A Story with Emotional Depth


I had been writing stories about experiences I thought were worth telling, but since apparently readers are interested about relationship sex too, here’s a recounting of the time when my ex and I slept together for the first time.

This was a while ago, before I chopped off all my hair. I decided to cut my hair because 1. Because it’s a lot easier to take care of. 2. I was bored with my old hairstyle. 3. I was tired of receiving attention from men. I’ll probably grow it out again when I get tired of it, but right now it works the best. At the time, my hair went down to about my mid-shoulders. It was a light brown with natural blonde highlights, and extremely thick. Hairdressers would always comment on the thickness as they ran their fingers through my hair and literally sigh. The specific shade of my hair depended on the lighting or something though. Sometimes people would say I was almost blonde, and sometimes it was a darker brown…very definitely brunette. I’ve never dyed my hair in my life since I never needed to. I have very light brown eyes, almost the same shade as my hair was on my more blonde days. I’m 5’4 and 120 lbs. People say I’m the perfect thickness for my height, and apparently I have good muscle tone. I think it’s from the sports I play, one of which is softball.

Softball is the best sport ever. I’m a catcher, so whenever the ump calls a time during a game, I’ll have an opportunity to talk to the batter on the other team. There was this one game where somebody did something wrong, I’m still not sure what happened exactly, but the ump was distracted for about 10 or 15 minutes talking to the scorekeeper. The batter up at the plate happened to be very pretty. She had long, straight, kind of sandy colored hair that she kept tied back in a ponytail. She was American and had the classic blue eyes and very slight freckles. She had well defined cheekbones and from what I could tell from her uniform, a nice body. She was thin but she had some muscle, instead of just being all bony and hard like some of these girls are.

We started talking about how she was a pitcher. She was actually really good at pitching, and since I have some experience in that department I know how freaken hard pitching is. It’s a lot harder than it looks. The conversation moved on to more general things, and soon we were laughing and talking as if we’d known each other forever. A friend who was watching the game took a picture of us for the yearbook, with a caption that said something like, “Michelle is always a good sport” or something like that. I had apparently said something hilarious right before he took the picture because I was saying something and smiling while she was bent over laughing. I cut it out and gave it to her when she moved for college.

The ump eventually got everything sorted out and the game moved on. She got a hit and after a while ran home. Someone threw the ball at me and I tried to tag her out but ended up hitting her right on the face with my glove instead, knocking her helmet off. After the game, I apologized profusely but she laughed it off. We decided that “we should hang out sometime” and I gave her my number. She told me her name was Lauren.

She called the next day and we made plans to go watch a movie and eat dinner afterwards. We watched some horror flick that wasn’t memorable enough for me to even remember the name, and which we both agreed over dinner was a lot worse than we thought it would be.

I was talking about how I don’t like when movies just focus on the gore, and she started talking very in depth about horror movies and their use of blood and body parts. She impressed me with her intelligence and insight. I thought, “So she’s smart. Ten points for her.” What was even better was that she wasn’t snobby about it. Most people don’t think so in depth about stuff like that, but she wasn’t most people. I really hate it when girls are stupid, it’s an immediate turn off. And what’s even worse is when they’re actually not, but they act stupid because they think guys go for it. And what’s even worse than that is that it actually works sometimes. Why would you want to date a stupid girl? How could you ever have a conversation with her? Talking about superficial things is fine, but when you’re actually going out with someone you have to have more depth to your relationship than that.

We were discussing the movie in this restaurant that I really like and still go to all the time. The food is really good and well priced, and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. It feels more like I’m in my living room than at a restaurant. The décor is modern and sort of minimalistic, which fits my taste perfectly. The wait staff is excellent, also. It’s completely made up of gay men for some reason, but they are very attentive and polite. We were sitting next to each other on one of the black leather couches behind a table that we were eating off of. Once we had finished eating, we just sat on the couch for a while listening to Anadolu Yakası Escort the reggae band playing and talked about life in general. We had so much in common it was kind of creepy. Sometimes you go for people who are the total opposite of you, but it’s easier to get along with people who are a lot like you. Less conflicts.

