. He looks over the scene playing out before him. His new hire with his big black cock in his wife’s mouth. Her body naked, sweaty, and cum still leaking from her pussy. The drop of his lunch pale was loud enough to stop his wife’s moans of pleasure from sucking Lex’s cock. “What the fuck is going on here” he asked looking at his naked wife…..

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