A second and third time

Big Tits

Lacy watched as her lover’s body quivered in pleasure. The glowing sheen of sweat coming off of her lithe body looked like dew. Gaby’s heavy breathing matched Lacy’s. She let Gaby’s leg down off her shoulder and pulled the strap-on slowly out of her dripping pussy, causing Gaby to moan softly. She climbed off the bed and unsnapped the straps, allowing the toy fall to the floor with a thud. Climbing up next to Gaby, she watched her beautiful friend fade in and out of sleep.It had been a very long night for both girls. It had started with drinks and dinner, then things had taken a turn. Lacy ended up with Gaby’s pretty head between her soft thighs as she gripped the counter trying not to let her knees buckle. The things Gaby could do with her tongue were almost too good to be true. They made their way to the bedroom and it briefly seemed that things were ending there. Before sleep overtook Lacy, she felt Gaby turn to her side as her breathing slowed. Lacy looked over and elvankent escort bayan grinned; she had fucked her ass to sleep.The next morning, Lacy woke up and showered. Her body felt wonderful. That perfect combination of sore and soft in all the right places. She was satisfied, for now at least. Tonight was going to be a bit different from the last two times Lacy and Gaby had fucked though. Gaby’s boyfriend was coming to watch. Lacy didn’t know how that was going to go down. She didn’t know how comfortable she was with someone watching her have sex, someone else judging her techniques, judging her body, how she sounds when she moans and her face in the throws of passion. Bringing someone new into the bedroom was always nerve-wracking, but this person wasn’t going to participate. He was just going to watch. Sit in the corner and watch. Her mind ran wild with fear and nerves all day.She went home and shaved everything, despite Escort emek having done so the day before. She dressed in something simple. Jeans and a t-shirt; no panties, but a lacy bra. As she drove to the hotel, her stomach twisted in knots. She gripped the steering wheel so tightly, her knuckles turned white. By the time she parked, her heart was beating out of her chest, her palms sweaty and for some reason, she was wet. The adrenaline was giving her enough confidence to step out of the car and walk into the lobby. She stepped into the elevator and as the doors closed, she checked out her reflection. She didn’t look too bad, nerves considered. Her large tits sat nicely in the v-neck t-shirt. There was enough cleavage to be seductive but not overly trashy. Her hips curved nicely in her jeans and her brown hair hung down her back. Lacy looked gorgeous and she knew it. Smiling at herself, she took a deep breath and made her way to the room.After eryaman escort the initial greetings and laughs, the liquor started flowing, quickly calming all of the frayed nerves in the room. Lacy stood leaning on the dresser, a cup in her hand. She watched as Gaby and her boyfriend made out on the chair. She supposed she should be ashamed of watching, but it didn’t seem to bother any of them. She walked over to the bed and took off her shirt and shoes. She laid down on her stomach and closed her eyes. Her body was telling her she was ready. Her pussy tingled. It needed to be touched. To be licked.Lacy felt the bed move and felt soft lips kissing the back of her neck and down her spine. Grinning, Lacy moaned softly. Her bra popped open and the lips continued until they reached her jeans. Lacy turned over and sat on the edge of the bed. Gaby stood in front of her, gazing at Lacy’s sumptuous body. Lacy took her by the hips and yanked her closer, kissing all over her waist and hips. Her nimble fingers moved Gaby’s tight pants down her luscious legs. Lacy licked her lips when she saw that Gaby, too, had forgone with wearing panties.Leaning down, she kissed her way down to Gaby’s mound, looking up as she ran her tongue slowly over the other woman’s pussy lips.

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