As we were enjoying the band, I put my arm around her shoulders and she snuggled into my shoulder. She was exactly the same height as me, so she fit perfectly. It felt so comfortable and so right to be holding her. A few of the gay guys that were around (there were maybe 3 girls, including us, in that entire restaurant) looked at us knowingly and smiled. I love gay guys, usually. I know I’m stereotyping here but it seems like gay guys are usually more sensitive and all around nicer. I have four gay godfathers and I love them all to death. One couple just got a puppy and they’re just this cute little family, Ben, Will, and Cookie.

Anyway, at one point we realized that it was 12:30 in the morning. Or at night, whatever. Time had flown by so fast I thought it was still around 9 or 10, and she expressed the same surprise. We decided to call it a night and she drove me home. When we parked outside my house, we said the usual “I had a great time” and “We have to do this again sometime”. I was just about to get out of the car when she said, “Wait” then caressed my cheek, running her thumb over my cheekbone. I was lost in the sensation of feeling her hand on my face. It was so soft and gentle. I put my hand up and touched the back of her hand, but that was all that happened because she took her hand away and said, “Good night.” All I wanted was for her to keep touching me. I would have been happy to stay like that forever, but I just got out of her car slightly out of breath and went straight to, um, bed. She later told me she did the same thing.

The next time we hung out, we were going to go to this place where there are a lot of vendors that sell different kinds of things, including food, and it’s the place to be on Monday nights. Kind of like a fair but without rides or games or anything. We met there and walked around, just sort of window-shopping. There was a huge crowd, and in one particularly crowded area I grabbed her hand so we wouldn’t get separated. When we got out and started walking side by side, we kept our hands together and interlocked our fingers. Her thumb (My god, I later learned to love that thumb. She could work wonders with it) rubbed the back of my hand and all I could think about was the feeling of her hand in mine. While we were holding hands, we ran into my best friend Rachel. She’s the type of girl that’s always busy and is always somewhere doing something with people. I have to reserve her like 2 weeks in advance if we want to hang out. She also has this tendency to speak without thinking first. So when she saw us, she blurted out, “You didn’t tell me you had a girlfriend!”

Lauren and I looked at each other uncomfortably. I broke the silence and said, “Um, sorry.” Lauren gave me a surprised look, but I thought she also seemed happy. Rachel gave me a look like, “You better tell me all the details later”. I introduced them and we chit chatted for a while until Rachel spotted some other people she knew and headed off in that direction. When Rachel was gone, Lauren suggested we go get some ice cream because she was getting tired of fighting her way through a huge crowd.

As we shut the car doors, the noise of the crowd was immediately muffled and the radio station she had on was playing slow songs from 6-12 pm. Over the sound of some Brian McKnight song she said, “So am I your girlfriend, then?”

She said it with a completely neutral tone so I wasn’t sure what she was thinking. I said, “I guess so, if you want to be.”

“I want to be.” And that settled that.

When she was dropping me off at my house again that night, this time I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips. She kissed back and her hand stroked my cheek like it did before. I broke it right when things started heating up to tease her a little and make her want me more, then smiled at her and told her good night. Again I went straight to bed, making myself climax in a record 30 seconds or so.

My team was playing a make up game on Friday evening and her team didn’t have a game, so she came and watched mine. I was expecting her, but had totally immersed myself into the game. I was catching and I dived to the left to catch a wild pitch. The runner on first was trying to steal second so as I got up I heard her voice call out, “Go Michelle! Nice catch!” When I heard the sound of her voice, I immediately dropped the ball and the runner was safe on second.

I couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the game, knowing that she was right behind me watching my every move. Luckily I did better than usual, other than when I dropped the ball, catching 5 or 6 foul balls and keeping almost all Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan the balls, including the wild pitches, in front of me. After the game she came up and congratulated me on my performance. We had decided earlier that she would sleep over at my house that night, so together we drove to my house.

