A Surprise Evening


As I come upstairs to your room I see your roommate going to study downstairs. This means that you are alone in the room. I will have plenty of time to do what I want to do. I knock on the door. When you open it I see the excitement in your face. You weren’t expecting me home this early. You are wearing a white sweater and tight khaki pants and a white scarf in your hair. You look so pristine, so innocent. You begin to say something and I raise my finger to your lips, all that escapes is “I thought…” before your lips close.

I step into the room as you take a step back. You smile, but look at me quizical. I step forward again, letting go of the door so that it closes behind me. As I do this I grab hold of the bottom of your sweater and begin to lift it. You look at me and begin to say, “My roommate is downst…” before I silence you again with my finger. I continue to lift your shirt, what little resistance is left is silenced by my stern look.

You lift your arms, to help me get the sweater up and over your head. I toss it onto the chair by your desk and look at you. You are wearing a small spaghetti strap tank top that is tight on your perfect breasts but loose around your tummy, so it flirts with me, showing me hints and glances at your belly button. I admire your beautiful breasts and your neck and shoulders for a few long seconds before looking back up at your face. There is a slight flush on your cheeks. I am not sure if it is because you are turned on at me looking at you, because you are frustrated because I won’t let you talk, or because you are embarrassed that your roommate could walk in.

As I keep looking at your face, admiring your beautiful eyes, and luscious pillowy lips, your face reddens slightly and you turn away. I raise my hands once again and slowly unbutton your pants. You don’t make a sound, or try to stop me, but you look at me and then look at the door. You are hoping that I will lock the door, but I continue. I unzip your pants and look back up at you, as I begin peeling your tight pants off of you. Your beautiful skin coming into view more and more as the cloth gives way. I smile as I notice that you are wearing a small pair of white thong panties. I get down on my knees, my face at the level of your panties and the treasure beneath them. I continue to lower you pants, until I get to your feet. I look up at you and you lift your left foot. As I am glancing up I notice your nipples are sticking out quite far, it’s not cold in your room, and this makes me smile. You notice my glance and blush again.

I pull your left pant leg off and you lift your right leg. I pull your pants off and put them on the chair, on top of your sweater. I put my nose a little closer to you and inhale deeply. I can smell your excitement already. The smell mixing with your perfume and making me slightly dizzy. My heart starts pumping Kıbrıs Escort faster as I stand up slowly. I step back and stare at you. You look away whenever our eyes lock, but I admire you. Admire you like you would admire a statue in a museum. Even half naked you are still very innocent looking, almost pristine. I begin to move around you looking at your beautiful body. Your breasts large enough to perfectly fit my hands, your nipples hard now and your breasts rising and falling with your breath.

Your beautiful tummy, your little navel is so enticing, so sexy. Your legs, so long, and ending in your beautiful buttocks. Your buttocks, your beautiful tight little bum. Big enough, and rich enough to grab, but small enough and tight enough to run your hand over, and supple enough to quiver enticingly when spanked.

I step forward from behind you our bodies no more than an inch apart, but still I don’t touch you. I lift your hair from off of your shoulders and smell it. I run my fingers through your hair slowly and gently, and then take the ribbon out of your hair and place it on your pants.

I quickly braid your hair, gently running my fingers along your reddish tresses. When I finish I don’t bother tying it off. I just place it over your shoulder, so that I can look at your beautiful neck.

I step around to the front of you, and grab the bottom of the tank top. I look at you waiting for any sign of discontent, any sign of a fight, but you just blush again and look away.

I lift your shirt a little bit and just stare dumbfounded by your gorgeous tummy. Your arms move slightly as you fight your urge to cover up but end up just staying by your sides. I continue to lift your shirt. The cloth brushes against your nipples and then all of a sudden all you feel against them is the light caress of the air as the shirt comes off over your head. This causes them to be very hard and stick out like bullets.

I look down at the last stitch of cloth on you, and then look you in the eyes. You blush, but this time you fight the urge to look away. I smile and reach down and slide my fingers into the front of your panty. My fingers touch your skin for the first time. The backs of my fingers slide down from your tummy down your creamy thighs and then down further as you step out of them.

Again I am on my knees, and I am at eye level with your clean shaved sex . Again, I inhale your beautiful aroma. It is stronger now.

I stand and step back again. I take in your gorgeous naked body and I can’t help but be aroused. I step around you and come up behind you. I step forward again and whisper into your ear “Close your eyes.”

