A Sneak Peek At Utopia_(1)


Tanner and Reese were the very most unlikely friends. Their friendship even surprised them in the beginning. Tanner was 20yo 6’3” 200lb dark haired, blue eyes and by most standards a hardcore thug drug dealer. He was also the definition of “heterosexual”, or as he liked to say, “a true pussy pounding playboy player”. For most outside observers, there was no reason what so ever, he should be friends with Reese. Reese was a 33yo 5’7”155lb blatino sissy. He worked a 9 to 5 job, partied hard during his time off. He like to self identify as being a “sexy sissy cumslut cockwhore, with a fetish for straight man meat”. The 2 started their acquaintance due to Reese’s addiction to GoFast. Tanner sold the drug and that’s how they connected. Somehow, over a very short period of time they developed a true friendship, each accepting and respecting the others lifestyle. They started to hang out and grew even closer. Now the 2 were damn near siblings, sharing even the most intimate details of their lives. That’s how this conversation came as no big deal.., just a favor amongst friends. “Let me get this straight, I would be sequestered for 3 days with 5 straight men while they cook a batch of meth, and my sole purpose is to provide at set of willing holes for them to use as cumdumpsters?” Reese asked Tanner, almost in disbelief. Tanner shook his head and replied “It would actually be 6 straight guys, I’d be there too.” “AND I’d be paid for this and allotted dope per day, per diem?” Reese still half expected his friend to shout “Gotcha!” and give up on the joke. “I can’t even believe you’d have to ask. Of course I’m down with this plan. I wonder why I’m just now hearing about it?” “Well one of us is tasked with finding and producing a willing cockwhore, each time we cook. This happens to be my job this go around. As you know what I hate is a big mouth bitch who talks all kinds of noise about loving dick, then when the dicks are down she wants to act shady” Tanner said. “So I got to talking to one of the homies that cooks with us and mentioned that what we needed was some prison pussy for the weekend and he thought that was a great idea. So I asked Jesse, you know that black fag that just got done doing a 7 year stretch and he said yeah, but then the fool got busted last night in a raid out at Dougie’s place.” “OK well first of all I’m pissed you would ask that skank piece over me in the first place. I thought we was boys!” Reese was really offended. “We are boys, but that brings us to another point.” Tanner approached his Escort next statement with caution, so as not to further upset his pal. “I was able to offer the deal to Jesse, because I could personally verify the quality of the goods” Tanner sat back and spread his big legs apart. For a split second Reese was confused. Then it became clear, as he glanced down at the bulge in his friends crotch. He stood up, crossed the room and knelt between the boys legs. “I still think it’s fucked up, that I wasn’t your first choice” he said as he started to unbuckle, unfasten and unzip the jeans the straight guy wore. This being the first time the 2 had taken their friendship to this level, Reese was quite impressed with what he felt while removing the jeans. However he was still mad at his buddy so he acted unimpressed, even after removing the jeans and seeing the massive tent in the blue cotton boxers. He looked up at Tanner and rolled his eyes as he hauled out 9 inches of semi erect uncut white meat and instantly swallowed every inch and stopped only after the lads pubes were on his nose. With the length of his shaft swallowed, Tanner felt his cock continue to grow to its full potential of 11 and one half inches, down his friends throat. Having only a small number of mouths that could swallow his entire erection, Tanner was more than impressed at his pal’s breathing control. “Oh my gawd, that feels incredible!” “Of course it does. Did you really expect anything else?” the feisty cumslut said after pulling off the huge dick. The insatiable sissy cock sucker returned to giving the greatest blowjob the man had ever received. “No I didn’t expect anything less. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of you first” Tanner said. “I know why. It’s because you’ve never taken a test drive.” Reese said as he stood up, lowered his yoga pants, turned around and got on all fours on the coffee table directly in front of his donkey dick dope dealer. His sexy caramel ass cheeks were perfectly framed in his hot pink BIKE jock strap and presented for use. “As long as you’re disease free, bareback is your option.” “Fuck yeah!” the horned up white boy said standing up, taking aim, and then sliding inch after inch of cock meat into pussy paradise. Once he was buried balls deep, Reese gripped the boy’s boner with his cunt muscles. “Oh my fucking gawd! I’m so sorry I didn’t think of you first. It will never happen again. Please forgive me” The fuck slut loosened the grip on the dude’s dick and said “I forgive you. Now you can go ahead and have some Escort Bayan fun!” Tanner gripped the fem fuck slut’s hips