After I’d showered and changed, I went downstairs and found her deep in conversation with my father. He’s a very intimidating kind of guy, but he took to her immediately. They were discussing something about law, which I know nothing about but she seemed interested in it. My dad was very pleased to find someone willing to talk to him about the different types of bankruptcy.

My mom joined us for dinner and she also really liked her. Lauren was very polite and charming, which parents always just eat up. That’s the secret to making parents like you: be polite. Lauren did a lot of that but she also let her personality show through. Everyone was having a great time but personally, I was dying. I had to sit through this whole dinner before we could be alone together, and from the rate it was going I knew it would be a long, long while. During the dinner, we kept exchanging glances when my parents weren’t looking. I was sitting next to her and suddenly I felt her hand on my thigh. She trailed her fingertips up my thigh slowly, slipping them under my shorts. She kept teasing me, rubbing my inner thigh but never touching my now wet pussy. I crossed my legs so she had to stop. At last dessert (chocolate chip cookies) was eaten and all the dishes were cleared away, and my parents settled down to watch a video in the living room. Lauren and I went upstairs to my bedroom. I locked the door and dimmed the lights. I have a dimmer, not just an on/off switch, which proved itself useful that night. I turned around to find her right behind me. She took my face in her hands and gave me a kiss. I put my arms around her waist, rubbing her lower back. Her tongue pushed its way into my mouth and mine met it. Our tongues twisted together sensually as our bodies pressed against each other. Her mouth tasted like chocolate chip cookies but underneath it, I could taste her own distinct taste. I had to get more of it so I kissed her harder, my tongue exploring all the little corners of her mouth. She did the same to me, then as we were kissing she ran her hands down my neck and onto my chest. She squeezed them through my shirt, making me gasp. I hadn’t worn a bra under the shirt I was wearing so my nipples had started poking through it. She pinched them lightly through the shirt which made me gasp again. She broke the kiss to pull my shirt off then immediately dived back in, her hands feeling all over my bare torso except where I wanted them the most. She finally took my breasts into her hands, eliciting a low moan from me. She massaged them softly for a while, then passed her thumbs over both my nipples at the same time.

I had to feel her skin so I took off the t shirt she was wearing and undid her bra. I pressed our bodies together again and I could feel our nipples rubbing into each other’s. It felt electric. We kissed and she pressed in harder. We rubbed from side to side, causing little jolts of pleasure to go shooting down from our nipples to our clits. We moaned into each other’s mouths at the same time, then without breaking the kiss she pulled my shorts down. I pulled them down the rest of the way and stepped out of them, still not breaking the kiss. I hadn’t bothered with underwear so I was completely naked. I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down over her hips, but I had some trouble since they were very tight. We finally stopped kissing and she practically tore them off, then pulled our almost naked bodies together and kissed me again with such intensity. Our hands were running all over each other’s bodies at a frantic pace. I loved the feel of her smooth, bare skin against my hands and her hands on me. Everything pressed together very nicely.

We managed to find our way to my bed without stopping the kiss and we fell on top of it. I was on top of her so I took the opportunity to start grinding my pussy against her hipbone. I started kissing and sucking on her neck, moaning every once in a while. She spread her legs so that my thigh slipped between them. She raised her hips and started grinding herself against my thigh. I could feel her wetness through her panties, but I wanted to feel it straight from the source so I knelt and pulled them off of her. I stopped to admire the view…her pubes were slightly darker than her hair color and were well trimmed. I could see some moisture clinging slightly to the hair around her entrance but mostly it was running down her crack. The insides of her thighs and her hipbone was also wet, the latter from my own juices.

I ran my finger lightly up her slit, which caused her hips to jump up a little. She moaned, and I crawled up and kissed her deeply before kissing her Escort Anadolu Yakası jaw. I kissed behind her ear, licking it a little, then trailed my tongue down her neck. I heard her start panting and she ran her fingers through my hair, pulling a little. I kissed down to one of her nipples, taking it into my mouth and slowly rolling it with my tongue. I sucked on it, causing her to moan again, then I ran my tongue over it for a few minutes. I moved on to the next nipple, increasing the pressure and this time she pressed my head a little into her chest. Her hips started raising up against my stomach and getting my stomach all wet.

