A Special Guy


I was walking along the cliff tops, with my dog as per our nightly ritual. He would run off and then come back to get me, knowing our route inside and out. This particular evening, the sun was a huge fiery ball slowly sinking into the sea and the sky was a mass of pink and orange streaks.

The dog had run on as usual, and then waited for me to catch up, but suddenly I saw his head turn around to the left and he darted off – away from our usual path. I called him and whistled, which usually pulls him back immediately, but he didn’t return. Calling him every name I could think of, I started to walk after him. The route was less walked, but was still clear, just a little closer to the edge of the cliffs. I could see his tail just disappearing ahead, so I walked a little quicker, ducking through some bushes. On the other side of the bushes, there was a clearing; the dog was sitting there, with another dog beside him.

I could hear another voice, calling a name and whistling, a very deep and sexy sounding voice. I realised what had happened just as I heard someone rustling through bushes in the opposite direction to the one I had come in from. I was standing there waiting when he came into the clearing. He was stunning and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him! His black hair and dark eyes were such a turn on! I could feel myself blushing as I started to ramble about how I came to be there.

He smiled at me and said hello. I stopped talking and just looked at him. I took a deep breath to calm my fluttering nerves, and said hello back.

‘I’m Guy’ He said. I told him that my name was Vicky and that my dog had run off. He looked at both of our dogs sitting there next to each other,

‘Well Vicky, it looks like love! My dog ran off too’ he said smiling. The smile did it. I just stared at him… I was breathless and so trying not to look a complete idiot! I had to get away before I collapsed in a heap and begged him to take me home with him and love me forever!!

I tried to call my dog over, but he looked at me reproachfully. Guy tried the same with his, but they weren’t budging.

‘I have an idea’ he said. ‘How about we walk the same way, then maybe they will follow…’ It wasn’t ideal, but maybe if I didn’t melt over him, things would be ok!

We began to walk together, back through the bushes the way he came, and along a very uneven path. I stumbled and Guy caught me and stopped me from falling over.

‘I think I should keep you close to me to keep you safe.’ he said looking down at me and taking my hand in his. I could feel the tingles running through me at his touch. I looked behind and the dogs were following us, walking side by side.
‘Well, your idea seems to have worked,’ I said to him. He looked behind and looked at them,
‘You realise that we won’t be able to separate them for a while don’t you?’ Guy replied, ‘How about we give them sometime and go for a drink – there is a pub down here overlooking the sea – we can sit outside?’

I really wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity such as that, and I agreed happily.

We reached the pub, and sat at a table, settling the dogs. Guy went inside to the bar and got the drinks whilst I sat outside daydreaming about finding such a spectacular man.

Guy came back and we whiled away the time learning about each other and talking almanbahis about everything and anything. The more time I spent with him, the more I liked him….and to look at he was pure heaven! I learnt so much, how he liked to cook, how he walked his dog every night as I did, and also that he was a closet romantic. He was perfect!

We finally decided to leave, and lead the dogs away. Darkness was enveloping us, and I was a little nervous – I had never walked the cliff path before when it was so dark! Guy stayed close to me and he felt me shiver when I heard some rustling in the bushes.

‘Don’t worry Vicky, it’s just a bird or something,’ he said sliding his arm around me. I leant closer into him.

‘I’m such a wimp, I know’ I said laughing. He stopped and turned me towards him,
‘Actually, I would really like to get to know you better,’ he said, ‘I am incredibly attracted to you.’ My heart leapt and I could feel the colour rushing into my face. He slipped both of his arms around me and pulled me up against him, leaning down to kiss me.

His lips moved against mine, gently at first then a little firmer. His tongue ran along my lips almost asking for entry. I opened my mouth and his tongue slid in, stroking against mine. My heart was racing and I could feel my nipples tighten against him, I needed him so badly!

He pulled away and led me by the hand along the path.

‘Where are we going?’ I asked.

‘Don’t worry baby, you’ll be safe with me,’ he said, ‘I’m taking you home with me….we can’t separate the dogs now, can we…?’ he asked teasingly. We walked in silence the rest of the way, his arm wrapped around me, pressing me against him.

We got to his house and he led me into the dining room overlooking the garden which was bathed in silvery moonlight. He turned me in and kissed me again deeply, his tongue arrowing straight into my mouth, dancing with my own tongue. He sucked my lower lip into his mouth and worried it gently with his teeth, before soothing the mild sting with his tongue. He pulled back and looked at me…then stepped away.

‘Do you want a drink?’ he asked.

‘I would love a glass of water,’ I replied, trying to disguise the fact that he had virtually robbed me of my voice!

Guy came back with the water and as he passed it to me, it slipped from his grasp, or was it my grasp (?) and it spilt down the front of my shirt. I gasped at the cold and looked at Guy. His eyes moved from my face downwards, I followed his gaze and saw that the shirt was clinging to me like a second skin, my nipples clearly erect and visible through the transparent material.

I raised a hand to my breasts, partly to shield them from his view, then noticed something in his expression and I slowly moved my hand to caress my breast instead, my finger nail stroking and circling my erect nipple.

I heard him gasp then saw his hand lift to mine, felt his touch at the back of my hand following its movements. I dropped my hand, allowing his to take its place, the warmth of his hand contradicting with the chill of my cold, wet shirt. He looked up and smiled at me…telling me that I should remove the shirt – purely to keep warm of course. He removed his own shirt and handed it to me. I slowly turned round and slipped my wet shirt off, quickly followed by my lacy bra. He could see the tanned skin almanbahis yeni giriş of my back, as I went to slip the shirt that he was offering me. I turned to face him. I began to fasten the buttons, looking him in the eye, watching his eyes move from my face to my breasts. He suddenly reached out a hand and stopped me from buttoning his shirt…looking at me, bare beneath the open shirt.

