A Shower


Warmth. She awoke to the feel of another body pressed to hers, their bare skin united together beneath the sheets. “Mm,” she mumbled groggily, arms winding about his sleeping frame. After a few moments spent this way, she let go of him with a reluctant sigh and slid her glance to the red, blaring numbers the alarm clock displayed. 5:43 A.M. Why was it so damned early? Surely there was something she was supposed to be doing right now, but her mind, flushed with memories of dreams past, could not remember it. Instead, the woman turned onto her side to watch her lover’s slumber.

She had always particularly enjoyed this, finding comfort in the rise and fall of his chest. It was a chest that held the potential for teeth and nails alike and the thought of it brought a grin to her lips before she stretched. His heartbeat beneath her ear was reassuring as well. Oftentimes it was this and the sound of his voice, soft against her ear, which brought on slumber. Locks of his hair were scattered in disarray, mussed and tangled from the mattress. Even in the room’s dim light the color was pale and in deep contrast with her dark strands.

Seconds elapsed into minutes and the sun rose, casting light against the window. With a soft yawn, she leaned to peck her lover’s cheek, reveling for a moment in the sound of his breath. She climbed from the bed, trying to be as still as possible so as not to wake him. The tile was cold against the soles of her feet, causing a shiver to rocket up her spine.

Her form, already nude in the wane morning light, stepped toward a small bathroom. The footfalls were near silent, whispered against the ground. As careful as ever, she shut the door gingerly and flicked on the light switch. Illuminated was light blue paint, powder blue, that colored the walls. This paint made the bathroom almanbahis cheery and had always reminded her of the sky. She thought one day to paint clouds along the walls, but her prime focus this morning was a shower.

Longing to feel hot water pouring against her skin, she drug out a towel and washcloth from the tiny cabinets beneath the sink. Leaning, she turned the nozzle and waited as steam poured into the room, blurring her figure in the mirror. Her dark hair cascaded down her back, reaching her waist where it curled at the ends. She admired the arch of her back, the soft curves of her hips before moving beneath the spray. She shut the glass door behind her and melted as water, hot, flooded across her smooth skin. A breath exited her throat, held there, as she relaxed.

Droplets ran down in rivulets, cascading like a fall between each breast. The change in temperature had caused her nipples, tawny, to harden. And then… a noise. It was slight, barely there, but her ears had picked up on it. She frowned… The only other in the house was… Before this thought could be completed he appeared, sliding back to the glass shower door to enter. “I decided I may as well join you,” he told her, blue eyes roaming over her body. In his eyes, she noted, was a possessive glint.

“Oh?” Her own eyes, golden brown, had settled on him as well. Breath caught, she pulled him forward by the forearms so that she might press her lips to his gently. On tiptoe she leaned into the kiss, the line of their bodies forced together by close proximity. With a small chuckle, she withdrew only to murmur at his ear, “I’ll behave if you will.”

“Behave,” the man scoffed but he smiled nonetheless. “As you wish…” He reached for a bottle of scented shampoo, squirting a glob into his palm before spreading it into his hair. As almanbahis giriş he did this, she admired the curve of his back and thought for a moment that she might drag her nails across its surface.

With a smirk, she acted on the impulse and raked her nails across its contours, creating angry red lines in his skin. He hissed softly beneath his breath and whirled before she had the chance to trace those red lines with her lips. There was a lift to the corner of his mouth, a sensuous curve, which constituted as a smile. An eyebrow rose. “I thought we were behaving.”

The woman shrugged, the barest lift of her shoulders, and smiled casually. “I changed my mind.”

Laughter bubbled from his lips and then he advanced on her, gripping her waist to pull her body tightly against his own and then he bent to trace her skin with his lips. Teeth dug into her neck and she moaned, quietly, at the sensation of it. Her hands scrambled for skin, settling with his shoulder blades as her head tilted to accommodate his lips. They covered a broader surface, nibbling along the way.

A shuddered breath flew from her lips at such touches and she could not help but return the favor. Accordingly, her nails pierced his skin like talons and held tightly to it. In response his arms tightened at her waist, kneading her flesh as his hands inched toward her thighs. The skin was smooth beneath his touch. His fingertips danced along the skin until they reached her inner thighs and here he parted them, idly tracing her most sensitive of flesh with a soft, masculine chuckle.

The woman’s knees buckled and she grasped him all the tighter until she fell, knees hitting the hard shower floor enough to bruise. This mattered not to either of them, lust engulfing their bodies and spreading like flame. From her throat a pleasured almanbahis yeni giriş sound ushered forward and the man stared down at her and his head tilted. His pleasure was obvious, not but a few inches from her face. A devious glint in his eye, he commanded, “Suck it.”

An elegant, dark eye brow raised in response to this. She mock-glared at him and muttered the words, “Make me.”

“Make you?” The man smiled at her, grin wide. “That can certainly be arranged,” he purred. He reached forward, keeping her gaze held, until his hands found the dark strands of her hair and knotted in it. He tugged at the strands, hard enough that she flinched away. This brought laughter from his throat, clearly amused by her actions. All the while, the soft blue eyes had hardened with desire. “Open your mouth.” The words were a clear command and all traces of amusement had faded, replaced by an almost harsh seriousness. She gazed up at him, silently, attempting to gauge his emotions at current. The voice had sent a shiver racing across her spine, raising goose-bumps that kissed her flesh. It was so very difficult to say no to that voice. In fact, that was probably the reason he used it so often. Still, her only response was that the almost painful grip on her hair tightened, tilting her head back, as a hiss fell from her lips. She appeared ready to resist that command, but, instead, the young woman’s lips parted as she was told.

Her golden-brown eyes, however, were far from calm. They found his blue ones, heat boiling within them. It was a game she always played with him. A game of power. At current, he was the one in power and she liked it that way just fine. That soft laughter came again before the head of his cock nudged at her lips, seeking entrance. They parted even wider, the silken flesh sliding across her tongue as it entered.

The taste of him was slightly salty, but she licked across the tip languidly, eager to please. The woman was rewarded by a soft, satisfied groan that trickled from his lips and caused him to push forward.

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