and began to pound away at the pussy. The straight man pussy destroyer was amazed at how good his faggot friend’s asshole felt around his dick. He fucked him doggy style for a good 15 minutes before flipping him over on his back and showing no mercy as he fucked him missionary. He fucked flawlessly in many more positions for a solid 45 minutes. As he drilled the boy’s booty in the Reverse Cowgirl position it occurred to him that the bottom boy had not said a word since he started fucking. Reese hadn’t spoken at all as well as not letting out a moan or groan or any type of encouragement. He was there being the perfect whore hole. This thought was too much for Tanner and before he knew it he surprised himself, when saying “Oh fuck, I’m about to nutt! Where do you want me to dump this load?” “Anywhere you please” was all Reese responded. “I can breed your sweet pussy with my seed?” Tanner asked almost breathless from his fuck frenzy “Yes sir!” “Oh fuck.., here it goes.., I’m about to knock you up, buddy.” Then it was happening “I’m cumming deep in your cunt!” he grunted. The cutie’s cum holder was getting a gushing of jizz. He flexed his hole muscles, instantly causing the spent man’s body to violently jerk about, as he pleaded. “No no no, please let go!” Reese complied. Remaining buried up the boy’s cunt Tanner tried to let his orgasm subside. Thru much labored breathing he said, “Wow…, that’s was incredible! Gimme a minute, I’ll unplug your pussy. I promise”. Reese was’nt worried at all, having submitted to the daddy dick fully, he was no more than a sexual object for the man to use as he saw fit. “Fucking amazing! Now it’s my chance to be mad at you!” Tanner said as he slowly pulled out of this awesome asshole. He saw his newest and favorite fuck buddy look over his shoulder, giving him the confused look, about his last statement, Tanner presumed. “All this time, you’ve told me you could take dick, but you withheld the fact, that not only did you take dick, you were serving up Grade A Whore Cunt!” the last inch of dick and the still swollen head finally exited the wrecked hole, with an audible “Pop”. Seconds later a huge glob of cum ran out of the gaping gash. “Naw baby, don’t be wasting daddy’s nutt.” The talented pipe layer said as he used 3 fingers to slide up the battered butt cheek , scooping the sperm, before continuing up until he was knuckle deep in the open orifice. After Bayan Escort a few quick finger bangs, he withdrew the dripping digits and quickly offered the treat to the cum slut’s other talented hole. The happy sissy swiftly licked the cummy fingers clean. “Dude, Thank you.” Tanner puffed out, as he slapped his still slick semi erect penis twice against the wrecked fuck hole, instantly followed by 2 quick love smacks of the hand on the cheeks, signaling to the submissive slut, that her official duties to the dick, were done with, for this session. Tanner was actually shocked by how quickly the best fuck slut ever, morphed back into his smart mouthed, ass kicking gay best friend, when in a flash, Reese flipped over on the couch landing on his back, now with 2 of his own fingers down deep in the used cumdumpster, and back to talkin shit. “Of course you’re more than welcome. You’re my mutherfucka and as such you’ll always have carte blanc use of my whore hole.” Tanner collapsed on the sofa damn near on top of his bud, laughing and watching as Reese actively scooped his dirty deposit from his hole and devoured every drop he could get to his mouth. Tanner looked around and Reese took that as a sign Tanner was looking for his shirt, trying to make the quickest exit. Reese had attitude galore as the straight man spotted the object of his room scan, reached in the ashtray grabbed the blunt and lighter. Still standing in the same spot after lighting the blunt stood up noticing the still stiff dick dripping cum and turned to his friend with a smile. Once they locked eyes they both did a surprise double take, which instantly led to the duo triple take. They both settled on a sincere small smile, although both were a bit uneasy. Tanner took the lead. “Dude what were you giving me that look for?” Reese instantly went defensive but before speaking decided on the truth. “Man, I’m gonna tell the truth I thought you were looking around for your shirt and shit and, “He was interrupted, “And you thought I was tryin to play YOU like some basic piece of ass.., MAN dat’s..,” Tanner was in the process of fucking with his friends head but he saw that he instantly looked truly remorseful and a bit terrified, so he had to defuse the situation, “Dude I just wanted to smoke and was about to ask you if you would clean my dick off for me?” They both chuckled and smiled. As Reese reached for the dick he smiled and blinked. He hoped his friend didn’t catch him trying to choke back his true emotion of gratefulness. Just as unexplainable as their entire relationship, the two were the amazing force of love to each other, as they laughed and joked while the sissy cocksucker cleaned his white boy thug drug dealer dick.

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