He reached around me and unzipped my shorts, slowly pushing them over my hips and down my legs. They fell to the floor and I stepped out of them, kicking them away with my foot. I stepped towards him closer, until my nipples brushed against his bare chest. I moved slightly, so that they brushed back and forth against him, then I felt his hands slide around my hips and settle on my arse….his hands cupped my cheeks, left bare by my lacy g string, and he pulled me closer into him. I could feel his hard erection pressing against me and I rocked my hips against him…so he could feel my softness against his hard length.

He slowly stepped backwards towards the table and turned at the last minute so that my back was resting against the edge of it. He pushed me backwards slowly and I parted my legs for him, pulling him closer and closer. I ran my hands down his bare chest, over his stomach to the zip on his jeans. Slowly undoing them I pushed them down along with his boxers and urged him to step out of them. I pulled him back against me, feeling his hard cock laying along the length of my wet pussy…wanting to feel him inside me, I rocked my hips against him, spreading my wetness along his length, tempting him to press inside me…to fuck me with long languid, luscious strokes until he couldn’t think of anything or anyone except me and filling me up as he exploded inside me…

I lay back against the table and pressed my moist pussy into his stiff cock, rubbing its length, wetting it with my juices. Guy whispered that he could think of nothing but sliding into me and fucking me with long, deep strokes until we both exploded. But he started slowly, working the tip inside and with his hand guiding it into the opening of my pussy at different angles, hitting spots previously untouched, making me moan my pleasure out to him. He whispered that he could feel my nipples hard, lightly brushing his bare chest, and he pressed closer to me, my full breasts now firmly contacting his flesh.

He reached down with his hand and very lightly teased and massaged my clit whilst he eased more of his hard cock into me, building to a rhythm now, each stroke culminating in a deep grind into me that pressed my clit just as I liked it, while by working his inner muscles he pulled the head of his cock back into my g-spot. I was in heaven, rocking my hips against him, meeting each thrust with one of my own. He was incredible!

Suddenly he pulled out of me and stood there looking down,

‘Guy, please, come back inside me, I need to feel you…’ I whispered to him,

‘Wait a minute baby….it’ll be good, I
promise.’ He pulled away from me and kissed down my body until he reached my pussy, his tongue skimming over it before plunging inside me, quickly. I moaned as he started to lick up and down the length of my pussy, finishing each upward stroke by flicking my sensitive clit. I was soooo close to cumming, but I wanted him to feel me cum around almanbahis giriş him, I wanted him to feel my pussy gripping him, milking him….

I moved up the table away from him, then slithered to my very unsteady feet. He looked at me puzzled as I moved closer to him and started to sink to me knees, ‘Vicky….’ he groaned as he realised my intentions….but it was too late, I had wrapped my hand around his hard cock and was running my tongue up and down the length of it, tasting my own juices from him. I pulled away and looked up at him…telling him that I could taste my essence on him. He groaned even more and I went back to my delicious task.

I reached out with my tongue and flicked the tip of his cock, circling the head round and round before leaning back and flicking it over and over. I loved the taste of him, the feel of him, so I moved a little closer, guiding the head of his cock to my lips. I stayed still, my lips resting closed against him, and then I slowly sucked just the tip of his cock inside my warm, wet mouth. I left it, just resting there for a while whilst I cupped his balls lightly, then I started to move my tongue inside my mouth. Swirling it over and under, round and round, flicking the tip, pressing against his then gently biting the tip before sucking it oh so gently. I could feel his cock starting to jerk in my mouth but I kept up the assault…then stopped.

I stayed still for a while – looking into his eyes. ‘Please Vicky.’ I heard him whisper. That was my signal, I suddenly plunged my head downwards, sucking his entire length into my mouth, sucking hard, harder, taking him as deep as I could. I could feel the tip of his cock touching the back of my throat, and I knew that he could feel it too by his strangled groan. My tongue licked up and down as I started to move on him, my teeth raking the sensitive skin. I guided his hands to my head and allowed him to move my head, to let him fuck against my mouth back and forth. I could taste his creamy precum and I wanted more….

He pulled back from me and lifted me back onto the table, spreading my legs quickly and sliding his length inside my wet, waiting pussy, He plunged as deep as he could and stayed still, savouring the feel of our joining. I was impatient and started to move my hips beneath him, almost of their own volition. Rocking back and forth, then circling one way then the other. I could see the pleasurable agony on his face and he groaned as he started to move against me slowly at first, but then quicker, faster…deeper.

He leaned over me, his lips resting against mine, moving. He was telling me how much he was loving the feeling of being inside me, fucking me, how much he wanted to fill me up, how he loved stretching me…

He slid a hand between us and stroked my clit with his fingers as he was sliding in and out of me. That coupled with the sound of his sexy voice telling me exactly he wanted to do to me, and his beautiful cock pounding against me drove me over the edge and I exploded in an intense orgasm, calling his name, crying out for him, my pussy muscles gripping him, milking him, the spasms shuddering through me. I could feel him tense above me and still, then frantically fuck me harder and harder as he came, his creamy cum filling me, I could feel the heat as he exploded, intensifying my own orgasm.

He collapsed against me, both of us gasping for breath, still feeling the tremors running through us. Slowly he leaned up and looked into my eyes,
‘You know, it’s taken me ages to train that dog – I’ve wanted you forever…’ he smiled…

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