Now you have no idea what is going on, and the first thing you feel is my breathing on your neck. All of a sudden you feel my hands on your hips, caressing upwards to your sides. Then you feel my hands Kıbrıs Escort Bayan move away. You no longer feel my breathing on your neck and now your body is tense, expectant for the next touch, but not knowing where, when, or if it will come. Then you feel my fingers lightly touch your shoulders. Sliding them up then so my whole palm is gently caressing your shoulders and neck. Then again I pull them away.

You hear my feet on the floorboards and can tell that I have moved in front of you. I surprise you by placing my hands on the inside of your ankles. I slowly begin tracing my hands up along your legs. I stop briefly at your knees and feel the soft skin behind them, before continuing up your thighs. As my hands draw nearer to your sex your excitement begins mounting, and almost subconsciously your legs spread open a little. Then my hands pull up and my fingers brush against the outside of your lips, brushing by quickly before I pull my hands away.

You blush because you know that I felt the wetness there and you blush even more when you hear my mouth open. You know that I am tasting your arousal, and it turns you on even more. You know I love the taste of you.

Then again you feel a touch, just my fingertips this time, on your breasts. I circle my fingers around your breasts avoiding your nipples as they harden ever so slightly. I continue circling and gradually my circle is just two fingers on each breast, circling around your nipple without so much as touching them. Then all of a sudden I bring my fingers together and gently, but firmly pinch them. And just as quickly as it happened my fingers are gone.

Then you hear me moving around again and I stop behind you again. This time when I step up my full body is up against yours. You feel my rough denim against your buttocks, and the buttons of my shirt trailing a straight line down your back. I put my hands on your shoulders again, and whisper in your ear “Bend over.”

You hesitate to listen to me, and I gently push your shoulders forwards. You bring your elbows up and rest them on the bed. Your eyes are still closed, but you hear me move the chair closer. I must be sitting down.

You feel my hands on the inside of your legs this time, and I pull them open. In this position your lips are displayed for my viewing. I admire this for a while before moving your legs further apart. Then you feel my hands slide upwards towards your sex. My fingers brush by on the outside of lips. Then you feel my hands move upwards towards your buttocks. I grab the cheeks of your magnificent ass in each hand, and gently spread your buttocks open. Your face is bright red, as you know you can’t hide anything from me in this position.

Again, out of nowhere without letting go of your buttocks, you feel me touching you. I gently kiss your lips, the wetness causing my lips to easily Escort Kıbrıs enter you slightly. You feel my lips part as my tongue gently licks you quickly before being pulled back in and I am gone. My hands are no longer on your buttocks, my lips are no longer kissing yours.

My hands return to you shoulders, and I pull them back, standing you up. I continue to pull until you get the hint and sit down on my lap. The rough folds of denim push against your moist lips. My hands move up and I begin caressing your legs. My fingers running smoothly up and down from your hips to your knees.

I slowly move my hands to the inside of your legs and gently spread your legs. My hands then run up your creamy thighs to your sex. I cup your sex in my right hand as I continue up your body with my left hand stopping at your navel. I caress your tummy and tease your cute little belly button as I run my middle finger along your slit.

I gently run my fingertip between your lips wetting it slightly as my other hand caresses your left breast. I circle my fingers around your aureole avoiding contact with your nipple, getting closer and closer. Until I move my hand to your other breast, where I gently caress it as well. Running my fingers in concentric circles.

Meanwhile my finger is slowly moving back and forth and making you wetter and wetter as I inch it further inside you. Finally, my finger lands on your clit makig you jump slightly, then moan as I continue to finger your clit with my hand wrapped around your perfect breast.

“Do you want me to make you come?” I whisper gently into your ear.

You nod your head.

“I said do you want me to make you come?” I whisper again.

“Yes,” you manage to whimper as I pinch your nipple and flick your clit.

“Then say it.”

“Please, make me… come.”

Once you say this my hand comes up from your nipple tracing the line of your graceful neck. And I gently put my index finger and middle finger in my mouth. As I do this I continue the rhythmic flicking on your clit.

I place my first two fingers at the opening of your sex and begin to move them back and forth across your slit. When they are wet enough with your juices I gently force them inside you slowly inch – by inch until I can’t push them in further. Then I twist my fingers up and graze your most sensitive of spots. I continue to flick your clit at a faster and faster pace.

You start shaking, your bum pressed into my denim-covered cock. I continue to tickle your clit and switch from your G-spot to really quickly pushing my fingers inside you, then pulling them back out very quickly three or four times followed by two long slow strokes. As your body begins to tense up I increase the speed of tickling your clit and curl my fingers again.

All of a sudden I feel you slump in the chair as you contract around my fingers. You lean your head back and whisper “That was wonderful.”

I turn my head and kiss you deeply before removing your blindfold.

“I love you so much.” I say, then kiss your neck until you regain your strength and get up.

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