I kissed down her flat stomach, also running my fingertips down her sides as I did so. I dipped my tongue into her belly button, drawing a figure 8 with my tongue over it then running my lips softly over her abdomen and down to the front of her pussy.

I licked the front over her hair, then put her thighs over my shoulders. I inhaled her scent then licked up and down her slit several times, flicking her clit with my tongue when it passed by. I loved her taste, very musky and smooth and just a little bit tangy. I sucked one of her outer lips into my mouth as I ran my fingertips over the sides and backs of her thighs. She trembled and moaned. I sucked the other one into my mouth and ran my tongue along it, then pulled both lips wide apart. I saw her entrance, which was a very deep pink color. It contracted and relaxed over and over again until I stuck my tongue in it and wiggled. Lauren moaned then made a whimpering sound that didn’t stop until I started rubbing her clit in slow circles with my fingers while my tongue was still in her. The whimpering sounds were replaced by low moans, which got much louder when I started using my tongue instead of my fingers.

I stopped what I was doing long enough to tell her that she had to be quiet, then went back to circling her clit with my tongue. She put a pillow over her face but didn’t stop moaning. I sucked her clit into my mouth and continued to circle her clit. This made her hips buck and I increased my pace and pressure. She wouldn’t stay still, but I kept my mouth glued to her clit and she came onto my face, her juices dribbling down my chin. Her cries were muffled in the pillow and eventually turned into half moans, half sighs. She put the pillow to the side and I crawled my way up her body so I could share her taste with her. Her juices got all over the sides of my mouth and chin, but I wiped it off and slipped my fingers into her mouth. She sucked my fingers clean, then flipped me over so I was laying on my back.

We kissed again, our sweaty bodies rubbing against each other desperately. She started kissing her way down my body, which was a kind of torture for me. I wasn’t in the mood to be teased even a little so I guided her down lower so her face was hovering above my pussy. I spread my legs wide for her and raised my hips, letting her know I was more than ready. She licked up and down my slit, except each time she reached the back of my pussy she went closer and closer to my rosebud. A lot more people are into rimming than you’d think. I used to think that it was something only very few people were into but people do it a lot. She bent my legs so my knees were almost touching my chest, then started flicking her tongue over my rosebud. This felt really good, causing me to cry out. It felt sort of like she was licking my clit, except not. I don’t know how to describe it. It wasn’t enough to make me come though, and my pussy was throbbing and it needed some attention.

She covered my pussy with her mouth and sucked on it, running the flat of her tongue over my lips. This made me reach up above my head and hold onto the headboard as I moaned her name softly. She sucked each of my outer lips into her mouth, then went to work on my clit, her tongue rapidly flicking up and down. I pushed harder against the headboard as I said her name louder and louder. I soon felt intense waves of pleasure starting in my clit and radiating out through my whole body, making me struggle not to scream. It just went on and on. I’m not sure if it was one really long orgasm or if it was several in a row, but it felt so good I almost couldn’t handle it. Usually when I come I feel it mostly in my groin area, but I felt this one from head to toe.

It took me a long time to come down, and I wasn’t really aware of anything for a few minutes. All I could do was lay there and pant. She slid her body up mine and we kissed long and slow. It was more of an expression of how we felt for each other than anything else. Kissing is one of the most intimate things you can do with another person…your faces are basically pressed up against each other. Your tongues, which normally don’t touch any other people, are touching each other. I felt like I was sharing my most intimate parts with her, which I suppose I did.

She wiped the sweat from my forehead then said that she loved me. We fell asleep with her head on my chest and my hand caressing her hair and side. This is how my mom saw us when she walked in the next morning, but she was cool about it. She’s one of those parents that figures that girls are going to experiment, you know, that I’m just going through a phase, and she was just glad I wasn’t getting myself pregnant.

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