A Summers Day


“Oh my God,” Tess thought, “I’ve been alone way too long.” She studied the man repairing the barn roof. She could see tanned, broad shoulders, muscles rippling with every THAWCK of the hammer and a tight ass encased in snug jeans. He was on his knees, at the moment, and she was imagining what he would look like, like that, before her. “Get it together Tess,” she thought and shook it off. He had been doing repairs since the storm had come through a week ago and he was almost done. She would hate to see him go. She had enjoyed the daily displays of his sweaty, tanned self and, of course, the nights masturbating to those imagines tandoğan escort burned into her mind. It was a beautiful summer’s day and she had planned a picnic lunch out under the trees by the pond. Tess shimmied up the ladder, to let him know, and came face to ass. He was facing away from her so she had the perfect view. His tight ass was moving in time with his hammering. He on his knees, legs spread apart, gave her a spectacular image. The slight bulge in his jeans, tucked down along his inner thigh, sent shivers down to her pussy. “Hey Tucker,” Tess said, “Lunch in twenty.” He looked over his türbanlı escort shoulder and smiled, “Yes Ma’am.” “Oh damn,” Tucker thought, looking over his shoulder into her eyes. He felt himself getting hard just at the site of her smile. Tess’s white cotton sundress hugged her breasts perfectly and showed off her sun kissed shoulders. “Be down in a few Ma’am,” Tucker said. He watched her head disappear over the edge of the roof. He peered over to see her walking across the yard towards her house. Tucker liked the way her hips swayed as she walked, the way she tucked her hair behind her ear. At the moment, the wind picked up, as if hearing his thoughts, and lifted her skirt, revealing a firm, rounded ass graced by a white, lace thong. “Oh fucking hell,” he thought as his dick shot from interested to right now. Tess shivered at his smile and moved down the ladder. As she walked across the yard, the wind picked up and lifted her skirt around her waist. She yelped and pushed it down. Tess glanced over her shoulder and their eyes met. Tucker was staring at her and was startled when he was caught. Tess hurried into the house, wondering if Tucker saw what happened. She glanced out the window and saw Tucker stroking himself through his jeans. Oh yeah, he saw, Tess smiled to herself. Her hand traveled up her dress to her bodice and slipped inside. Her breasts were heavy with wanting. She grasped a nipple in her fingers and pinched.

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